The Night In

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Just as Roxi felt herself drifting off to sleep the text alert on her phone snapped her into full consciousness. She fumbled for the glowing mobile on her nightstand and saw the name “Kim” next to the envelope icon on the screen.

Roxi smiled. She and her friend Kim had drifted a little of late due to Kim being consumed with the bliss of a new relationship. Roxi was pleased for her but she missed her friend.

She pressed the key to open up the text message. The phone screen now displayed a picture of breasts. Bare breasts. Above them was a set a pouty pink lips, a small, up-turned nose and a pair of azure blue eyes peering mischievously from under a sweep of dark, tousled hair. These were Kim’s bare breasts.

Roxi closed the photo down in shock and quickly fired off a reply. “Um I take it that wasn’t meant for me?”

After a few moments Roxi’s phone trilled into life again. She could almost hear the manic tones of Kim’s voice as she read her words; “OMG!! I’m so sorry! That was meant 4 Rob! Your number is saved just after his in my phone. Must have had more wine than realised. Pls delete & lets NEVER speak of this again!!”

Roxi chuckled as she typed her reply. “Haha! No worries, Rob’s a lucky guy. xx”

Another beep signalled Kim’s response, “I hope he thinks so. He’s away on a stag weekend & I just want to remind him he has a good reason not to stray.”

Roxi couldn’t resist, “2 good reasons…”

Kim’s reply came through almost instantly, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”

Smiling, Roxi re-opened the photo. Her finger hovered over the delete key. The sight of Kim’s flesh made her hesitate. She really took the image in this time, particularly lingering on the supple white mounds, perfectly teardrop shaped. The big caramel coloured nipples had obviously been teased before the photo was taken. A rush of tingles through her pussy took Roxi by surprise.

She placed the phone back on the night stand and settled back down to sleep.

The tingling became more urgent. Roxi tried to ignore it. Waiting for slumber to take over, she became aware of an increasing wetness between her legs. She let her legs part under the covers. Her pussy twinged in greedy anticipation and Roxi knew she’d have to take care of herself.

As her fingers slipped beneath the lace edging of her underwear her mind slipped into one of her favourite fantasies.

Roxi is in a sauna. A towel is wrapped around her body and finishes high on her thigh. A man is sitting opposite her. It’s clear from his body language that he hasn’t loosened up. Roxi decides to help him with that.

She hitches the towel a little higher, casting longing looks at her sauna buddy. At first he pretends not to notice but he can’t keep himself from meeting Roxi’s eye.

Roxi inches the towel further up her body until the material is gathered at her waist. Her neatly shaven pussy is brazenly out in full view.

Her companion is visibly shocked and aroused. He can’t tear his eyes away.

Roxi begins to slowly open her legs. Wider and wider they go until she feels the parting of her intimate lips. She runs her index finger down the length of her moist slit. “Pay attention,” she purrs. “I’m about to show you what I like.”

She places a finger tip at her glistening hole. She doesn’t push inside yet, just collects a few drops of wetness and massages the surrounding pink folds.

Her free hand strokes it’s way down the narrow strip of pubic hair and spreads her smooth, fleshy labia. Her exposed clit begins to throb, wet finger tips are quick to service it- rubbing, flicking, pinching.

Roxi feels silky fluid trickle from her inviting hole down the contours of her firm ass. Intense rhythmic flutters radiate from her pussy throughout her body.

She plunges two fingers into her slickened hole, over and over, harder and harder. “Touch me.” She pants between moans and gasps.

At this point the fantasy does not follow the usual course. The man is no longer there. Roxi is now performing for Kim who is staring, eyes bright, lip bitten. Kim moves forward to comply with Roxi’s demand. In doing so her towel falls away revealing sumptuous, sweat-beaded breasts. The puckered nipples are goading Roxi to reach out and caress them, kiss them.

With this vision Roxi gave herself over to pleasure. Moaning and writhing she revelled in the sensations of her pussy’s spasms and spurts. Roxi lay in the darkness waiting for her breathing to slow and the sensitivity between her legs to ease. Sleep finally came.

The following morning Roxi woke feeling refreshed and content. It took her mind a few moments to prompt her on why this may be. The contentment soon gave way to feelings of unease and guilt. Had Roxi really got herself off to the vision of a topless woman? Not just any woman but her close friend Kim. How would she face her again? Not deleting the photo as promised was a bad enough betrayal but pulling the image into her head while she masturbated was something she was sure would appall fikirtepe escort Kim.

As Roxi showered and dressed she agonised over the previous nights events, feeling conflicting bursts of excitement and shame.

