The Garbage Collector Pt. 05

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The trash dumping yard is a place that can strike your nostrils even from a long distance. So was the case for Jia who could smell it before reaching there. Geeta was a regular in this deserted place and thus it had little effect on her. But Jia was a first timer and hence the strong stinky smell of the place was overpowering her senses. As she approached the place with her lover late in the night she felt horny and dizzy at the same time. The dumping yard was a low lying place near a cliff-like region from the top of which Geeta and other garbage collectors threw their garbage bags away. The lovers decided to stop on the edge of that cliff. They placed the bed sheets on the ground and sat on them.

Jia said, “Oh my love, how much this place stinks!”

Geeta laughed and said, “That is why it is the dumping yard honey. I come here everyday to dump the garbage. However, I leave as soon as I have disposed off the garbage. Tonight is the first time that I am staying here for a longer duration. Now babe before we proceed, why don’t you first tell me more about Radha.”

Jia said with a grin, “You can’t wait to hear more of her I see. First let us take off our clothes and then I will tell you about our next encounter.”

Both the lovers stripped nude and started to kiss each other. Geeta caressed Jia’s boobs and kissed her on her neck and shoulders. Ummm was the sound that escaped Jia’s lips, and she narrated her next encounter with Radha, the drain cleaner woman.

-Day by day Radha became more and more involved in my life. She used to make me lick her armpits and pussy, and pee in my mouth on a regular basis. One night when everyone in the orphanage was sleeping (including the guard) Radha sneaked inside and with a slight whistle signalled me to go out with her. My roommate Kavita was fast asleep and hence she didn’t notice that I had gone out.

-I was naturally nervous as I tiptoed my way out of the orphanage with Radha. As both of us reached our regular meeting place behind the big bush, I said, “How could you call me out so late in the night? Don’t you see there is a big risk of me getting caught?”

Radha got angry and she pushed me onto the ground. She said sternly, “How dare you question me, slave? Don’t forget you are nothing but my whore.”

-I stammered, “No no, what I meant was that…err…that if anybody from the orphanage would have seen us…”

Radha was pissed and she angrily replied in a husky voice, “That’s nothing that you are required to worry about. You only need to focus on serving me. I am going to punish you tonight since you had pissed me off with your questions.”

-I was afraid about what this dark, mature drain cleaning woman had in her mind. I waited in trepidation as Radha lifted her petticoat up and instead of the regular pee or pussy humping on my face she turned her back towards me. To my horror I could see her big black buttocks nearing me as Radha slowly sat down on my face. She perfectly placed her asshole on my mouth and pushed her weight on my face, smothering me in the process.

-The dark night grew even darker for me as Radha’s ass engulfed my face. My nose was tightly pressed by the ass and hence I wasn’t able to breathe. I tried to struggle but in vain as I was no match to the strength of Radha. She extended both her legs and placed them on my body and further shifted her weight backwards, putting more pressure on my face. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe and I was gasping for air.

Geeta was absolutely horny listening to Jia’s words and started to bite Jia’s body, the passion was so much that she didn’t care about how hard she was biting, and each bite was making Jia squeal. As she continued her bites Geeta murmured, “Don’t stop babe continue your narration.”

Jia only managed, “Aargh,, ohhh…baby please be gentle with your bites. Uhhhh…”

Geeta replied, “I can’t help myself honey, you are making me super horny. You will have to continue your narration in this manner only.”

Geeta’s teeth sank in Jia’s skin in various places, giving obvious bite marks. Jia’s body trembled but she continued her narration.

-I couldn’t find any chance to breathe and was struggling under Radha’s ass. I threw my hands around in desperate gasps For air but everything was in vain as Radha seemed to press her ass more tightly on my face. For a moment I felt that I was going to die out of suffocation. But just then Radha lifted her ass up from my face and oxygen filled in my lungs. Oh what a relief it was after being deprived of air for some time. I breathed in and out for some time and normalised my breathing process. Radha who was sitting by my side said, “See you bitch how I control your breath. Don’t piss me off ever again. Your punishment will continue however, this was only the first one.”

-Her words frightened me and I begged before her, “Please no more punishments please. I will do whatever you say. I won’t ask anything again.”

Radha looked pleased by my begging and said, “Okay prove it to me slave. Do as I command you. Come kocaeli escort bayan behind me and kiss my ass.”

