Three Become One Ch. 07

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Synchronization (amazing and unbelievable though it is) was very simple at its core. Once the initial awe of the technique had worn off in my mind I was able to see exactly how it was done. Even so…that didn’t make it any easier to believe.

The amount of time, practice, and overall effort the twins had put into this technique was nothing short of unfathomable. It required studying on par with the studying I had endured at med school. And it was all for a technique that had been tailor made especially for me; in fact the entire thing hinged around my actions.

The fact that the twins had gone to such great lengths to put on this irresistibly sexy façade for my benefit and my benefit alone got my cock hard every time I thought about it, and as a result I got hard every time I witnessed it. I began synchronizing the twins more and more, but with the added exposure to the technique I also began to see that it was not without its setbacks.

The first setback was obvious: synchronizing the twins meant no sex until I desynchronized them. While this didn’t seem to bother me much at first the more I synchronized the twins the more irksome this limitation became. Hearing them speak and perform actions completely in synch with each other only served as a reminder of what I could have, and what I was not getting. When it came to the twins I was not used to being denied; I did not like it one bit.

I think it was this limitation which caused me to be more authoritative with them. I took my anger out on them in the healthiest possible way I knew how – by commanding them. I was constantly making them do things almost as if they weren’t just my submissive lovers, but more as though they were my servants. Even when it came to the little things the tone my voice took on was always a commanding one, and this was especially true whenever we had sex. The twins did not seem to mind in the slightest. In fact, I would even venture to say they actually enjoyed it.

And why wouldn’t they? In their minds each and every time I gave them an order or bellowed out a command it was a constant reminder that I had embraced this lifestyle they’d chosen for me. It was a constant reminder that whatever plan they ultimately had devised for me was working. It was a constant reminder that they had me in the soft, silky palms of their dainty and feminine hands.

Fuck me…was it ever mind-boggling.

Another thing I noticed about synchronization was that it had a degenerative effect on the twins. The longer they were synchronized the less they were able to function at higher levels. This was not surprising to me once I considered how synchronization was actually achieved. I likened it to taking a test. When one is in “test mode” one is constantly racking one’s brain. Maybe the longest test you’ve ever taken was only a couple of hours. Maybe it was six. Maybe you’ve taken several tests over the course of an entire day. Whatever the case I’m sure you’ve felt the effects a test can have on the brain. Each action the twins performed while synchronized was like answering another question on a test. They were constantly searching for the correct answer; battling the stress, indecisiveness, and any other flailing emotion that rears its ugly head when one is taking a test, and I am so very proud and astounded at their success rate.

Unfortunately the extent of these side effects was not made clear to me right away. It took time for me to realize just how dangerous synchronization could be. The twins would begin acting childish if they’d been synchronized for too long; even going so far as to downright disobey me. Once they reached this point housework would begin to suffer; along with any needs commonly associated with adulting. Regrettably, there were also a few times when I forgot that I had them synchronized and I would eventually find them passed out in various areas of my home.

I quickly realized the twins had given me a very precious power, and much like a superhero it was my obligation to use it responsibly. Whenever I synchronized them I told myself I was doing it for them; that I was doing it because they had asked me to. But try as I might to avoid the obvious truth it always came back to me. I synchronized them because it turned me on to no end. It got to the point to where I would desynchronize them and see the debilitating effects: the fatigue on their faces, their sighs of relief, the cute way their enormous chests heaved while each girl began breathing in her own pattern – becoming herself once again. It made me feel guilty. It made me feel ashamed. It made me feel an overwhelming sense of control over them. It made me feel like we had just made love.

Often times this would lead to engaging in sexual activity due to the strong urge I had to feel closer to them; and them to me. I wanted to know every inch of them. I wanted to be inside them, and not just physically. I wanted to explore the frontier of their minds so that I might one day be able to please them the way they had pleased me. I wanted to Keçiören Escort Bayan know if they were, in fact, pleased by me. There were so many things I wanted when it came to the Juggs Sisters.

And the one thing I wanted most from them was the one thing I was not allowed to have – the forbidden fruits of their collective labor. I think it’s safe to say that this sole limitation was driving me utterly insane.

