The New Girls_(0)

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“Hey loser,” Ken says as he shoves me into my own locker. “You’re such a fucking sissy. You know that, right?”

“Good one, Ken!” Weston says.

“Why do you guys always have to pick on me?” I ask. Ken goes to hit me and I cower.

“Because you’re such a fucking loser,” he says, laughing. I look up at him as he gives Joseph Palmer a fist bump.

“Later sissy,” Alonso says as they walk away.

“Man, they are such douchebags,” Anthony says as he and Marcelo walk over and help me out of my locker. “I was going to give them such an ass-kicking, but fortunately for them, they walked away.”

“Come on, Anthony, don’t lie. You and I were both hiding around the corner when we saw Ken pushing Noah,” Marcelo says.

“Hey, that doesn’t mean I was going to help. I was just trying to figure out our best plan of action,” he says.

“You guys are both on the football team, can’t you talk to him or something?” I ask.

They both start laughing. “Yeah right. Just because we’re on the football team doesn’t mean we’re friends with him or anything. He still thinks we’re losers,” Marcelo says. “In fact, he picks on us more now that we’re on the team.”

“Yeah, our plan backfired,” Anthony says. “We just gave him more opportunities to harass us.”

“And the worst part is he even has an excuse to hit us,” Marcelo adds.

“Yeah, I hate tackling drills,” Anthony adds. “I’ve gone up against him 3 times last week.”

Marcelo lets out a chuckle. “And he laid you out three times.”

“Maybe we can pay that new kid to beat him up. He doesn’t seem to like Ken at all,” Anthony says.

“Jordan Taylor?” Marcelo asks. “I’m not going to be the one to go up to talk to him. He scares me.”

“You just need to grow a pair, I’ll talk to him,” Anthony says.

“Well, here’s your chance. Here he comes,” I say nod in his direction.

Even I can admit that he freaks me out too. His long hair covers his face. He’s got that bad boy look with torn-up jeans and a white t-shirt. And he looks like he’s spent too much time in a gym. One flex of his muscles and his shirt would probably rip apart.

“What are you looking at?” He mutters, glancing our way.

“Nothing!” we all say at the same time as we turn away. Yeah, super scary.

“Wow, I thought we were goners,” Marcelo says.

“Yeah, no kidding. I almost sharted,” Anthony says. “And to think he’s our quarterback.”

“Well, rightly so. He pretty much won the game by himself. I mean come on, he had 5 rushing touchdowns as a quarterback! Who does that?” Marcelo asks.

“Hasn’t he ever heard of passing the ball?” Anthony asks.

“At least he doesn’t go out of his way to pick on us,” I add.


“Who’s that?” Anthony asks and we turn to see a familiar girl walk by. She’s kind of hot.

“God, she looks so familiar,” Marcelo says.

“That’s what I was thinking,” I add.

“She’s cute,” Anthony says.

“You guys don’t know who that is?” A girl asks. We look over to see Ashley Butler grabbing her stuff out of her locker. She has her hair done up in braids. She’s wearing a skimpy skirt showing off her dark thick coffee black legs.

“No… Are we supposed to?” Anthony asks.

“Yeah, that’s Skyler Richmond,” she says.

“What? No way! That can’t be him,” Anthony says. All three of us are left with gaping mouths.

“That’s totally him. Word on the street, he’s now trans,” she says.

“That’s gross. I can’t believe I thought he was hot…” Anthony shudders. That was kind of harsh. He did look rather good.

“What’s wrong with being trans?” Ashley asks.

“Nothing! I just don’t think it’s just not my thing,” he says.

Ashley shrugs before walking away.

At the Dinner after school

After school, I meet with the quiz bowl team before I head over to Ray’s diner where my mom works.

“Hey baby, I’ll have your dinner ready for you in a minute, just go have a seat in the corner,” my mom says. Her uniform has a black stain on it. Someone must have spilled coffee on it.

Her black hair is a mess and one of her stockings is torn up the back.

As I sit, I can’t help but watch the news on the big TV.

“Once again, Karma and Fate are here to save the day as they rescue residents from a burning apartment. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the apartment fire, but no one died thanks to the efforts of the two heroes,” the beautiful reporter says. “On a side note, a small loan office was robbed of over $10,000 in cash.”

“Can you believe with all the superheroes today that people can still get away with those kinds of crimes?” the male anchor asks.

“I know right? You’d think people would be afraid to even jaywalk with the likes of Karma, Fate, Starlight, and Nightblade out there. Florida has never been safer,” she says.

“It’s crazy, right? When I was a kid, superheroes only existed in comic books,” my mom says as she brings out my favorite dish.

“Thanks, mom,” I say before digging in.

She bends down and kisses the top of my head. “Anything for my baby boy.”

“Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” I can just feel my face getting as red as the bottles of ketchup.

At School

“Noah, looks like you’re wanted at the front office,” says Ms. Whitney.

“What about today’s lesson? Should I meet up with you later to get what I miss?” I ask.

“Honestly, you’re good. We’re just going over more derivatives today. You’ve got a pretty good handle on them,” she says giving me a smile.

“Okay, thanks Ms. Whitney,” I grab my stuff and make my way down the front office.

As I walk in I see 4 of the most beautiful girls ever. They’d even give Jessica Harper a run for her money.

“Noah, just in time,” Principal Davis says. She’s such a milf. “Girls, this is Noah Clark. One of our top students. He’s the captain of the quiz bowl team and president of the chess club. Noah, would you be a dear and give our 4 new students a tour.”