She decided the longer she went without seeing Kim the more awkward she may feel about the situation when she finally did see her. She was sure if she and Kim just hung out like they used to these new feelings would go away and their friendship wouldn’t be affected.

Roxi called Kim and suggested she came to her place seeing as Rob was out of town and there was no sense them both being alone on a Saturday night.

Kim readily accepted the invitation telling Roxi she would be there are 7pm and would bring wine and DVDs. Roxi spent the rest of the day straightening up the apartment and picking up snacks for that evening. At 6.30pm she sat down with a glass of wine and waited for Kim.

7pm came and went with no sign of Kim. As time went on Roxi became a little concerned. Kim running late was nothing new but she’d usually call or text. Roxi dialled her number and was greeted by a tearful “Hello.”

“Kim it’s Roxi, is everything ok?”

“Oh Roxi, shit! Is that the time? I meant to call you earlier to cancel but I’ve been too upset.”

“What’s wrong Kim? You’re worrying me now.”

“I called Rob earlier. He must have

accidentally answered his phone whilst it was in his pocket or something.” Kim began to sob. “He was with a woman, Rox. I could hear her calling his name, there was laughing and shrieking and other noises that sounded like…” She broke off and sobbed harder.

“Oh Kim, it might not be what you think.” Roxi began.

“I know what I heard!” Snapped Kim. “Oh God, I’m sorry. I’m not gonna be good company tonight, I won’t come over.”

“As if I’m going to let you be alone when you’re this upset. I’m calling you a cab, I’ll take care of the fare. Just get yourself here.”

Kim protested. “I’m not even in a state to be seen outside of the house, I’ve been crying for hours and I’ve just got my sweats on.”

“You only need to jump in and out of a cab and besides, you always look stunning no matter what.”

Kim gave a feeble chuckle. “Ok Rox, I’ll see you soon.”

Roxi ordered a cab and poured herself another glass of wine. She started to feel protective towards her friend. She wanted to comfort her and take the hurt away. She felt re-assured. This was the correct and appropriate way to feel towards Kim.

The apartment intercom buzzed. “It’s me.” said Kim sounding a little calmer. “I’ve taken care of the cab fare so just buzz me in.”

Roxi did so and went to unlock her apartment door. She stopped as she passed her mirror and began to preen a little. Realising what she was doing she gave herself a mental shake and opened the door.

There stood Kim, bare faced and beautiful. Her long dark hair was tide loosely at the nape of neck and flowed over her left shoulder. Wisps escaped by her cheekbones and in front of her tear filled eyes. Without any makeup on Kim’s eyes seemed even more blue against her natural skin tone. Her cheeks were flushed slightly and her sombre mood caused her full lips to pout further. She was wearing flip flops and grey sweat pants with a matching hoodie open over a pale blue vest top.

Roxi couldn’t help but notice Kim was braless. Her nipples were quite prominent against the blue material. A quick twinge in her pussy took her by surprise. Why was she reacting this way?

For the next hour or so the wine flowed and, on and off, so did Kim’s tears. Roxi thought the best thing to do was listen and let her friend get everything off her chest. She could tell Kim wouldn’t react well to being told she possibly had the wrong end of the stick. She also didn’t want to join in with slating Rob just in case the whole debacle did turn out to be a big misunderstanding so she kept her responses minimal and sympathetic.

It was only when Kim starting blaming herself that Roxi couldn’t stay quiet anymore.

“I suppose I’ve brought this on myself.” Said Kim, wearily.

“What do you mean?” Demanded Roxi.

“Well, since I got this promotion and all the extra responsibility at work I’m just exhausted. We barely have sex anymore because I just don’t have the energy, and when we do I purposely do my best to keep it short and “no frills” because my head is full of work stuff and I’m so tired. I actually pulled his head up to stop him going down on me the other day because I knew I had to be up early for a meeting! Who does that?! Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t tried to venture south since. I don’t have time for the gym either now, so I’m putting on weight and getting all wobbly. It’s no wonder he’s had his head turned.”

Roxi put her drink down forcefully. “Right, I’m sick of hearing you talk about my friend this way! You are an amazing person- talented, funny, kind and you’re absolutely gorgeous. I’d kill for my body to look like your ‘gym-dodger’ body!”

“Thanks gebze escort Rox but you’re my best friend so you have to say stuff like that.”

Roxi took a big gulp of wine and turned to Kim. “Right, I’m going to tell you something. Don’t freak out, it was a moment of madness that I can’t really explain and before you jump to conclusions- it’s not about Rob.”

