The Inn Club Ch. 10: Saya

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My name is Easton, and a short time ago I discovered a hidden world inside the Cheslea Inn hotel chain. I found out a private, non-exclusive sex club exists that meets just after the bar closes each night. One night a beautiful woman picked me up for anonymous sex and introduced me to what was known as The Inn Club.

Not every night in a strange city at a strange hotel resulted in an encounter with a Club member, so more often than not I had nothing at the lounge but a nightcap. This night found me on the west coast in my room around 9 pm, still a good couple hours before I would head downstairs to the bar. I was watching TV when my Club phone, a burner, buzzed with a text. The text identified Alison as the source; the same Alison who had introduced me to the Club over a year ago.

Alison: ‘haven’t seen your sched in a while’

She had asked me to keep her informed of my plans just in case she wanted to get in touch with me again.

Me: ‘sorry, no offense’

Alison: ‘none taken…waiting’

Me: ‘sec’

I took a few minutes and updated my calendar, snapshot it and sent her the pic.

Alison: ‘Hold on’

Me: ‘?’

Alison: ‘hold. on.’

Me: ‘k’

A few minutes went by.

Alison: ‘how likely u r in Dallas on the 8th?’

Me: ‘guaranteed. Evenings 8th-10th.?’

Alison: ‘k. My friend Saya will be in touch. And Alex, she -needs- you’

Me: ‘okay, anything else you can tell me?’

Alison: ‘she’ll give you the story if she wants, but she hasn’t had sex in a long time.’

Me: ‘that’s a bit cryptic’

Alison: ‘she’s unhappy’

Me: ‘and I’m a solution?’

Alison: ‘everyone deserves to be happy’

Me: ‘of course. Anything else?’

Alison: ‘just be you’

Me: ‘I’ll treat her well’

Alison: ‘I know’

Me: ‘and when do I see you next?’

Alison: ‘woman of mystery’

Me: ‘tease’

Alison: ‘teases don’t swallow and fuck’

Me: ‘lol. No they don’t. Stay in touch”

Alison: ‘:)’

My trip to Dallas was the next week, with a four day turnaround at home. It seemed that her friend Saya had a strong emotional need to be met and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to provide that. What I could do for her, what I felt confident I could do, was please her physically if she was inclined to let me.

I finished business in Ohio, had a relaxing and typical non-sex weekend at home and found myself at the Dallas “Inn” early in the afternoon on Monday. I had just finished dinner and was removing work my clothes when my Club phone buzzed.

The number was new, and the message read, ‘Alex, this is Saya. If you like, could you come by 319 at 8pm?”

I was fine with the earlier time and really all too eager to meet Saya and get the rest of the story. ‘see you then, Alex’

At 7:45 I took a shower and put on fresh clothes before leaving just in time to arrive at 8. Knocking twice, the door opened to reveal a woman with oriental lines, jet black straight hair, pale skin, and alluring attire. “Alex I presume,” she said in slightly accented English. I nodded and entered the room, dropping a small bag as I did. She had a larger than normal suite, with a sitting area separate from the bedroom and kitchen. There were two glasses of wine on a table with the bottle between them. As I watched her shut the door I noticed her halting movements. I guessed she was nervous.

Wringing her hands once she approached me. “Won’t you have a seat and join me for a glass of wine?”

I nodded to her before sitting and picking up my glass. I toasted her, “To new friends.”

She sat, nervously crossing her legs, and picked up her glass to return my toast. “As you say.”

I sipped, and found the Malbec nice and peppery. “That sounded formal,” I said, trying to convey amusement. I failed.

She grimaced, “I don’t know about this.”

I set down my glass and took one of her hands in my own. “Why don’t you start by telling me how we came to be in the same room?”

I watched as she took a mouthful of the wine and swallowed it over several moments. I took that time to note she was of average build with stunning Asian features. Alabaster skin, black hair, black eyes, shockingly red fingernails, form fitting button front white and black skirt, and black high heels. Her white blouse had black accents, further accenting her skin.

“That’s a long story, Alex.”

“We all love stories, Saya, and I’m guessing you need to tell yours.”

“Again,” she said plainly, “as you say.” Exhaling, she smiled wanly, “I met Alison, as you know her, about six months ago. We rather quickly became close.”