“Ye… Yes.” My words squeak out like a mouse trapped in the paws of a cat. That’s the way I feel in front of these 4 goddesses.

“Hi, I’m Bianca Gálvez,” A dark-haired girl with a really big butt says as she extends her hand. I meagerly shake it. Her grip is rather tight. I wouldn’t say she’s chubby, but she’s got a butt bigger than most. “These are my friends Shyrece Hopkins, Julia Stokes, and Ana Garrido.”

Shyrece has skin as dark as cacao nibs with straight long black hair. She’s got a red beanie on with a yellow tank top and torn-up jeans. She’s also got a big butt. Not as big as Bianca’s but still big. However, she’s much skinnier.

Julia is much shorter than the other three. Her bright curly blonde hair falls below her shoulders. And once again, she’s got a rather nice butt too. I would definitely call it a bubble butt. Although, she’s got a flat chest compared to the other girls. She’s in a dress with flowers and sandals.

The last girl, Ana is taller than the other three. And she’s got much bigger breasts than the rest. And really long legs. Her hair is brown with blonde highlights. She’s got on a super short skirt and shirt that can barely contain her big boobs. And high heels to top it off.

“Are you going to show us around, or just stare?” Ana says.

“I.. right, sorry,” I say. “Uh. just follow me,” I say, leading them out of the office.

“By the way, I love your hair. It kind of matches my own,” Bianca says.

“Ah… Thanks!” I chirp out.

‘You know, it would look so much better if you styled it. Maybe added some product,” she says.

“Here we go again,” Shyrece sighs.

“Oh hush, Shyrece,” Bianca says.

“Um, thanks,” I sigh.

“Of course,” the black-haired big butt Latina says with a smile.

We walk out into the first courtyard where a giant clock stands tall on the opposite end. “This is where a lot of people come to eat lunch. There’s another courtyard on the opposite side.”

“Where do you eat lunch?” Bianca asks.

“I usually eat with my two best friends in the courtyard,” I say.

“Could we eat lunch with you guys, we would love to meet your friends,” she says.

“Uh, sure,” I say. “Anyways, this way leads to the basketball gym. I don’t really spend a lot of time in there if I can help it.”

Bianca, Julia and Shyrece laugh. Ana just sighs.

“I definitely didn’t take you for a jock,” Bianca says.

“No? Well, that’s a good assessment. I’m definitely your stereotypical nerd,” I laugh.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Ana mutters under her breath.

“Anyways, here’s the cafeteria,” I guide them into the lunchroom. “It’s mostly a la carte. Most of it is good. Some of it’s questionable. Never eat the cook’s surprise. It’s always leftovers. They basically take whatever they can scrounge and mix it all together. Also, I would not eat the meatloaf. And the spaghetti has been rumored to cause diarrhea.”

“Is there anything safe to eat?” Julia asks.

“I usually pack a lunch,” I say before continuing the tour.

“Out past the cafeteria is the outdoor tennis and basketball courts. Then there are the baseball fields right next to them. And the football field is on the other side of the school. We actually won our first game last week. We got a new quarterback who I guess ran for 5 touchdowns,” I mention.

“Oh cool,” Julia says.

“He’s kind of scary,” I say. “Not someone you want to piss off.”

“We’ll see about that,” Ana says.

“Don’t get any ideas, Ana,” Bianca says.

“Wasn’t planning on it,” she says.

“So… Anywhere else you’d like to see? Classroom are mostly in this wing here. It circles all the way around the second courtyard.”

“Not really, maybe you can show us to our next class?” Bianca asks.

“Uh, sure. What all do you girls have next?” I ask.

‘We all have the same schedule. It looks like we just missed math class, but we have history next,” Bianca says.

“Oh cool. Looks like you can just follow me. I have the same class,” I say. I couldn’t be anymore happier right now. Giving 4 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen a tour has made this the best day of my life. Wait until Marc and Anthony hear about this. They’re going to be so jealous.

We end up back in history class. Mr. Dickinson introduces them to the class. Unfortunately, I have to sit on the opposite side of the room from them.

At Lunch

I grab my lunch bag from my locker and make my way to the cafeteria before I get a glimpse of Jessica Harper. The hottest and most popular girl in school. Wow… Her fiery red hair falls perfectly down her back as she practically glides down the hall. She’s perfect in every way.

Her eyes lock onto mine and her lip curls in disgust. “What are you looking at? Pervert,” she says.

“I…” My lunch goes flying out of my hands and scatters everywhere. “Hey sissy, don’t be staring at my girlfriend. She doesn’t go for faggots,” Ken says as he pushes me against the locker before putting his arm around Jessica. She flips her hair over her shoulder with a smirk as they walk away.

I crawl on the floor as I pick my food up. As I go to grab my sandwich another hand beats me to it. I look to see Bianca grabbing handing me my sandwich. “What happened to you?”

Ana, Julia, and Shyrece are right behind her. “Oh nothing, just a dumb jock who likes to pick on me.”

“Aww,” she says. She gives me her hand and helps me up. “I take it you get bullied a lot?”

“Well… Yeah. Mostly by this kid named Ken. He’s the starting linebacker on the football team. He’s a big dumb jerkoff jock.”

She slides her hand around my shoulder. “Well you’re with us now, we’re not going to let anyone pick on you.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Yes, of course,” Shyrece says as she walks up beside me.

“Who’s this Ken? Do you want me to kick his ass?” Ana asks.

