The Team

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Chapter 1: The Awkward Introduction

I had been to the seaside resort town twice before, but both times in the summer. When I checked into the hotel on that day in late March, the whole place seemed cold and dreary. I was wearing a winter coat, a freezing drizzle was falling, and the whole town seemed empty and sleepy. A cold wind blustered through the mostly empty streets, and a grey winter sky hung overhead. It was not the picture anyone would expect of a seaside resort, but then again I was there on business in early spring, attending a convention at the local convention center.

At least my room seemed cozy and comfortable when I first hauled my bags inside. The big suite would have cost me $250 in the summer, but in March my company paid $90 a night. The short entryway led to a sitting rom with a pull out couch, dresser, and television. Just past a half wall that hid the king sized bed was a bedroom, another dresser, and another large flat screen television. Even the bathroom was big, with a large marble shower. Best of all, the heat was working and the room was comfortably warm.

I pulled back the heavy curtains in front of the sliding door to stare for a moment out at the ocean view from my balcony. I could see the white foam of the waves crashing on the beach below, but most of the view was endless blackness over the dark water. I was too tired from my long drive to linger, and after unpacking a few things, I got ready for bed quickly.

The red lights on the hotel room alarm clock read 0215 when I was woken some hours later by a tapping noise. At first I thought it was someone or something tapping on the sliding door leading to my small balcony, but it didn’t sound right for some reason. The sound was insistent and endless. Whatever it was, it wasn’t loud but it also wasn’t stopping. After another minute I figured out it wasn’t tapping against any of my windows, but it was nearby. Frustrated, I climbed out of bed in my boxers and headed towards my sliding door to see if I could make the noise stop.

As I slid open the heavy glass door, two things hit me immediately. The first was the blast of cold air from outside, flooding into the warmth of my room, which had my whole body breaking out in goose bumps. The second was the loud noise of the waves crashing against the beach below the hotel. The double paned glass door had been muffling the noise of the ocean much more effectively than I realized.

The tapping noise started again, much louder now that I had my balcony door open, and I peered out into the darkness to see if I could find the source. I will never forget the image that greeted me.

One balcony over from mine, a completely naked women stood slapping her palm against the glass door of her hotel room. I was stunned into temporary silence. She immediately made me think of a gymnast, with powerful shoulder and arm muscles that were so well defined that I could make out their lines even in the dim light from the boardwalk lights below. She was tall for a woman, probably a little under six feet, and her powerful thighs curved upwards into an amazingly firm ass. Her large breasts were bigger than I’d picture on a gymnast, rising in full, round mounds from her toned chest. The naked stranger had one arm covering her bare breasts while her other hand rapped softly but insistently on the sliding glass door of the room next to mine.

“Come on guys,” the woman’s voice called softly, “This isn’t funny anymore.”

“Excuse me,” I finally said.

My quiet greeting was met by a loud, blood curdling scream. The woman spun to face me, her free hand now dropping to try to cover her feminine bits, as a wide-eyed and horrified look took over her face.

Instantly I was out on the balcony in my boxers, hands raised defensively, worried that the whole building would be woken by what sounded like a woman getting murdered.

“Shhhh!” I hissed at her, trying to calm her. “You’re going to have everyone still awake at this hour looking up here if you keep screaming like that. I was just trying to figure out what the knocking noise was that woke me.”

“You scared the shit out of me,” she hissed back at me.

“I scared YOU?!” I whispered back loudly. “What they hell are you doing out here naked at this hour, waking up your neighbors?”

A fierce, angry look crossed her pretty face, but she responded with, “I’m sorry. My teammates dared me to go out onto the balcony naked and then they locked the door behind me. I’m freezing out here and the assholes won’t let me back in.”

“Wait one second,” I told the stranger, before dashing back into my room. I grabbed the cloth hotel robe hanging in the bathroom before quickly returning to the balcony. I offered the robe to the young woman over the balcony railing, and she gratefully accepted it. She turned away from me to put on the white robe, treating me to another look at her firm, muscular ass, before turning back to face me once she was decently covered.

“Thanks,” she whispered, looking sheepish.

“You want taksim escort bayan me to go knock on their door and demand that they let you in?” I asked.

“No,” she replied quickly. “They’ll just be bigger assholes and make even more fun of me.”

