The Rush For Lust Ch. 02

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Big Tits

As she led me up the stairs, all I could do was look up at her beautiful body, looking at the curves of her shoulders then going down looking at her back and just catching a glimse of her breasts. Then further down looking at her lovely curvy beautiful derriere. She has a lovely pair of cheers, I just can’t help looking at the parting in the middle, as she reached the top step I could just catch a glimse of her lovely tight little hole…

I just had to grab hold of her and touch her at the top of the stairs, she turned towards me at the top, I could see her full beautiful body in my eyes, her large breasts straight in front of me as I was a step down on her, I quickly moved my head and started sucking one of her nipples it was very soft. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth so I grabbed the other one in my hand, but she pulled me up. I could hear her let out a yelp as her nipples were still so sensitive from moments ago.

As I finally made the top step, our lips met and she pulled me towards her, we kissed lightly and hugged very forcefully feeling our bodies touching, the warmth of her body instantly me want to hold her tighter. I could feel my cock coming back to life as it rubbed between her legs. As we kissed for longer my cock got stiffer and I could feel it rising and touching her wet pussy, I just wanted to thrust it into her.

Then as she looked down at my cock and breathed deeply she said

“hmm you smell a bit ripe! I’m going to have to give you a good wash all over…”

With a big smile on her beautiful face.

As we went to the bathroom she switched the light on and it was so bright, but it revealed her body in all its glory, looking at the very large curves on her breasts and the skin that is such a light colour and felt so soft in my hands a moment ago. She bent over to run the bath I watched as her large breasts hung down, there is nothing as sexy as the sight of her bending over seeing her hard nipples at the bottom of her breasts so erect. I sat in the bath with the water bearly covering the bottom she grabbed some shower gel and squirted it down my chest, then she knelt down beside me with her breast hanging over the bath edge which was cold, I could see it making her nipples harder now.

She found a large sponge letting it absorb the water then letting it drip down me pushing the sponge round my whole body feeling it slip esat escort round my body as it became wet and soapy. She turned the taps off now as it was half full and I was fully clean now after 5 minutes of feeling her hands rubbing all over me, but she had other ideas. All this time my cock was rock solid and she had ignored it.

She squirted shower gel into the sponge and pushed it under the water into my groin, I could feel the lather and slippery soap all over my cock working its way under my helmet, the roughness of the sponge on my helmet and the tips of her fingers on my balls all the skin around my balls felt so good. It felt like I could explode at any second, I looked up at her face and I could see in her eyes that she knew what she had done. I then saw a big smile on her face appear, then I felt the sponge soon drifted away in the water with her hand remaining tightly around my cock, it was so hard and she just tighten her grip around my cock without rubbing it or moving. It feels so good when she just holds it motionless, I could feel my orgasm start to rise.

She then said

“Lift yourself up in the bath and arch your back!”

So I lent back on my elbows and feet, and my cock emerged out of the water very stiff with her dainty hand around my well swelled cock. Our eyes met and she started rubbing my cock, it felt stiffer and stiffer, her eyes drifted down. I could see her eagerly looking at my cock with her hand just motionless on my cock with a tight grip and her eyes looking to see my helmet throbbing in her hand.

” I want that stiff cock right inside me I want to feel you pumping my pussy full of hot cum”

I looked at her breasts swaying with the force of her hand on my cock. I could’nt stand it any longer, I stood up and she rose on her knees and took my cock in her mouth.

I could feel my cock go deeply into her mouth then out as she gripped my helmet in her teeth gently opening and closing on it, and her tongue on my helmet slipping up and down the length of my japs eye. She held it there in her mouth and gripped the shaft and rubbed it hard it just felt so good.

I was screaming out in ecstasy bearly able to control my breathing groaning with pleasure. I had to prize my cock out of her mouth as I wanted her to be able to feel how hard she had made my cock in her pussy. She stood up and knew what I wanted escort bayan to do. She bent over the sink placing her hands on the wall either side of the mirror, I stood behind her, the sight of her looking at me behind her in the mirror and seeing her beautiful breasts hanging in front of me in the mirror was almost to much for me!

