The Scent of a Rose

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“Atkins, can you spare one of those peach-colored roses for me today?”

I looked up at Mrs. Deershorn sticking her head out the window above me. The sweet old lady was about 65 and lived in the floor above me in this small apartment complex. I had moved in about 4 months earlier after a bad breakup with my longtime girlfriend. One of the reasons I took this room was the availability of a garden out my back patio. I had always loved gardening and in my mixed-up emotional state it was great solace.

Because of good rain and bright sunshine this season, I had enjoyed some luck with the roses I planted. Mrs. Deershorn had only a window box at her upstairs apartment and was thrilled to learn a gardener had moved in downstairs. Whenever I thought of it, I would drop off a few cut roses and we would talk about flowers and gardens and her grandchildren.

Despite the time I spent with her — usually only a half hour or so at a time — I really knew little about her. I knew she had two grandchildren who would visit occasionally. She used to be married, but hadn’t been for some time, divorce, death, I didn’t know. But she wasn’t married now. Her two-bedroom apartment was modestly furnished but everything was neat and clean. She did some sewing in the second bedroom, mostly clothes for her grandchildren. And then there were her flowers.

She had window boxes off three windows where she grew Impatiens, begonias, geraniums and pansies in season. But she couldn’t grow roses and she loved them. It really made her happy when I would bring her some of mine. They would get a prize spot on her dining room table and I would refresh it with another batch every week or so.

“Flower delivery man,” I said as she opened her door and I handed over a spray of three peach-colored roses and one white one.

“They’re lovely,” she said, which is pretty much what she always said even if the flowers had passed their prime. Sometimes when I picked the roses, I would think of women. That’s not too unusual when you realize I hadn’t had sex in more than four months and, frankly these days, pretty much stayed away from women all together except for Mrs. Deershorn. Too much hurt, I guess.

Lately, my flowers began to take on a new meaning. The rose buds reminded me of young girls just reaching their sexual peak. The just-opened buds were 20 or 21-year olds. The full flowers were the women in the 30s and 40, the peak of their sexuality. And the big, profuse flowers, fully open and highly scented, well, they reminded me of Mrs. Deershorn.

Mrs. Deershorn was something of a full-flowered woman herself. She was about 5-3 with a big chest and bigger hips but a surprisingly thin waist, given her bulk. From a clothing standpoint, well, she was no fashion plate. She wore simple shifts usually and occasionally wore a blouse and skirt if she was leaving the house to go shopping. She had thick legs and arms but always had about her a delicious scent. And that’s why I always thought of her as my full-blown rose.

I wouldn’t read too much into that. I mean, I didn’t see our relationship as anything sexual and, in fact, didn’t think of her as a sexual being at all. But in recent weeks, I had a sense it was time to come out of my self-imposed sexual bunker. After all, I was only 30 and keeping company with roses wasn’t my idea of a meaningful relationship.

“They’ll go right here,” Mrs. Deershorn said as she carefully cut the roses under water and put them in their regular spot on the dining room table. This is something she always said also. Next she would say, ‘how are things with you?’

“So how are things with you?” she asked. Bless her heart, Mrs. Deershorn may have been a sweet old lady but she was no conversationalist. Once we talked about how the hot weather had burned her begonias, the conversations drifted. Today, though, something seemed a little different.

For one thing, she was wearing denizli escort a thin cotton robe instead of the heavier shift she normally wore around the house. Other times I visited her, I could tell she wore a heavy, sensible bra under her clothes to rein in those massive breasts. Today, however, she was wearing nothing under the robe and the effect on me was a little startling. There was a generous vista of cleavage visible and I found myself following the shape of those huge, pendulous breasts beneath the thin cotton fabric. She was saying something, but my mind was elsewhere.

“Let me just move it before it falls out of the vase,” she was saying and she leaned over me to catch one of the errant roses on the table behind me before it tumbled out of its container. In doing so, she brushed my cheek with her breast and I couldn’t help but look down the robe at the generous exposure of tit, topped by a wide aureole and nipple that, to my surprise, seemed hard as it brushed by me. I found myself momentarily aroused but then ashamed at being sexually titillated by this old lady’s body. I was even ready to get up to leave when something else struck me and set my heart racing.

It was the scent of, what was it, jasmine? Lavender? It emanated from Mrs. Deershorn like the sweet, intoxicating smell of a flower in sunshine. My heart was pounding and I made a quick decision to take advantage of the situation. I reached up with my two arms as though I was startled and afraid she would fall. What I was really doing was grabbing those full-blown, overripe breasts hanging above me like fruit ready for picking.

