The Wonders of Friendship

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Lea was on her way downtown to meet with her best friend, Melinda. They met often, as best friends do, so that wasn’t the reason why Lea felt butterflies on her stomach. The thought that this was the most nervous she had ever been in her 24 years of life crossed her mind. She looked worried and nervous; anyone on the bus could feel the stress in the air around her. That didn’t keep the men from staring at her, imagining that short, busty blonde on their beds and that certainly didn’t keep the women from staring at her, wishing that they were desired by men the way she was.

Lea exuded sexuality and that was not only due to her stunning figure but also to the clothes she wore. She usually wore tight tops to show of her breasts — her favorite feature about herself — and today was no exception. Her pink top was tight but didn’t show too much skin; it left it all to the imagination. She enjoyed the attention she got from wearing figure hugging tops, she felt great when she made heads turn as she walked by and, secretly, she loved it when she was talking to some random man and he had to make an almost unbearable effort to look up to her eyes instead of staring at her fabric enclosed breasts. She giggled softly to herself, nervously.

She got out of the bus and searched for a familiar face. Melinda was supposed to be there waiting for her. A moment later, she spotted her best friend walking her way. Ever since Jordan mentioned the threesome fantasy he had, she couldn’t stop thinking about her best friend in a sexual way. Sure, there had been some drunken kisses and maybe some ass grabbing while they were dancing at their favorite club, but she never gave that much though until recently. As Melinda walked towards her, smiling that disarming, stunning smile that made men gravitate towards her, Lea couldn’t help but think about what was going to happen later that afternoon.

Melinda looked very different from her best friend but just as beautiful. Her long and silky dark hair framed her face perfectly, and the dark makeup she wore on her eyes drew people in. She looked somewhat mystical and wouldn’t go unnoticed by any self respecting man. She smiled when she saw Lea at the bus stop and though about how stunning her friend looked. It wasn’t the first time she had thought about Lea in a sexual manner — actually, she had had fantasies that included her in the past. When her best friend told her that her friend Jordan would love for them to be together in a threesome, she didn’t think twice about accepting it. While she wasn’t absolutely sure she liked other girls, Lea certainly had an effect on her.

As Melinda approached her, Lea realized again how beautiful her friend was. She was wearing dark wash jeans and a simple black tank top, dark leather bracelets and matching belt, as well as studded high-heel sandals. Melinda was definitely a little vampy, reminiscence of her high-school days. They kissed each other on the cheek with quick “Hello” and made their way to Jordan’s apartment without a word.

Lea raised her hand to ring the door bell but Melinda grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

“Are you nervous, Lea?”

“I am. Aren’t you?”

“No, not at all. You can still quit if you want to…” Melinda said, releasing her wrist.

“No. I want to do this.”

“Ok, then, let’s go.” And she rang the bell for her friend.

A moment later they were in the elevator. Melinda laughed quietly at her friend’s nervousness and hugged her lightly to give her some much needed courage. They stepped out and Jordan was already waiting for them, leaning against the door frame and smiling. He was wearing just his blue jeans and nothing else, which showed his perfect chest and abdomen muscles.

When her eyes met Jordan’s, Lea felt a shiver being sent down her spine. She had slept with him before but every time she saw him with no shirt on, she started to get wet.

Jordan smiled his best arrogant smile and stepped out of the way, to let the two girls in. Lea went in first and Jordan couldn’t help but notice her perfect curves. büyükesat escort Melinda went in next and, as always, Jordan’s eyes lingered on hers. He knew this would be one perfect afternoon.

“May I offer you ladies some liquid courage?” He asked. They refused politely. The truth was all three of them felt awkward but Jordan wasn’t one to let minor things like embarrassment take over him. He sat on the couch between both girls and looked at each one of them, taking the time to imagine what was inside those unnecessary clothes.

Lea knew Jordan better than Melinda did, so she put one hand on his face while he was looking at her friend and turned his head towards her so that they could kiss. Lea’s free hand was rubbing Jordan’s leg up and down, getting dangerously close to his crotch. While her lips teased his, he put his arm around her waist and pulled her close. From the corner of his eye, he could see Melinda smiling. Her smile was naughty and any fool could guess what she was thinking about.

In truth, Melinda wasn’t as sweet and well-behaved as Lea; she was much wilder and controlling. Her friend had told her Jordan was into domination so she held back a little. Never the less, she mimicked her friend’s action and stroked Jordan’s leg as well.

Jordan broke the kiss with Lea to tease Melinda’s lips with his. While doing so, his hand moved to the back of her head, grabbing her long, dark, silky, shiny hair. He pulled it slightly so she would throw her head back, allowing him access to her neck, which he kissed and licked slowly. Melinda let out a soft moan while Lea didn’t even blink so she wouldn’t miss a spilt second of what was going on.