This was the state of my mind on that particular evening having fallen asleep with a twin in each arm – all three of us completely naked. I awoke the next morning to sex having had several dreams about sex over the course of my sleep. One of the twins was busy impaling herself on my morning wood.

I stretched my arms out and yawned as I awoke; my morning boner rigid and unwavering as it throbbed inside my girl’s tight and moist pussy.

“Uh! Uh! Morning! Uh! Daddy! Uh!” she moaned out as she greeted me.

Oddly enough the first thought that entered my mind was that she hadn’t woken me up with her moaning. I couldn’t remember ever hearing her moan while I had been asleep, and I realized that this had been intentional. Apparently she could no longer resist her urge to satisfy my morning erection; nor could she resist her urge to please me by any means necessary – including letting me sleep.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” I said, once I had finished yawning.

I stared at her; a heavenly sight of gorgeous blonde beauty above me as she bounced up and down. Just like I had witnessed previously she looked like an angel with the light pouring into my bedroom from the window and shining upon her. She was a glistening view of teenage and feminine form; the epitome of beauty and feminism itself. Her 34GGG breasts bounced invitingly and enticingly over me; bathing me in their presence as if shouting to make themselves known. My eyes roamed the swell of her abundant bosom to the peaks that were her nipples; hard and suck-able, which I had come to expect. My gaze slid even further down her taut body; down her teenage ribcage to her cheerleader hips, and finally to her crotch which was currently housing my aching cock.

I didn’t know how many times I had fucked this particular twin, but it mattered none. Whenever I experienced one twin I was also experiencing the other. They’d made this clear to me, and as with everything else they’d clarified for me I had decided to accept it to the best of my ability. It was extremely hot not knowing which twin I was fucking, or even which twin I was addressing; for that matter. There was something amazingly erotic about taking away their individual identities; it was almost like taking their virginities all over again, and now that the twins had given me the power to synchronize them…well, to be honest…I felt like a god.

“God! Uh! UH!” she moaned as she bounced on top of me. I could feel her vaginal muscles clenching around me as she ground her hips down on my body. “Did you…UH!…did…UH! You sleep well? UH! Daddy? UH! UH! UH!”

“I did.” I said, enjoying the view as I relaxed beneath her. “What about you, sweetie? Did you sleep well? And did you do like Daddy said? Did you dream about fucking Daddy?”

“Yes! Yes! YES!” she moaned as she threw her head about, strands of hair flailing from her head in every direction. “I did! I always do! I always do, Daddy! UH! I always do Daddy!”

“That’s Daddy’s little slut. Good girl.” I said as I reached up and cupped her enormous breasts in my hands. I began to squeeze them as they bounced around, and soon I was coaxing moans from her pretty mouth.

“UH! UH! UH! DADDY!” she moaned as she brushed her hair back with both hands and held it up above her head as she thrusted her pussy down on me repeatedly. She had her eyes closed and was lost in her own world.

I started to thrust my hips skyward; shoving my cock into her from below and increasing her pleasure as my shaft slid and throbbed deeper and deeper inside her.

“Take Daddy’s cock, sweetheart! Take it like the slut that you are!” I yelled as I began to jackhammer into her.


I continued to thrust up into her as her womanly fluid flowed from her body and down on to mine. My cock was drowned, but ever the relentless rod that it was it stayed pulsing and throbbing inside her as steadfast as could possibly be. My stoic tool remained inside her; my cockhead throbbing against her inner most bodily parts as a river of chick juice continuously made its way down my hard shaft.

Her moaning reached deafening levels as her orgasm reached its peak. As she started to climb down from it she panted and breathed heavily. She had a look of pure satisfaction on her face and pure love was emanating from her entire body. I took my hands off her big GGG fucktoys and placed them on her hips. I turned over and positioned her, somewhat forcefully, underneath me. I gave her a few “satisfactory thrusts” for good measure as I spoke to her. Escort Eryaman

“Such a good slut.” I praised her. “Daddy likes!”

“Th-thank you…Daddy…” she said as she panted. Clearly she was still recovering from the fucking I had just given her.