“Well I can’t just leave you out here naked,” I told her. “I came out here to find out what was making noise so I could try to go back to sleep.”

The young woman studied the metal railing between our balconies. There was a tiny gap between balconies, but the railings that separated them weren’t very high.

“Do you think I could come over there and maybe just get warm in your room until the jerks decide to let me in?” she asked.

“You want to climb over the railing?” I asked dubiously.

“If you don’t mind,” she responded. “I know its kind of a weird request, but I’m freezing out here.”

“Okay,” I finally agreed. My mind briefly considered that this could be some sort of strange trap or set up for a robbery, but that thought was quickly dismissed as I couldn’t imagine how a robbery would start with a naked woman out on a balcony.

The young woman was surprisingly nimble at hoisting herself over the barrier between our balconies. I was treated to a another view of her strong, smooth thighs as the robe rode up her legs a little when she climbed over, but in a flash she was standing on my side of the railing. I quickly backed into my hotel room and motioned for her to follow. Once she was inside, I closed the sliding door quickly behind her and flipped on the light in the bedroom.

“Oh thank God,” she said as she walked deeper into my room and shook herself a little. “It’s warm in here.”

“I’m Kevin, by the way,” I said to my unexpected guest.

“Sorry, I’m Katie,” the girl replied with a smile. Inside with the light on, she looked a little younger than I had first guessed, maybe early 20’s. She was also even prettier in the lamp light, straight brown hair falling just to her shoulders and light blue eyes above a little button nose.

“So what the hell were you doing outside naked?” I asked.

Katie moved to sit on the couch in the sitting room and I followed her as she collapsed wearily onto the cushions. “My asshole teammates,” she replied in explanation. “Some of them are good, but some of them are real jerks. I’m here for the college basketball tournament, I’m on my school’s cheerleading team. We were goofing around and daring each other to do things, and they dared me to go out onto the balcony naked. But as soon as I got out there they slammed the door closed behind me and locked it, and they’ve been refusing to let me in.”

“How long were you out there?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Katie offered, her head rolling back to rest against the back of the couch. “At least five minutes, maybe ten. My toes were starting to get numb.”

“That’s not cool at all,” I responded. “It’s really cold out there. You could have gotten frostbite.”

Katie’s eyelids started to droop, and she rolled so that she was laying on her side on the couch with her head on one of the throw pillows. “I know, that was not cool of them.”

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked, “You don’t have hypothermia or something do you?”

Katie’s eyes flew open and she studied me with those light blue gems. “No, I’m fine now. Thanks. It’s just been a really long day.”

“You want something to drink?” I offered, “Maybe a glass of water?”

Katie responded, “No thanks. You’ve been really great, letting me in here. Do you think I could just rest here and warm up for a few minutes before I go back next door? It might freak them out a little if they finally open the door and find out I’m not there anymore.”

“Okay,” I responded. “They sound like jerks so you can rest here as long as you want. I’m going to use the bathroom before I go back to bed.”

When I returned from the restroom, Katie appeared fast asleep on her side with her legs tucked against her bottom. But what immediately drew my eye was the bottom of her towel robe had fallen open. One of her large, full, firm breasts had been exposed, hanging out of the robe, bare all the way to her smallish, light pink nipple. I stood over the sleeping form, staring at that smooth, beautiful breast as her chest slowly rose and fell. Eventually I went and got a towel from the bathroom and covered Katie with it like a blanket, then turned out the lights before crawling into bed.

Sometime around 5, I was woken by Katie whispering, “Hey Kevin, thanks for letting me nap here, I’m going back to my room.”

“No problem,” I responded. The door to my room opened, then closed quietly with a soft click. I fell back asleep shortly afterwards.

Chapter 2: Messing Around

The next day at my conference was mostly uneventful. There were a lot of introductions, handshakes, exchanging of business cards, and opening remarks. I attended a networking lunch where I met some potential clients. But otherwise, it was one of a dozen ümraniye escort bayan such conference I had previously attended. The most memorable part of the day was walking back to the hotel in a surprisingly frigid wind for late March.

I ate dinner at the hotel restaurant, looking through my notes and the business cards I had collected. I was catching up on e-mail back in my room, about to get ready for bed, when there was a knock at my door. I wasn’t expecting visitors, especially after 11 pm, and was surprised to see Katie when I looked through the peep hole. At least this time she was decently clothed in a pink t-shirt and blue shorts.

