The Phillips Family Curse – Epilogue

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This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.



(Five Months Later)

Helen entered her bedroom and shut the door behind her, knowing she had important work to do. Of course, she had had her needs taken care of first, riding Jesse’s fat cock, having many screaming orgasms in the process, until the horny old woman wore him out, leaving him completely drained and passed out. She made it a point to wear him out in one of the guest rooms, knowing she needed privacy in her bedroom for what was to come.

She padded across her bedroom barefoot, her slim toes digging into the soft carpet. She was still a bit sweaty from her earlier romp, so she opened the glass doors to the balcony, letting the cool evening air in. She was also clad only in her stretchy little exercise shorts, making sure her grandson’s thick cum stayed in her tight cunt. Not that it mattered at this point.

She couldn’t help but smile and let her hands fall to her bulging tummy. Helen always really shined when pregnant, never blowing up and getting overly swollen like some women. She always seemed to only put on a bit of weight, enough to make her voluptuous body even more juicy. Her huge boobs rippled as she walked, feeling heavier than ever. Helen swore she had gone up an entire cup size, but that was to be expected with the baby on the way. Plus, on the many occasions she had been knocked up, she tended to simply grow one of those volleyball tummies, making her the envy of other woman, if she wasn’t already. Pregnancy suited her. She rubbed her belly for a few moments, feeling, after so long, life growing inside her once more. She smiled again. It was going to be a boy. She could always tell the sexes of her children, and she had never been wrong. She couldn’t wait to have another son.

Helen padded across the room and put on a CD of the New York Philharmonic, knowing she needed some brain music as she focused on her work. As the strings began to buzz on her speakers, she began to get in her groove.

Laid out on the table was the family tree, which she had slid out gently from within the ornate frame. She ran her fingers along the smooth parchment, loving the way it felt beneath her fingers. She retrieved her calligraphy pen and inkwell, as well as a small needle, carrying them over and setting them gently down on the table.

She removed the top of the inkwell, admiring the inky black liquid within, before lifting the needle between her fingers. Testing the sharpness of the small needle against her finger tip, she could tell it would get the job done. Taking it between two fingers like a pencil, she deftly stabbed the needle against one of her fingertips, puncturing the skin, causing her to wince lightly. She set the needle down and flexed her finger, till a thick bead of blood appeared from the tiny wound. She tipped her finger back and forth, admiring the blood’s thickness, before placing it above the opening of the inkwell, letting the drop fall into the dark ink, mixing with it. A bit more blood appeared on her finger, so she used the tip of the pen to gather the blood before dipping it into the ink, stirring the liquid. As she did, she sucked the remaining blood off her finger, doing so until the blood stopped appearing.

This ritual was completely unnecessary, but for the work she was about to do, it felt entirely appropriate.

Admiring the family tree one last time, she removed the ink-soaked pen from the bottle and took it between her fingers. With the music feeding her creative juices, she began to work.

She began to draw smooth, straight lines, adding new lines to the tree, indicating the new lives that would be added to their family.

She connected herself and Jesse first, creating a spot for their child. She then did the same for Jesse and Kendra, leaving two spots open for the twins she was expecting. Helen smiled as she began running out of space under Jesse’s name, as she branched out lines from him to Dana, Jane, Karen, Bethany, and Chastity.

She remembered the ripple of joy she felt as those positive pregnancy tests piled up. Surprisingly, it was Bethany who got the job done first, getting knocked up, but Helen wasn’t too far behind. With the amount of seed he spilled ataşehir escort bayan inside his own grandmother, it wouldn’t take long. Kendra was next, followed by her mother Karen. Jane quickly followed, and the final one was Dana.

For a while, Dana’s body stubbornly refused to get properly seeded. It just didn’t take for some reason. Helen knew that Phillips men were very potent, and Phillips women were very fertile, so the fact that it wasn’t taking was even more frustrating. Helen eventually had to subject Jesse to a week long trip to visit his sister, subjecting him to that bitch for way too long. But he had work to do and Helen didn’t want him to leave till there was no doubt the job was done.

And the job had gotten done. Helen had witnessed it.

Helen watched that footage first hand. Part of her wanted to just stomp right in, hold the bitch down, and let her stallion-like grandson bang his older sister till she was properly bred. But she didn’t want to expose her role in things. And besides, she had a better idea. She convinced Jesse to record the action between him and his bitchy sister. And so Helen had watched. She had seen them going at it. And her eyes had flashed at the specific moment, with Dana on her back, her younger brother forcing her down, holding her legs down so her ankles were near her ears. Helen watched Dana’s eyes roll in ecstasy as Jesse slid the fill length of his thick cock inside his sister, his cock exploding inside her.

At that moment, Helen knew he had done the deed. Dana was pregnant. And the feeling of seeing her life’s work being acted out, that moment when her bitch granddaughter got knocked up by her own hot brother… the feeling was exquisite. Helen almost came watching it. As soon as Jesse sent her this footage, she sent for him, knowing deep down that his job was complete… for now.