I nodded and sipped my wine. She continued, “I’m unhappy Alex, and I don’t even know where to begin.”

I said nothing, just met her gaze and nodded slowly. She took a breath, “Once our children were out of the house I started İstanbul Escort to see things about my husband I had never noticed before. Maybe early on the kids gave me something else to think about, but once they were gone there was nothing to distract me. More and more I could not keep from seeing so many things about him that I could not tolerate. Finally I could no longer stand his touch. Now, I’m more unhappy than I have ever been, angry that I cannot move on, and so very lonely.” She looked up at me with genuine pain and longing on her face and said quietly, “And now I haven’t had sex in years.”

She brushed away a tear and I set down my glass and took her hands in mine. She continued, “I met Alison, as you know her, almost a year ago. Over time we came to be close friends. Close enough that a few weeks ago I told her about my depression and its cause. She didn’t say anything that day, but a couple weeks later we went out to dinner and she told me about the Club and how she might know someone who could, who could—” her voice trailed off.

She sniffled, rubbed her nose and then continued. I refilled glasses as she took a deep breath and continued. “Who could give me the personal, and physical connection I’ve been missing.” She half grinned at me, “And that I wouldn’t be sorry.”

I nodded and said quietly, “It’s just the two of us here. Tomorrow we go back to our lives, but tonight we can leave our concerns elsewhere. What would you like to do tonight?”

Saya was breathing heavily and did not look up. She said quietly, “I don’t want to ask, Alex. But I very much want to be wanted.”

I stood and hugged her, “You’re beautiful Saya, and I very much would like to make love to you.”

She clutched at me and sobbed. I pulled her to her feet and led her to the couch where we sat and she leaned into me. I held her until she regained her composure. “Tell you what,” I said, “I’ll lead, if that’s alright, and you just tell me if it’s okay. You’ll be in charge the whole way.” I winked and added, “I’ll drive the car, you tell me if we are going the right direction.”

She grinned awkwardly, her eyes moist. Then she nodded. “May I kiss you?” I said. She smiled and nodded.

I lifted her chin and leaned in to kiss her. She met me halfway and felt hesitant for a good thirty seconds before she notably relaxed and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I returned her kiss with fervor, hoping it was clear that I was as into her as she was into the moment.

Her hands went around my back and crushed me to her as our kiss continued. Her heavy breathing complimented my own, and I knew we were both into it. When we paused my hands went to her blouse, “May I undress you?”

She nodded, but smiled before answering. “Let me do you first.” I noted it was not a question. I backed up as she unbuttoned my shirt with unsure fingers. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders, letting her fingers run over my chest as she did. The hunger in her eyes was evident. I stood as her hands went to my belt buckle and I kicked off my shoes. With my belt undone she pushed my pants and underwear down past my hips, smiling with obvious joy as my full erection popped into view. Letting go of my clothes she took hold of my cock. “Alex, are you, are you really so excited by me?”

Standing there with my pants around my knees and my dick in her hand, I bent down and took her head in my hands as I kissed her forcefully. She stroked me confidently, and when we broke she stood. “Strip me Alex, and then take me. Please.”

I nodded as I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. Reaching behind her back I unsnapped her bra and moved it aside; only to be pleasantly surprised by the size of her breasts. Her creamy D cups were tipped with dark brown nipples that were thick and solid with excitement. Unable to stop myself, I uttered, “Magnificent!” as I hefted her tits and sucked a nipple into my mouth.

I paused as I shifted to the other breast and said, “Tell me how to please you.”

She was starting to breathe heavily as I took her other nipple in my mouth, “Mmm, Alison told me you would ask that. Mmmmm, nibble them I think.”

I did, and her fingers laced in my hair to keep me going. I undid the clasp on her skirt and then paused, ready to bare her to me. I shifted my suckling mouth to her other nipple, waiting on her. I didn’t have to wait long. “Alex, I want your tongue on me.” With that direction I pushed her skirt and panties to the floor and pushed her back onto the couch. I pressed my hands between her thighs and she needed no more effort to part them for me. Her pussy was bare, her dark brown lips parted like a flower with her inner pink glistening and begging for my tongue.

