The Lunch Meeting Pt. 01

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This account had been a breeze for years. The old procurement specialist came for lunch once every few weeks. Left boozed up and full of delicious food, and I left with a hefty PO in my hand for another round of purchases. Everyone was happy.

Then about 3 months ago there was a merger, and now a major reshuffling was underway and my old contact was floating away on his golden parachute into retirement. The new procurement lead sat in front of me, and I’d spent an hour answering questions I had to dig deep into my memory to solve. He was well spoken, well dressed and aggressive with his questions. He called me on my shit when he heard it and owned up to his own groups lack of backbone in the past.

I wouldn’t say the meeting was tense or angry, but it was directed and driven. I was quite intrigued by my new contact. Clearly this account would no longer be easy, but it wouldn’t be because of ineptitude or poor planning like some of my other customers so I settled in and prepared myself for a challenging but rewarding business meeting.

Little did I know I’d be taking my real reward from my knees within the hour.


Lunch flew past, we traded stories and talked about the current state of the company and the plans going forwards. Eric, the new procurement lead, rolled up his sleeves. Exposing muscular forearms and leaned forward. “Listen. I can see that you only didn’t try with my former colleague because you didn’t have to.” He said with a grin. “I’d like to think I’m better than him in every way…actually I know I am.” His confidence radiated off of him.

The waitress approached and spent the better part of her conversation chatting with Eric even though she knew I’d be footing the bill. Eric ordered a whiskey neat and I in turn an old fashioned and we settled in and waited for the bill. As the waitress reappeared with the drinks she took a pen out and wrote her number on the back of the coaster she handed Eric. He smiled and took it and pocketed it, like this was something he’d done a thousand times.

“Shame I won’t be calling her back.” He said leaning back and sipping his tumbler. My eyebrow perked up and I asked him why. “Because I don’t swing that way.” He said with a grin. And then added. “In fact my predilections lean heavily towards yourself.” He said sitting forward.

Suddenly the table did not feel nearly large enough as I felt his hand on my knee and inner thigh. The muscular grip keeping me from pulling away. Eric did not lower his voice as he said to me. “:Listen I can bid this account out, and you can fight against all your competitors… He leaves a silence there.

“Or you can lead me up to your hotel room, I did my research I know you stay right here at this hotel. And you can get on your knees and service me and I’ll give you same preferential treatment as my peer. Only you’ll have to do a bit more bi-weekly to get it.

I gulp. Is this man really propositioning me? I think to myself. I notice the waitress walk by but can’t bring myself to meet her eye. Eric calls her over. “We’ll have the check please gorgeous.” He says with a charming smile and I notice that as she walks away the waitress pushes her ass out just a bit more and puts on a show.

Eric turns to me. “So Aaron, what’ll it be.” He says disarmingly.

My cheeks burn. I’m into women, not men. But there was a few experiments in college, and that time a few years ago when the wife was bursa escort out of town and I decided to log onto Squirt and see what was around.

“Fine” I finally say, making up my mind. I stand up, and as we walk by the waitress I tell her. “Just bill it to the room.” I don’t look to see if Eric is following, the musk of his scent right behind me is enough to know it.

He towers about 6″ above my 5’11 frame. He has about 8-10 years on me. I’m young for an account manager, early 30’s, short brown hair, piercing blue eyes that I’ve always been told are my second best feature. My lips, now pressed tightly together in concentration, attempting to stifle a blush, typically form into a curious smirk, masking their fullness. My body is athletic bordering on average, I work out, but I travel and eat well. This helps my best feature, my ass. And I can feel Eric’s eyes on it as we walk towards the elevator.

Eric by contrast is older, I’m guessing mid to late 40’s but he could be a bit older and just in very good shape. He’s muscular, his salt and pepper hair and well kept beard surrounding a handsome face. His eyes are hazel and there is a playful glint to them. But a hardness to his brow that makes Eric seem very no nonsense and leads to a feeling of leadership and maturity.

