My Day Off

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I had a day off coming up soon with the house to myself. My wife and kids would not be home until that evening and an opportunity like this was rare. I started planning weeks in advanced. I went all out shopping to have a new outfit to go along with a new wig that I was excited about. I had recently bought it and it was the most realistic wig I had ever owned. I could not wait to have a day where I could wear it around.

I decided I was going to enjoy my morning coffee in a silk nightie and slippers, then I was going to take a nice long hot bubble bath. After that, I was going to get ready by doing my make-up, getting dressed and of course using some nice perfume so that I smelled and felt feminine. I planned to do some housework and bake some cookies. It was going to be a relaxing day of dressing and living like the housewife I always wanted to be and the excitement was incredible.

I found a beautiful a new dress. It was the perfect little homemaker dress; a green blue dress with white polka dots and ribbon tie. I already had a white lace petticoat I could wear with it, and a white lace six-strap garter so I bought some new white silk stockings and a lace cone bra to really give me that 1950’s housewife look. I already had a pair of heels tucked away in the back of the closet. I was justifying all of this spending and deceit by reassuring myself that I would get a lot of housework done and that would make my wife happy. I was also so aroused that I was more in the mood than normal.

I always got home before my wife so getting the packages I had ordered into the house discreetly was not a problem. I was even able to try them on and everything fit perfectly. It was all coming together so nicely and I was so excited I only hoped that nothing would happen to upset all my planning and hard work. It was a long week that last week but my day had arrived and I was finally going to get the day I had dreamed of for so long.

I could hardly sleep the night before I was so aroused just pondering my blissful day. I woke up early and made sure that my wife and kids had a smooth transition out the door. I somewhat already felt like a housewife waking up the kids and my wife then making lunches. I had secretly slept in silk panties that night and they were crusty from my precum. I could feel them rubbing against me under my pajama bottoms and it was making me anxious. The kids left for school and I kissed my wife out the door, and watched her leave the driveway. Then I turned into the living room and closed the blinds then went into the kitchen and started some coffee. While the coffee was brewing, I walked into the closet and pulled out the trunk where I kept all of my clothes. I got a white silk knee length nightie and a new pair of silk panties. I could instantly feel a calming change come over me as the smooth silk slid over my bare skin. I changed my panties and put on some slippers and fixed a cup of coffee then I picked up my iPad and went out the sliding glass door onto the back patio and sat down in a rocking chair and lit a cigarette.

I did some online shopping and enjoyed my coffee and cigarettes. After a little while I went inside and started to run a hot bath. I poured in some bubble bath, grabbed a few washcloths and towels, and slid into the steamy hot water. The water was silky from the bubble bath and it felt good on my naked body. I poured a little bit of my wife’s oil onto the washcloth and ran it down my chest over my bellybutton on onto my crotch. I cleaned myself front and back and even used a little feminine wash on my private areas. I emerged refreshed and glistening, and slipped into my wife’s pink bathrobe. I took my time toweling off and then rubbed some perfumed lotion all over my body. I went back into the bedroom and put on a pair of white satin panties and the new bra. Then I slipped into the garter belt and hose. I had some trouble snapping them all into place but I finally managed to get them secured. Then I went back into the bathroom and started putting on my make-up.

I had gotten pretty good with the make-up by this point and I applied it with ease starting with foundation, powder, blush, eyes, mascara, liner and finally some red lipstick and red lip liner. I looked in the mirror and was happy with my make-up. Without the shape and features to be passable, I was always amazed with the transformation and I thought I really did make a fine-looking housewife. I went back into the bedroom, slipped into the petticoat and the dress, and adjusted myself in the full-length mirror. The dress was perfect and the petticoat gave it just enough body to bounce and swing when I walked. I could Pendik Öğrenci Escort not stop turning to from side to side to watch it sway in the mirror. As great as the shinny pantyhose looked on my legs, the white lace of the petticoat felt even better against the silk. I finally managed to take myself away from the mirror and I put on a few pieces of jewelry; a pair of pearl earrings, a pearl necklace and finally a pearl bracelet. The white pearls looked striking with the green blue and polka dot dress. I slipped on my red patent leather high heel shoes and finally went back into the bathroom to put on my wig.

It was a beautiful sandy blond wig, shoulder length, with a natural looking curl. It had a modern style and felt so real. It was so soft to touch and it could be brushed and styled. It was the most realist wig I had ever tried on and I had no idea how nice it actually was when I ordered it. It was one those things my wife did not expressly know about. She knew I had worn wigs in the past but mostly costume wigs; this wig was very real looking. Besides being so soft and real feeling, it was also colored gorgeously and looked very natural. I put the wig on and adjusted the bangs out of my eyes and I was astonished at the beautiful woman that stared back at me. I was instantly aroused and I began to worry that I would soak my panties right through to my dress. I was quite pleased with myself and smiled in the mirror for just a split second before I heard the doorbell.