I briefly thought I might be too aggressive, but as my lips locked on hers in a completely decadent nether kiss, the movement Anadolu Yakası Escort of her hands to press my face into her sex told me if anything I might be lagging her excitement level. I pressed my tongue between her folds, trying to let my efforts be guided by her reactions. Unfortunately, or fortunately, that was not working because her vocalizations were a stream of “oh my, oh fuck, right there, oh god, oh, my, please don’t stop, lick me!” and finally, as I tongued her clit firmly, “Nnnnngggg, ooooo, Alex, I’m nnngggg, ahhhhh,” and I felt her pussy flutter as I continued to lick her. At last her panting slowed and as she opened her eyes and looked down she saw me still with my mouth on her.

I thought she might be on the verge of tears, but then her face broke into a smile and she giggled. She pulled me to her lips and kissed me, her hands finding my cock again. “Alex, can we move to the bed? I’d like you inside me now.” I nodded, not thinking there was anything I needed to add.

She lay back on the bed as a knelt between her thighs. She held me, rubbing my head between her lips. “Alex, go slow.”

I nodded, “It’s been a while, I understand. Don’t worry.”

She let go of me as I moved my hips forward and pressed myself to her entrance. She laced her fingers behind my head and threw her legs around my back. Looking into her eyes, I pushed into her slowly, but after only an inch her expression was not one of joy. I paused and she looked scared, “Alex, I don’t know, I want to, but.” She looked frantic.

I backed away and kissed her. “Nothing to fear. Did I mention I was an Eagle Scout?” It didn’t seem to register and she still looked nervous and upset. I added, “Be prepared.” She let me go as I stood from the bed and went for my bag. She reached for the sheet but I stopped her with a gesture, “You stay right there, waiting.” Her expression wasn’t convinced, but she kept her legs parted and her sex uncovered in a very vulnerable pose.

She watched me with interest as I rummaged through the bag and found what I was looking for. Returning to the bed I sat next to her, there was a question on her face until she read the tube. I flipped the lid on the JX lube and squeezed some into her palm. “Now, you keep me ready as I get you ready.” Still the nervous look, but when I shifted position and made a show of lubing up my fingers she again relaxed and took hold of my cock.

Turning so that she kept hold of my cock, I lowered my lips to her pussy as I placed two fingers at her entrance. Feeling her tense, I held my advance as I sucked on her clit. She gasped, clutched at my cock, then suddenly relaxed. When she did, my fingers met her flesh. She groaned loudly as l pressed into her tight channel. When at last her resistance increased, I tried to push as much of the lube into her as I could as I lavished attention on her clit.

I let her hips guide my actions. So as she tensed I paused, and when her hips rose to meet me I was ready with more lube. Over five or ten minutes, who’s counting, I had my two fingers fully within her well lubed, warm, wet and ready pussy. Now she was panting, “Alex, make me come.”

Now I pulled myself from her grip, pivoted and put myself between her legs again. As I fisted my cock with still more lube, I looked at her with earnest lust. “Tell me what you want me to do.” I again thrust two fingers inside her, finding her hot and ready.

She pulled her knees back, opening herself lewdly in a clear declaration. “I want you to fuck me, right now,” she grunted at me.

In one slow, continuous, purposeful yet unhurried thrust I pushed my cock inside her. Even as I passed the point my fingers had prepared my thrust was met with a look of wonder and joy. As I spread her to the last by sinking within her to the hilt her gaze was one of rapt pleasure. Seating myself fully she locked her legs around me and pulled me in for a kiss. I moved a little, unable to hold myself fully still as her pussy held me in a velvety warm vice grip.

Breaking the kiss I looked at her, but her eyes remained shut, her mouth frozen in an “oh” shape though she was silent. I began to slowly fuck her, only a small bit to be sure she was ready. After a few minutes she kissed me hard and then grabbed the hair at the back of my head as her eyes popped open, “Mmm, that’s lovely Alex, but I need you to move faster.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, and started to lengthen my strokes. As her breathing deepened and her cries became more urgent, I tried to remain calm and reserved and resisted my own urge to speed up. I was enjoying myself, and her, immensely, and I was in no hurry to bring things to a conclusion just yet.

After a few minutes my slow fucking was having the desired effect-Saya was getting impatient. She started to fuck me back with thrusts of her hips, but I was able Kartal Escort to anticipate and keep control of the pace. After a few unsuccessful tries she changed tactics and started to squeeze with her internal muscles at various times in my strokes. This was something I didn’t have a way to counter, and my deeper breathing told her she was getting to me. She panted and pulled me in for a deep kiss.