I can’t help but laugh. “No that’s okay, thanks though.”

I walk with them to the lunchroom. bursa escort Bianca tells me to wait for them as they get something out of the cafeteria.

My eyes just so happened to fall upon Jessica Harper as she sits with Ken and his friends along with Jessica’s two best friends. Bunch of jerks. And to think I had a crush on her. Her eyes catch mine and I quickly look away.

I look back to see they’re all looking at me and snickering amongst themselves.

Ken jumps up and makes his way over to me. Aw crap. I look around to find an escape route. “Hey, freak. You better stop creeping up on my girlfriend or I’ll just have to test the new toilets with your head,” he says as his friends follow him up to me.

“Noah, this must be Ken, am I right?” Bianca asks as she and her friends walk over.

“Oh, and who are you?” Ken says raising an eyebrow.

“We’re Noah’s new friends. In fact, you might as well call us all his girlfriends. We just can’t get enough of him,” she says putting her arm around me.

“Are you on drugs or something?” Ken asks. “Noah’s such a sissy. If you’re attracted to him you must be a lesbo,” he says.

“And we were? What’s it to you?” Ana asks as she eyes him up.

“Yeah, at least he’s got a brain between his ears, yours seems to be at the end of your dick,” Shyrece says.

“Hey!” Ken says.

“And what are you going to do? You’re not going to hit a girl are you?” Bianca asks as she glares at him.

“Well… no.”

“Then walk away.” Ana steps up to him, she’s even taller than Ken!

“Whatever…” Ken mumbles as he and friends walk away.

“Oh my god, that was so awesome!” I say. “You all really showed him up. This is for sure the best day of my life.”

“And it’s only going to get better,” Bianca smiles. “Now, where are your friends?”

“Oh, they usually sit out in the second courtyard. Here follow me.” I lead them out to the second courtyard where Marc and Anthony are. They look up at me and their jaws hit the floor.

Anthony leans in and whispers. “Dude, do you know there’s four girls following you around?”

“Yeah, isn’t it great?” I reply. “I had to give them a tour of the building. They’re new here.”

“You guys wouldn’t believe what just happened,” I say. “These girls made Ken look like a joke!”

“Wait, really?” Marc asks.

“Yes, I thought they might even kick his ass. At least Ana looked like she could,” I say. “Oh by the way. That’s Ana, this is Bianca, she’s Julia and she’s Shyrese. Girls, meet my two best friends. This is Marcelo known to us as Marc and this is Anthony.”

“We’re on the football team, it’s not a big deal or anything,” Anthony says as he adjusts his classes.

“If it wasn’t a big deal then why did you mention it?” Ana asks.

“Uh… I don’t know,” Anthony mutters.

“So, what do you boys have going on after school?” Bianca asks.

“Well, I have quiz bowl practice and they have football practice,” I say.

“Quizbowl, huh? That sounds like fun. Is it too late to try out for the team?” Bianca asks.

“No, not at all. The more the merrier.”

“Great, I’ll be there,” she says.

After School

As I walk into the classroom where we hold our quiz bowl team I’m disappointed to not find Bianca there.

Who was I kidding? A girl like that would never be interested in a guy like me. I’m too girly for most girls. They want someone manly like Ken or Jordan. I mean for god sake, I’ve even been confused for a girl several times. I guess I just have a girly butt. Not having any body hair also doesn’t help.

I guess I’m just going to be alone all my life. I’m definitely not gay… I mean, I just don’t find guys attractive. Although, I’ll admit I have been hit on by more than a few guys. It’s weird, I didn’t entirely dislike it.

“Earth to Noah, you going to get things started?” Casey asks.

“Oh, right. Sorry,” I mumble.

I walk up to the front of the class. “Well, where’s Ms. Whitney?”

Everyone shrugs and looks around.

“Well, we have a tournament coming up here shortly and we should definitely be ready for it. Let’s start practicing before school and after school. We’ll each take a category and try to master it,” I say.

Ms. Whitney walks in talking to none other than Bianca. “I’m so glad you decided to join. We can never have enough scholars.”

You know, Ms. Whitney is kind of a milf. With her blonde hair done up in a bun like that, I can just imagine her bending me over her knee. What am I thinking! God. I need to stop watching porn. “Good afternoon everyone. Sorry I’m late, I just ran into Ms. Gálvez here and she’s new here. She’s interested in joining our quiz bowl team.”

Bianca’s eyes catch mine and she gives me a smile as bright as a 100 w lightbulb accompanied with a wave. My heart instantly shifts into the next gear. “Hi everyone. I’ve always loved jeopardy so I figured why not give it a try.”

“Well it’s so nice to have you with us,” Ms. Whitney says. “Now let’s get down to business. Mr. Clark, thank you so much for filling in for me. I can rest assured with you as the team captain.”

“Thanks, Ms. Whitney.” I take my seat next to Bianca.

“Now, we have a tournament coming up in two weeks. We’re going to need to practice, practice, and practice some more. But I know you all are diligent students and will do your very best.” She tosses us her signature smile. Sometimes it looks like her face is permanently stuck like that.

We spend the next hour and a half quizzing each other on everything from Shakespeare to Physics. I’m surprised to find that Bianca has not got one single question wrong. I even missed one, but she’s on fire.

As we finish up and people start to take their leave, to my surprise, Bianca pulls me aside. “Hey, my friends and I are heading downtown to the plaza for some well-earned shopping. What do you say, would you like to join us?”