Helen had proof of all of their pregnancies. Bethany had sent Jesse a text, showing her pregnant belly, saying there was now another difference between her and her sister. Kendra was a fitness freak, so she happily took pictures of her bulging stomach, heavy with children, and posted them online. Jane sent pictures to her son all the time, her taking pregnant selfies in the mirror like some excited, knocked up teenager. Karen’s pregnancy announcement to Jesse was a texted picture of Jesse’s seed leaking from her tight cunt, along with text saying, ‘Guess who you just made a mommy?’

A classy lady, that Karen.

All of these women ignored the coincidence of them all being knocked up at the same time. All those bitches thinking they had Jesse locked down simply because they were carrying his child. Ha! They were one of many by this point. They all looked away, not wanting to put together the pieces that were so obvious. All of them willing to lie themselves just so they could continue being the stars of their own story.

None of them knew that they were all knocked up thanks to Helen’s genius. Her machinations. Most of them thought he had transferred schools, to a school coincidently near his cousin. Kendra thought he had done so to be near her, which was the fiction Helen had come up with. Jane thought her son’s monthly trips back home were due to homesickness. Karen thought his trips to her were due to her dominance over him. Dana thought he couldn’t stop visiting her over and over again cause he just couldn’t resist her.

It was all part of the plan.

None of them knew she was the one pulling the strings. None of them even knew of her new place in Florida near where he and Kendra lived. Only she and Jesse knew. Only they knew of the work they were doing. All of them were just incestuous whores, not realizing they were part of a far bigger story. Only Helen and her grandson knew of the importance of what they had undertaken. But even with that said, there were some things Helen knew not to share with her grandson. Things too important to worry his pretty little head over.

Helen again focused on her work. Even though she spent a fair amount of her time at her new beach-house, she didn’t like being away from the lake house for too long. She couldn’t explain it, but her mind just seemed to work better up here. Her work could be done best here, at her home base.

Helen admired the clean, straight lines on the parchment. What was once an elegant, branching tree had been muddied, with crisscrossing lines, as if some child had scribbled on this work of art. But no, these lines were what she had worked for. Most families’ family line was a thin string, so fragile it could be cut at any time. But hers… hers was tightly coiled rope, the bonds of their family linked together escort kadıöy in all different ways, stronger than the sum of its parts.

These lines were her life’s work. Evidence that all that time and work had paid off swimmingly, evidence of the heavy inbreeding her family had entered into, thanks to her guiding hand.

The seed was strong.

But there was still so much work left to be done. So many lines that needed to become interwoven. Jesse, the stud of the family, had very, very potent seed, and there were so many ready wombs for him to impregnate. Luckily for Jesse, and her, there were a lot of women in this family, women that Jesse hadn’t been with yet, women waiting to be bred, even if they didn’t know it yet. He had fucked Jane and Karen, but Helen still had three other daughters for Jesse to have. Stacy, Robin, Allison, all three were mothers, so they would no doubt take well to Jesse’s seed. A few of their daughters were of age, primed to get knocked up. Plus, there were other cousins, Aunts, Great Aunts, second cousin’s twice removed, some young, some very old, all of breeding age, all waiting for his seed.

Like Lola, one of his distant cousins, who was a pretty respected ballerina. She would look so good with Jesse’s baby in her taut belly. Or one of his other far-flung cousins, Cameron, a girl who always seemed to be in trouble. Maybe carrying Jesse’s child will straighten her out. Or his Aunt twice removed, Gertrude, a truly miserable old cunt, who acted like such an old lady even though she was a few years younger than Helen. Helen smiled, enjoying the thought of unleashing poor Jesse on that crazy old bat. Helen would probably use the threat of making him have to breed Gertrude as a punishment, forcing him to behave, cause her reputation was well known. She was pretty awful. He would hate Gertrude, and hate having to fuck her, but he would get the job done. He was good for that kind of thing. And who knows, maybe the young man can fuck the bitch out of her. And that was just the start. There were so many other women in this family.

Jesse had only met some in passing, some he knew a bit more, but none had ever really had the opportunity to show him any overt interest. But Helen knew that all the young stud had to do was wave that fat cock under their noses, and they would completely whore it up for him, as all the others had done. That level of sluttiness in their family was too deeply ingrained to deny.

It was in the blood.

Letting the lines dry, she carried her inkwell and pen over to her work desk, ready to add some more pages to the family tome. Pages and documents and pictures were strewn across the desk, like some crazed detective’s evidence board. She had worked very hard, and called in a ton of favors to get some of this stuff, but it was worth it. Reading the book, talking to historians, paying attention to current events and some business dealings and tracking down the history of her family and the people around them, it had all lead her to one thing.

A single phone number.

She had spent days working up the nerve to pick up the phone and dial it. Cause if she was right, if what she had figured out was true, she knew exactly what the reason was that her family had descended into inbreeding. Why her family so craved the wickedness of incest.

She added some updates to the book, adding in details of her investigation, and the conclusions she had come to. But as she did, her eyes kept jumping up to the number written on the slip of paper. She tried to focus, but she couldn’t with that number tempting her. Finally, she stashed her pen away and stopped, knowing there was no point holding off on this. It was now or never.