When I broke the kiss it was for the purpose of getting ready to come. I shifted to my knees and held her breasts firmly as I started to really pound her pussy. It was obvious she was into it.

I started to move one hand to her clit, but she pushed me away, “Just hold on, nnggg, and fuck me!”

She started rubbing her clit herself as I held on to her tits and fucked her as hard as I could. “Alex,” she grunted, “Come with me! Now!”

And then she arched her back and her thighs clamped me as I felt her squeeze my cock with a ludicrously firm grip. As she started to come, I felt myself swell, reach the peak, and explode within her. Pulse after pulse was greeted by the flexing of her pussy as we drove each other through our climaxes. It was powerful and primal. I kept stroking well past my own peak, continuing to enjoy her as I waited for some kind of signal.

When I had slowed to a stop fully within her she pulled me in for another kiss. I took the opportunity and rolled onto my back, Saya still astride me and my cock still fully within her. She looked surprised as she sat up. “Ooh, that’s deep.”

I chuckled, “You should try it when I’m really hard.”

She lifted herself up twice, fucking me gently, “And that’s what, ten or fifteen minutes away?”

I grabbed her breasts again, “Been talking about me?”

She grinned, “Only good things Alex. Only good things.”

I sighed and closed my eyes as she leaned forward and lay down on my chest, resting her weight on me. She said quietly, “Can you stay?”

I flexed my cock and she returned the gesture. Later I would realize this might have been a mistake, but I kissed her and said, “Turn off the light, I’d love to go to sleep like this.”

“Mmm,” she replied, and the light went off. I fell asleep with her weight on my chest and my cock slowly softening inside her.


I awakened much later, feeling refreshed and surprised as I noted I was hard and Saya was stroking me. Figuring out I was awake, she kissed me and rolled on top of me, guiding me effortlessly into her pussy. With a groan she sank down on me and sat straight up, holding my hands to her breasts. “Mmm, good morning,” she said, “And you were right. You’re even deeper now.”

She felt great, and tight. “You okay?” I asked.

In response she said nothing, but she started to slide her hips back and forth, picking up her pace as her excitement level clearly rose. “Oh Alex, I feel so alive today!”

With that I just held on and let her set the pace. Before long she was panting and groaning and getting really free. “Oh fuck you feel good! Mmm, you like me fucking you?”

I leaned up and bit down softly on a nipple, “Fuck me Saya, make me come.”

“Oh Alex, I’m nearly there, keep up!”

I didn’t have to do anything, such was her energy. Grinding on my cock and sliding along my length at a frantic pace, her grunts and moans ensured I was as keyed up as she was. “Ooooo, coming!” she declared just as her breath caught, and then the tension of climax seized my body as I started to flood her pussy.

Gloriously oblivious to me, she kept riding me at a breakneck pace as she drove through her own orgasm. I was spent and just enjoying the show when she finally slowed. Collapsing on my chest she seemed to sense I might have been left out, though she was wrong.

She blew her straight black hair out of her face. “Sorry, I got carried away.” She slid back and forth once in a very slow ride. “I lost track, but it feels like you came inside me.”

I sighed, hands still on her tits. “Oh yes I did. Quite nicely too.”

She kissed me and then rose off me, watching my cock pull free to gently ‘thwack’ against my abdomen. She gave it a squeeze. “Would you like to join me for shower before we part ways?”

By way of an answer I followed her. Unabashedly she sat on the toilet as I pulled the curtain and started the water. Done peeing, she joined me in the shower, kissing me deeply. “I cannot tell you how much this has meant to me,” she said a moment later.

“I had a wonderful time Saya, you were great,” I said. We took turns under the water like we’d done it many times then toweled off in silence. “So you talked about me,” I said.

Saya stood nude, her breasts begging for attention, which they received with my hands and mouth and tongue. After an intake of breath she said, “She told me the particulars about you, but she was most emphatic that I understand you to be a caring and considerate lover.”

“And how was the description?” I asked.

Saya kissed me, “Fine, save that she left out passionate. I shall have to chide her about that.”

I found myself looking forward to thanking Alison properly if ever given the chance.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32