The Sex Survey Ch. 02 – Results

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Disclaimer: Like all lit stories this one would fit in multiple categories. This story has threesomes (M/F/F), exhibitionism, and lots of light bondage. If those aren’t your thing, stop now and find another story.


(Years later)


Sighing inwardly, I looked down at the cream-colored stationary in my hand reading the elegant script one more time. The parchment was thick with a rough texture.

“You are cordially invited to the wedding of Ben Jones and Deanna Cruz to be celebrated on November …” I passed over the details. More important than those was a small handwritten note below the flowing script.

“You better be there Gunny, no excuses.”

Shaking my head, I remembered our time together. Jones had been a corporal underneath me for a deployment to Afghanistan, where I’d used him as my right-hand man. He was a bit on the slower side of picking up rank. He wasn’t dumb or caused trouble or anything, he just didn’t care about getting promoted. He knew he wanted to get out after serving his tour so he made no effort to advance. When I returned from an 18-month deployment he had immediately notified me via Facebook Messenger that I was expected at his wedding, I sent him my address and had an invitation the next week.

Jones was having the ceremony and the reception in the courtyard of the local Windsor hotel. Now I was sitting in the parking garage with my window rolled down playing with my phone trying to think about how long I needed to stay before I fulfilled my obligations as his friend when I looked up and caught my breath.

Wow, I mean really, wow!

A dark-haired woman was walking down the aisle toward the entrance. Even from a distance she was stunning, with a perfect body and elegant dress. She was looking at her phone as she walked so her hair partially covered her face. She had an athletic figure with strongly defined arms and legs and a trim waist that flared into nice hips. She was wearing a red strapless dress that had a flowing skirt just above her knees and the top showing a healthy amount of cleavage. By the look of the outfit she had to be here for the wedding. Idly wondered if she was single.

She was on the far side and only a few spaces across from my lane when she crossed over a vent and her dress blew up around her, for a couple seconds I was treated to a full flash of her legs and a red satin string panty.

Her head jerked up and I got another surprise, Alanza!

It’d been the better part of a decade since I’d seen her but she was as beautiful as ever. She’d filled out a little but in a good way. She was still toned as hell but now she had more curves, a fuller figure.

She moved a step away from the vent and looked around. I froze, most people in a parking garage never look inside the vehicles when they scan. Sure enough, after a quick check she believed nobody had seen her. She looked back down at the vent and then up and around. I knew what she was thinking, but this was almost a decade later, was she the same as back in the day? I tapped my phone starting my video recorder.

Giving another glance around she stepped to the vent and let the air carry her skirt up in waves. She stood there gyrating her hips. Moving her arms above her head she began to dance to in slow motion, turning her hips back and forth, twisting as she put her back to me. The panties were a g-string and left her ass visible as the dress flew around her. Biting her lip, she slowly swayed as she turned around, letting the air play with her dress for a full minute before she finally stepped off the vent with a smile.

Straightening her dress, she fixed her hair before she started walking again. Making a decision I stepped out of the car with my back to her, I caught a flash of her eyes going wide as she saw me but when I turned back around my face was neutral like hers.

Our eyes met and I pointedly looked her up and down.

“I assume you’re here for the wedding.”

She nodded.

“Me too.”

“I figured,” she said.

I made a show of looking behind her, “No friends?”

“Nope, stag, you?”


We stood there awkwardly for a second.

We both opened our mouths, then closed them when we realized the other person was about to talk, then laughed at ourselves.

“Not to be forward, and I’m not suggesting anything or trying the whole cliche wedding hookup, but do you want to sit together??

She nodded.

“I know I recognize you,” she said.

“You’re a Marine right? I know you from somewhere too.”

I mentioned my last duty station as a smokescreen before I talked about our old duty station together.

“That’s it, I remember you,” she said after I prompted her.

We chatted about our units and the people we knew in common as we walked toward the the hotel lobby.

We found some seats together and said hello to the few friends we each had pointing out to each other where we knew them from. Most of the crowd were Marines with scattered family.

“For the record, if you bostancı escort see anybody you’d rather be with let me know. It won’t hurt my feelings if you go sit with someone else,” I said.

