The Robbery: Incest at Gunpoint

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By Marc and Di.

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: First, this was a collaboration with marc_m, and I want to thank him for it!

Second, this is a fictional story, so don’t try this at home!

Third, this story includes non-consensual/reluctant themes, as well as incest. If any of this bothers you, move along.

Fourth, please feel free to comment. If you want me to improve as a writer, I need to know what you think, as long as it is constructive.

AUTHOR’S 2nd NOTE: I cleaned up the tense issues early in the story. I apologize to anyone who was bothered by my less-than-stellar editing. I want to thank those of you who provided constructive criticism, as well as encouragement, in my original posting.*

Renee looks out the window of the diner for any other potential customers. Seeing none, she flicks off a switch, and the big neon sign saying “Renee’s Diner” above the restaurant shuts off, leaving the empty parking lot in darkness. She walks back to the cash register, moving slowly in her sore heels and stockings that she wore on occasion to attract more male patrons to the restaurant.

She looks over at her brother Marc with a sweet smile as he whistles peacefully, sweeping the floor and wiping up the cooking surfaces behind the diner bar counter. He is exhausted and so is she. They had a packed house today and made a fortune for a single day. She tries to focus, opening the cash register and starting to count the bills in haste, anxious to get out of her tight outfit.

Renee’s eyes widen at the huge amount of money they made. She is finally starting to feel financially independent from her deadbeat ex-husband and his pathetic alimony payments. This profitable day will make a huge dent in the bills she and her new fiance are going to pay for their upcoming wedding. She holds up the large wads of money proudly for Marc to see with a smile from ear to ear. He smiles back, sharing in the moment with her that their parents will be so proud of them and the success they are making of the diner they handed down to their kids. Renee smiles, giddy like a schoolgirl, and returns to her counting.

The brother and sister team work to close up the diner while listening to happy 80’s tunes on the radio. Suddenly, a thud can be heard from the back storeroom.

“Renee, did you hear that?” Marc ask. “Did you lock the back door?”

Renee looks up fearfully. “Yes. Can you check it out?”

“Sure sis. I think some of the boxes in the back room must have fallen over. No worries,” Marc casually walks through the door into the back corridors and store rooms. He whistles as he walks and Renee can hear him searching around the storage room. A louder thud comes from the depths of the back room, suddenly silencing Marc’s whistling.

“Marc? Are you alright?” Renee speaks with concern, as she quickly makes her way towards the storage room, finding it hard to move quickly in her short tight skirt and heels.

Footsteps start approaching her from the back room and a dragging noise that follows in pace. Before Renee reaches the door, a ski-masked figure dressed in black denim pants and a leather jacket, emerges from the store room. The masked man drags Marc’s unconscious body by his wrists that are handcuffed together. Seeing Renee approaching, the masked intruder raises his gun towards her.

Renee stops in her tracks at the sight of the masked man, immediately raising her hands when she sees the gun. “Please! Don’t shoot!”

“Shut up bitch!” he growls, his voice muffled by the ski mask. “Open up your register and throw all the cash into a bag. Do it quick or your brother here gets a bullet in the head!” The masked man gives Marc a rough kick in the stomach, bringing a grunt from Marc’s helpless body, trying to recover from the sharp blow to his head.

“O-ok. Just don’t hurt him please!” Renee runs back up to the front quickly, grabbing all the cash and stuffing it into a bag. She notices the shades are still open, hoping someone will come by and see what is going on in the diner. She returns to the masked man, handing him the bag. “Here’s your money. Now please just go.”

Seeing the open shades as well, the masked figure drops Marc’s limp body onto the floor and walks over to the window. Looking around quickly to see that the street was dead quiet, he smiled and closed the shades. “No one comes out to this part of the city this late,” he thinks and prepares himself to set his new plans into motion. Looking up at the ceiling, the masked robber spots the active security camera in the far corner which focuses on the main aisle by the diner counter and register. He dragged one of the chairs to the center of the aisle and then turned and faced Renee with his gun, “Now bitch, put your asshole brother onto that chair and tie him up on it.”

“Y-yes sir…just don’t hurt us.” Renee follows the masked man’s instructions, as she lifts her brother’s large body onto the chair. She takes the ropes from the masked man and binds her brother’s illegal bahis legs to the chairs legs, and his arms to the chair’s arms. Then she looks up at the masked man questioningly. “Now what?”

