The Excercize Ball

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Double Penetration

Leaning into the cherry wood desk, he reached for the switch on the brass lamp, turning it off. He had finished some work he had been needing to do on the computer.

As he left the office, he could hear the beat from her excersize CD coming from the den. He didn’t always understand her choice of music, but he never complained when she put her excersize routine to her selections. The visual was always nice. The rewards were more than worth it as far as he was concerned.

He had completed his workout, followed up with a hot shower. He had slipped on his track pants and a t-shirt that clung to his shoulders, chest and abdomen like an extra layer of skin.

He poured him a tall glass of orange juice, leaned against the island and quenched his thirst. As he held the glass to his lips, a smile spread over his face as the music blared. He rinsed the glass and placed it in the sink.

The music from the den changed.

He recognized the tune. It was a Boney James tune called ‘Sensual.’ The clarinet was emitting an array of sounds that were mesmerizing. He thought to himself what a great choice for a cool down and decided to look in on her.

As he stepped to the doorway to the den, his eyes had to adjust to the dim lighting. His hands resting on his hips, he scanned the spacious room. He then noticed her on the other side of the overstuffed sofa. He swallowed trying to wet his throat … it had suddenly gone dry due to the sight before him.

She had mentioned that she was taking part in a morning exercise class with some friends. He, just at that moment, remembered her asking him about what color he liked seeing her in. She told him she would be purchasing a ‘ball’ for her class. Now he was glad he told her turquoise. There she was, not knowing he was watching, her body carefully balanced on a big pearlized, turquoise ball.

As she straddled the ball, he marveled at her posture. A pair of high cut turquoise panties covered her heart shaped ass. Her spine was in perfect alignment. The t- back top was a lighter shade of turquoise. It stretched over her, showing the lines of her upper body. The stretchy fabric divided and seem to melt over her shoulders. Her exposed neck appeared so inviting to him as little ringlets kissed at it. Her shoulders held high, her upper arms held against her body, her palms resting lightly on her knees. Her calves seemed to be griping the ball.

He could feel the front of his tracks begin to tent as his cock and brain began to communicate. He placed his open hand over his growing cock and pressed it against his body … and watched her.

Her left foot pushed slowly as she allowed her right foot to lift and slide as the ball rolled between her spread legs. She then pushed with her right foot in the same manner. Her posture never changed. The only visible sign that her position had changed was the slight shift in the fabric covering her ass. This made his eyes linger there.

The seductive music continued to play. He watched as she slowly slid her hands up her thighs, up her ribs and lifted them over her head. Her fingers laced, she began to turn at the waist a little and bend to the left. She brought herself back, a slight twist at the waist, she bent to he İstanbul Escort right.

He loved the way her breast looked in the over stretched top. As she raised and lowered her arms, her shoulder blades seemed to butterfly. She never lost her balance as she continued her side rolls and her over head stretches. He knew this took alot of concentration.

He realized he was stroking himself with his open hand in time with he music.

The music faded into a tune called ‘Infatuation.’ She gracefully began to move her legs to the front of the ball as she rolled it forward, slowly placing the ball in the small of her back. Her fingertips rest on her tummy. He watched as she slowed her breathing in time with the music.

From where he stood, he could see the triangle of fabric that covered her trimmed pussy. His eyes followed the turquoise fabric as it flowed between her thighs. She spread her legs a little to help balance her 135 pounds evenly. After folding her arms under her breast, she began to lift her upper body in an upright position as the ball easily rolled over the swell of her ass. Then she lowered her body back down. He watched as her breast swelled with every intake of air. He watched as her inner thighs would absorb the strain on her toned muscles.

He stroked faster thinking to himself how he enjoyed her closing her thighs around him as he feast on her delicious pussy.

She had done three reps of this and he was glad it was over. He was not sure he could remain away from her much longer.

She kept her breathing in check and began to roll the ball to the middle of her back … her arms were now under her head. Her feet and knees were brought together and held that way, tight. She begin to allow her knees to drop … opening her legs while her feet remained together. Her breathing was in time with the opening and closing of her legs. He watched as the outer edges of flesh at her pussy would come visible each time. That is when he noticed that when she closed her legs… a perfect cameltoe would form as if her pussy was gently sucking at her panties.

He wanted to see the sweet show from a better angle but without disturbing her. He quietly moved to the end of the sofa feeling the weight of his cock bounce as he moved into place.

The sight before him was delicious. He watched as the cameltoe faded away as her knees would drop, then reappear as her knees touched. From there his eyes would catch a flicker of light that was bouncing off her gold ‘S’ charm as it moved at her navel. That against a back drop of her 36 D tits overlaid in turquoise. By now he had slipped his hand inside his track pants and had taken his throbbing cock in his grip. He had watched her and she had totally fucked him up and she didn’t even know it. He noticed his breathing had become labored and he knew he needed release.

The song faded into ‘Lights down low’ and his need grew.

Her eyes were closed. She slowly spread her feet for balance. Her hands had been moved to the center of her tummy. He watched as her little hands moved over her soft tanned skin. Her fingertips carefully lifted the elastic of her panties. He watched as her fingers showed movement under the stretchy fabric. Escort Bayan She bit the right side of her bottom lip and held it. He watched as a sweet smile came over her face.

