The End of the Affair

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The ribbons and dollops of cum decorating her chest and belly leap from the surface of her slick skin and are sucked back into the slit of his ruddy, rigid, pulsing cock. The hot, white cum gathers quickly into a stream above her sweat-sheened flesh and rapidly arrows back into his prick, which he strokes overtop her while making slightly strangled-sounding gasps. The head of his tool bulges, and he continues quickly massaging the head briefly even after it has withdrawn the generous load that only moments before streaked and splattered her flesh.

He quickly retreats from his place overtop her and takes a position between her legs, where he slides his cock between the pinkish-brown lips of her glistening cunt and begins fucking her rapidly, pounding her pussy, hammering out and in, out and in, while she bucks through small spasms beneath him: one, followed briefly by another, then followed even less briefly by yet another. Suddenly she seems near to burst with her orgasm at the same moment he stops his pumping and holds his cock still and buried in her throbbing cunt. Her back arches up abruptly off motel bed, her tiny hands clutching fistfuls of sheet, her mouth opened wide, the muscles of her stomach stretched taut, and her throat convulsing silently. She slumps back to the bed and her body curls forward, straining almost, and her hand snaps down to between her legs as he starts fucking her again, this time less rapidly: more measured, long strokes of his cock with hard finishes when he drives it to the hilt, as her fingers flash at her clit and her tits bounce in time to his thrusts. She watches his cock—cuntslick and satiny in the dim light—gliding in and out of her.

He continues fucking her. His arms are posted hard into the bed, holding him Escort İstanbul up above her. She lifts both of her legs and bends them back far, and as she does, he lifts up slightly and put his hands in the crocks of her knees, spreading her wide. The velvety sheen of sweat glazing her breasts and neck slowly fades, dries, and droplets of sweat from her belly fly up and clung to his forehead in small beads, before gradually diminishing, drawing back into his pores.

He brings her spread legs together slightly, drapes them over his shoulders, and then leans gently into them, bending them back over her, pressing her knees almost to her shoulders. He shortens his thrusts, keeping himself mostly deep, rocking against her, and his mouth stretches into a smile. She withdraws her hand from her pussy, grabs her right breast and begins kneading and fondling it. He grabs her other breast and begins doing the same. She looks in his eyes and speaks to him firmly, something, and continues repeating it until her voice softens, and soon she is just murmuring. Her legs fall from his shoulders and rest on the bed on either side of him, her knees bent slightly.

She closes her eyes, opens her mouth wide, and exhales sharply as he slowly withdraws his erect cock from her pussy. He holds his cock in his hand and draws the head of it back and forth against her clit, and then up and down the slightly parted lips of her cunt. He walks backwards on his knees until he is almost at the foot of the bed, then lays down and put his head between her legs, and she rolls back slightly, lifting her hips up off the bed. Her hand darts down and grabs a tight fistful of his hair as he works the tip of his tongue against the tight, spasming starburst of her asshole, forcing it İstanbul Escort Bayan minutely in, and then flicking it against her nervy, sensitive bud. Presently, he makes only light licks against it, and her breathing calms.

Her hips relax and her ass drops back down to the bed, and he forcefully muscles his tongue into her sopping, swollen cunt, lapping at it vigorously, hungrily, two of his fingers pistoning in and out as her trim belly clenches and slackens, clenches and slackens. The racheting in her torso gradually diminishes as his licking and finger-fucking of her pussy takes a more casual pace. Slowly he slips his fingers out of her and licks more gently, alternating the strokes of his tongue with gentle kisses that stray to the insides of her thighs.

He crawls backwards on his knees off the end of the bed and stands at the foot of it, naked, his cock fully erect and glistening wetly. She’s also completely naked, laying spread eagle on the bed before him. Suddenly, a deep depression forms in the bed beneath her and just as quickly re-expands, sending her, it seems, flying toward him, and she lands on her feet directly in front of him and he catches her, his bands beneath both her arms. She forces his arms down then and lands on her knees in front of him, and her mouth engulfs his wet, hard cock, and he moves hands his from her armpits and tangles his fingers in her red waves of hair. She’s eagerly sucking him, her lips moving rapidly back and forth along his shaft in tandem with her hand that twists down and back along its length, wet sucking sounds filling the motel room. His legs tremble violently at first, then gradually subside as he loosens his grip on her hair and she slows her pace. She treats his cock to long, smooth Anadolu Yakası Escort strokes of her lips and hand, then pulls back and flicks her tongue at the underside, pulling along its length more slowly as his erection slightly softens.

He frees a wave of red hair from behind her ear and looks down at her as she holds his half-erect prick and murmurs something to him. She stands quickly and they lock one another in an embrace, her mouth pressed hotly against his and pulling away, then again slightly less urgently.

They separate and move away from each other. He walks backward across the room and she follows him. She steps into her skirt, puddled on the floor, and it rises up her legs and over her hips and she pulls up the zipper and cinches the clasp. She extends her hand and catches her brassiere as it leaps up from the floor and then slides up her arms and cups her breasts; she bends her arms behind her back and clasps it. At the same time, his shorts fly from across the room and one legs hooks around his foot as he steps into the other leg and they slide up over his shins, thighs, and ass.

Rapidly, clothes sail back to each of them from different parts of the room, until by the time he has backed all the way to the motel room door, they are both fully dressed. As soon as his jacket shrugs itself back up his arms and over his shoulders, she clutches it by both lapels and presses her mouth to his again, then quickly pulls back and releases him. The door opens behind him and he sidesteps it, then slips out of the room, and she closes the door in front of him.

She holds the knob lightly, briefly. She walks backwards quickly and sits on the edge of the bed, and immediately hears a soft, two-beat knock at the door. She leans back on her arms, throws her head back, her eyes closed, her face toward the ceiling. She sits up and reaches into her purse on the floor, pulls out a ring and, with some effort, screws it down onto the third finger of her left hand. Then she puts that hand on her leg and looks at it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32