“I’m not going to do all the work, am I?” Jordan said, laughing a little. Both girls giggled at what he said and there seemed to be some mind reading because they stood up at the exact same time. They looked in each other’s eyes and moved closer. Melinda took Lea in her arms and kissed her. Sure, it felt strange hugging another women to kiss her lips; her breasts rubbing against her friend’s didn’t let her get as close as she wanted but she managed. Their lips touched lightly and then more passionately. While Lea’s hands started to caress Melinda’s arms and shoulders, Melinda sucked Lea’s bottom lip and let her hands roam through her waistline and his. Jordan was watching and feeling his cock twitch.

Lea let her tongue slightly out of her mouth, to run it through her friend’s (now lover, to be truthful) lips and soon after, their tongues met. By then, Melinda’s hands were already between the two of them, searching for Lea’s breasts. Her right hand reached Lea’s left tit and started to softly knead the firm orb. It felt good to have Lea in her hand and she applied a little more pressure. Lea let out a moan in their kiss and Melinda knew she was doing the right thing.

Jordan stood up, now with a bulge in his pants. He pulled both girls apart, grabbing the back of their necks. He kissed Lea’s mouth while Melinda kissed his cheek and neck; his hands making her ways to their butts and grabbing them strongly. Their kiss lasted for several minutes, none of them wanted to let go. A simple kiss was bringing the three of them so much pleasure that they could only imagine how much pleasure would follow.

Jordan broke the kiss and turned to Melinda. Instead of kissing her lips, he started to take off her clothes. Lea decided to kneel and start to unbuckle Jordan’s belt. By the time his belt was undone, Melinda was standing right beside Lea and Jordan, wearing only her black thong and matching lacy bra as well as her sandals. No doubt, Melinda looked great dressed; but she looked stunning undressed. It certainly was a vision.

Melinda knelt right next to Lea and started unbuttoning Jordan’s jeans. Lea took off her pink top and set her breasts free from the fabric, letting them bounce a little. Amazing as it may seem, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Now she just had her white miniskirt on. Was she wearing any panties?

Jordan unzipped his pants and took çankaya escort them off. Black boxer shorts weren’t enough to disguise his throbbing member. Both girls caressed his cock through the fabric, feeling how big it was. It felt strong and hard on their hands; they loved it. Melinda’s free hand made its way to Lea’s breasts, touching and massing them, softly pinching the hard nipples.

The girls’ hands played with the elastic band on Jordan’s boxers and soon decided it was time to take them out. They did and his hard cock stood erect before them, ready to be worshiped. Both kissed their way up his legs, Lea on his right side and Melinda on his left. Jordan felt two tongues on his balls, licking them slowly. He looked down and saw both tongues touch as they licked. The girls were looking into each other’s eyes, knowing the pleasure that would come.

Melinda moved first, taking Jordan’s cock in her mouth. She sucked the tip of it lightly for a while but soon she was sucking hard. Meanwhile, Lea knelt right behind her friend and undid her bra. She played with her breasts as Melinda had played with hers. Melinda took into her mouth more of Jordan’s cock and Lea let one hand slide down Melinda’s stomach and down to her lower abdomen. Uncertain of what to do, she let her hand rest there but kissed her friends neck from behind. Melinda’s muffled moans have her the incentive she needed to let her hand slide inside her black thong to find her sex.

Lea wasn’t ready at all for what she encountered. She touched the soft, swollen lips of Melinda’s pussy but they were so wet she didn’t even need to make an effort for them to open up and give her access to her warm pussy. Lea found Melinda’s small clit while she watched Jordan’s cock go deeper inside her friend’s mouth. Lea flicked the tiny bud in her fingers and felt Melinda get instantly wetter.

Melinda couldn’t believe this was finally happening. Her mouth was being filled with a big, delicious cock; her clit was being teased by the girl she had been fantasizing about for so long. She took in more of Jordan’s cock. She sucked it hard and then let it slide in and out of her mouth easily, pressing her lips tight.

Jordan grabbed Melinda’s hair to make her suck his dick as he wanted her to. She shoved his cock in her throat, not really caring if it was in too deep or not.

“Suck it. Suck it all real nice, you slut.” He said. Melinda’s lips were soft and her mouth warm and wet.

After a while, Jordan let go of Melinda’s hair and took his cock away from her. He sat on the sofa again, as if signaling he wanted to see some more girl on girl action take place. Melinda got rid of her panties, still kneeling, and knew exactly what she wanted to do next. Lea understood and got rid of her skirt as well. No panties to be seen, just her perfect mound. She parted her legs slightly and Melinda crawled underneath them.