Her eyes opened … she knew he was there all along.

He pulled at the waist of his tracks and stepped out of them, he moved closer to her as she was still positioned on the ball.

She glanced quickly at his heavy, thick cock and then to his full balls. As she looked up at him she stated in a whisper, ” nice balls.”

He replied with a sexy smile, “thank you … they are good for excersize too. Trust me? “

Her fingertip dipped into her slit as she gave him a careful nod.

The music continued as he knelt to the right of her but far enough away so that he could maneuver he ball. He placed his hands to her ankles and slowly turned the ball so that her head and shoulders were on the sofa. Her lower back rested on the turquoise ball allowing for fluid movement.

He whispered, “I’ve got you. Just relax.”

Her eyes closed, her arms then spread out along the sofa.

She felt him place his hands on the ball, then his lips to her inner thigh. He had just enough stubble to make a rush of excitement rush to her clit even though it hadn’t been touched. He slowly kissed his way up her inner thigh. At times lingering long enough to suckle on her skin. He had nice lips. She was overwhelmed by them, regardless of where they were placed. She could feel the warmth of his breathing getting closer to her damp crotch. He wasted no time placing his mouth on her panties and mouthing her. Her back arched and she felt the ball move under her a little. Just then he placed the tip of his tongue at her slit and pressed her panties into it forming a cameltoe. Her pussy was so wet the panties had to be drenched, yet they stayed embedded into her folds. Her nails scratched at the cushions on the sofa.

He felt the precum dripping from the tip of his engorged cock.

She felt the fabric being pulled from her folds as he inhaled her. He flattened his tongue and begin to repeatedly lick her. Tasting her juices through her little panties. Looking up over her mound he could see her breast swelling as she felt her pleasures. Her head tilted upward and he knew as he looked at the sweet skin under her chin, he had her.

He held the ball securely between his legs and pressed against the sofa. He took some of the fabric at her crotch between his teeth. Tugging at it, he managed to place his nose there and pushed the panties away from her pussy. With expertise he took the crotch and pulled at the panties sliding them down enough so he could get to her sweetness. He slipped the tip of his tongue to the blood filled hood that was peeking out as if to welcome him. The flicking all around her sensitive flesh caused her to roll her ass on the ball. The two of them worked out a rhythm in record time with the music, her control over her breathing was long gone.

Her skin was flushed. Her body was wanting him SO bad. He loved to get her to this point. The point to where she was going to beg if necessary.

Her gasp filled the room over the sensual music when he quickly sunk his tongue into her. He was relentless at Eskort this point. He piston his tongue in and out of her feeling her slickness coating his tongue. He stopped pushing his tongue into her, yet the fucking continued. She was thrusting with such force that the ball had enough bounce to it to push her pussy back on his stiff tongue … just to slide off and bounce back again. Her back arched and the ball began to roll more as she rode his proxy cock. With his tongue still being used, he tilted his head enough so that the little ‘v’ in the center of his top lip began to tap her exposed clit as he held her hood back with his fingers. He was having to keep in control of the ball and just the feel of it touching his cock at times was making his balls ache more. As her orgasm seared through her body, she pushed up with her arms on the sofa. He began to lap at her pulsating pussy as he looked up at her. The look of pleasure poured from her eyes as he continued to finish his woman off. He loved that look.

He smiled that smile that melted her as it always did and said, ” lay back … you trust me….”

She let her arms spread again as she lowered her back .

He carefully stood holding onto the ball. Placing his legs securely against it, feet spread and reinforced against the sofa.

He bent his knees slightly, took her legs in his hands and lifted them. He held them to his chest as he pressed his cock to the bends of her knees. She could feel his precum left on her skin. He lowered himself a little more. Gathering her legs in one hold, he lowered his left hand to his cock. He then pushed it down with two fingers and aimed it at the target. The head pressed at her opening. He felt it pop into her on the second push. In a crouching position, he began to fuck her with an animal like instinct. He heard her grunts as he pounded into her swollen pussy. His satisfaction was all that was on his mind. Her sounds of pleasures were punctuated by his thrusts. She felt the wetness of his chest hair on the back of her calves. He had managed to open her up completely. She could feel his cock tapping at the opening of her cervix. His pelvis was slamming into her with such force. She was so full … it was a nice thought he could only go in as deep as his balls. She knew he was there as his balls slapped quickly at her wet ass. Again, the ball just kept her pussy bouncing back for more of his pounding. As he kissed the back of her legs, still in a crouched position, a low animal like growl started to escape him. She felt the first blast of his cum spray deep inside her. He held her legs tight and shuddered as the second one exploded. Then, it was just noticeable pulses and twitches that slowly subsided.

He lowered her legs as he stood, still applying pressure to the ball to keep it from rolling out from under her. It was obvious by the look on her face she was not able to balance herself after what had just happened. He got back on his knees against the ball and reached for her hands. He gently pulled her up and allowed the ball to roll forward enough to slide her into his arms.

A slap at the ball and it was rolling away from them.

She wrapped her legs around him as he sat Indian style with her in his lap.

He begin to place soft kisses on her, kissing at the damp ringlets on her neck.

She softly whispered as she felt their mixture ooozing from her pussy, ” wanna come for a demo on THAT particular excersize with the ball?”

He growled.

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