-Radha stood up with her petticoat still raised, exposing her panty-less, naked butt towards me. I folded my legs from my knees and sneaked behind her. The big, black ass was right before me. Radha’s sweaty body smell was engulfing my senses as I took my face forward towards the buttocks. I kissed the drain cleaning woman’s ass. It was smelly and slippery due to Radha’s sweat, but fearing further punishment I didn’t withdraw my mouth. I kissed, I sucked, I licked the ass. My mouth travelled all over those black buttocks, from right to left and again to the right. Radha was abusing me with moans of satisfaction, she was really loving it to be her ass worshipped by me.

Geeta couldn’t hear further and she immediately placed her pussy on Jia’s mouth. Before Jia could react Geeta started to rub her pussy vigorously on Jia’s mouth. Jia tried to lick Geeta’s dripping cunt but Geeta’s speed was too much for her. Geeta moaned, “Ummmm,, ooooohhhh,,, aaaaaahhh” as she rubbed her pussy on the housewife’s mouth. Geeta stopped for a split second and turned around, so that her ass was on Jia’s face now and she was facing Jia’s body. She started to ride again, humping her pussy and ass on Jia’s pretty face. Geeta started to squeeze Jia’s boobs too as her hairy dripping cunt rubbed on Jia’s mouth.

Jia was completely subdued by Geeta’s aggressive sex and she was unable to do anything. The smell of the garbage yard had already made her dizzy and this aggression was making her tired. She heard Geeta’s moans and breaths grow rapid as her pretty face was continuously invaded by the garbage lady’s cunt. Geeta’s ass was coming up and down on her face, and the squeezing of her boobs was making her uncomfortable too. She was getting horny and uncomfortable at the same time.

Geeta suddenly got down from Jia’s face and in a rapid action placed her pussy right on Jia’s mouth. Jia thought that Geeta wanted her to lick her pussy but Geeta had other plans. She said in a gasping voice, “Open your mouth Jia, keep it open that’s it.”

Jia opened her mouth and Geeta released her urine in Jia’s mouth. The garbage lady had peed in the housewife’s mouth. Jia tasted the salty, pale yellow liquid as it went from her mouth down to her throat. She gulped the urine of her lover. The taste reminded her about the urine of Radha which she had gulped some years ago, not much difference was there in the taste, the stickiness and the smell of the urine. After emptying her bladder Geeta said, “Now you may continue your narration babe. Where were we? You were kissing the drain cleaning woman’s ass isn’t it?”

Geeta’s words were sounding like taunts to Jia, but she was not in a condition to judge that. She had just drunk urine from her lover and also her nostrils were being burnt by the stinky smell of the nearby garbage dumping yard. She was feeling powerless, a state in which she was some years ago, a state of submission to the dominant Radha. She liked the kinkiness of the situation, she felt like she was destined to lick pussy, ass, feet and also drink pee. So, as Geeta mounted her body and started to kiss her neck, Jia immediately continued her narration.

-I was kissing Radha’s ass continuously, my lips and my tongue running on the coarse skin, not missing even an inch. Radha was making soft purrs of satisfaction, I could feel her fingers pleasuring her own pussy. After some slurping kisses on the black buttocks of the mature woman, I decided to move a step further and slowly separated the asscheeks. The dark crater was unhidden and the small puckered hole or Radha’s ass was visible. I extended my tongue and started to lick the drain cleaning woman’s asshole. Radha moaned as she felt my tongue slowly move up and down in her asshole. The smell of her ass and also the taste was filling my senses but I was going strong in licking her asshole. Radha was vigorously fingering herself and making moans and abuses.

-My tongue was wiggling in the asshole of Radha, my desires rising up in the heat of the situation, I occasionally put my nose in Radha’s asshole and sniffed the smell from her ass. Gradually I was starting to like sniffing and licking her ass and Radha was moaning continuously now with my tongue pleasuring her asshole. My tongue was getting adjusted to the earthy taste and my nose to the smell of the puckered hole. I pulled my mouth back a little and then pushed it again, my tongue coming in and out of the asshole of the drain cleaning woman in a fucking position. I repeated this tongue fuck for sometime and then again concentrated on licking the asshole slowly from top to bottom. My energy seemed unlimited as my tongue moved in every possible corner of Radha’s asshole that it could reach. Radha was in seventh heaven now and soon her fingering and my pleasuring took her to a thunderous orgasm.

