The Grin

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Sitting back with a grin on my face, I wonder at how I can be lucky enough to find such an adventurous female. Such a pretty face, and strong shoulders, her picture glowed on the screen. Chatting away, across the digital divide, the words flow across my screen, ‘Most men are all talk’.

A challenging tone seemed afoot from her, but again, it was probably all in my head. Most women just can’t understand how much pleasure there is in pleasing. Seeing her orgasmic body writhe under my touch is pure heaven. I sent her to my website, and suggested she read a story I had written, one to show her what she might experience.

Finally, after she read the story, I typed in, “Are you wet?”

‘Oh God Yes’, she replied.

At that point, I knew she was hooked. Young, pretty, dying for adventure and new things. We continued to chat until I finally had her agreeing to let me play with her. Nothing about me, no sex, just her pleasure was the understanding. Driving to her house, I knocked on her door and was greeted with nervous, cheerful laughter. She was very attractive and only wearing a robe.

She quickly jumped into the shower and after a few minutes of waiting, I opened the bathroom door and stood quietly watching her. She washed every part of her body without knowing I was there. It was a wonderful sight to watch her carefully shave her legs and pussy. This was going to be so great with a fresh smooth pussy to enjoy.

Moving back into the living room, she reappeared all clean and dry, eager to begin; insecure in exactly what was going to happen. I had her stand in the center of the room and close her eyes while I walked around her and took in the view. Randomly touching and caressing her, her breathing quickened with each occurrence. I leaned in and surprised her with a kiss. It was hot and wet, like I imagined her pussy being. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as she quietly moaned and tried to keep her hands at her side.

I stood back and ran my fingers over her nipples, gently twisting each of Avcılar Escort them to get them hard. Inadvertently I feel her pushing her chest out for more. Reaching and grasping for more touch, she was getting very hot and I had just gotten started.

Untying her robe, I use the silk belt to tie her hands behind her back. Randomly kissing and touching, fingernails up the insides of the thighs. And then a sharp slap. “SMACK”, and she jumps and yelps, not expecting that. ‘Mmnnnnnn’ she moans, as I assure her to trust me. Always trust me, and do what you are told. I know what I am doing; you are just along for the ride, the ‘E’ ticket ride.

Pulling the robe off her shoulders I lower my mouth and suck in a hard nipple, twirling my tongue back and forth over the tip. She moans and her legs shake, but she stands her ground as I switch to the other nipple. Sucking and pulling as much of her tit into my mouth as I could, I left a small, hard bite mark that made her catch her breath.

“Pick a number between 1 and 10”, I asked her.

‘7’ was what she wanted, so seven was going to be the number of spanks I gave to her. I assume she knew what this meant, as her butt clenched up and she held her breath. ‘SLAP’, I smacked her butt. She jerked her leg into the air, but did not move. Pausing a few moments, I then slapped the other cheek. She didn’t flinch this time, but took it very well. Getting progressively harder with each spank, her face turned red, but she did not move.

‘Trust, remember, Dear’

Taking her by the hand, I lead her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed, very much enjoying her sights. She had very nice boobs, firm, maybe a 34c, but with jiggle and hard, hard button nipples. Flipping her over, her ass was firm and she was sticking it up proudly, and WOW, her pussy was incredibly wet. It was completely covered with moisture. I took both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart and licked her from button to hole.

What I got for that action was the first really loud moan from her. Taking my hard tongue and circling her asshole made her start mumbling oh god ‘OH GOD’. I moved my Beylikdüzü Escort head up and down, flicking her clit and pushing my face into her wet pussy lips. Her hips moved with my movements, and I sent my tongue in the opposite direction, driving her closer to her first unexpected orgasm. As she got closer and closer, I stopped and lightly started slapping her ass. Spanking her about 10 or 15 times, getting her butt nice and red, I then took a small bullet vibrator and turned it on, letting her listen and anticipate the humming and vibrating. I teased her asshole with it and then popped it inside with a slurp and she moaned even louder as her ass clenched up.

Slowly spanking her ass some more, I spread the hits over her thighs and cheeks. ‘Spank’ and rub, and spank, and pause, sometimes hitting light, sometimes hitting hard. Reaching down, I slid my fingers thru her pussy lips and squeezed her clit. It was so wet my fingers just slid right inside her pussy. She took a deep breath and really moaned as I rotated my wrist and slid 3 fingers inside.

She must have felt very full, but liked it enough to push back against my hand and want more. In and out, I alternated from one to three fingers, wiggling them and stroking her G spot. She had never felt this before and I could see the look of confusion on her face. Slowly stopping, I let her calm down and take a short rest. Turning her onto her back, I gave her a big kiss, my mouth covered in her pussy juice. She eagerly slurped it up and kissed me with such passion, it felt like she would explode.

I move down, stopping at her lonely nipples, enjoying them as my appetizer before the main course. Taking a clothespin from a bag I brought, and gently clipping it to the outside edge of her nipple, produced a wonderful sound from my little plaything as the look on her face turns from ‘what is that’ to ‘oh god this hurts’. Quickly I place a pin on the other nipple, right on the edge. Another pin next to the first continues the anguish of ‘this hurts but this feels good’.

After putting four pins on each areola, I slid my hand down between her legs, Esenyurt Escort using my fingertip to gently rub her clit. Yeah, she liked that, getting audibly louder in her moans and groans. As I watched her thrusting her hips up to find my finger, begging for more, I started taking the pins off her nipples one by one. She took a deep gasp of breath and had an ecstatic and painful look on her face. Once all 8 pins were off, I licked and sucked her nipples and tits into my mouth, running my tongue over the indentations in her skin from the clothespins.

It was the first time she broke ranks and touched me back, taking my head and pulling it into her breast. I sucked harder, biting her nipples and she was right on the edge of cumming. I decided to make her a little bit wetter, so I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed, spread them wide, and dove right in.

“Oh mmmmm oh oh” was all I heard as I licked her wet pussy. It was fat and puffy, her lips full of blood, and I sucked and slurped and ran my tongue over every inch of it.

Eventually, I moved my interest to her clit. It was a slippery little button, but I kept after it. Her hips were rocking, and her legs were quivering so I slid a finger into her pussy. She came immediately as I inserted 2 and then 3 fingers, moving them back and forth and twirling my wrist from side to side. It was incredible to watch her face and body respond as I pushed a single finger in and I stroked her G spot.

Having never felt that before must have scared her because the shock of cumming that hard caused her to gush pussy juices all over my hands and face. Licking her now super sensitive clit made her hips rock back and forth violently as she screamed for more. She was repeating ‘oh god oh god oh god’ for several minutes. I was impressed as she kept her legs apart and her hands to herself. This is not an easy thing to do in the middle of an orgasm.

I kept licking and fingering her pussy until she came a few more times, then let her calm down and relax. Rising up, I kissed her very wet mouth as her tongue flew into mine. Gee… she must have enjoyed that, I thought, LOL. Pulling her up and walking back into the living room was a true accomplishment for her also. By this point in the adventure, most women’s legs would be nothing more than jello.

A gentle kiss and a smile was what I left her with.

A huge stupid grin was what I saw on her face.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32