The masked man laughs evilly, “And now the fun begins, you slut!” He grabs her roughly by her shirt collar, tugging sharply. Renee instinctively tries to pull away, only to help the masked intruder rip open her tight blouse to reveal her lacy bra and large full breasts. Laughing, he holds the gun right to her head and fondles her breasts, laughing at her as he watches her cringe in revulsion.

“Oh god! Please don’t! You’ve got the money!” Renee begins to cry, as she resists the urge to pull away from the masked man’s hands on her lace-covered breasts. The masked man spins her around to face the camera and pulls down the lacy bra, revealing her tits and nipples directly for the camera. He grabs her wrists hard, pulling them behind her back and snaps handcuffs tightly around her wrists until they bite into her skin.

Renee tries to pull away when she feels the first cuff snap onto her wrist, but the masked man insistently presses the gun into her neck, reminding her to be still. Tears roll down her cheek as she feels her naked breasts revealed to the closed circuit camera, but she figures this guy couldn’t possibly know where the tapes are located.

Renee whimpers, “Please…just leave me alone.”

“Not yet you little cunt, I haven’t had my fun with you yet!” He points the barrel firmly against the back of her head. He grabs her by her hair, tightening his fist around her locks and pushes her onto her knees in front of her brother. “Now get on your knees, right here in front of your brother!”

“Wh-what are you doing?” Renee protests.

As she kneels on the floor, glaring angrily at him, the masked intruder walks over to Marc and tugs off his jeans and boxer shorts down to his ankles, revealing his limp penis and testicles before Renee’s eyes. Stepping back, he points the gun right up against Marc’s temple and barks at Renee, “Now suck his cock you filthy whore!”

“Oh my god! You’re kidding, right? He’s my brother! I…I can’t…please don’t make me do this!” Renee finds her eyes drawn to her brother’s naked penis. The last time she saw it, they were just young kids, and it didn’t mean anything to her. Seeing it now though, causes her belly to tighten a little. She looks down, ashamed at her forbidden thoughts, only to see her naked breasts, her nipples standing erect, reminding her of her own shameful thoughts.

The masked intruder grabs Renee’s hair, cocking her head back and sticks the barrel of the gun right into her mouth. “You are going to suck your brother’s cock like the dick sucking whore you are or I’m going to stuff this barrel down your throat and fuck you with it. Do you understand!?!” Viciously, he knees Marc in the head, this time drawing blood down the side of his temple.

Renee screams onto the gun barrel, as tears stream down her cheeks. She looks up into the masked man’s eyes, noticing they look familiar, although her fear prevents her from even attempting to remember who he might be. She nods her head slightly as she looks at him, trying not to make the gun go off by accident.

“That’s a good girl.” He pulls the barrel out, sliding its wet tip along her cheeks taunting her before returning the gun to Marc’s head. He then presses the back of her head, pushing her face into Marc’s groin, holding her lips right up against the head of his cock. “Now suck! Or your little bro gets a bullet in his head.”

“Y-yes sir.” Renee feels Marc’s cock pressing against her face, as she lifts her face slightly to allow herself room to take him. She looks up into Marc’s eyes, and sees he is starting to come around, even if he is still dazed by all the punishment he’s taken. She can smell Marc’s manhood. She knows he has been working all night, and has undoubtedly sweated a lot back in the hot kitchen. Unintentionally, she takes a deep breath, and feels his aroma deep in the back of her mind. It seems to flip a switch in her, one she hadn’t expected under the circumstances.

She lets her tongue snake out of her mouth, running easily along the length of Marc’s sweaty cock. She can taste his saltiness and something else she can’t define. She lets her tongue lick up and down Marc’s full manhood, until it starts to harden. She whimpers in shame, not believing she is actually doing this to her brother.

Marc stirs slowly out of his unconsciousness, squirming a little in his seat as his cock responds to his sister’s tongue lapping up and down his shaft. The intruder watches, mesmerized at the sight of her tongue dragging up and down Marc’s shaft.

Marc moans audibly, feeling the sensations stirring in his loins as he comes out of his dark sleep. He opens his eyes slowly, his vision blurred from the concussion to his head and the trickle of blood going down his forehead over his eyes. Gasping heavily, he moans, illegal bahis siteleri confused. “Sis? Wuh what happened…what’s going on?”

