Three Way – Some Way

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Steve groaned sharply, but it wasn’t in pleasure. Supporting his right hand on my breast, he drew a deep breath, and managed a smile. He was trying hard to relax, probably too hard, but I knew from experience that this was going to be more than some subtle coaching. I’d been there so many times before, but this was expected of me, I guess because I’m a girl.

“You don’t have to go this far, you know,” I assured Steve, and I meant it, too. “We’ve only just started, so slow down a bit!”

“First night jitters,” Dane contributed, “it could still happen”

I wasn’t convinced, and moved down for a closer look. This was hardly a scene that I was used to, but it was what I had asked for. That was the hardest thing, from my point of view, because if my plan failed I would be held fully to blame. And it would never happen again. Ever.

To be fair to myself, Steve had not always been a good sport on the subject. Things were fine when the plan was to become involved in a three-way involving another female. After all, to my boyfriend of five years, this was natural and common, and would be “really good for the relationship.”

Great hypocrisy, but I was willing to “do a girl,” as he so eloquently put it. I had no experience, and no wild desire to go out of my way for some same-sex gratification, but I had no hang-ups or phobias and probably knew deep down that one day I would have the opportunity, so why not?

So, I agreed, and it was good. Probably better than good, but not as good as great, but close to it (if that makes sense). To be honest, I would have enjoyed more time with our new partner, and less time watching Steve with our new partner. Frankly. he didn’t play the game well, and tried to act out a porno scene from the early seventies. He was both nervous and fired up at the same time, and this wasn’t the best of combinations.

I found myself at times being a bit of an attachment to the whole episode, and after Steve’s initial thrill of watching some intense girl-on-girl action, things ended way too quickly. I did all of the things expected of me, and found that they came quite naturally. Everything started between myself and her. She was gorgeous, absolutely. I kissed, I licked, I sucked, and she did the same to me. I orgasmed harder than I usually would.

Our partner was a female friend from Steve’s work, which was dangerous in itself. They had hatched the idea over drinks, and had acted on the impulse that night. They liked each other a lot, and were both adventurous enough to carry through the idea.

And things did go perfectly fine, until Steve fucked her in front of me.

Did I have a problem?… not at all…

I think that our partner had expected some romance with kissing and touching thrown in. When things over-heated, and Steve penetrated her, she orgasmed quickly, but felt extremely uncomfortable ulus escort shortly after, and made an excuse to exit. I don’t think they’ve spoken once since then.

In hindsight, the moral of the story was “more planning, and less impulse.” That was Steve’s over eagerness, and we both agreed that we’d try again in the future. But I also felt entitled to have the same experience, only with another guy.

I think in a way, Steve anticipated that I was going to demand this, and had enough time to sort it out in his own mind. He was more than willing to participate, as long as the “hands off” rule applied, in regards to male-to-male situations.

Readers of Literotica have probably seen the ongoing thread regarding Steve’s (and it’s not his real name, so it takes a bit for me to get used to it) reluctance to commit, and the impending conditions that almost required a contract to be drawn up.

Steve’s twisted (and relatively predictable) logic suggested that things were somehow different when two girls were involved, as though this was somehow biologically natural. After all, vagina’s are non-threatening, and they seem to fit so well together (not).

Anal sex was also for girls, not guys, according to Steve, although he could never quite back that one up. Okay, I’m 30-70 when it comes to anal, some times it seems like a good idea, most of the time I’d rather not. But unless I’m anatomically wrong, we both have anuses, and I actually believe that anal sex is more applicable to guys than girls. Why?, because it gives a male the chance to experience a penis inside him, and that’s a good thing.

I was interested in how exactly, Steve planned to achieve his areas of “no go,” considering that he was so excited about me having a try at double-entry, both vaginal/anal and vaginal/vaginal. The latter involved not only distant contact, but the rubbing of the underside of two penis’s together inside a vagina, and not just for the pleasure of the female.

That was a lot more intimate than anything that I had tried in my brief indulgence with Steve’s girlie friend.

Steve accepted my arguments, and to be brutal, I think that he wanted to all along, but needed to put up a customary front. Having said this, he still kept his guard well and truly up, and never for a moment let me forget that this was my idea. That wasn’t an issue.

I won’t bore you with the details about how or why we selected Dane (yes, it’s his real name) as our male threesome partner. He was a mutual friend, a distant one, and we figured that he may have been bisexual, but weren’t quite certain. Sometimes, you just know.

Somehow, all of that didn’t matter very much at the moment. Just as our first foray into group sex had fallen flat, our second was well on the way to doing much the same thing.

This again yenimahalle escort had come down to Steve’s gung-ho attitude. Rather than going with the mood of the afternoon, he was determined to get it over with. He had barely looked at Dane’s naked body, let alone his penis, but had somehow believed that it would slide into his body at the moment he believed he was up to it.