“Do I smell food?” I asked as I pulled my cock out of her. It was soaked in her cum and I shivered for a moment as the cold air hit it.

“Yes…” she breathed. “It’s breakfast, Daddy.”

I smiled down at her as I watched her massive chest move with her breathing.

“Good!” I said as I climbed off her and off the bed. “Because I could really eat right now.”

“Okay, Daddy!” she said.

I nodded down at her.

“Take your time.” I said before turning around and walking out of the bedroom.

Typical breakfast food smells were filling my nostrils as I walked down the hallway and descended the stairs. When I finally made it to the kitchen I saw the other twin leaning back against the refrigerator; she was breathing heavily and panting in exactly the same manner as her sister.

I approached her tentatively and she smiled as I did. Her entire being seemed to be basking in my presence, as if her body was rejoicing at the fact that I was near her.

“Daddy!” she said as I walked toward her. “You fucked me so good, Daddy…”

When I finally reached her I leaned down into her and pressed my lips against hers. We began to make out passionately as our tongues danced with each other. I broke the kiss and spoke to her.

“Turn around sweetie.” I said.

“Yes, Daddy…” she said as she turned her back to me. My rigid cock was still somewhat slick from her sister’s juices, and as she turned it brushed up against her leg and settled just over her luscious rear. I reached down and guided my cockhead to her love-tunnel and began to rub her lips with my tip.

“Mmm…uh! Oh, Daddy!” she moaned.

I penetrated her with my dick head and before long I was sliding my shaft into her steadily. She writhed as I pushed her up against the refrigerator. Her breasts collided with the door and the entire machine began to shake as I thrusted into her harder and harder.

“Uh! Mmph! Mmph! UH! UH! Fuck! Oh god!” she moaned.

I held her at her hips as I ploughed into her repeatedly. My cock was throbbing and aching for release, but I still wanted to have more fun and so I managed to calm myself down and hold my river of semen back.

The sound of slapping flesh was filling the kitchen as I rammed into her from behind. I looked down and saw her lovely buns splashing around me; my balls occasionally bumping into her as I speared my cock all the way into her up to its base.

“UH! UH! UH! UHHHH! FUCK!” she moaned as she screamed louder.

“Take it, you big-titted slut!” I yelled as I reached around in front of her and wedged my hands between her breasts and the refrigerator. I instantly felt her soft melons fill my hands and I squeezed them lightly and playfully as I fucked her like a madman.

“MMM! UH! UHHHH! OH FUCK!” she moaned. “YES DADDY!”

I felt her body start to shiver as she screamed out, and seconds later my cock was once again being drowned in feminine fluids. It ran down my cock and balls swiftly like a river, and then down my legs on to my feet. I continued to fuck her as she came.

“UHH! UHHH! UHHHHHH! UH! Uh…ohhh…fuck…uhhhh…uh…” she moaned as her orgasm died down.

I pulled my cock out of her, dripping wet, and walked over to the table where I sat down. It was then that her twin sister descended from upstairs and saw me sitting at the table. She hurriedly made her way through the kitchen and started piling food on to plates. Before long she was placing an omelet in front of me.

“So sorry, Daddy! Were you waiting long?” she asked.

“No, sweetie, I wasn’t.” I answered. “Sit down. Eat with Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy!” she said. She sat down and the two of us began to stuff ourselves. “Were you having sex with your other busty slut, Daddy?”

I took a bite of eggs and then a sip of orange juice before answering. I nodded yes, and then the twin at the refrigerator finally composed herself as she fully recovered from her orgasm. She walked over to us, a bit awkwardly, and sat down across from her sister on the other side of me.

“Three become one.” I said.

The twins shook their heads rapidly from side to side before continuing to eat. I, too, continued to eat as I watched the two girls gathering food on their forks and bringing them to their lips in perfect synchronization. After a few bites they each put their forks down and reached for a glass of orange juice. I watched as they sipped and swallowed before going back to eating.

“How’s school been, girls?” I asked.

[u] “Really boring, Daddy.”

“Gone out with any cute boys lately?” I goaded.

The twins both looked at me with expressions of obviousness on their faces.

[u] “Oh ha ha. Sincan Escort Bayan Very funny, Daddy.”