“Hey” she greeted me with a smile when I opened the door. “I wanted to say thanks again for helping me out last night.”

“No problem,” I responded.

“I know it’s kind of late, and you’re probably going to bed soon, so you totally don’t have to say yes,” Katie began, peaking my interest, “But do you mind if I hang out in your room for a little while.”

“Sure,” I said, becoming slightly concerned. “Are your teammates being assholes to you again?”

“Oh no,” Katie said quickly, then paused and said, “Well kind of sort of.” I moved aside and motioned for Katie to come into the room, and she continued once I had closed the door behind her. “Not at me or anything,” Katie continued, moving to sit on the couch. “In my room there are four of us and I sleep on the couch with another girl. The room on the other side of us has the other four girls on our team. Anyway, the person I share the pull out couch with is having sex on it right now with her boyfriend. He’s on the team too. So I didn’t want to just hang out there while they were doing it.”

I chuckled a little, remembering my own college days, and said, “I understand. You want anything to drink, some water or something?”

“Some water would be great,” Katie responded, “We had some drinks with dinner and I could probably use a little water. I think my bed-mate Sarah got pretty drunk, which is why I think she just started fucking her boyfriend with me still in the room.”

As I handed Katie one of the complimentary water bottles that came with the room, I said, “I hope they were at least a little worried when you disappeared from the balcony last night.”

“Oh yeah,” Katie replied with a big smile, “They totally freaked. I guess at first they were worried I fell off somehow. My friend Cassie even went down to the lobby to see if maybe I was waiting down there or someone had reported a naked girl wandering around. They didn’t go back to sleep until I went back around five. I thought it was perfect revenge.”

“Oh they definitely deserved that,” I agreed with a smile. I sat down on the couch next to her, an awkward moment of silence passing between us while I searched for something else to say.

“You want to watch a little tv?” Katie asked.

“Sure,” I responded, settling back onto the couch.

Katie picked up the remote control and turned on the tv. Immediately, the pay-per-view movie channel guide came on, showing previews of movies you could buy to watch in the room. The trailer for the latest Hollywood blockbuster was just ending as the tv turned on, and then a sultry voice started up saying the the “latest adult entertainment” was available for purchase.

Katie laughed, a loud but sweet laugh. “I forgot all hotels offer this porn stuff. You want to see what they have available?”

“No, that’s okay,” I responded, “We can watch something else.”

“I wasn’t saying we should actually watch it,” Katie replied, eyeing me appraisingly. “I was just wondering what kind of movies they have available.”

“Okay, let’s check it out,” I agreed with a shrug.

Katie selected the adult category and began flipping through the titles. Some of the titles, such as “Big Black Dick Invasion” got her giggling, while others like “Giant Asses” made her go, “Huh.”

Six or seven movies into the list, the offering was titled “Home Improvement,” and the only synopsis offered was “Work around the house gets dirty.”

“What do you think that’s about?” Katie asked.

“I was about to say the same thing, ” I replied. “You think it’s a porn version of that old comedy show?”

“I don’t know,” Katie said, “Although that could be kind of funny in a kind of wrong way.” We both laughed. “You want to buy it and see what it’s like?” Katie asked somewhat teasingly.

“Sure,” I said, “Why not?”

“It’s ten bucks to watch. You sure your wife won’t get mad at you?” Katie asked.

“I’m not married,” I responded, waving my ring-free left hand in her face. “And ten bucks is no problem.”

“Okay,” Katie responded, “If you’re sure, I’m kind of curious.”

“Go ahead,” I agreed.

Katie had to press the enter button twice to confirm our purchase and then the movie immediately started up. The movie opened with an attractive young blonde with boobs that were way too big for her skinny body tearing üsküdar escort bayan off the clothes of a very muscular construction worker. They were kissing and ripping at each others clothing and within two minutes the woman was on her knees while the guy held her face and fucked her mouth.

“Not much of a plot so far,” I joked, which earned a little laugh from Katie.

The throat fucking on the screen went on for some time, the construction worker really thrusting his long, thick dick into the blonde woman’s mouth, and Katie said, “I’ve only seen one other porn movie but I don’t know how those girls can get their mouths fucked like that.”