“Uh, sure. Yeah, but I don’t really have any money or anything.”

“That’s no big deal, you can carry all the things we buy,” she laughs.

I can’t believe it. I actually got asked to hang out after school with multiple girls. This day just keeps getting better and better. “Okay! I mean, sure. Sounds fun.”

Come on Noah, keep your cool. Don’t get too excited.

“Awesome!” she grabs my hand. She actually grabbed my hand. My heart is thumping so loud I wouldn’t be surprised if she could hear it.

Aww, I think my hands are starting to get clammy. Not cool.

We wind up out in the courtyard where Ana, Julia, and Shyrece are waiting for us.

“About time you two showed up,” Shyrece sighs.

“Were you expecting me?” I ask.

“Well, yeah,” she says. “You’re part of our crew now. Aren’t you?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess.”

“Great, now let’s go shopping,” Julia says excitedly. “Fuck it’s been far too long since I’ve replaced these shoes. Oh, and I could use a new handbag. You know?”

“Definitely, girl. I was thinking the same thing,” Bianca says. “I’m also looking for a new skirt. I need something to go with the top I got last week.”

“Whatever, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that new headset for my VR console. With the new tech, I hear it’s even more lifelike than ever!” Shyrece says.

“You play video games?” I ask.

“Of course, I’m one of the best in the Atlantic,” she says as she polishes her nails like it’s no big deal.

“No way. What’s your gamer tag?” I ask.

“CheeseWthat is my tag,” she says.

“No way! You’re the one who one the last battle royal tournament?” I ask in disbelief.

“Yep… That’s me,” she says.

“I can’t believe I’m meeting you. Marc and Anthony are not going to believe this.” I know I have a stupid smile on my face, but I can’t help it. Everyone in the online gaming world knows about CheeseWthat. And I’m not only meeting them in person, but they’re a girl! A really beautiful ebony girl. This is too surreal.

“Here we go again,” Ana sighs.

“Aww, let him have this moment,” Julia says, she’s covering her mouth as if she’s looking at a puppy. “It’s adorable.”

“Are you any good?” Shyrece asks.

“Ah well, I’m more of a casual player.” I smile widely as I scratch the back of my neck.

“That means no,” Ana says.

“All it takes is a bit of practice,” Shyrece says.

“When she says that, she means playing none stop, day and night,” Bianca says.

We continue out into the parking lot. We make our way over to a jeep parked by itself. “Well, this is our car.”

“By ours, she means mine,” Ana says as she walks up and rubs the hood as if it were a dog. “It’s my baby. I found the poor thing in a scrap yard and fixed it up.”

“And you rag on me for playing video games. You treat your jeep better than you treat your friends,” Shyrece sighs.

“Shotgun,” Julia says.

“Looks like you’re riding bitch in the back,” Shyrece says.

“Yeah, I guess I’m the thorn between two roses,” I smile.

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” Bianca says as we pile into the jeep. I can’t believe I’m sitting in a jeep squished between two beautiful girls. And one of them just so happens to be CheeseWthat and the other nearly beat me at quiz bowl. I must be dreaming. There’s got to be a catch. Right?

It doesn’t take us long before we arrive at the plaza downtown.

“You know, we’ve been looking for a 5th member to join our crew for a long time,” Bianca says.

“Yeah, someone nice and sweet,” Shyrece says.

“Someone who’s not afraid to try new things,” Bianca adds as we make our way inside.

“What’s it like to be apart of your crew?” I ask.

“Well, you see, we’re family. We stick with each other through thick and thin,” Shyrece says.

“We’re always open with each other,” Bianca says.

We enter a clothing store. I follow along as they shop for clothes.

“We’ve even slept with each other,” Ana says.

“What?” I look over at them and they act as if that’s normal. Did I really hear what I think I heard?

“That’s just how close we are,” Bianca says as she pulls up a skirt and holds it against herself. She eyes me up and down. “You ever try wearing a skirt?”

“Me? Na… No.”

“I bet you’d look so cute in one. Maybe an adorable blouse and some white thigh highs,” she says.

“I, uh…”

“Would you try on some clothes?” she asks.

“Here? Now?” Is she serious?

“No, in the changing room silly,” she laughs.

“Wait… you really want me to try on girl clothes?”

“Of course, you definitely have the look for it,” she says.

“I can’t, I…”

‘Yes you can, just try it. Please. Would you do it for us?” she asks, sticking out her bottom lip.

“I… I…”

“We’ll make it worth your while,” she, a devious grin shows on her face. She leans in and brings her lips to my ear. “If you try on the clothes we pick out, we’ll have sex with you.”

My eyes go wide. Did I hear her right? Did she really offer me sex? I can’t believe it. With her or all of them? She really didn’t specify. Either way, I don’t think I can pass on this opportunity to lose my v card to any of these beautiful girls. I mean, what’s the big deal. All I have to do is wear some clothing, it can’t be that bad, right?

“What do you say?” she asks. “Try on some clothes and have sex with 4 beautiful ladies.”

“Uh… Sure.” That’s all I can spit out. The thought of actually losing my virginity let alone losing to them is too unbelievable to fathom. Anthony and Marc will never believe this.

Bianca trades smiles with the others as she grabs my hand and leads me to a changing room. She starts tearing at my clothes before the door is even shut.

I can feel goosebumps starting to form on my skin as she pulls my shirt over my head. “Won’t be needing that any longer.” She tosses my shirt over her shoulder.


