The Lady of The Manor

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It’s early evening and I’m sitting downstairs in the servant quarters, having performed my duties for the day – or so I thought until I hear the persistent ringing of the servants’ bell coming from M’Lady’s bedroom. I tuck in my shirt and put on my jacket before making my way upstairs. The bedroom door is closed and I knock lightly.

‘Come in John.’

I open the door to your bed chamber, and enter. I walk to the foot of your four-poster bed and am surprised to see you as I do now – you’re lying on top of the covers wearing nothing but a basque, your breasts fully exposed and your legs wide open. You have one hand underneath your left leg holding the end of a pearl necklace, whilst holding the other end with your right hand, just above your stomach.

The length of pearls is stretched out tight across your very wet pussy, and you’re moving the pearls slowly from side to side, flicking them across your clit. You then move the length between the full lips of your pussy, pulling the pearls up and down the length of your clit, pussy and over the crack of your arse.

I feel my cock stir at this beautiful but unexpected sight, and force myself to look away from the pearls between your legs, I look at you and say:

‘You rang, Ma’am?’

‘Yes John, I just need a little bit of help focusing.’

‘Focusing, Ma’am?’

‘Yes, unzip your trousers and show me your cock.’

‘Ma’am?’ I ask, a little flustered but very turned on.

‘Show me your cock, John!’

I unzip my fly and pull out my cock and balls; my cock now free to harden to its full extent as I gaze longingly at your soaking pussy. You pull the pearls away from you with your right hand while your left hand rubs your clit underneath your thigh. You move your fingers around your lips and stroke the crack of your arse, making it glisten with your cum. I start to lightly stroke my cock, watching your every move. You take the pearls and slowly insert the length inside, before pulling them out again, thick with your juices.

‘Walk round İstanbul Escort to me John, I’d like to have a closer look.’

I walk round to the side of your pillow and stand facing the bed, my cock 3 inches from your head. You take the wet pearls and wrap them twice round my cock, and gather the remainder in your left hand while your right hand strokes your pussy. You tug on the pearls back and forth, slowly moving the skin back and forth across the head of my cock.

You take your right hand, wet with your juices, and stroke my balls, your middle finger lightly touching my arse. I gaze longingly at your breasts and pussy, but my attention is distracted by the feeling of the tip of your tongue flicking over the slit on the end of my hard, aching cock.

‘Ma’am, I feel very hot in these clothes, may I undress?’

‘Yes – go back to the foot of the bed so I may watch you.’

You release my cock from the grip of the pearls and I walk to the foot of the bed and undress, watching you play with your pussy with one hand and caress your breasts and nipples with the other. Fully stripped, I start to stroke myself again, you watching me intently.

‘Would you like to lick me, John?’

‘Very much so, Ma’am!’

I take the pearls and lie between your legs, my stomach resting on your pussy and my head between your breasts. I hold them together and move my tongue from nipple to nipple, licking the soft flesh of your breasts as I do. I slide the pearls into one nipple-ring and then the other; holding the pearls tightly I pull on them gently to bring your breasts I take the pearls and feed them through the rings on your lips, lifting the rings up slowly, exposing the full length of your lips for my tongue to lick; pulling a little tighter I move back to your wet hole as I pull on the pearls, moving upwards so your hole is exposed for my the length of my tongue.

I raise up, rest my arms either side of your shoulders and glide the length of my cock over your pussy and clit, my balls nuzzling Escort Bayan the crack of your arse; you reach down and hold my balls bringing them to grind against your wet lips. I bring my open mouth to yours, and our tongues meet, flicking over each other before our mouths meet.

You hold my cock and rub the head over your clit and lips, before nuzzling it in your hole. I plunge slowly into you, sliding all the way to the hilt in one slow stroke. You hands greedily pull my arse closer to you and I straighten my arms and raise my head back, pumping your hole fast, then slow, gyrating my hips into you. I quicken my pace, wanting to hear you moan deeper. I kiss you again and slowly pull out of you, you hold my cock and stroke the wet head over your arse:

‘Fuck my arse hard, John.’

I stand back up at the foot of the bed and pull your hips towards me. I bend your legs back and you thrust your hips forward and put my cock over your arse. I push the head in, and your hands stroke my chest, squeezing my nipples as I push my length into your tight hole. You moan and grab your legs behind the knees, opening yourself wider for me; I stand straight and rub my thumbs over your pussy. I slide two fingers into you and you rock your hips to alternately fill each hole. I fuck your arse hard and deep, and then pull out of you – you sense I’m coming and hold my cock, directing my come over your arse and pussy. I moan loudly as I spurt over you, and then stand back a little as I watch you rub my cum into your holes using both hands.

‘Mmmmmmm…I want more’

You turn round lengthwise so your head is resting on the foot of the bed and your feet are on the pillows. You slide your face under my cock, the head drooping down over your mouth and you lick the last pearl of cum from my slit. My cock moves to your touch and you run your tongue underneath to the base, your hands between your legs stroking yourself. My cock begins to harden again as your tongue lightly flicks my balls before licking them. You suck Eskort on them softly and then harder, gently running your teeth of the now tight sack. Your tongue runs behind them to my crack – I open my legs wider as your tongue explores me.

I reach down and play with your breasts, stroking squeezing them, playfully twisting your nipples, making them hard. You come from underneath me and turn round onto all fours; my cock, hard again, in front of your face.

With your hands on the bed, you lick from my balls to the head, and then take the head in your mouth, pushing your mouth down on it, taking as much as you can take before sliding back up to the head. You slide your mouth back down to the shaft, and then gently hold it between your teeth before sliding it back up along the edge of your teeth. You suck my head hard and I hold your head still and slowly fuck your mouth, moving my cock around inside your head.

I move faster, aching to come in your mouth as your tongue swirls over my head. I moan and push my hips forward as I release my cum into your heavenly mouth. You lick around my cock, before moving aside and inviting me to lie down.

Gratefully I lie down, and you get back on all fours, backing your pussy onto my face. I lick you gently as you sway your breasts over my soft cock. I push my thumb into your arse whilst licking and sucking on your clit. You gently start to kiss my hardening cock, tenderly restoring it to its full length before sucking it gently.

It doesn’t take too long before I’m eager to fuck you again.

I push your hips down and you sit on my cock as I stroke your cheeks, you lean forward and I play with the crack of your arse, sucking two of my fingers before sliding them in up to the knuckle. You raise up and rock your hips to take in my cock and fingers alternately on each stroke. You move your hand down between my legs to stroke my balls and finger my arse. You pump harder down on me, bringing us both to a climax – you feel my cum flood into you and you sit hard down on me as I spurt inside you; I groan loudly and push my hips up.

I slide my fingers out from you and lick them, and you rise up from me, turn round and lie on my chest. I caress your back as you raise your head to kiss me:

‘John, I need more!’

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