Soon the blonde on screen was on her back on a table and the guy was eating her bare pussy while she moaned up a storm. There were a lot of close ups of the guy spreading apart her smooth pussy lips while his tongue licked up and down over her exposed clit.

I looked at Katie out of the corner of my eyes and her cheeks seemed a little flushed. “Do guys get off watching this?” she asked.

I laughed deeply. “Of course, that’s why all the hotels offer porn.”

“I mean watching a guy go down on a woman, like this,” Katie said somewhat seriously. “Does this turn on guys?”

“Yeah,” I responded.

“Why?” Katie asked, “The guy is not getting anything.”

“The woman is hot, and her moans sound so sexy,” I responded.

We sat in silence for a moment, watching the guy go to town on the woman’s pussy with his tongue and listening to her moans fill the room. Her pink pussy lips were covered in his saliva. “Does this turn you on?” Katie asked.

“Yeah,” I replied honestly. “Does it turn you on?”

“A little,” Katie said.

“Why do you sound so confused?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Katie said, “It’s kind of hot watching her get turned on like that, and him playing with her, but I don’t know why a guy would like that.”

“It’s sexy” I responded, looking at Katie.

She turned to face me, her light blue eyes looking into mine, and said, “You can jerk off watching I if you want.”

“You mean right now?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Katie responded, her eyes still fixed on mine.

“You want to play with yourself while watching this?” I asked.

“Kind of,” Katie said. “Is that dirty of me?”

“Nope,” I responded, “It’s totally natural.”

Katie’s hands quickly dipped between her toned legs and a finger found its way up the short leg of the bottom of her shorts. I couldn’t quite see what she was doing, but I would guess she was either rubbing at her pussy lips or maybe rubbing her clit over the bottom of her panties.

Shortly after Katie began touching herself, the woman on the screen went down on the ground on all fours and the guy lined up behind her absolutely pounding her. His cock was long and thick and he shoved it so hard into her pussy from behind that he shook her whole body, especially her dangling breasts.

“You like how hard he’s pounding her?” I asked Katie.

“Oh yeah,” she responded breathlessly, her eyes glued to the tv. Her little finger was rubbing away between her legs as she watched the porn.

“This feels kind of weird,” she finally said, “Me playing with myself while you just watch me.”

“How can I make it more comfortable?” I asked.

“Take your cock out,” Katie asked, looking at me briefly before looking back at the tv. “I don’t want to do anything with it and I don’t want it near me,” she quickly added, “but then at least I wouldn’t just be doing this by myself in front of you.”

“But I can’t see any of you naked,” I replied.

“You saw me totally naked last night!” Katie shot back.

“It was dark,” I said, “I barely saw you.”

“Fine,” Katie offered, never stopping what her finger was doing between her legs. “We’ll both take our pants off and you can play with yourself if you want.”

I figured we had already come this far, me and the strange cheerleader. “Okay,” I said.

It was comically frantic how quickly I removed my pants and boxer shorts while Katie quickly slid her shorts and underwear down her shapely legs. She returned to rubbing gently at her clit as soon as her shorts were off, the woman on the tv now on her back and taking a pounding from her partner’s dick.

Katie’s eyes went to my mostly erect penis and she said, “Wow, you have a nice dick.”

“Thanks,” I said, beginning to stroke it gently. “You have a pretty pussy yourself.”

“We have to shave so nothing sticks out in the cheerleader uniform,” Katie offered as explanation for her bald, pink pussy.

I was getting turned on between the cute, bare assed cheerleader next to me and the buxom woman getting fucked on my tv, and so I began stroking my cock in earnest. Shortly after I began pulling upwards on my meat, the man on tv scooted quickly up the woman’s body so he could shoot his white cum on her face.

“Ick,” Katie exclaimed, her finger still diddling her wet little clit. “Why do the guys in these movies always have to cum on the girls’ faces?”

“It’s dirtier,” I said, “and that makes it even hotter. Something you don’t see every day.”

“Except in porn,” Katie shot back.

The movie went to the next scene, which began with a bunch of dialogue between the blonde and another man. Katie seemed to be losing her arousal and sent more time looking at my hand on my cock than at the movie.

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