“Relax,” she says as she starts to unbuckle my pants. She pushes me back onto the chair as she tugs them off. “Boxers too.”

“But…” bursa escort bayan

“No buts. We’re going to sleep with you anyways, so what’s the big deal?” she asks. She does make sense.

I let out a sigh and slip them off, handing them to her. She tosses them aside. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

“Aww, you have such a cute little pecker,” she says. My face feels like it’s boiling. I desperately try to hide my crotch. She hits my hands aside. “Don’t be like that, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Okay, girls, I’m ready for some clothes.”

A pile of clothes gets shoved under the door. Bianca picks up a pair of skimpy pink cotton panties. “Try these on first.”

This is so ridiculous. Why am I doing this?

Please don’t let this be some stupid prank. Is Ken and Jessica behind this? I hope not.

I grab the soft underwear and slide them over my smooth legs. Wow. The soft cotton feels so good against my bare skin. They fit rather tight and they certainly don’t leave much room to breathe.

“Wow. You have such nice legs. And that butt… Oh my god, that butt is so hot…”

“Let us see!” Ana says.

“Just relax, you will all get to see in a second. Just wait your turn,” Bianca says as she grabs a pair of white thigh highs. She bends down and grabs my leg. “Let me put these on. I can’t believe your so smooth and hairless. I’m so jealous.”

She takes the stocking and slowly slides it up over my leg all the way up my thigh. The touch of her hands on my bare skin feels like a feather is being stroked against my leg. Makes my face burn.

She gets the other one on as well. “You look so cute. You have the most adorable little body. It drives me wild.”

She grabs a cute little skirt and slips it on me before grabbing a tank top and forcing it over my head. “Awww, you don’t even really need makeup. You look so cute. Okay, maybe just a touch-up. And we should do something with your hair.”

She runs her hand through my hair, brushing it to the side.

“Let us see!” Shyrece says.

“Alright, alright! Just relax,” Bianca says as she opens the door.

I start to panic. What if someone from school sees? Like Jessica or her friends. What if Marc and Anthony find out. The way Anthony reacted when he saw Skylar makes me feel he won’t want to be my friend if he sees me like this. The last thing I want is to be rejected by my friends. And if Ken and Jessica do find out, they will humiliate me. I see the way Jessica and her friends pick on that one trans girl, Mackenzie. They’re relentless.

“Oh my god. She’s so perfect!” Julia gasps.

I look up to seeing them all swooning over me. Ana’s taking a picture of me! “Hey, no pictures!”

“Relax, no one’s going to see it,” Bianca says. “We just think you are so sexy.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Absolutely,” Julia says.

“Why do you think we’re hanging out with you?” Ana asks.

“I don’t know, because of my charming personality?” I ask.

They all start giggling.

“You are really nice, which we definitely find attractive,” Bianca says. “But it’s your femininity that really turns us on.”

“Let me put some makeup on you,” Julia says as she reaches in her bag and pulls out a small kit.

“What? But you said I only had to put on clothes,” I say.

“You might as well go all out,” Bianca says. “Trust me, when we’re done with you, no one will even recognize the old you. You’ll be the new and improved Noah.”

“Noah doesn’t really fit anymore,” Julia says. “You’re going to need a different name.”

“Definitely,” Ana says.

Julia starts attacking me with a brush and some weird eye thingy. “Hold still. I don’t want to poke your eye out.”

She reaches in her bag and a bunch of coins fall out. Biance picks them up. “I got it, what about Penny?”

“Yeah, Penny works,” Shyrece says.

“I like it,” Julia says.

“Penny it is then,” Ana says.

“Don’t I get a say?” I ask.

“Not really,” Ana says.

“We should let him at least voice his opinion,” Bianca says. “What do you think, Penny?”


Julia pulls out a thing of lipstick. “Okay, hold still. I don’t want to make you look like the joker.”

She lines my lips with her lipstick. “Push your lips together.”

I do as I’m told.

“Oh my god, she’s a totally different person. No longer Noah anymore. Girls, say hello to Penny,” Julia says.

“Fuck me, she is absolutely hot as hell,” Ana says. “I would love to ummmm. Fuck!”

“Keep it in your pants,” Bianca laughs. “But yeah, she’s so pretty. Definitely one of us now.”

“Shit, we’ve done a great job with her,” Shyrece says.

“We? I’m the one who turned her into a model,” Julia says.

“Hey, I picked out the sexy tank top,” Shyrece says.

“Oh big whoop,” Ana says. “It’s the skirt that really brings it all out.”

“Come on girls, who cares. The important thing is that we have the most beautiful adorable girlfriend now,” Bianca says.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Ana sighs.

“Now let’s pay for this shit and get seal the deal,” Bianca says as she starts taking the tags off my clothes.

“I guess we can throw this in the trash, right?’ Ana says as she grabs my clothes.

“Hey, those are mine!” I protest.

“Not anymore,” Ana laughs.

I go to try and grab them from her, but Bianca wraps her arm around me and pulls me to her. “You don’t need those anymore. This is who you are from now on. You’re our beautiful girlfriend. Trust me, your life is going to be so much better now.”

How can I say no to her?

“But, people are going to humiliate me and my friends… They won’t understand. And when Ken and Jessica see me like this… They’ll…” I can feel the tears on their way.

“Don’t worry about any of that. You’re with us from now on. We’ll protect you,” she says.