Renee pulls away from Marc long enough to say, “Shhhh…we’re being robbed. This man has threatened to kill you if I don’t do this. I’m sorry.” Her sentence ends with a sob, as she returns to licking Marc’s now throbbing manhood.

Hearing the news, Marc shakes his head to waken himself and bring himself to attention. Suddenly seeing what his sister is doing and seeing the gun to his head, he squirms in his bonds but they hold him tight. Marc begins thrashing in his seat violently, his anger at this violation building but not softening his cock. “Sis! Stop it please! Don’t let him do this to us!” he begs.

“Please Marc! I don’t want to do it either! But he’ll kill you!” Renee wraps her lips around Marc’s cockhead, slowly lowering her head onto it, as her eyes intentionally avoid Marc’s eyes, ashamed of herself even more now that he’s awake.

“Noooo!!!” The anger is seething through Marc’s body as he thrashes around in his bonds, lifting the chair off the ground. His erratic squirming inadvertently shoves his throbbing cock into the back of Renee’s throat, choking her and fucking her throat raw. He pulls back in horror realizing what he had done. “Oh god! I’m sorry sis!”

Renee coughs, as she gets her air, “It’s ok…I’m alright.”

She dutifully drops her head back onto his cock, as she bobs her head up and down on it. With her tongue swirling all over the length of Marc’s manhood, it seems to have grown to a full nine inches, surprising Renee with it’s length as she tries to get it deep into her mouth without choking on it.

Marc, unwilling to hurt his sister again, sits back on the chair and accepts his helpless predicament. He glares at the intruder, “I’m going to rip your head off for this!” His cock throbs harder both from the anger and blood boiling in his veins and from every touch of his sister’s velvet mouth and tongue on his large phallus.

Laughing at that statement, the intruder points the gun back at Renee’s head. “Oh sit back and enjoy it! You better cum in your slutty sister’s mouth or I’ll put a bullet in her instead!”

Angrily, Marc turns his head away from Renee and the intruder, ashamed at his helplessness and ashamed for what he has no choice to do. He closes his eyes and bites his lip as he imagines one of the hooker’s he hired a while back instead of his sister. Slowly, he loses himself to his imagination, accepting the pleasure of his sister’s lips on his shaft and moans, “Oh god…mmmmmmmmm…oh…”

Renee feels the gun pointing at the back of her head, even though it isn’t touching her. She starts bobbing her head faster on her brother’s cock, hoping he’ll cum in her mouth and they’ll be done with this nightmare. The worst part of it for her is she can feel her body warming up to the situation, as she always has. Her mind goes back to her ex-husband and her fiance. She remembers too many times giving both of them oral sex and how her body seemed to prepare for them as she sucked on their cocks. She feels a forbidden thrill course through her as she can feel her pussy getting warmer even as her mouth makes love to her own brother.

She thinks to herself, “God! This can’t be happening!”

Marc hears her moaning as she sucks off his shaft! “Omigod! How can she be enjoying this!” he thinks. He turns back and looks at his sister, his body and emotions become confused, saddened by their violation while also disgusted by his sister’s arousal and enjoyment she is trying hard to hide from him. His own body betrays him. He feels his cock get harder and throb in his sister’s mouth at each stroke as she goes up and down. His throbbing cock is now fueled by his anger. Anger at the humiliation and turning into anger at his own sister for her lack of self control. He was disgusted and angry at her. He had the highest respect for his sister and looked up to her. Now he realised she was just like all the other cheap whores he’s fucked in the past.

Renee is glad that her pussy is covered by her panties and skirt, since she can feel it moistening, as her mouth makes little sucking noises on Marc’s cock. But the feeling of her bare nipples rubbing against her brother’s legs sends little jolts of pleasure through her, causing her to moan even more on his manhood.

“Oh god! My sister’s a fucking slut!” he thinks. He would have gladly died than submit to this humiliation. In some sick way, he blamed her for yielding so willingly and turning out to be just another slut like all the other women he knew. He was ashamed now, of himself and of her. He returned his attentions to her hungry mouth on his shaft, grunting as he began thrusting his hips fucking her mouth like a common whore.

Renee pulls off Marc long enough to say, “Please Marc! It’s not my fault!” Then her mouth hungrily devours his phallus, as her head returns to bobbing on her helpless brother’s canlı bahis siteleri cock.

Grunting like an animal as he thrusts his hips into her mouth, pumping harder and this time not caring if she chokes or gags, he feels himself approaching release. “Nnnnng! Let’s nnng…get this over with!”