“Damn, trying to get rid of me already! Did you spot somebody you’d rather hang with?” she teasingly asked.

“Not at all, I just didn’t want to intrude on your time since we barely know each other.”

“Thanks for the thought but I’m good, I’ll stay with you tonight.”

I nodded, “I’d like that.”

“You do have to dance with me, that’s nonnegotiable.”

“No problem.”

“Are you a good dancer?”

“Not as good as you but I manage.”

Her eyes went wide as I looked at her with a playful grin.

“I knew you saw me,” she said, slugging my arm.

Laughing, “Of course I saw you. Did I say or do anything to suggest otherwise?”

She narrowed her eyes and raised a fist to me, “I’m not trying to hook up,” she said mocking my voice.

I laughed again and shrugged, “I’m not trying to hook up. Did it make my day? Yes. Does that mean I think you’ll have sex with me? No. You seemed like you were just having a little fun, I don’t think you’re easy or anything. It was harmless.”

Mollified, she still eyed me.

“Besides, I’m happy enough to enjoy the video as a reminder.”

Her eyes went wide again, “You are joking?” she said crisply.

I arched a brow, “Not even a little.”

She paused and studied me for a minute.

“Let me see,” she said.

I pulled out my phone and opened it, handing it to her after I opened the video and hit play.

She watched the whole thing before commenting.

“I look hot.”

“I agree, and you’ll notice you only see your face at the end.”

“I did notice. What are you going to do with it?”

“Post it on YouTube.”

Her jaw dropped, “Really?”

I shrugged, “No, I’m just teasing.”

She sniffed, “I could do better.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

She held her head up, “If you do post it, I want a better one than that. Now that I know, I would put on a better show.”

The music for the ceremony started so we both went quiet. Everybody turned as the bride walked into the room looking beautiful with a flowing white dress and bared shoulders. Eyes bright, the groom stood on a raised dias in full dress uniform. After the ceremony pictures were taken in combination with all family and friends. Even myself and Alanza sat in a few, the groom threw me into a full hug, thanking me for attending. We’d shared the battlefield and even though we hadn’t seen each other in a while our connection was strong.

For the meal, Alanza and I found a free table with a few friends. Everybody introduced themselves and we talked and laughed while we ate, made congratulatory comments about the groom and how lucky he was to find his perfect match. Stories were told by each person and their connection to Jones. After the toast, the dance floor opened and the couple shared the first dance before the rest of us hit the floor. I danced with Alanza a few times before a few of her friends asked if they could have a dance with her. I passed her on and went back to our table.

Watching her on the dance floor I saw her look back at me multiple times. One of my female friends walked up and asked me to dance so I hit the floor again. After our dance Alanza cut in and asked if she could have me back. My friend hugged me and went back to her group. The next song was slow so we wrapped our arms around each other and swayed to the music. After the song ended she reached up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Needed to send a signal.”

I nodded, “To who?”

She shrugged, “Your dance partner, my dance partners.”

Accepting her comment I took her hand and led her off the floor, “Let’s go for a walk.”

She didn’t say anything as she followed, wrapping her arm around mine as we toured the gardens of the hotel. We stayed silent, just enjoying each other. When we passed the doors to the parking garage she nudged me toward them. I let her guide me until she stood in front of the vent.

I watched as she raised an eyebrow.

“Take out your phone,” she said.

I did what she asked as she pulled her phone out and tapped it a few times, “Turn Me On” by David Guetta burst forth. Then she looked at me to make sure I was recording and stepped on the grate and let her dress fly up. She danced to the beat of the music with her arms held high, making sure either her arms or her hair covered her face. I bent down to make sure I had a good angle of her panties and limit the chance of her face being seen.

After the song finished, she stepped off, panting she looked at me, “How was that?”

“Words fail.”

“Let’s see it.”

She wrapped her arm around mine as I played the video for her.

“Damn, it looks much better now, and the music helps.”


“You really going to post that to YouTube?”

“Unless you ataşehir escort say otherwise.”

“I don’t see anything that somebody could tell it was me.”

“Me either.”

“Go ahead, then send me the link.”

“K, text me so I have your number.”

I gave her my number as she tapped her phone and a one-word text popped up on my phone, Alanza. I hit save and opened up my browser.