They both then stuck their tongues out at me cutely before going back to eating.

I was trying to think of ways to test the limits of their synchronization, but it was proving more difficult than I had thought. But as I finished my glass of orange juice and set it back down on the table I thought of something I could make them do.

“Would you get the orange juice from the fridge for Daddy?” I asked.

[u] “Of course, Daddy!”

The girl to my right excitedly stood up and walked around the table behind me while the girl on my left remained completely still. Once the first girl reached her sitting sister the second girl stood up in the same excited manner and the two twins strode to the refrigerator side by side. They then continued to open the door with one hand each, grab the orange juice in the same manner, and walk back to the table with the same stride. Now the girl that had been on my right sat down to my left and remained still as her sister walked around behind me and sat down on my right. They then continued to eat in perfect synchronization.

As flawed as this might sound it actually did not feel flawed at all. The twins had switched places as a way to substitute symmetry for the lack of perfect synchronization and, in a way, it made everything seem more…balanced, I suppose. This was one of the first of what I would eventually come to see as compromises the twins made when it came to synchronization.

“Interesting…” I said out loud.

[u] “Hm? What is, Daddy?”

“Nothing, nothing.” I said. “Let me ask you girls something.”

[u] “Okay. Shoot!”

“What would you two do if I said I wanted to fuck you both right here, right now?”

[u] “We’d refuse.”

That word…”refuse”…it felt like such a tainted word. It immediately sent messages to my brain which ignited into a fiery ball of anger and frustration. It made me want to punch a hole in the wall, or flip the table over.

“Okay.” I said. “Hypothetically speaking…what would I have to do to have sex with you two while you are synchronized?”

The twins both looked at each other and then turned their attention to me at the same time.

[u] “Okay, Daddy. We’ll tell you what. We’ll offer you a deal.”

“A deal?” I said. “Fine. I’m listening.”

The twins both sighed.

[u] “We’ll let you have sex with us just as we are right now, but in exchange we will NEVER synchronize ever again.”

“You’ll never synchronize for me ever again? Even if I say “three become one?” I asked.

[u] “Never.”

I didn’t want to take that deal, but I wanted so badly to experience what it would be like to fuck the twins while they were synchronized. I wondered how their hands would touch me, and how they would react to my touch. Would it truly be the same?

I brought my hands to my forehead and started to massage, as though trying to rub all the anger and frustration out of my head. My mind was at war with my body; love battling lust. I was absolutely livid. I could feel my face reddening and my body beginning to shake as my rage reached a fever pitch. I let out a long breath before blurting out my next words abruptly.

“Errrr!” I grunted. “One become three!”

Once more the twins shook their heads in unison as if clearing their brains of any unwanted material. They each went back to eating at their own pace as I tried to make my anger subside.

“Are you okay, Daddy?” one of them asked.

I let out a sigh.

“Yeah.” I said. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“So that’s a no to the deal?” the other twin asked.

“No deal.” I said. “I like seeing you two synchronize too much.”

The twins smiled brightly.

“Oh, Daddy!” they said as they both stood up and threw their arms around me. They began planting kisses all over my face. “We’re so glad you like our synchronization!”

I turned to one of them and began making out with her, and then I turned to the other twin and began kissing her. I made out with both twins for several moments before standing up and grabbing one by the hips.

“Clear the table.” I said to the other girl.

She hurriedly began taking glasses and plates from the table and into the kitchen as I kissed her twin sister and fondled those big tits of hers. Once the table was cleared she returned and I placed both sisters side by side.

“I want you two to lez out for me…completely.” I said. “Start by kissing.”

The twins nodded and then turned to each other. I watched as they pressed their lips together and began kissing, sloppily, for my enjoyment. They each had their eyes closed and soon they involved their tongues; I couldn’t help but stroke myself as I watched their wet organs dancing with each other as they filled the room with the smacking sounds of their make out session.

“Mmm…mmmm…mmm…” they moaned.

I took my hand off my cock. I reached up and placed one hand on a breast from each girl. I began to squeeze the boobs in my hands hungrily as I watched the increasingly incest scene unfolding under my grip.

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