Kim’s blue eyes narrowed “Go on,”

“Well, after I saw your selfie last night,”

Kim interrupted by clutching a pillow to her face and moaning “Oh God!”

“Don’t be embarrassed!” Giggled Roxi, “Your tits are incredible and after seeing them I, er, I got really turned on.”

Kim’s head shot out from behind the pillow. “Really?!” She gasped, her eyes shiny and wide.

Roxi supped more wine. “Yes, I even had to erm,” As her voice trailed off, her mouth formed a little smirk and her eyes flicked down to her crotch.

Kim threw her head back, laughing. “No way!” She squealed and gulped her wine. “I wonder if seeing yours would have the same affect on me.”

“Not happening!” Laughed Roxi.

“Oh come on!” Cried Kim, “You’ve seen mine it’s only fair I see yours!”

There was more giggling, swigging of wine and the humming of stripper music. Roxi stood up suddenly and gave her friend a rapid flash of her breasts.

“Not fair!” Protested Kim “I wasn’t ready for that, I barely got a look!”

“Well I’m not about to stand around feeling like an idiot with my top off!” Replied Roxi.

“Ok how about we do it together?” Suggested Kim.

“Oh god, are we really doing this?” Laughed Roxi. She thought she had better feign some reluctance as the thought of seeing Kim topless, in the flesh, got her pussy pulsing again.

“Yes we are and you’re going first.” Ordered Kim.

Roxi took a deep breath and pulled off her T-shirt, she unclasped her bra, pulled it away from her body and exposed herself.

Kim’s eyes lingered on Roxi’s B-cup tits taking in the firm curves and puffy pink nipples. She smiled coyly, stood up and whipped her vest top over her head causing her weighty D cups to shudder. After a moment the girls began to giggle.

“Now what? Any stirrings?” Joked Roxi.

Kim had stopped laughing. “I…I do feel like I want to touch you. Is that ok or is this getting too weird?”

Roxi hoped Kim hadn’t noticed the immediate stiffening of her nipples. “That would be ok.” She said softly.

Kim placed her hands over Roxi’s naked breasts, the gentle massage of her touch caused Roxi’s nipples to toughen further. Kim must have been aware of this change under her palms, she lifted her hands away to see Roxi’s pink puffy areolas were now taut and bumpy. Kim ran her thumbs over them causing them to protrude further. She couldn’t resist tugging them softly. A low moan from Roxi surprised them both.

Kim was taken aback for a split second, then it seemed to register that she was the source of the pleasure. Confidence flashed in her eyes and she dipped her head to take Roxi’s stiff left nipple in her mouth. As she sucked and teased with her teeth she kneaded Roxi’s right breast, her touch becoming firmer and bolder until she swapped sides. She glanced up through her long lashes to meet Roxi’s eyes.

The sight of Kim suckling at Roxi’s right nipple caused Roxi to reach out and caress Kim’s big, soft tits which were swinging away from her torso as she bent and bobbed to service Roxi.

She placed her hands on Kim’s shoulders in an attempt to guide her back up so she could have more access to Kim’s body. Kim read this as a signal to kiss her friend. So she did.

Curious tongues tentatively entwined, bare breasts pressed together, the dull poke of excited nipples could be felt in soft flesh. The kissing became more urgent, torsos writhed together. Roxi could only trace the outer curves of Kim’s breasts due to the closeness of their embrace. She wanted her hands fully on Kim, she wanted to lick and suck those big hard nipples. In trying to pull away slightly she caused Kim to stumble back onto the couch. Their kiss broke, Kim’s glorious tits were rising as she panted with her head tilted slightly back. There was that unrestricted view that Roxi had been so eager for. She sank to her knees in front of the couch and leaned in to feast on one of Kim’s big swollen nipples.

As Roxi sucked and squeezed, Kim made approving murmurs and widened the gap between her knees to accommodate Roxi better.

Roxi moved towards the apex of Kim’s thighs and was instantly aware of a sweet, musky scent in the air. A small patch of wetness on Kim’s pale great sweat pants gave away the source.

A thrill ran through Roxi as she realised how turned on Kim was. Her own pussy was giving off a pleasurable ache, she knew exactly what her body was craving. Kim was bound to want the same release wasn’t she?

She finally broke contact with Kim’s breasts, her hands instantly missed the weight of them. She began a trail of kisses down Kim’s taut içerenköy escort stomach and flashed her a wicked grin as she got to the waistband of her sweatpants.

Kim tensed up a little. “What are you doing?”

