The Discovery of New Anatomy

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Feeling himself being pushed down onto the couch behind him he looked up at the beautiful woman in front of him. He could only make out her face. . . Lisa it looks like, everything else was blurry until she lifted her shirt up and he saw one of the biggest pair of tits in his life. Looking around he would see her face and huge breasts. Bending over she whispered something in his ear that he couldn’t understand. And as soon as she finished whispering he felt his cock slip between her tits. They were so soft and smooth as his cock rubbed up and down between the huge and soft tits.

The couch started to rise as she stroked his dick faster and faster between her breasts. She kept looking up at him as they started to spin fast as they kept rising. On her knees, kneeling in front of him as he was sitting on the couch. He kept wondering how she wasn’t falling down as they went higher and higher. The softness of her breasts as he felt himself about to cum. That feeling befo-

“Hey! Wake up!” Lisa barged into her brother’s room without so much a knock. “Hey! Tim! Wake up! Ya lazy bastard!” She laughed as she saw his eyes open wide and he was taken out of his wet dream. No! No! No! he thought, as he was wakened by his sister who was bending over and eye level with him. Smiling at him and laughing.

“Morning woody!” She laughed, pointing out the tent in his sheets from his hard on. “What was ya dreaming about?” She teased him on.

“You.” He answered, then a flashback to his dream hit him and he remembered it was her. He went silent as he thought back about the dream he was having. Was it really her? he thought again.

“Oh my God! You sicko-pervo!” She laughed, then she ran out his room. She’s lively this morning, he thought.

Did I just dream about my sister tit fucking me, he thought back. Trying hard to remember all the details about his dream and piece it together. Watching her just run out of his room, he paid attention to her hair going everywhere and her nightshirt moving up and down slightly with each step she took. Showing the back of her thighs off well and he kept his eyes on her until she disappeared into the hallway. He is guilty of sneaking cheap peeks from her as she is in the bathroom peeing, drying, or taking a bath if she wasn’t shower that is, or try to catch her stepping out after a shower. It was harder to try and catch her in her room since her door is creaky and it doesn’t help any on the silent factor.

For some reason she was in a good mood and it kind of put him in a cheerful one as well. Her moods are always contagious. Everything about her is vibrant and bubbly from her shiny blonde hair, crystal clear blue eyes, and light complexion. She was like a damn walking light bulb, Tim would always joke with her if she was in an especially good mood. Rarely was she ever in a bad mood. But if she was. . . It stuck with her for a few days and the family seemed to always match her.

Tim on the other hand is the brains of the family. College boy. As Lisa calls him since he gotten a scholarship from doing so well in high school. Lisa had just graduated and was beaming from having a summer vacation that never ends. Well, almost never ends. She might be starting college at the same college her brother is going to but it either be in the winter or spring semesters the following year.

He was on summer vacation also and this was his first weekday being off and he was looking forward to sleeping in, but that was taken away when Lisa came in and woke him up. Wonder why she did that anyways? he thought putting on a pair of shorts and a white shirt, then headed out of his room to the bathroom.

After he finished in the bathroom he smelled breakfast and figure that was why Lisa woke him up. Following the scent to the kitchen he saw Lisa and his parents at the table plates all made up and sitting down.

“Hurry up and grab some breakfast before dad eats it all!” Lisa chirped up taking a drink of her juice. Dad chuckled and showed off his plate piled up with food.

“What is this?” Tim asked, seeing his parents all dressed and Lisa still in her nightshirt sitting at the table with one leg under her butt and the other swinging back and forth, her foot barely touching the ground.

“Your dad and I have to take a trip up north and see Aunt Bethany,” her sister who was recently divorced and just moving into a new house thanks to some settlement money. “The movers didn’t explain to her they were only unloading and not unpacking, so she needs some help setting up. Dad and I are going to go up there and help her unpack and probably have to stay a night or two. According how long it takes to figure out what goes where, unpacking, setting up, and then, probably check her divorce and settlement papers over and make sure everything is settled and done with also while we are up there.”

“Sounds like a busy trip.” He took a seat with his breakfast.

“Yes. And I am sure we do not need to go over the rules with us being gone.” illegal bahis She smiled at her two children.

“We know. Besides too hot out to do anything anyways. By time we make it to wherever we going probably die of heat exhaustion.” He joked, silently thanking central air as it kept the house nice and cool.

They lived in a fairly big house in a nice community due to both his parents being in the law profession. Hence them staying to check over Bethany’s divorce papers to make sure everything is settled. The benefits of having family in law. Tim and Lisa are good kids and rarely ever get in trouble. Few little things here and there maybe, but nothing involving police bringing them home in middle of the night or school problems where they ended up having to find another school to attend to.

“Yeah it is hot out. Summer around the corner so I guess this is the stepping stone to what is to come.” Their always insightful mother told them.

Breakfast went by with minimal conversation and right after their parents finished eating they went to get suitcases packed incase they stay more than a day. Tim found out why Lisa was in a good mood now with finding out the house would be empty with the exception of her brother.

Lisa always adored her brother and enjoyed spending time with him. At one time she even had a crush on him and thought he was the only male in the world that would ever have her. The things children think of when their only problems in life is when the broadcast emergency testing is interrupting cartoons in the morning. With Lisa is being tolerable and well to get along with Tim never found it hard to spend time with her and, well, he found her quite attractive and even protective and jealousy would come up sometimes. When she was back in high school and talk about a current boyfriend or guy she liked, he found himself either sizing the guy up seeing if he was acceptable or just finding himself jealous and wanting him nowhere near her. She was his sister and he didn’t want just any guy to have her. He knew she had been with couple guys before, but at least she didn’t turn out daddy’s little slut like some girls do who come from pampered, rich lives.