“I love the music, good choice,” I said.

“Yeah, I thought that might make it a little better.”

“Better? It’s almost perfect.”

“Almost? I dance for you in my panties and it’s almost perfect?” she laughed.

“Well, to be perfect it’d have to have been done without the panties.”

Laughing, “No way am I posting a video to YouTube without panties.”

“Fuck YouTube, I meant for me.”

She stepped back and looked at me, I met her gaze without blinking.

Quickly, she reached under her dress and pulled her panties down, “You post this video and I’ll fucking kill you, understand?”

I nodded yes as she stepped out and handed me her underwear.

She hit her phone again, this time “Life of my Own” by 3 Doors Down started playing.

“I love this song,” she said stepping onto the grate.

This time as she danced she didn’t let her hair flow into her face or use her arms to conceal her. She danced to the upbeat rhythm looking me full in the face as her dress glided on the air around her. My heart was pounding as I once again recorded her, her pussy was different, years ago she’d been waxed smooth, now she had a small V of tightly trimmed black curls, it was sexy as hell. She had the same tan line though, when she turned I could see how little her bikini covered in the front and her ass showed only the single white stripe of a g-string or thong.

She stayed turned around letting me get her ass for a minute before she faced me again. Then she teasingly reached up and tugged the top below her tits without missing a beat as she now danced full frontal for me. Her tits were as beautiful now as they were before, firm, and a solid D cup. She still had the same perfect small, lighter triangle of skin on her tits showing where her bikini protected. Her dark, quarter sized nipples were hard as she danced and her body gleamed with a light sheen of sweat as the end of the song played.

Stepping off the grate she moved toward me and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed passionately as my hands slid under her dress to cup her ass.

“I can get us a room,” I said breaking the kiss.

“No, it’s now or never,” she whispered huskily as she planted kisses high on my neck.

Shifting my grip, I lifted her up and she complied by wrapping her legs around me. She kissed me again as I moved us to my black Nissan Titan truck. Our tongues teased each other as I reached the side and pinned her against the vehicle using one hand to open the rear driver door. Lifting her onto the seat edge she broke the kiss and started fumbling with the buttons on my dress blue coat. She undid them and pulled it off, tossing it into the front seat, leaving me in a white t-shirt and blue slacks. She moved to my pants but I stopped her and pushed her back to laying position as I pulled up her dress. Our eyes met as I moved my face between her legs forcing one leg on top of the back seat and the other off the cushion. Without hesitation I began to lick, making her throw her head back with a groan as I took control and went down on her. Her fingers alternately gripped my head and stroked through my hair as I spent the next few minutes licking, teasing, and probing her with my tongue. Her constant whimpers and writhing had me hard as a rock, panting she finally gripped my head pulling me up and wrapping her legs around me.

“I need this,” she whispered as she undid my pants freeing my cock. It sprang free hard and throbbing as she guided me to her entrance. Grabbing my ass, she pulled me and I thrust fully inside her. We both froze to adjust to one another then started to move. Our frenzied passion slowed and we developed a pace, her left leg stayed wrapped around my thighs but her right stroked up and down my leg. I shifted my body to let her move to a more comfortable position under me and her hands moved under my slacks to cup my ass. We kissed with each of us moaning as our bodies melded and moved slowly against each other.

Time stretched as I continued to push into her, I quit supporting my arms and let my weight move on top of her so I could reach down and grab her ass. Our bodies tensed as our hips moved against each other, we picked up speed and our kiss broke as she cried out and I buried my face in her hair. I drove into her as she shifted one hand to my back and dug her nails in, seconds later we each came, locked as our muscles trembled while I pumped inside her.

Afterward we fixed our clothes outside my car.

“You sure you don’t want to get a room?”

She smiled, “It’s getting late and I need to get home, babysitter can’t stay all night.”

Oh, she çekmeköy escort had a kid, good to know. She was quiet after that comment, I assumed she was waiting to see what I said. I imagined that was a show stopper for most guys.

“Can I see you again?”

“Do you really want to or are you just saying that?”

“I really want to.”

She shrugged, “You have my number so I guess we’ll see if you’re lying or not.”