I pushed her cheeks apart I could see how wet she was, I thought it was water from the bath but the liquid running down her inner thighs was slippery I just had to have a taste of the love juice, it tasted so sweet.

I arranged myself behind her, lifting one of her legs up onto the toilet seat and immediately saw her wide open pussy glissening in the light I pushed my cock in having no problem with it going straight in. I fucked her with long hard strokes with my cock coming out of her pussy but easily finding my way back in. With the position we were in I could feel her lovely soft buttocks on my upper thighs. I pumped into her harder and faster.

I moved both my hands round her front taking the weight of both of her breasts feeling how hard her nipples are on the palm of my hand. Her breasts felt so heavy in my hands I had to lift them up feeling the roughness of my hands on her nipples and them becoming more erect. I could see her face looking back at me in the mirror, my eyes darting between her eyes and being able to see her body move as I thrust into her.

I just had to look deep into her eyes, I’ve never seen such a look of passion as our bodies rocked in motion. I could hear hear moans becoming more regular and her face muscles tightening and her eyes closing slightly as I deeply thrust into her and held my cock deep inside her and stopped, then she lent forward letting her face rest on the mirror and letting her hand drop down to rub her clit as she rubbed it I could feel her hand slip and brush on the base of my cock then she squeezed the base of my cock hard it felt so good and helped delay the explosion that was going to happen very soon…

She went back to rubbing her clit her moans becoming more random her breathing changing from heavy to light and back again. I held my cock deep inside her and just pushed myself hard inside her it felt so deep inside her I could feel a little ridge with the tip of my cock I hit it around 5 times I could hear her say

“Oh yes that’s it do it more touch me eryaman escort there harder”

I continued hitting that spot I could feel her vigoriously rubbing her clit I could feel her orgasm start to built as I felt her pussy tighten on my cock then a most wonderful sensation. I felt her pussy just tighten on my cock and not being able move all the time getting tighter. I could hear her breathing stop and fall silent

Then she cried out ” Oh god I fucking cumming”

I felt her body go limp as her arm dropped away from her clit her other arm drop down the wall and her leaning on the sink.

I lifted her off the sink and hear her sigh

Then she said “you have’nt cum yet? I’m going to have to do something about that”.

She sat on the side of the bath and spread her legs and pulled me towards her by my cock gripping it firmly, then pulling my cock really hard, pulling my foreskin forward so it covered my helmet, then she pulled it all the way back leaving my helmet fully exposed and rubbing it on her soft sensitive nipples. I could feel every movement of her hand and I looked down on her as she rubbed my cock all over her breasts leaving a slipperly trail of her juice over them. She quickened her wanking of my cock then held it by the base and very slowly pulled her hand forward, when she done this I could see a some pre-cum ouzing out of my japs eye.

The tip of her tongue popped out of her mouth and licked it off. Letting out a “hmmm”

Then she looked up at me at wanked my cock hard and fast.

“Go on cum over my tits I want to feel your hot cum over me, let me feel that cock throb in my hand”.

As I looked down at her and looking into my eyes then back at my cock I felt an explosion in her hands with cum flying over her breasts and all over her fingers

All I could do was groan no words would come out, my head went light and my knees just wanted to give way….

Her hands were rubbing cum all over her body and she looked up at me with a smile.

I spoke quietly to her “that was so amazing! your pussy,hands and sexy mind have done that to me!”

” I just love feeling of your hard cock inside me and we certainly found the right spot for each other this afternoon!”

I pulled her up towards me feeling my cum over her hot body and and held her tight kissing her, feeling our tongues rovering round each others lips and mouths, then we left the bathroom and went to lay quietly on the bed listening to our breathing return to as much as normal as possible!! I knew that it would’nt be long, that I would look at her and want to do please her and do something very special to her….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32