She retrieved her phone and stepped out onto the balcony, the cool air blowing across her nearly naked body. Not caring that it was late, she dialed the number and made the call. It rang a couple times, but even a woman as confident as Helen was unable to stop herself from freezing slightly as a cool, feminine voice picked up on the other end.


Helen paused for a few moments, trying to find the words to say, before she found her voice.

“You made a mistake.” Helen finally said.

“Excuse me?” the woman replied. “Who is this?”

“My name is Helen… Helen Phillips,” she replied.

“Is that name supposed to mean something to me?” the woman asked, slightly annoyed but still calm.

“Hmm, don’t act like you don’t know, honey.” Helen said, pacing the wooden balcony.

“If you don’t explain why you’re calling me at this hour, I’ll have to hang up,” the woman insisted, her voice crisp and clear, despite her annoyance.

“Don’t maltepe escort act like the name Phillips doesn’t mean anything to you! Don’t act like you don’t who I am. But fine, if you want to act naïve, I’ll play along. Search your mind, I know it’s been awhile, but I’m sure that name will ring a bell.” Helen said.

A long silence fell between them.

“What do you want?” the woman finally asked, leaving Helen unsure of if she was right or not.

“I know what you did to my family. At least, I know what you think you did. But I will tell you, it didn’t work.” Helen said.

Another long pause.

“Your family is full of liars and sinners.” The woman said, sending a shiver down Helen’s spine as the woman began confirming Helen’s suspicions. “I know what they did to me… do you? Do you know what your ancestors did to me… to my family?”

“I know exactly what they did… and I know you were far from innocent. Everything that happened to your family is on you.” Helen replied.

“Mmm, you’re gonna regret saying that,” the woman said.

“No, I don’t think so.” Helen replied. “Because I know what you tried to do, and I’m telling you that it didn’t work. That it blew up in your face.”

“Is that right?”

“It is,” Helen said. “Cause I am standing here, pregnant with my own grandson’s child, and I have never felt better in my life.”

If she was wrong about this, this would be the point the other woman would check out. That usually happens when strangers discuss matters of incest.

“Mmm, I was waiting for the day that my plan would pay off.” she boasted. “And I think it is you that is mistaken, cause I know exactly what will happen to you and that… family of yours. Now that it’s unleashed, you won’t be able to stop. Now that its unleashed, it can’t be undone. Your family will breed from within, over and over again, till you are nothing! Till your name… till your legacy… till it all dies.”

“But you miscalculated, my dear.” Helen said. “You’ve only made us stronger. Perfection plus Perfection equals… Perfection. And what’s inside me… what’s inside all of my girls… it’s something even greater. You tried to destroy us, but you’ve only made us stronger.”

“You think so?” the woman replied. “I always have a plan, honey. I always cover my ass. Any children born due to my influence… they belong to me. They are mine in ways you can’t comprehend. They are my children.”

“But, here’s the thing about that… we’re protected.” Helen said, savoring this maneuver.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

“As you know, my family has quite the history with the Church. When they heard my story, when I confessed every… sordid… detail… they welcomed me with open arms. I’ve seen the light, ha ha. They went out of their way to bless me, and my family, which, as you surely know, not only absolves us of our sins, it absolves us of any… afflictions… the type that women like you are willing to unleash. So, if you think my family would ever be under your control… think again. They are beyond your control. They are… perfection. Pure.” Helen said, attacking her opponent on the other end of the call.

“Well…” the other woman began, “It seems as if you’re no pushover.”

“Indeed.” Helen replied, her fingers unconsciously rubbing her pregnant belly.

“But if you think that makes you safe, think again,” the woman said. “You’ve chosen the wrong side. I have many powerful friends. They will find you. And when they do, I look forward to making you, and your… family…” she spat out. “I look forward to making you kneel at my feet.”

“Hahaha, well…it seems as if I’m ahead of you on this one, too. When you hear what I’ve found out, when you learn what I already know, you will get what’s coming to you. The Church…they told me all your secrets. I’ve learned things, important things, secret things, things that will make you crumble. Things that will make you kneel at my feet. It will be sweet when you get what you so deserve. You underestimate us. You’ve always underestimated us, and you can’t forget, dear…the seed is strong.” Helen boasted.

A momentary pause fell between the two women.

“Mmm, I very much look forward to meeting you, Helen,” the woman said, malice in her words. Helen could almost sense the woman’s evil smile as she said them. Before ending the call, a smirk crossed Helen’s thick lips, wanting to taunt the other woman one last time.

“Sleep well… Ms. Crow.”


TheTalkMan’s Note: So, that’s it, the end of ‘The Phillips Family Curse’. I made the epilogue separate so new readers wouldn’t be confused, wondering if they should know the character brought in at the end. This story is over for now, but some characters will reappear in the future. The ‘War of the Monarchs’ is approaching, and the Phillips clan will play their part. When that war will come, I can’t say, but it is coming. Thanks for reading.

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