Roxi kept her grin in place. “Well, you said Rob doesn’t really indulge in a certain something anymore…” She firmly kissed the small stain on Kim’s pants to make her intentions clear.

Kim sat up straight. “Oh Rox. I’m er, I’m not sure about that. I mean, maybe we’re getting a bit carried away.”

“Maybe we are, but is that so bad? I cannot start to tell you how badly I want to lick you out right now.”

Kim groaned and some of the tension left her body. Roxi toyed with the waistband of Kim’s sweats and the tension returned.

“I wont do anything you’re not comfortable with, I don’t expect you to do anything in return.” Roxi inched the waistband down a little, there was no resistance from Kim. ‘Is this ok?” She whispered.

Kim nodded and lifted her ass a little so her pants and underwear could be tugged off in one move.

Roxi drew back to take in the sight of Kim, fully naked. Her eyes must have been lingering on her snatch as Kim self consciously moved her hand over it. “Erm, grooming has kind of gone by the wayside whilst Rob has been away.” She gave an awkward laugh.

Kim’s pussy sported a moderate bush on top and the faint shadow of soft regrowth on the lips. There wasn’t enough hair to obscure the sight of her ripened clitoris and glistening wetness. Her legs weren’t open quite wide enough to fully expose her pussy hole.

Roxi rolled her eyes. “I’m staring because you are so unbelievably, fucking sexy. Don’t feel self conscious.” With that Roxi stood up and took off her jeans and underwear hoping that Kim would feel a little more relaxed if they were both naked. She also hoped her own pussy might get played with if she bared it. Kim’s eyes roved over Roxi’s body then, maintaining eye contact, she slowly spread her legs.

Roxi got to her knees and lowered her face to Kim’s exposed vagina. It suddenly occurred to her that she wasn’t quite sure what to do. She thought it best to give her whole vulva some attention to begin with. Keeping her tongue wide and flat and she gave several slow, firm licks up and down Kim’s slit. Kim responded with a soft moan and bucked her hips a little. This caused the tip of Roxi’s tongue to dip briefly into Kim’s opening. She wanted to explore further. She pulled back and used her fingers to spread Kim’s fuzzy labia as far as she thought would be comfortable. The cushioned pinkness within her hole was visible and Roxi plunged her tongue inside to taste. Her senses were filled with Kim- her aroma, her wetness, her sounds of pleasure. She felt almost trance like as she swirled her tongue inside her best friend’s sex.

The throbbing of Roxi’s clit eventually broke the trance and served to remind her that Kim’s clit had been neglected so far. She withdrew from Kim’s sopping cavity and lightly licked her way from hole to bud. Now, making her tongue stiff and pointed, she flicked it rapidly over the swollen nub, intermittently sucking it fully into her mouth. Kim’s reactions ramped up instantly, her breath turned to panting, punctuated by deep moans. Roxi knew those large, firm tits would be rising and quivering with every breath. She had to see them.

She repositioned herself so she was still able to lick Kim’s clitoris but now had her nose nestled in her bush. Looking upwards she got sight of Kim’s breasts behaving exactly how she’d imagined but with the added thrill of seeing Kim pulling and pinching her brown nipples.

Roxi moaned with Kim’s clit between her lips, the sensation caused Kim to groan loudly and grind her pussy into Roxi’s face.

“I……close…” She panted.

Roxi increased her efforts flicking and sucking at Kim’s raw clit. She slowly pushed 2 fingers into her vagina. Satisfied that she wasn’t hurting Kim, she began to rhythmically slide her fingers back and forth. It soon became apparent she could add a further two fingers. Once she had four inside she stretched them apart slightly, aiming to give Kim a feeling of fullness. Kim’s warm, wet walls tightening around her hand told her that she approved.

Roxi’s snatch was desperate for touch, but Kim was lost in her own pleasure. Several times Roxi almost brought her fingers to her own body but she was determined to concentrate all her efforts into giving Kim an orgasm.

After several more minutes of licking and fingering and delicious almost-there-moaning from Kim, Roxi swiftly let her thumb take the place of her tongue on Kim’s clit.

“I wanna make you cum so bad, tell me what you want me to do.” She whispered.

Kim struggled to find her voice at first then said “My clit always needs a little more pressure, but not directly. It’s hard to explain. I’ll show you.”

Roxi took her hand away. Kim sucked her own index and middle fingers and pressed them onto her protruding bud. She then wiggled them rapidly until her fingers were almost a blur. The changes in Kim’s body were instantly obvious. Tendons and muscles tensed in her thighs, a sheen of sweat began to appear on her skin. Her toes curled and a pink flush started to spread across her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32