An Afternoon Visitor

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Fucking S

It is around 3 in the afternoon when a knock at the door interrupts me from my recliner and beer. I get up to answer the door and there she is. Standing confidentially, Gemma is quite a site to look at. I take in all of her in a quick glance.

She stands at 5’4″ but today its closer to 5’8″ in her 4 and a half inch black stiletto heels. She has on a black trench coat that still manages to be snug in all the right places. The coat is tied off tight at her stomach but hangs open enough to get a look at the rest of her goodies.

She has on a bright white business shirt that looks to be a few sizes too small, as her ample breasts put a nice strain on the buttons. The shirt is buttoned up to the top with a dark black necktie hanging down. Beside the tie on either side is a bright red set of suspenders clipped at her back to the top of her skirt. The bottom of her shirt disappears into a tight gray wool mini skirt with a small slit up the side. Hanging out from the skirt are the straps that connect her clingy pantyhose to her garter.

Her long brunette hair is done up nice and tucked under her black pinstripe hat, pulled down low. She is twirling a strand of her hair with one of her hands. With the other she takes a short drag of her cigarette and blows the smoke up into the air. Her piercing hazel eyes are locked onto mine behind her dark black-framed glasses as I hold the door open for her to enter.

She brushes past me and I catch a whiff of her intoxicating perfume, which smells like a mix of strawberries and sex personified. I offer her an ashtray, which she accepts after a final few drags of her smoke.

Neither of us speaks during this encounter, and neither of us has to. We have done this song and dance before, and we both know where it’s going to go.

I walk up to her and pull the tie on her coat and take it off of her and hang it up. Once her coat is off she immediately places her hands behind her head and spreads her legs wide almost taking a stance of someone who is being arrested.

I come up behind her noticing that her chin is held high, as I have taught her to do. I place my hands on her side and begin frisking her. I run my hands up her sides and feel her ribs poking out slightly above her fit stomach. I run them up her plump but firm 38 C cup breasts. Giving each a gentle squeeze before moving on. I go down her legs and back up her inner thighs feeling the heat resonate from Pendik Anal Escort her shaved little pussy. I plunge a single finger inside and hear a slight moan come from her mouth.

Once finished with my inspection I take a pair of hinged handcuffs from my pocket and pull her left arm down. I snugly lock the cuff above her left elbow and then do the same to her right. As her elbows are locked together behind her back Gemma takes in a deep breath and her tits are pushed out tremendously from her flexibility.

I stand close behind her and drink her in. She slowly gyrates her hips and rubs her tight little ass on my growing cock. I stop her and spin her around and our eyes lock. She gives me a rye smile and slowly moves her head forward and we embrace in a passionate kiss. Our tongues dance on one another, as we taste each other longingly. She pulls back finally and with a flick of her eyebrow sexily struts away to the staircase. She never looks back as she climbs confidently and disappears up the stairs.

I sit for a moment and finish my beer. The unique thing about our situation is that even though she is the one who is physically restrained we both have a certain amount of power. She controls me just as much as I do her and she knows it. Her confidence is a very sexy thing and making her submit to me is made all the better by the fact that she doesn’t submit to anyone, without a fight that is.

After reflecting for a moment I follow her up the stairs. I find her in my bedroom sitting in a chair with her arms hanging over the back and her legs sexily crossed.

She rubs her top leg teasingly over the bottom one. Every so often uncrossing them and giving me a view of her shaved pussy before crossing them again the other way. I approach her and pull her onto her feet our bodies inches apart. As I go in for another kiss she stops me by putting her knee up and holding it against my stomach. She shakes her head no and sits back down, this time spreading her legs wide and giving me a sultry look that makes me understand what she wants.

I kneel down in front of her and hike her skirt up. She eyes me intently and licks her pink lips. I hold her fit legs far apart and bury my face into her awaiting twat. Gemma moans in delight as I suck and nibble at her clit. Her breathing gets quicker as I continue my assault on her juicy pussy. I slowly begin to finger her, quickening my pace to Pendik Yaşlı Escort match my tongue. She squirms and moans from the pleasure as she approaches her climax, and then without warning I stop.