-Even after she had cum she trembled a bit but remained in the same position for some more time and enjoyed my ass licking. izmit escort bayan I licked and sniffed her asshole for some more time and then finally Radha turned around and stopped me. She sat by my side on the ground. Panting heavily she said, “That was awesome bitch. Always be prepared to lick my feet, armpits, pussy and asshole. Always be ready to drink my pee as your holy drink. This is your destiny. Your worth is nothing but to be my slave, my whore.”

-Her words were humiliating but I wasn’t feeling so. Her words felt like prophecy to me. What she said seemed to be so true, I did all this without any objection, any disobedience, or any reluctance. As if my very life depended on it, I felt that I must and always sexually serve this mature woman who cleaned the drains of people. I felt that though I never had developed any feelings for this woman, not even attraction, but I felt myself submitted to her. Everything she wanted of me I needed to fulfill.

Geeta was fondling Jia’s skin as the garbage collector attentively listened to her lover’s narrative. As Jia stopped she asked, “So, this continued everyday from then on isn’t it? For how many days did you sexually serve this woman? And how did it end?”

Jia could feel the urgency in Geeta’s voice, she wanted to know more of Radha. The housewife understood that the garbage collecting woman was now obsessed with listening to her humiliation in the hands of Radha. Maybe it pleased her very much, maybe it added to the kink of their affair. Jia understood that her spicy narrative had made Geeta super horny and she wanted more of it. It seemed their own relationship had taken a step back and the narrative of her past had come to the forefront. She looked into Geeta’s eyes and said, “Honey don’t you think we are enjoying less of our sex lives and concentrating more on my past encounters with Radha?”

Geeta readily replied, “Yes of course but your past is such a turn on for me that I can’t help it anymore. I need to know the details of how you were made to do various tasks by the drain cleaning woman. Oh your encounters were so, so hot!”

Jia said, “Ok as you wish, my love but will you please let me cum once before that? Honey, please help me out.”

Geeta replied, “No, no baby, you first tell me your encounters, I will definitely lead you to your orgasm after that.”

The cool breeze of the night caressed the nude bodies of both women, the stinky smell of the dumping yard now a part of their intake of oxygen. Jia started her narration again as Geeta sat on her belly and listened.

-This became a daily affair now, everyday Radha would make me lick her entire body to her heart’s content. It became such a regular habit that I started to feel the taste and smell of her sweat and cum all the time, even when she wasn’t around. Radha would pee in my mouth once or twice everyday and I used to gulp the entire liquid all the time. In addition to that I got plenty of ass licking and sniffing everyday. My days as a whore were going on in full swing along with my days in my college and at the orphanage. Surprisingly not a single person could track us ever.

-Finally all this came to an end when suddenly Radha fell very ill and had to be taken to a nearby town for treatment by her brother. She never returned from there nor did I get any news from her. I still remember the last encounter that I had with her. This was the day after my 21st birthday. I had graduated from college and after a small party in a nearby hotel with my friends I was coming back home. Radha and I had by then found a small hideout for our sexual adventures. I directly went there to meet her. You know babe that place was also near a dumping yard like this. However it was at a certain distance more than where we are right now. Radha was already waiting for me there.

-She looked at me and said, “My whore looks super happy today after having passed college. Alright now you have to make me happy too. Do your initial ritual.”

My everyday initial ritual was to sit on the ground and bend myself to kiss and lick her feet. Radha had made this rule so that I could convey my obedience to her as her slut. That day too I did the same and bent myself to kiss and lick her dirty toe fingers. I eagerly licked the entire feet of Radha and sucked her each and every toe finger to satisfy her urges. She told me to sniff and lick her armpits.

-It was a hot humid day and Radha’s hairy armpits were full of sweat. As she lifted one of her arms I readily put my nose on the pit and sniffed the sweaty odour. The sticky sweat drenched my nose and mouth as the strong body odour of Radha filled my senses. The place was also stinky being near to a dumping yard, but Radha’s sweaty body odour diminished that smell for me. After sniffing for some more time I took my tongue out and started to lick the sweaty patch of hair in the underarm. My tongue rotated in small circles and then moved up and down on the hairy and sweaty pit, tasting the sweat of the drain cleaning woman. Radha gebze escort was moaning and with her other hand scratching my back in passion. I repeated the act with the other armpit as well and Radha made sure that it was a long session of licking.