“If that fuckface pretty boy even lays one finger on you, I’ll shove my foot so far up his ass, I’ll knock his teeth out,” Ana says.

“We’ll deal with Jessica and her friends,” Shyrece says.

“And if your friends can’t accept you for who you are, were they ever really your friends?” Bianca asks.

“No… I suppose not,” I say. They make me feel like this is who I’m supposed to be. They make me feel so warm and wanted. How can I argue with them? Should I just accept it? What will my mom think?

Before I have time to think any more about it, I get dragged out of the changing room.

“My wallet and phone,” I say.

“Don’t worry, I have them,” Ana says.

“We should get him an outfit for each day of the week,” Julia says.

“Yes! That’s a great idea,” Bianca says as she tugs at my arm. Before I know it, I’m shoved back into the dressing room and I’m trying on outfit after outfit. When we finally check out, I have both arms full of bags of clothes.

Bianca walks up to the cash register and puts down all the tags from my outfit. The sales lady eyes me suspiciously before ringing her up. Bianca pulls out her wallet from her purse. I nearly lose my shit when I see a wad of hundred dollar bills inside.

We make our way back to the jeep. “So, Penny. A deals a deal. You held your end of the bargain, now it’s our turn. We just need to go somewhere private,” Bianca says.

“We can’t go back to our place, Holly will be there,” Shyrece says.

“We could go to my house,” I spit out before I can properly think it through.

“What about your parents?” Bianca asks.

“My mom works until 2 in the morning. My dad isn’t in the picture,” I say.

“Perfect!” she says.

I give Ana directions to my apartment and it doesn’t take long before we arrive. “It’s not much,” I say as we walk up the stairs.

“Aww, don’t worry, babe. We’ll search every inch of it and judge you accordingly,” Bianca says with a smile.


“I’m just kidding,” she laughs.

“But we will throw out your old boy clothes. It’s a new beginning for you, darling,” she laughs.

“Wait, you’re joking, right?”

“No, not at all,” She says with such a sweet and innocent smile.

“Girl, we really got to work on your walk and the way you talk,” Shyrece says.

“What’s wrong with the way I walk and how I talk?” I ask.

“You walk like a boy and you sound so… anxious,” she says.

“I am a boy!” I stammer as we arrive at my apartment. I set the bags down to unlock it.

“Not anymore, babe. You’re our girlfriend,’ Bianca snickers as the barge in as soon as I get the door open.

She really wasn’t kidding. They start snooping around as if it were their own home.

“Wow, you’re seriously going to need a room makeover. This is ugly,” Julia says.

“Yeah, and you won’t be needing these anymore,” Bianca says as she starts dissecting my closet.

“Hey! Stop that!” I try to pull collect all my clothes that they’re tossing on the floor before I see Ana going through my drawers. “Hey! Please just stop.”

Bianca finally quits and turns to me. “Relax, babe. I promise it’ll get so much better when you just accept it and embrace it. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make a bet with you.”

“What kind of bet?” I ask.

‘You agree to be our girlfriend for one week and do everything we say no questions asked. If by the end of the week you don’t enjoy it, you’re free to go back and we’ll leave you alone,” she says once again, giving me that knee-weakening smile. “But, if you do like it, you’re ours and you have to become our full fledge girlfriend.”

“What do I have to do as your girlfriend?” I ask.

“Obviously as our girlfriend, we’d have lots of sex,” She says winking at me.

“Go shopping with us,” Julia says.

“You can be my player 2,” Shyrece says.

“Cook for us,” Ana says.

“Did I mention all the sex?” Bianca says.

“Do I have to go to school like this?” I ask.

“Of course!” they all say together.

“What about my mom?” I ask. “What if she doesn’t approve.”

“Then you can come live with us. In fact, I think we’d prefer that,” Bianca says.

“I can’t just leave my mom,” I sigh.

“Then we’re just going to have to seduce her, please tell me she’s a milf,” Ana says.

“That’s gross, she’s my mother.” I can’t help but shudder at the thought of my mother naked on her knees with these animals.

“Relax, she was only joking,’ Bianca says as walks up to me and places her hand on my chest. She forces me back on my bed. “Now, a deal is a deal, right?”

I swallow at the thought of what’s about to happen next. I can barely nod my head as she pulls her shirt over her head and tosses it aside. She unsnaps her pink bra and frees the most beautiful pair of tits ever. They’re firm and so big. “Go, head. You can touch them if you want.”

I see the other girls start taking their tops off too. I waste no time as I lean up and place my hands on her boobs.

Wow… Kind of squishy. Are they fake? I have no idea, I never have seen a pair of actual tits before.

Her fingers dig underneath my tank top and she pulls it off me. “It’s too bad you don’t have a pair of tits,” She says.

“I don’t know, I kind of like that she has a flat chest,” Julia says.

“Finally someone has smaller boobs than you,” Ana laughs.

“We can’t all have double d’s,” Julia says.

“Don’t be jealous,” Ana laughs.

Bianca leans in and presses her lips against mine and the rest of the world fades away. The touch of her lips is so gentle and soft. She strokes my cheek with her thumb as her tongue slips inside my mouth. If this is what kissing is like, I wish I could’ve done it a lot sooner. It’s the best thing in the world. Her lips make mine tingle.

When she finally pulls away, I get caught in her dark brown eyes. It’s like she can see me. Actually, see who I am inside. I’ve never felt this way before.

She slowly stands back up and turns around. Each of them faces away from me and slowly they start to remove their bottoms. I can’t pull escort bursa my eyes away as each unwrap perfectly shaped asses. My mouth waters with giddy anticipation.