She seemed not to notice. “If they fall out of the water, they’ll die, especially after you’ve just cut them,” she said in a scolding manner. I think she was talking to the roses but I took it to mean me and I felt instantly guilty. Then aroused again. I was awash in different emotions as this chunky, elderly woman sat down on her couch.

“There’s plenty more where those came from,” I said a little uncomfortably and then went over to the couch and sat down beside her. She was talking about her African Violets but my thoughts were definitely moving in another direction. Why didn’t she react in some way when I squeezed those breasts (which were satisfyingly firm) or have some other reaction to what happened? Right or wrong, guilty or not, I was aroused.

“. . . The pretty purple one I bought at market likes the sun,” she was saying. I noticed her robe collar was half tucked in so I reached over, behind her head and slid my hand along her neck, brushing her slowly with my thumb as, with my fingers, I flipped the collar over. Still no reaction from Mrs. Deershorn. Emboldened and still intoxicated with her scent and the warmth of her body (which unleashed all kinds of long repressed emotions), I looked right into her eyes and slid my left hand inside the light robe and ran it along the length of her breast until I came to the hard nipple which I rotated between thumb and forefinger.

My cock was becoming rock hard through my jeans and there’s no way she could avoid noticing. Most people, anyway. Mrs. Deershorn, though, looked straight ahead at me as if I had just said “here’s a cup of coffee.’ There was no other reaction except for the hardness of her nipple.

Aroused or angry at her indifference, I don’t know which, I moved closer and let my hand drift down along her thick belly, soaking in the warmth and softness there. Then I kissed this old grandmother full on the lips while my free hand explored her upper body, her tits, belly, neck and shoulders. She neither drew away nor participated at first. I probed her sweet, elderly mouth with my tongue and flicked at hers until, at last, it responded. Her eyes closed and she let the back of her hand touch my hardened prick, then grabbed at it tentatively through the denim jeans, then harder and then diyarbakır escort . . . she stood up.

I was angry and disgusted with myself. I had gone too far and too fast. My cock turned flacid in a moment. Mrs. Deershorn walked over to the sink, overlooking the window where she could view my rose garden. I felt awful about my thoughts for this sweet, kind-hearted old lady. But I was still tingling with the memory of her soft body. Now her back was to me as she stared out the window, silent. Was she crying?

“I don’t know how you’ve been able to keep your roses blooming all summer,” said Mrs. Deershorn. “You have a gift.”

Oddly, those few words instantly aroused me once again. My cock was at ready attention. I moved over by her, eager to press my advantage.

In the course of our groping on the sofa and her quick departure, Mrs. Deershorn’s robe had come undone. As she stood with her back to me, looking out the window, I could see that she wore bikini panties which were clinging to her waist beneath her wide belly. And they covered an ass that was so generous and round that it demanded further exploration.

“The Kellys’ roses have all died,” she was saying but I was gently reaching up and pulling the panties down, over her knees, until they rested on her slippers. She had halted her talking for a moment as I let my hands linger at the thick thighs. Accommodatingly, she stepped out of one leg. The panties lay in an expectant pile at our feet.

While I held her robe out of the way with one arm, I took in the ass of the elderly grandmother and my heart started racing once again. It was snow white, of course, but so round and so . . . massive. I swept the bottom half of her robe away from her waist laying it over the sink and fell on my knees as I worshiped at the temple of her soft and luscious ass. First, I gently kissed it, then rubbed my bare cheek against hers, then my hands, like a blind man, taking in the extent of it all, rubbed her ass and down to her thighs and the back of her knees.

For once, Mrs. Deershorn stopped blathering about violets and roses. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I detected a quickening breath. I had to have her. I had to have that wonderful, bare ass.

Quickly, I pulled off my pants. I took my hardened member and rubbed it along that sweet old ass of Mrs. Deershorn, letting my balls linger in her crack. With my right hand I reached around and grabbed her great breast and kneaded it gently. With my left, I reached around and inserted a finger in her pussy which was wet and ready. Then I inserted two fingers, than three. No more talking from Mrs. Deershorn but a slight moan, hardly anything at all. All I knew is I wanted that ass and I would have it.

Carefully, I wiped my generous supply of pre cum along Mrs. Deershorn’s ass crack then worked my cock in slowly. I felt resistance and then she opened to me and I easily worked my way through her large and wonderful ass hole. At last, from her, a sound. “Oh,” she said, not in resisting or approving, just in surprise. I didn’t care any more. I would have my way with her. I knew she wanted it now.