Renee tries to swallow him deeper, as she feels him forcing his cock deeper into her throat. She can’t believe her brother is acting this way, even as she feels her body responding to it’s sexual nature.

Marc continues thrusting his hips, pumping his swollen shaft in and out of his sister’s mouth. In his mind, he forgot that this was his sister that loved him, helped raise him and protected him all his life. At this brief moment of uncontrollable circumstance, he fucked his sister’s mouth like a whore, moaning each time his cockhead felt tightly wrapped in the back of her throat. He pumped harder and harder, raising his butt off the chair even though his hands and feet were bound. He groaned loudly like an animal. The pleasure was beyond control. In one last hard thrust which stuffed the head of his cock into his sister’s throat, Marc came violently, exploding like a geyser and flooding Renee’s throat and mouth full of thick hot cum.

Renee swallows the cum, as each shot of it sends a string into the back of her throat. She doesn’t know whether she is doing this out of sexual habit, or out of fear of the masked man, whom she hasn’t even been watching.

Laughing hard, the masked man exclaims, “OH what a fucking whore! Watch her swallow it all like the slut she is!”

Marc moaned, exhausted with pleasure from the intense orgasm, but tears starting to trickle down his eyes as the shame and disappointment of his sister hit him hard. He realises the helpless nature they are both in once again. Despite his disappointment, he sobs over his sister’s head which was continuing to obediently suck on his cock.

“I’m sorry sis! I’m so sorry!” He whimpered.

Renee lifts her head off Marc’s cock, as the last of his cum is swallowed down her throat. She looks at him, with a bit of anger in her eyes. “It’s…it’s ok Marc. We only did it because of him.” She looks over at the masked man, hoping this ordeal is over.

The masked intruder laughs, clapping at the spectacle, “Wow! You two deserve each other!”

He grabs Renee’s hair and spits on her face, “Did you like the taste of your brother’s cock you little whore?”

He then slaps Marc in the face, “So! Didn’t know what a slut your sister was did you? She’s a pro cock sucker as you can clearly see!”

Angrily, Marc growls at him, “I’m going to fucking kill you for this!”

“Tsk tsk…the fun is just just starting!” Before any of them can respond, the intruder grabs Renee and lifts her up by her dark hair and drags her writhing body just over to a dining table. He keeps her wrists bound behind her as he bends her over, sticking her ass out in a degrading position. He pulls out more rope and starts looping cords up and under the table, wrapping them tightly around her upper torso and pinning her tits down.

He stands back and admires the sight: Renee squirming helplessly bound, her skirt riding up her ass and exposing her stunning legs and heels, cum dripping out of her mouth.

The intruder walks closer and grabs her along her thigh high stockings, running his controlling hand up her soft flesh until it finds her soaking wet panties between her legs. “Omigod! You are fucking wet!”

Renee blushes as she feels the stranger’s hand move over her wet panties. “Please! Just leave us, ok?”

Ignoring her, he rips her panties right off of her, shredding it apart and exposing her dripping cunt for her brother to view. Marc gasps in shock and also anger, both at the intruder and at the disgrace of his slutty sister.

The intruder walks over to Marc and wraps Renee’s wet panties over his head like a mask, “Here, I bet you’ve wondered what your sister tastes like.”

Marc growls angrily but breathes in the thick pungent scent of his sister’s pussy juice. The intruder grabs Marc’s chair he is tied to and slides it over until he is seated right behind Renee’s ass and wet slit. Grabbing Marc’s head, he mashes his face into his sister’s wet mound from behind. “Now its your turn to lick boy!”

“Oh please NOOOOOO!” Renee screams, before she feels Marc’s face against her naked slit, which causes her to moan helplessly.

Marc tries to squirm his head away, but the intruder just presses his head into her mound and orders him. “Eat your sister’s cunt. Don’t worry, I bet she’s going to love it!” The intruder holds Marc’s head firmly, forcing him to squirm his mouth and chin against Renee’s pussy in order to breathe.

Marc struggles to breathe, cursing obscenities at their captor while his face is stuffed against his sister’s wet cunt. The scent of her pussy under his nostrils triggers something inside him. His emotions are filled with anger, disgrace, disappointment and sadness. He can’t wait for this nightmare to be over. Obediently, shedding what remaining respect for his sister he has, Marc begins to lap at his own sister’s cunt from behind almost with anger as his tongue digs into her.

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