Dane was erect, aroused, and only too willing to oblige. Up until this point, we had briefly exchanged some kissing and fondling, all addressed at me. Steve took the lead, and planted his head in my vagina, whilst Dane lay at my side kissing my breasts.

“I’m ready… I want to do it,” Steve had proclaimed, and placed himself on all fours.

“do what?” I questioned, and got the answer I expected.

Now, less than 3 minutes later, we had hit the first snag, so to speak. Expecting less than a miracle, I pushed a reasonable quantity of jelly into Steve’s bottom and could feel the tension around my finger. Dane tried slowly to rub the head of his penis on the reluctant opening, but a centimeter was all that was going anywhere.

I stroked the underside of Dane’s penis, but realised that this wasn’t the problem. He wanted to fuck, and I wanted his ejaculation to be the result of something Steve did, not me.

“Why don’t you suck him first?,” I suggested, taking Dane’s penis away from Steve.

Without commenting, Steve began to work his tongue up and down Dane’s shaft. This was more like it (why he didn’t start this way is beyond me!) Dane smiled, leant back, and groaned, as I joined my boyfriend in his exploration. Our tongues, glided up opposite sides of his penis, and then met at the top, where our mouths took turns in sucking and teething.

Leaving Steve to enjoy the oral experience on his own, I massage Dane’s balls to promote a healthy ejaculation. It didn’t fail to disappoint, and although Steve rushed to move his mouth, it took in a good amount of liquid.

Steve’s penis was now more and more hard, and wanted relief.

“Do you want to go in his bottom, or in his mouth?,” I asked quickly

“We can do the double, now” Steve replied nervously

“I think that Dane may take a few minutes to get back into the business” I laughed, “come on, which one?”

Predicting the answer, Dane lay on his side, back to Steve. I positioned myself so that I could help (as if that wouldn’t be required!!!!). Steve’s penis was firm for me to grip, but unfortunately from that position I couldn’t quite make out Dane’s hole. Fortunately, Dane knew were it was, and guided the penis into place.

In a few seconds, Steve’s penis had slid entirely into Dane, and he was in a slow thrust. I took his hand, and placed it on Dane’s penis to encourage some growth.

“We’ve got some more plans for that later,” I laughed.

Steve gradually lost control, and began to thrust harder and harder. Dane rocked gently, and was clearly relaxed and in complete enjoyment (more than I would be in the same position). I placed a hand behind Steve, and gently manipulated his balls, for the same purpose again. He shuddered as he came inside Dane, and pushed himself further inside.

Dane was hard again, and I knew that although there were a few more things that should have happened first, it was time. Steve lay in the same position, on his side, whilst I lay in front of him and kissed him passionately.

I mentioned earlier that anal sex is something that all people, male and female should experience, and by that I refer to receiving, not giving. Okay it’s hard for a girl to give anal, unless we talk synthetic help, and actually I don’t see the point. To me, it’s about the experience of having a penis penetrate you, and that’s both emotional as well as physical. The first time you have anal sex, you can’t imagine how a penis of THAT size is going to fit, but somehow your body not only accepts it, it wants it. In actual fact, I think it needs it.

Exactly the same happened with Steve. The hole that I could barely squeeze a little finger into, to apply lubrication, seemed to draw Dane’s penis inside it as though it were operating on suction. Dane held himself inside Steve for over a minute, before slowly moving. When both were comfortable, Steve was placed on his back, with legs slowly raised.

Unfortunately, this was a little premature, and the original position was adopted. This, too, proved impossible. Steve’s body had let the moment pass, but to be fair had taken a number of thrusts. The only thing it missed was the ejaculation, which I took instead in my mouth (well, I had to offer some fast support).

The grand finale ended, with myself and Dane licking Steve to his second orgasm. I let Dane take the honours, as he looked as though he wanted his mouth filled.

And that was it. Two threesomes, and not once did anyone fuck me! Complaining? Not really, it was worth it to see someone (myself included) confront that which makes you uncomfortable. Whether we try it again or not is immaterial. There’s so many possible combinations and positions that we could have tried, and someday we may.

But the main challenge I make is for everyone to experience something out of your comfort zone. I’ve done it, Steve’s done it, and there are two others who have done it with us, though with differing results.

The experience is less than 24 hours old, and here I am putting it to paper. This morning, Steve asked me an interesting question; “I thought having someone come in your mouth would taste better than that?”

I answered, “let me ask you a question, did you enjoy it?”

He nodded

“and it had nothing to do with the taste?”

He shook his head

“So why did you enjoy it?”

“I guess because I made him come in my mouth,” he responded. “It made me feel good to be able to do it. “

… and he would have never understood, had I not talked him into trying it!

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