I now took my hands from her tits and pussy and grabbed onto her surprisingly thin waist as I drove my prick into her ass, slowly at first. It felt wonderful beyond all expectation. Gently I rocked back and forth, pressing her against the sink, plunging the full length of my hearty member into her elderly rectum. For a moment, her legs buckled and she gasped but I stayed with her and she returned to her former position, bent over the sink.

So caught up was I in my own pleasures, I at first hadn’t noticed how Mrs. Deershorn was playing with her pussy with a free hand, supporting herself at the sink with the other. “Uh, uh, uh,” she said over and over in the same innocent voice she used to welcome me with my cut roses. I was excited beyond antalya escort all measure, much more than with any younger woman I had enjoyed. There was something about the fat, white ass of this sweet grandmother jiggling as I plunged my cock into it repeatedly that was incredibly thrilling. I pulled at her waist and she willingly gave herself to me. I would take a free hand and feel her soft and hefty belly, her tits, her ass, her throat, her shoulders. I jammed a finger into her mouth and she sucked on it like a baby, breathing harder . . .

My cock, still rock hard, popped out in all the commotion. She was calming down and I felt this would be the end of it but good old Mrs. Deershorn, grandmother and ass fucker extra ordinaire, reached down, hunting, almost frantic, until she found my cock and forced it into her now enthusiastic ass hole. And finally . . .

“Oh Atkins . . . do it hard, do it hard, do it hard,” again and again like a steam engine and I pistoned into her ass again and again, rubbing her ass, feeling her tits, kissing her back until finally, almost gratefully, I shot my load into her ancient, accommodating rectum and she shook so noticeably that I thought for a moment she was convulsing, then the moans came in slight, delicate Mrs. Deershorn-like waves as she fell against me and my still hard, but less rigid penis flopped out and swayed against the great white ass I had just fucked.

When I backed away, breathing hard still and sweating with satisfied desire, the little cotton robe fell across her, covering her ass, her legs. She walked out of the room without so much as a word and went into the bathroom. When she returned, she looked at me not in a shy way but in a way quite unlike anything I’d seen from her before. She stared down at her bikini panties, still sitting in a little bunch on the floor, and then at me. I still wore my shirt but my pants were on the floor as well and my cock, when I saw the odd look on her face, came back to obedient attention. Her eyes were fixed on it and she seemed rooted to the spot. I walked over to Mrs. Deershorn, still in her cotton robe, whose eyes were fixed unashamedly on my hard prick.

I undid the tie holding her robe together and pressed my body against hers, my cock almost impaling against her white, chubby belly. I kissed her hard and ran my hands all over her white body, her chubby thighs and the great drooping tits. She was unresisting. Finally, I grabbed her white hair gently and forced my tongue into her mouth which she finally sucked greedily. I reached down and slid three fingers in her cunt which was wet and warm.

“Mrs. Deershorn,” I looked her right in the eyes and she returned my glance, half shutting her eyes from time to time as I plunged my fingers in and out of her. “Did you enjoy getting fucked in the ass?” At this I gave a gentle squeeze to her ass and worked a finger into her ass hole.

She said nothing. “Mrs. Deershorn, tell me you would like to get fucked in the ass again sometime.” Her breathing increased. “Mrs. Deershorn?” I asked.

She looked at me with the closest thing to passion I had ever seen in her. Finally she nodded. I smiled and worked my arms around the great white ass I had fucked before. I slid around behind her and kissed it, licked, stroked it and let my member smear it. The flower smell of her was still intoxicating as I moved again to face her. I sucked at her massive, soft tits while she stroked my hair and held my face to the grand motherly breast.

“Say it Mrs. Deershorn.”

“I liked that very much Atkins. I would like to do it again sometime.”

“Do what, Mrs. Deershorn.”

She took a little breath like she was dealing with a spoiled, disobedient child. She said the words quietly, but sincerely. “I would like for you to fuck me in the ass again, Atkins. I would like it very much.” And for the first time, the full blown flower smiled and grabbed my rock hard cock, then turned around and flung her robe to the floor, bent over the sink and looked back at me..

“And I would like you very much to fuck me in the ass again right now, Atkins.”

And the lovely sweet flower Mrs. Deershorn spread her great white cheeks and I approached again.

After all, I didn’t want her to beg.

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