Melinda was finally getting a taste of Lea’s pussy. She ran her tongue against an almost dripping wet pussy and tasted the salty juices. They were all she had imagined and more. Her lips wrapped around her clit and she sucked it. Lea’s legs were starting to tremble a little bit with pleasure but she could barely stand when Melinda’s hand touched her. Melinda let one finger slide inside of her and teased her hole. Lea moaned and leaned forward. Before she could reach Melinda’s shoulders with her hands, Jordan was already there, helping her stand. He guided them both to the bedroom, where a king-size bed awaited them.

Jordan grabbed Melinda’s arm and threw her on the bed; he was being aggressive with her purposely. Melinda fell on the bed with legs spread open so both he and Lea could see what her pussy looked like. It was pink and glistening with delicious juices. Both Jordan and Lea licked it slowly, kissing each other at the same time. All that Melinda could do was moan.

“Lea, go sit on her face. Go sit on her face and I’ll tell this whore how to lick that perfect pussy you have.” And Lea did what she was told.

“Lick her cebeci escort slit, nice and slow. Do you hear me, you filthy whore? Lick it like this.” Jordan lowered his lips and licked Melinda’s pussy just the way he wanted Melinda to lick Lea. His cock was begging for attention so he stopped licking and decided to fuck Melinda’s cunt. He let the tip in first and felt her wetness all around him. He pushed more of his member in and soon, he was all inside her tight pussy, stretching her beyond belief. He pounded slowly at first, occasionally rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Lea grinded her pussy against Melinda’s face and moaned louder. She was close to orgasm, she could tell.

“This horny bitch is doing a good job, is she, Lea? You’re going to cum on her face, aren’t you? You’re a little slut.” Lea did cum on Melinda’s face. Melinda licked all that she could, Lea’s cum was so tasty, sweet and salty at the same time, definitely creamy. Lea’s grinding subsided as she calmed down.

Jordan took his big, thick cock out of Melinda and gave it to Lea. Lea, who was now kneeling on the edge of the bed sucked it, tasting her friend in it. Jordan kept fingering Melinda’s, whose face was wet with Lea’s cum. It was the perfect sight.

Jordan took his cock out of Lea’s mouth to slap her face with it while he was calling her all sorts of dirty names. Melinda giggled.

Lea went on all fours on the bed. Her pussy desperately needed to be fucked by Jordan’s cock. She could feel it dripping and shivering. Jordan couldn’t help but finally fuck that perfect pussy. He knew that pussy well, he knew what made Lea scream and moan, and he knew what would make her cum. Before putting his big dick inside of her, he slapped his ass, telling her what a nice fuck doll she was. Then, he felt his cock being welcomed in that familiar, sensitive pussy. He pounded fast, he needed relief.

Melinda slid beneath Lea, her face towards her crotch. All Lea would have to do was lower her face to lick Melinda and so she did. Melinda felt Lea’s lips on her pussy and let go, ready to orgasm. She looked up and right above her face, she saw Jordan’s cock going in and out of Lea’s perfect pussy. She reached up and stick her tongue out, so it was not only touching Lea’s protruding and swollen clit, but also Jordan’s cock. Melinda started to get hotter and shivering. She would have gotten wetter, if she could. But she couldn’t. Her moaning intensified and so did Lea’s. They were both so close to ecstasy, so close to mind blowing orgasms… their moans turned into screams as they both came, together. Jordan spanked Lea’s butt cheeks, hard. He didn’t stop calling her a slut. Their pussies were both shaking and dripping together and this had been Lea’s second orgasm. She couldn’t take anymore, she escaped Jordan’s thrusts. He simply smiled; he had Melinda.

Quickly, he got on top of her, fucking her pussy hard. Lea was watching, trying hard to catch her breath. Melinda has moaning loudly, arching her back, almost crying. Her orgasm had made her so sensitive that having Jordan fuck her now was torture. A delicious torture, but still, it was torture. She begged him to stop.

Jordan couldn’t hold back anymore. He just couldn’t. His balls were tight and he was throbbing more than ever before. His spurted his cum all over Melinda’s tight walls, leaving her pussy even wetter. Her sex was dripping her own juices and now it was dripping Jordan’s cum, too. He couldn’t move as he was drained of all energy. It wasn’t until Lea pushed him aside that he realized he was still inside Melinda.

Lea licked Melinda’s pussy clean. She licked her juices and his cum. She loved the combination of her saltiness and his bitterness. Melinda couldn’t even moan anymore but she was going to cum again soon. All it took was Lea’s lips around her clit, sucking it. She came hard again, right on her best friend’s face. Lea giggled and licked her clean all over again.

Once Melinda caught her breath a little, she moved her torso so she would be closer to Jordan and lick him clean as well. She tasted herself, Lea and his cum. She wanted more of that taste; she wanted that taste to linger in her mouth forever.

Once all three of them had a moment to rest, they got under the covers, naked. Lea to the right, Jordan between both girls. They drifted to a peaceful sleep.

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