The first thought when you hear the doorbell is “who could that be?” and that is when it came flooding back to me; my wife had called someone to look at the noise coming from the refrigerator. I had once again blocked her out when she was telling something and this time it had cost me.

I was horrified at the thought and the realization that I had to answer the door. I could not come up with an excuse as to why I did not answer the door. If I said no one came by she would call to find out what the problem was. If I ignored it I risked them calling her cellphone and leaving a message. Maybe I could by some time and get cleaned up but that would take forever and I did not know how I would explain it. I was freaking out and I did not have time to do anything so I ran out of the room and to the door. I took a deep breath, hoped for the best, and opened the door.

I was in such a state of utter fear that I just stood there bewildered and imagine the guy standing in front of me must have felt similar but I couldn’t tell from the look of him through the screen door. He looked right at me without blinking and called me Mrs. I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went but the next thing I knew I was opening the door for him and leading him to the kitchen. I was horrified at what he must be doing and thinking behind my back but I did not dare turn around to look. I walked as confidently as I could but I felt like I was shaking and all over the place. I felt uneasy and unsteady on the heels and my dress was swishing with every step. The heels made my hips and ass shake back and forth and I was so self-conscience. I steadied myself on the counter as we turned into the kitchen and I pointed out the refrigerator. He walked past me and my dress ruffled up as he rubbed against it in the tight space. He put down his toolbox and asked where the fuse panel was located. I pointed to the garage and asked if he needed me to get it for him. He said he could take care of it and that it would be a few minutes and I could leave him for a while. With relief to get away I started to walk to the bedroom in order to get cleaned up but the thought hit me that it would be even weirder to come out dressed as a guy now so I went back onto the back patio and shut the door behind me.

I sat down, took a deep breath trying to calm myself, and then lit a cigarette. I smoked it down quickly and then lit another one. I was starting to calm down just praying for this to all be over as quickly as possible. I promised myself that I would get cleaned up as quickly as possible and purge myself of all my women’s clothes and lingerie. I finished the second cigarette and thought it had been enough time that I should probably check on the technician. He was an older man but strong and fit from the years of hard work. He had graying brown that was a little shaggy on the ears and graying sideburns. He was wearing a dreary gray work uniform that was a light gray top that stretched tight across his chest and arms with dark gray pants that fit tightly on his ass. He had a graying mustache and wore gold wire rim glasses.

I went back into the kitchen still Pendik Çıtır Escort fearful but more confident now that he was going along with the charade and it all would be over soon. He heard me opening the door and peaked his head out from around the refrigerator door.

He looked at me over the top of his glasses with one arm still in the door and said, “Mrs. I found the problem and I can fix it.”

I said very shyly which made my voice sound weak, “That’s good news.”

He squinted as it looked like he was adjusting something and said, “The problem is that this will probably happen again sometime in the future but its an easy fix.”

He continued to fiddle with something in the refrigerator and said, “I could show you how to fix it, then the next time it happened you could fix it.”

I just looked at him for a second and then said, “Ok.”

I walked to the refrigerator and he backed away not really paying any real attention to me at all, at least not showing any concern when compared to my fear and embarrassment. He sort of turned out of the refrigerator but it was a tight space with countertop of the center island behind us. He pointed out a small knob or button in the back of the fridge under a lip that ran around the back. He said that it adjusted the air compressor in the back and that as it loosened over time it would cause the compressor to run loud. He told me that I would need to tighten it from time to time. It was in an awkward spot and I was having trouble reaching my arm. When I finally did get to the knob in the back, I was turning the wrong one. That is when he reached around from behind me and pointed to the right knob. As he did, he ended up pushing me a little from behind and squeezed me between him and the refrigerator. He must have felt me shudder and sigh because he apologized but he did not back off he continued to assist me. I got the knob tightened and we were awkwardly situated so I tried to turn around and back out but I guess he had the same idea because we both turned together and ended up in the same position just turned the other way.

I was pretty much stuck between him and the kitchen island so I kind of turned my head back to see which way he was going but I didn’t see his face and that is when I felt his hands rest on my hips and his chin on my shoulder. By this time, I was completely confused and I turned my head quickly around the other way in protest but as I did his lips meet my neck just below my earlobe. I did not understand what was happening and everything was embarrassment, confusion, and chaos. I tilted my head slightly in disbelief as if to turn and he rubbed his nose on me inhaling as he brushed up my neck until his lips were touching my earlobe and his whispered, “You smell delicious.” I was delirious and unable to move at this point and I thought my knees were going to buckle then I felt his hands tighten around my waist and he pulled me closer to him. I could feel his huge bulge under his pants on my ass as he started to kiss down my neck and shoulder. I tilted my head even further to the side and some kind of natural instinct made me arch my back and dig my ass further into his crotch. He must have taken this as some kind of sign because he started sucking on my neck and rubbing his hands up down my body cupping my breasts and squeezing. I was totally helpless and loving the feeling of being grouped by a man. It was a weird haze of excitement and ecstasy and confusion. I moaned a little and he started grinding on me and kissing my neck.