She opens her eyes and looks at me angrily as she struggles to catch her breath. I stand in front of her and whip out my very erect cock and she looks at it for a moment and then eagerly takes it into her mouth. Gemma bobs up and down on my dick, taking the whole thing into her tight throat. She licks the shaft and tickles my balls with her tongue, and then continues to suck me off with magnificent force. It’s not long before I am hunched over top of her ready to blow. Suddenly she stops sucking and as I look down I see her looking up at me with a wicked smirk as she lightly licks the tip of my cock.

I let her continue for a moment then I pull her to her feet. I remove her hat, and pull off her suspenders. I rip her shirt open revealing her exposed tits and her strapless red bra. I cut away the rest of her shirt, but leave her tie on so I have something to grab onto. I unzip her skirt and it falls to the floor. Gemma steps out of it and stares me down wondering what I plan to do with her. I grab a short chain and wrap it tight around her stomach and then pull it hard up between her legs. She moans as the chain cuts up into her pussy and asshole. Once it is tightened to my liking I padlock it into place. I also grab a pair of leg shackles and wrap one of the cuffs around both of her wrists tightly. I pull the chain up high and bend her over into a strappado position with her arms pulled back tight before I chain the other end to a bolt in the ceiling.

With all the added restraint I’m sure Gemma is dealing with a new mix of pain and pleasure. And while her arms are surely starting to numb from her elbow cuffs she never complains, not once. She tests her new bonds and struggles against the steel. I watch in delight as she grunts and begins to sway her hips back and forth. I notice that she is getting just enough torque from her swaying hips to really get that chain deep into her tight little pussy. She bucks and pulls at her bonds trying to get some sexual relief from the chain that has invaded her most private of spots.

I again present my cock to her mouth and she again takes it in deeply as she continues to sway her hips. Gemma sucks me like I’ve never been sucked before. She inhales Pendik Zenci Escort my dick deep into her throat and I hold the back of her head in place. I fuck her face with fury all the while she gets off from her crotch chain.

After a few minutes of this I pull out of Gemma’s gorgeous mouth and unhook her from the ceiling. I grab a hold of her necktie and give a gentle tug as I make my way over to the bed. Gemma saunter’s behind me the clicking of her heels on the hardwood floor the only sound that can be heard. I have a seat and guide her down on top of me. I move her crotch chain aside and pull her down onto my awaiting dick. I leave her heels on as she has told me in the past that she loves to fuck and be fucked while wearing heels. She kneels over top of me and pumps up and down furiously. She moans in delight as my dick goes in and out of her deep vagina. While we are fucking I expose her tits and suck hard on her nipples. Gemma yelps in delight as our sweaty bodies intertwine. She sweetly kisses my lips as she continues to grind into me with all of her might.

While still in our passionate embrace I roll her over into a doggy style position. With her arms useless to her because of the wrist and elbow cuffs all she can do is lay there, face down on the bed with her ass held high. I grab a hold of her tight ass and pump in and out of her. She screams in pleasure as I finger her clit from behind. Suddenly her back tenses and her vagina squeezes shut onto my thrashing dick as climax washes over her tense body. I explode into her as she whips her body around beneath me, fighting against her cuffs the entire time.

By the time we catch our breath I notice that her arms must be killing her, although she never said a word about them. I unlock her wrist cuffs and as I attempt to unlock her elbow cuffs she gets up licks her lips and walks away.

I hear her heels clicking as she makes her way down the steps. I follow her down and find her sitting on the couch holding her pack of cigarettes behind her back. She crosses her legs and gives me a shy grin. I take a cigarette out of the pack and hold it up to her lips and she gladly takes it. I hold the lighter up light it for her as she takes a long hard drag. I hold her cigarette for her while she smokes and massage her tired shoulders.

Seeing that the time is now around 5pm I finally release her tired arms from her elbow cuffs. She moans in delight as her arms are freed for the first time in hours. I watch her as she redresses herself and stand once she is finished. She gives me a quick peck on the lips, puts on her hat and then leaves. She leaves the same way she came. Neither of us says a word. Neither of us has to.

The End.

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