As Geeta listened to Jia’s account she while sitting on Jia’s belly started to squeeze and sometimes pinch Jia’s boobs. She then turned Jia on her belly and sat on her back, facing towards the housewife’s feet. She started to occasionally spank Jia’s ass and that made Jia squeak in pleasure and pain. Jia continued her narration as Geeta spanked her whenever she liked to do so.

-Radha said to me, “Well done whore. Now time for your holy water.”

I sat on the ground with my mouth wide open waiting for Radha to pee in my mouth. As Radha lifted her petticoat and came near me I had my eyes closed, but had to open it as instead of peeing in my mouth, Radha started to pee on my neck and my boobs. Remember that I wasn’t naked that time and hence the urine of Radha drenched my clothes. I made a squeaky noise out of shock but what had happened couldn’t be undone now. Radha had a huge smile on her face as she said, “Water is not only for drinking but for bathing as well.”

-I said, “But how am I going to return to the orphanage in such clothes? It is going to stink and everything will be revealed. When I drink your pee I wash my mouth and go but this time if I wash my clothes they won’t dry soon and I would have nothing to wear before going to the orphanage.”

-I almost had tears in my eyes as I spoke but Radha didn’t show any mercy. She said, “I told you once that you dare not question me ever. And also remember that I had told you to always take off your filthy clothes before you serve me. You forgot to do so this time and hence this is all on you now. Now hurry and take off your clothes. I want you fully nude.”

-I complied with her orders and stripped nude. Radha stuffed my own panty in my mouth and gagged me. She then whispered in my ears, “Now it is time for your punishment for not taking off your clothes and also for questioning me.”

-I with teary eyes full of trepidation and gagged mouth waited for Radha’s actions. She started to slap all over my body, my boobs, my belly, my thighs, my back and my ass. Her slaps weren’t hurting at all but she made sure that they added to my discomfort. She also made sure she slapped on the same spot twice or thrice. I was making squeaky noises but the sounds were muffled by the gag. My body was trembling as Radha continued her mild slaps all over my body. After about five minutes of continuous slaps she stopped and removed the gag.

Geeta had by now spanked Jia’s ass plenty of times and that was showing as the colour of the milky white ass had turned into a tinge of mild red. Jia was in quite discomfort as in addition to the spanks on her ass she also had to endure Geeta’s full weight on her back. And ignoring all these she had to narrate her sexual encounter with Radha.

-Radha took out the panty from my mouth and said, “Bitch did you like your punishment? This is what a slut like you deserve. Now lie down on the ground. Do it fast, don’t keep me waiting.”

I immediately did what Radha ordered me to do. The dark mature woman stood by my side and placed her right foot on my face. She rubbed her foot on my cheeks, nose and mouth. She told me to open my mouth and inserted her toe fingers in my mouth. I was feeling gagged but dared not complain. As Radha pushed her toes in and out of my mouth I tried my best to lick them. She then took out her feet, only to insert the heel of her foot in my mouth, as much as possible. She repeated her act with the left foot as well, feet fucking my mouth. She then sat on my belly.

-I was getting humiliated every moment but strangely enough I was getting turned on. My pussy was dripping wet and deep down inside I knew that I liked it. I liked to be humiliated, to be used as a slave by this drain cleaning woman. As Radha sat on my belly and placed the palms of her feet on my face, I readily started to lick them. I was licking them with moaning sounds and with closed eyes. I was loving every moment of it!

-After a few minutes of feet worship Radha stood up and sat on my face. My ever eager tongue readily went into her dripping pussy and started licking. Radha called me by names of slut, bitch, whore as she felt my tongue moving in her pussy. I sucked at her clit and my tongue moved up and down in her pussy. Radha occasionally shifted herself so as to allow me to lick her asshole as well. Radha’s moans were becoming so loud that it could have been heard easily but since we were near a dumping yard nobody was around.

-My vigorous licking of the cunt of the drain cleaning woman had made her cum already but Radha didn’t get off my face. She made me lick her asshole again and again. A point came when rational thinking had left my mind, my tongue was aching but still going strong inside Radha’s asshole. She was moaning and abusing all the time and grinding her ass on my face. Soon she cum again and this time she squirted her juices on my face. Finally it was over and Radha got up from my face. She took my dress and rubbed off the traces of cum and urine from my body. Then to my utter surprise she took out a packet and gifted it to me.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32