Eric wears clothing that clearly shows he works on his body. His pecs and shoulders are well defined, his thighs bulge from his slacks. As we walk past a mirror I try and get a glance of what I’ve agreed to service, but there is no time. When I stop at the elevator and push a button I try and nonchalantly glance at his tool, looking for a bulge.

“All in due time Aaron.” He says with a smirk. “Try not to get too excited, it’ll ruin the big reveal.”

I blush furiously. Caught trying to check out another man’s package. The next 10 seconds waiting for the lift seem like an eternity. The 30 seconds to the second floor from the top, infinite.

Finally we emerge from the elevator and I turn down the hallway. Navigating to my typical room I slide a keycard out of my pocket and open the door, stopping and letting Eric step past me into my private space. As he walks across his hand slides across my hip softly. Cupping my crotch and giving it a good squeeze.

“Good boy” he says and walks past into the room.

I allow the door to shut and watch as Eric walks in and throws the curtain open. “I prefer natural sunlight while getting my dick sucked.” He says turning towards me. “Don’t you?”

Until now I haven’t protested much, in fact I’ve hardly said a thing since we left the restaurant. But finally the thought of actually sucking this man off hits me. This is highly unethical and not something I am comfortable with in my position.

“Listen, maybe this isn’t a good idea.” I say. “I’m confident we can come to an agreement on pricing that could avoid any need to bid out the contract.”

Eric just shakes his head. “Oh Aaron. That ship has sailed, you’ve already agreed to service me, why not just do it, get it over with and leave here with a PO, just like you used to.” He unbuckles his pants and lets them fall to the floor. I’m greeted by muscular thighs and calves and an obvious bulge behind a pair of gray boxer briefs.

He gestures towards his package, “I started you off, but you need to unwrap your gift.” He says with a wicked smile. “And since you tried to malatya escort renege on our deal, I think it’s fair that you crawl over here to pull down my boxers” His face tightens into a serious one. “Don’t you boy?”

He holds up his hand as I open my mouth to protest. “Don’t fuck with me Aaron. I’m not leaving this room until one of your holes is full of my semen. Which one it is and how it gets there depends on your next move.”

His face morphs back to the disarming grin. “So be a good boy, get on your knees, and crawl over here. But first strip down to your boxers only.”

I’m not sure why but I find myself complying. I start to unbutton my shirt and let it drop, exposing my pale semi muscular chest. “Cute” is the response I get from the real man standing across the room from me. I turn around and unbuckle my belt, letting my pants slide down and stepping out of them, losing my shoes in the process.

I stand in my boxers and an undershirt and reach down and grab the shirt, sliding it over my head. I stand only in my tartan-print boxer briefs and turn back towards Eric. My eyes beg him to let me go but he gestures with his head towards the floor.

Finally I kneel, and leaning forward let my hands drop to the floor. The crawl from this side of the hotel room to the other takes seemingly a thousand movements, but I know it’s only two or three. Finally I face Eric’s feet below me and look up towards him, his bulge hangs about a foot above me.

“Worship my feet and work your way up to my underwear” he says. And I obey him. Immediately I lean forward and kiss his foot, one of my hands sliding over his other foot as I work my way up his leg.

“That’s a good boy, you’re learning.” Eric said and reached down and rubbed my shoulders. Emboldened by the praise I pick up the pace and work my way up his legs, alternating between the two. Finally I hit the soft cloth of the boxers and stop. I gulp as I smell the musk radiating off of his cock and balls. I feel myself stiffen, this is why despite my preference for women I can’t help but occasionally read or watch gay stories and videos. While men typically aren’t my preference. I can’t help but admit to myself that I love cock.

As I reach up and grasp the waistband of Eric’s boxer briefs he sighs gently and I slide them off of him. I’m nearly hit in the face by his impressive cock as it pops out of the waistband. “Holy shit” I say as the 8″ long, impressively thick phallus hangs freely.

Eric smiles down at me. “I’m glad you like it. You should take it in your hand and see how thick it can really get.”

I make to do as I’m told. “Yes sir.” I say looking directly up at Eric. He stops me for a second.