Then I felt pressure on my back like I was being pushed down. I gave a little and started to lean over the countertop and the pressure got harder as he forced me face down on the kitchen island bent over at the waist. Before I could get back up or protest I felt cool air on the upper back of my thighs and ass as my dress rose up over my waist. He moved my panties to the side and I felt his warm wet tongue penetrating into and out of my ass crack. It was another surprise and I yelped a little and then started to moan at the pleasure and relaxed a little. He gently spread me further open with his thumbs rubbing right beside my hole as he opened me up and stuck his warm wet tongue even further into me. Again, I moaned at the pleasure this time a little louder and relaxed myself even more realizing that a man was taking me and I wanted it.

I felt him stand up behind me and I was too anxious and nervous to make a move. I could hear him unbuckle is belt and unzip his pants. Then I felt his wet fingers sliding up and down my ass crack. He rubbed the outside of my little hole and stuck the tip of Pendik Elit Escort his middle finger in. My first instinct was to sit up but this forced the finger deeper inside me and I immediately leaned forward. He must have been waiting for that because he came forward with me forcing his finger even deeper into me. I yelped louder this time at the pressure. Then he started to wiggle his finger inside me and my already week legs just gave out and I started breathing heavily. I was completely bent over the countertop and my penis was trapped in my panties and the front of my dress and pressed against the countertop. I felt him slid his finger out of me. I panted a little more. Then he grabbed my waist from behind and I felt the head of his hard cock on my hole.

There is an incredible amount of pressure. Again, my first instinct was to rise up off the table but that again forced me back on to him and the head of his cock slipped into my hole causing a sudden sharp pain. It was very tight and I tensed up and started breathing heavily. I grabbed the side of the countertop and squeezed as the pain was slowing dissipating. He was rubbing my ass checks and whispering, “It’s O.K. That’s a good girl,” and I started to relax and slow my breathing. Then he leaned in on me a little more and I felt him slide a little further inside me. It was very painful and I squealed a little but as I relaxed it started to feel good. My whole body was warming up and I could feel that my panties were soaking wet and starting to seep into the front of my dress. At this point, he leaned all the way over and slowly slid his hard cock all the way inside me. I took a deep breath and my eyes popped wide open as I felt a fullness inside me that I had never experienced. He started slowly grinded up against my body pushing it forward even deeper. I moaned again with soft pain this time totally relaxing and letting go. I was giving myself over completely and I think he could sense the shift because he started slowly pulling out and pushing back in rocking me until he got a nice rhythm going and I was being pulled and pushed back and forth up and down on the table. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, moaned in rhythm to his thrusts, and drooled while he rocked his cock back and forth inside me. He started thrusting faster and faster and I could feel his cock getting wetter and wetter and I started moaning louder and louder almost at a scream. The front of my panties was completely soaked and I started feeling an incredible pressure building inside me like I was going to cum and pee at the same time. It was a something I had never felt before. My body was hot and I was sweating and letting out a high pitched grunt each time he rammed his cock into me. I had a pressure my lower body that kept building and building but I could get no release. I could feel him getting more and more tense and the pounding back and forth was getting harder and more rough and the feeling inside me was so intense I wanted to grab myself and cum but I couldn’t reach so I sat up a on my wrists and arched my back and leaned my head back. This made him fuck me even harder and I my whole body started to shutter and I was almost on the point of tears with moaning cries and I thought I was going to bust open with the pressure building inside me and then cum started squirting out of the front of my panties. It was the most intense and orgasm of my life. Waves of pleasure pulsated from deep inside of me all the way through and out my toes and every hair on my head. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back on him and starting pumping his own cum into me. It was so warm and felt so good inside me and increased the warm pleasure emanating from my body. His thrusting slowed and he grunted then I felt his warm hard cock softening and he pulled out really slowly and I felt the full feeling I had leaving me. I slumped back down on the countertop trying to catch my breath completely melted in a mound of blissfulness and pleasure. My knees were weak and my legs were shaking and his cum was running out of my hole and down my legs and stockings. He pulled my panties back over my ass and gave it a little smack. Then he pulled up his pants, buckled his belt, and zipped his zipper.

I was too spent to move and too afraid to look at him again. He picked up his tools and said that we should not have any more problems with the fridge and the call was free of charge. Then he placed his business card down on the island next to me and said if we did have any problems that he was only a call away and he left. I lay there in blissful harmony trying to recover from my first fucking. The rest of the day and weekend was a blur. At some point, I got up and cleaned myself off swearing the whole time that I would purge and get rid of all this stuff and never dress again let alone ever do anything like this again. But by the time I got out of the shower I was certain that we would need something else fixed really soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32