Bianca has the biggest butt, but each of them is just as good. Ana’s is more firm and a bit muscular, but still a butt I’d love to shove my face in. Julia’s butt is the definition of a bubble butt. Absolutely perfect. Shyrece has a petite but firm butt.

My eyes are glued to their asses. Then they turn around and my jaw drops to the floor. Where their pussies should’ve been were cocks. Dicks of all sizes. Ana’s was the biggest, but Shyrece’s was just as long, but not as thick. Bianca’s, on the other hand, was just as thick but not as long. Julia had the smallest, but it was still bigger than mine.

“Wait… I… What?” I can’t even form a sentence.

They all break out in a laugh.

“I’m sure you’re probably so confused right now,” Bianca says as she walks over and sits down next to me. “It’s only natural. You were expecting something different, weren’t you?”

I nod. And yet, I can’t take my eyes away from their dicks.

“It’s okay, but I bet you’ll make such a good cocksucker,” she says, placing her hand on my knee.

“You want to know why we want another girlfriend so badly?” Ana asks.

I only shrug.

“You see, we’re all lesbians. But we all enjoy being on top. None of us really want to bottom,” Bianca explains.

“It’s kind of a shame since we can all agree we all have rather nice bums,” Julia says.

“But you have an equally amazing ass and we all just know without a doubt that you would make the best bottom girlfriend,” Bianca says as her hand slowly slides up my skirt.

“What do you say, player number 2? Want to give it a ride?” Shyrece says.

“I… I don’t know. I’m… I’m not gay,” I stutter.

“We could just blackmail you. What would everyone think if they found a picture of you all dressed up like a girl?” Ana says.

“Ana! We’re not going to blackmail him,” Bianca says.

“Aww, come on!” she says.

“No! If we truly want her to be our girlfriend, she needs to decide for herself,” Bianca says.

“I agree,” Julia says.

“Yeah, I’m going to side with them on this. I know we’ve all done some shitty things, but as much as I want to fuck her, I don’t want to force her to do it,” Shyrece says.

“Fine…” Ana sighs.

“You see, Penny? We don’t want to hurt you. In fact, we want the opposite. We want to love you,” Bianca says as her hand reaches my crotch. “What do you say? Will you at least try to be our girlfriend for the week?”

I look at all four of them and let out a sigh. “I don’t think I have it in me to say no to you all.”

Bianca cups my face and pulls me in for another kiss. “I knew you’d say yes.” She flashes me the brightest smile ever.

“Now, a deal’s a deal. Are you ready to have sex with all four of us?” she asks.

I take a large swallow. “Please go easy on me, I’m still a virgin.”

“I promise we will be gentle,” she says. “Now why don’t you lay on your tummy. I’ll get your butt nice and ready.”

I reluctantly get on the bed and lay on my stomach. Bianca gets up behind me and flips my skirt up. Slowly she pulls down my panties as Julia steps up in front of me. “Let me teach you how to suck a cock.”

I look up at those steely blue eyes and nod. “The first thing you’ll want to do is a little teasing. Go ahead and give it a little kiss.”

I stare at her stiff dick, it’s bigger than mine, but mine’s only 5 inches long. Her’s is definitely a good 6 inches. I take in a deep breath. Might as well get this over with. Besides, I can’t lie, I do want to touch it. I lean up and plant my lips against the tip. It’s kind of spongy.

I jolt up as I feel something hot and wet go down the crack of my ass.

I look back to see Bianca’s face buried deep between my ass cheeks.

Julia runs her hands through my hair and pulls my face to her dick. “Don’t pay any attention back there. Just focus on my cock. Now, why don’t you taste it? Give it a good bath with your tongue.”

I look up into her eyes and nod as I stick out my tongue. She lays her dick on the top of my tongue. It really doesn’t taste all that bad. Kind of musky and a little salty, but it’s kind of good.

I slide my tongue up and down the shaft of her cock. “That’s it, you’re doing great.”

Slowly she slides the head of her cock inside my mouth just as Bianca’s tongue starts to push against my butthole. “Now wrap those beautiful lips of yours around the shaft of my cock.”

I don’t even hesitate this time and do as she says just as Bianca’s tongue plunges into my ass. Oh my god, it feels so weird but really good. “Good job. Now suck it like a popsicle.”

A loud slurping sound escapes my mouth as I suck her cock. “Urgh, yes! Just like that.”

She slides more of her dick inside my mouth. She grips my hair and starts to slowly jam her dick in and out of my mouth. The head of her cock bumps up against my tonsils and forces a gag out of me. “We’re going to have to work on that gag reflex of yours.”

“Alright, I can’t watch anymore, move over, my turn,” Ana says as she pushes Julia out of the way. She rams her dick in my mouth and practically chokes me with it. I have to stretch open my jaw to fit the girth of her fat cock between my lips.

“Hey!” Julia wines. “That’s not fair! I wasn’t done yet. Besides, you’re going to hurt her.”

“Oh fuck, this feels so good!” Ana moans as she starts to hump my face. Her dick continues to hammer at the entrance of my throat. “Swallow that dick, you little slut.”

“Come, Ana, play nice,” Bianca says. I gag and drool as she pounds my face. Tears start to fall from my eyes as she tries to force more of her dick in my mouth. Suddenly it pops down my throat and I start to panic. I can’t breathe. I frantically try to push her off of me but she’s got a death grip on my head. Everything is starting to spin and go dark.