“Sir…hmmm” He says pondering. “I don’t think that’s right.” He thinks a bit more. “You’re about 30” he says. “And I’m almost 50.” My age considerations now confirmed. “Why don’t you call me Daddy.” He says with an evil grin.

I gulp, he really wants me to submit to him. “Yes…Daddy.” I say as I reach out and take his throbbing member into my hand. I start to slide my hand up and down it and hear Eric moan gently. “Good boy.” He says as I reach up my second hand and cup his balls.

Eric rests his hands on my shoulders, kneading them and massaging them as I stroke his cock. It grows even thicker in my hands and a drop of precum glistens off of it. Without thinking I reach out çanakkale escort and lick it with my tongue. It tastes sweet and Eric groans even louder. “Fuck yes Boy!” He says and before I know it he’s got me by the back of the head and has pushed my lips over the edge of his shaft.

I try and pull back but Eric is far stronger than me. I have 4 or 5 inches in my mouth, my lips stretching to fit it all and my air blocked off. I try and think back to my last cock, much narrower but still the same principle. I breath through my nose and relax my throat and Eric pushes more of himself into me. “Good boy” he moans and I gulp and try and nod a response.

I put my hands on Eric’s muscular ass cheeks and begin guiding him in and out of my mouth. He moans in appreciation and says. “Suck daddy’s fat dick just like a good slutty boy.” It feels almost surreal.

Here I am, a 30 year old professional, on my knees sucking off one of my clients to keep the contract. I feel my cock stiffen, and I’m loving every moment of it. I reach one hand down and fish my cock out and begin stroking it while I suck. Eric looks down and smiles. “I knew you’d like daddy’s cock the second I saw you.”

This causes him to stiffen more and I taste another dollop of precum. Eric takes over, grabbing my head and thrusting his way into me, what was before 5″ of his thick shaft in my mouth slowly increases to 6″ and then 7 with his urging. I gag and choke on his cock, drool drips down my chin. Every gag I try and pull back but Eric stays deep inside me, he seems to enjoy the sensation. I continue to focus on relaxing my throat and slowly I see his muscular abdomen getting closer and closer to my nose.

Finally I feel Eric’s body against my lips as he thrusts forward. I’ve taken his entire length! Eric sighs as his cock sits firmly down my throat. And then really begins to go to town, he picks up the pace, fucking my face with abandon. Drool is dripping in a torrent down my chin, neck and chest and I’m furiously jerking myself off. I feel myself get close and pump harder, holding tighter. My cum shoots over the floor. Some hitting Eric’s feet in front of me. Eric moans.

“You little slut boy!” he yells as I feel his balls tighten and his cock begin to throb. Eric pulls out of me and pumps his massive cock in front of me. “Beg for daddy’s load” he says as I sit back looking up at him. This incredibly masculine and sexy man who has succeeded in making me his slut.

I am suddenly overcome by the urge to have this massive cock inside of me. All of a sudden I’ve gone from reluctant agreement to primal desire for this superior man to make me his whore.

“Please daddy.” I beg. “Please fuck my tight boy ass.” I say beginning to turn around. Eric grabs me by the hair and stops me.

“Not today boy.” He says, and unleashes his load. The first hits me square in the face and I open my mouth to try and catch the second. Eric pushes me back and unleashes load after load of hot, thick semen onto my face and chest. I look up into his eyes and see the pleasure and am totally satisfied that I’ve done my job. As his cock finally stops pumping I fall forwards onto my hands and knees again.

“Good boy” Eric says looking down at me, his salt and pepper beard framing his smile. “Now lick your boy cum off of me, I never gave you permission to cum on daddy.”

I begin to do as I’m told and Eric starts to button on his shirt. After being satisfied that I’ve cleaned myself off of his feet, Eric walks to the bathroom and continues to dress and wash. As he emerges fully dressed he looks at me and smiles.

“See you in two weeks boy.”

And walks out of my hotel room, leaving me on my knees, covered in his semen, to think about what’s happened in the last hour.

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