“I get it, I’m sure most guys run when they hear the word babysitter, but I promise I’m not bothered. I’ll even ask what you’re doing next weekend.”

She raised an eyebrow, “My kid’s birthday, you want to come?”

Again, if she was playing chicken or thought I’d be bothered she was wrong, “No problem, I’ll bring a gift. What does she like?”

“She’s in third grade and love the Disney Princess Jasmine.”

“I’ll text you for the address. I’ll be there.”

“We’ll see.”


During the week we texted but kept it light. I knew she was waiting to see if I’d actually show up or come up with some excuse. On Saturday I arrived at the address she’d given me wearing blue jeans and a blue superman logo t-shirt. After I knocked a cute brown-haired woman opened the door.

“Hello, I’m Thomas, I’m here for the birthday party.”

She held out a hand to shake, “Hey, I’m Michelle, I’m Alanza’s best friend, and you must be the stud from the party she can’t stop talking about.

“Oh you bitch,” Alanza muttered as she walked up behind Michelle.

I shook Michelle’s hand and asked, “Can’t stop?”

“Yep,” said Michelle.

“Ignore her,” Alanza said moving in front of her forcing us to break hands. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she took my hand and guided me inside.

Both girls were dressed in black boots and blue jeans, Michelle had on a low-cut white blouse and Alanza had a burgundy silk spaghetti strap top that showed lots of cleavage and kept her nipples pressed against the fabric.

She walked me into the living room where there was a large crowd of guests. Kids were running around while the smell of hot dogs and cake drifted through the air. Disney Aladin decorations were on the walls and everywhere with Princess Jasmine plastered on just about everything, tablecloths, plates, and cups.

“I told you she likes Jasmine, same name and looks like her so it’s her favorite, and before you ask the name is a coincidence,” Alanza said.

I nodded.

She introduced me to a bunch of couples and pointed out their kids and names. There were a few single guys from her unit that she motioned toward. I tried not to feel reactive towrd them, I’m sure they were her friends but given how beautiful she was it was hard to imagine every guy not hitting on her.

“That’s Ken, cool guy, likes to mountain bike. That’s David, can’t stand him, always hitting on me in creepy ways, but his daughter is best friends with mine.”

She named off other people and their relationship until it all blended into an ocean of new faces.

Later I was discussing the upcoming football season and our favorite teams with Ken, when David had obnoxiously overheard us and was loudly decrying our teams and anything we said. Even when Ken and I talked to just each other he still interjected. Ken rolled his eyes so often I could tell he was used to this. David was on a diatribe when I zoned him out and glanced over the table and noticed Alanza talking to her daughter.

“What’s that?” Jasmine scowled at her mother as she held out a raisinete.

“It’s a raisinete. Try it, you’ll like them.”

“I don’t like raisins,” Jasmine said suspiciously.

“You can’t even taste them, it’s mostly chocolate.”

Jasmine took it and held it in her hand for a second, she sniffed it then proceeded to pop it into her mouth. After a second of chewing, she promptly turned her head and spit the raisinete on the table.

“JASMINE!” Alanza snapped. “Stop that, if you put something in your mouth you swallow it.”

Me, Ken, and David all watched Alanza with raised eyebrows and innocent smiles. It took her a second to realize the room had gone quiet and everybody was looking at her. She saw the other couples fighting back smirks as she looked up and around the room, only then did she realize what she’d said.

She turned bright red and shook her head. Everybody laughed as she faced down. Her daughter sat with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. Alanza leaned over and whispered for her to behave. As Jasmine looked up at her and was distracted Alanza lifted her hand and gave us all the finger, making everybody laugh again.

The room went back to normal and everyone continued to eat and talk and have fun. A few minutes later one of the kids came running through the kitchen just as I stood up and he crashed into me with a hot dog in hand leaving mustard and ketchup all over my pants. I wiped myself with a napkin while Alanza laughed.

“Here, follow me, I’ll clean you up.”

She grabbed my hand and led me through her house past the normal bathroom to the master bedroom and attaching bathroom, there was a dark wood king size bed with a deep blue comforter. In the opposite corner sat her special chair and sitting in it were the Chip and Dale dolls. I immediately turned away and kept my face neutral as she led me to her personal bathroom.

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