“Stop it, Ana! You’re hurting him!” Julia says as she pushes Ana back. Her dick flops from my mouth and I can finally breathe. I cough and gag as spit drools down my chin. Julia bends down and cups my face as she uses my blanket to wipe up my face. “Aww, you poor thing. That was so rude of Ana to do that.”

She wipes away my tears and before I know it her lips are on mine. Her kiss is so gentle. She slowly caresses my cheek and soothes me with her touch. “I promise I’ll be gentle at least.”

Julia gives Ana a sharp look.

“What?” Ana shrugs. “Nothing wrong with being a little rough.”

“Not for his first time,” Julia argues.

“He’ll learn to love it,” she says.

“You’re going to break him before we can even go on our first date,” she says.

Meanwhile, Shyrece steps up in front of me and grabs my hair. My eyes go wide as Bianca shoves a finger up my ass.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be as rough as Ana,” Shyrece says as she slides her long black dick between my lips. She slowly starts to move her hips back and forth, fortunately, she doesn’t force her all of her dick in.

I can deal with this pace. Thank god, I don’t think I can take all of that big black dick. Although, Ana’s was a bit thicker and somehow she managed to fit almost all of it down my throat. But my jaw is really sore because of it. Suddenly, another finger plugs up my butthole.

Slowly she starts to finger fuck my bum eventually adding a third as Shyrece slowly picks up the pace as her balls slap against my chin.

“Julia, since you’ve got the smallest dick, I’ll let you get first dibs on this hot sexy ass,” Bianca says as she slaps my ass.

“With pleasure,” Julia says as she hops onto the bed while Shyrece starts to fuck my face harder and harder.

“Wait a sec, I just remembered I put some lube in my bag,” Bianca jumps off the bed and grabs her handbag off the floor. “Yep! Got it!”

She jumps back on the bed and the next thing I feel a cold glob of lube getting rubbed inside my butt. I feel a hand get pressed against my lower back as something much bigger than any finger slides up and down the crack of my ass. “Don’t worry, Penny. I’ll be so gentle with you.”

“Oh fuck, that feels so good. You’re such a natural at sucking cock,” Shyrece moans without pausing her series of thrusts. I’m holding onto her thighs for dear life.

Without warning, Julia starts to press her cock against my little starfish. I dig my nails into Shyrece’s thighs as the pain builds. It doesn’t even phase her as she continues to pound my face.

Suddenly Julia’s dick pops into my ass. I groan on Shyrece’s dick.

Julia holds her cock there as she runs her hand up and down my back. “Just relax, babe. It’ll hurt a lot less if you calm down. Try to push out like your pooping.”

It’s hard enough trying to keep up with Shyrece’s dick plunging in and out of my mouth without having to worry about the cock getting shoved up my ass. I try my best to push out and I feel my ass give way as Julia’s cock sinks further inside me. “That’s it, good girl.”

Slowly she starts to pull out before going back in even farther.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum!” Shyrece moans. Suddenly her dick swells and I get blasted with a mouth full of cum which causes me to gag as it leaks out between my lips.”Swallow it, babe.”

I gulp it down and I’m greeted with another load of hot sticky jizz. I can’t swallow fast enough. Finally, she pulls out and one last rope splashes across my face.

“Move over, finally my turn,” Ana practically shouts as she grabs my hair and shoves her dick back inside my mouth. I immediately gag on it as she forces it down my throat once again.

Julia starts to thrust deeper inside me. She starts to pick up the pace as the sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills the room.

I choke on Ana’s dick as she starts to fuck my face with a ferocity unmatched the guys I’ve seen in most pornos. Fuck! A surge of pleasure courses through me as Julia sinks her cock all the way inside me. I grab onto Ana’s waist as my nose hits her pubic hair.

Her balls slap against my neck as she pounds my face. Once again, tears fall from my eyes and I can barely fill my lungs with air. I try my best to breathe when she pulls out before slamming that dick back down my throat and when I do the smell coming off of her makes my head spin.

It’s hard to focus at all with a cock down my throat and another one filling me with so much pleasure. I’m moaning uncontrollably on Ana’s dick as I slip in and out of consciousness.

I wake up with my legs resting on Bianca’s shoulders as she drives her dick deep inside me.

I can feel a mess of cum all over my face, but that doesn’t stop her from kissing me. Her lips against mine makes me feel so warm. I like it. I really do. And I want more.

Fuck, her dick inside me feels so good. I feel like I’m floating in a pool of pleasure without a care in the world. High on dick.

“That’s it, love,” Bianca whispers as she leaves small little pecks against my lips. “I want you so bad. Be with us. Be ours. Please, baby. We need you. I need you.”

She continues to slowly push herself inside me. Unlike the others she makes sweet love to my ass, kissing me ever so gently.

“I’m yours,” I breathe into her.

I feel her hilt that thick dick inside me and fill me with her cum. “You make me so happy. Let me fill you up with my seed. Take it, baby.”

She continues to push in and out of me as she empties out her cum sac inside me. Finally, her cock softens up and she pulls out. “Fuck, that was amazing.”

I can hardly breathe as I lay there covered in cum with my ass filled to the rim with it.

My stockings are torn up and my bed is a sticky mess. Bianca bends down and lays another kiss on my lips. “Get yourself cleaned up and get some rest. We’ll be over in the morning to help you pick out your outfit, babe. Your new life begins now.”

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