“We about to head out now!” Alan yelled out from the foyer.

“Coming.” Lisa called out from the kitchen. Tim followed behind Lisa as they went to say goodbye to their parents.

“We should be back by tomorrow night or Wednesday at the latest. We’ll call before we leave and when we get there.” Shirley covered the pleasantries of the leaving.

“You two be good. And Tim,” he patted his shoulder with his large hand, “look out for your sister.”

“I will. I have her cage prepared and all for occasions like this.” He joked. Lisa stuck her tongue out at him and let out a sarcastic laugh.

Alan was a big man who doesn’t come off as a lawyer at all. Looks more like one of those outdoorsmen who hunt and live in the wild. Beard and all with a thick body, and very burly and tall. Light brown hair and a matching beard he usually kept trim with being in office work. Tim felt the powerful hand on his shoulder and the rough squeeze his dad gave him. No wonder he is a successful attorney, he probably scares the courtroom shitless the moment he takes the stand. Their mother, Shirley, is a small and petite woman, just like Lisa, and both of them look even smaller standing next to him. But the both of them almost look alike except for a few things here and there. But body wise they are quite a lot alike. Thin, perky breasts, round little hips, and light skin. Same blonde hair and you could tell they are related.

Lisa wrapped her slender arms around him and hugged him goodbye and he bend down to let her give him his kiss on the cheek goodbye. “Love you, daddy.”

“You too, sweetie. Be good while we are gone.” He waited for Shirley to finish hugging and saying goodbye to them and they were off.

“House to ourselves for two days.” Lisa said as she and her brother were heading back to the kitchen.

“It is nice. What a way to start the summer off.” He kept behind her and noticed she was still in her nightshirt. He grabbed the bottom of it and pulled it up, “When you going to get out of your nightshi-” He was lost for words when he noticed his sister wasn’t wearing any underwear under her nightshirt. She jumped and moved away from him, her nightshirt falling back down over her small butt.

“Hey, you pervert! Just because you getting some of me in your dreams doesn’t mean you getting any in real life!” She joked, turning her head and laughed at him before running off to the kitchen.

“Bad enough you still in your nightshirt but you aren’t even wearing any underwear under it.” He yelled at her as she was already in the kitchen.

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it!” She laughed again and was already back in front of the sink cleaning the dishes from breakfast.

“What?” He tried to sound defensive. He never been that close to her in this way of actually illegal bahis siteleri seeing her naked, so yeah, he did enjoy. “Well I thought you would have common decency to at least wear some underwear with your nightshirt when you go to bed.”

“I don’t,” she looked at him with a teasing look, “I put my nightshirt on when I wake up.”

Tim was lost for words thinking of his sister sleeping naked in the very bedroom that is right next to his. As fast as the words went through his head he had pictured her sleeping naked in her bed. He felt awkward now, a taste coming in his mouth that felt like hitting a wall, he didn’t know if he should enjoy the next two days or what now.

“What?” She looked at him again while drying a dish. “Don’t be that way. Jeez. Ooh, your wittle sister sleeps naked in the privacy of her bedroom!” She said in a mocking tone. She saw he started to blush and held back a laugh.

He didn’t know what to say. It was one thing to peek, he thought, but another when it is out in the open, well, fuck, this is confusing. He kept cleaning the breakfast table.

“Oh no!” Lisa turned her back towards her brother and stuck her butt out a little, throwing her nightshirt up, baring her ass to him. “Your wittle sister’s butt is showing again! I wish you had a butt of your own so it wouldn’t be so awkward!” She teased him and started to back up in his direction and he was first caught off guard when he turned around and saw her showing him her bare ass willingly, but in a joking manner, and she kept moving closer. “Uh-oh! This foreign body part is hitting you. I hope you don’t find this strange, fascinating piece of human anatomy too much for you!” She rubbed against his jean shorts with her bare butt and was laughing giving him mocking sympathy and coos.

He froze and was too much in shock to get hard, until he started thinking about it, and next thing he knew it was no time at all before he felt his dick pushing against his underwear and shorts. “Stop that!” He told her.

Lisa didn’t let up and kept pushing him with her butt. He tried to shove her away but she was in too much of a playful, bubbly mood this morning to give up that easy. Lisa kept bouncing her butt off his hips and he wanted to look but was afraid to also. He kept himself close to the table hoping she would go back to drying the dishes and not notice his hard on.

“What’s wrong? Unable to bounce me back to drying the dishes?” She challenged him, still bouncing her bare butt off of his hip harder and harder each time.

“Mom and dad hasn’t even been gone for ten minutes and you already getting into trouble.” He told her, feeling her playfulness rubbing off on him now. “Besides I don’t want my butt of steel breaking your tiny little ass.” He found himself joking back at her now.

“Tiny? My butt isn’t that tiny! You should know, you saw it in the hallway and just now too.” She replied back still hitting him. She rolled her nightshirt up in a roll in her hands helping her hold her nightshirt with better ease.

“Shut it.” He knew she wasn’t going to let up now. She challenged and she always sees the challenge through. Lisa hit him good with her butt and nearly sent him across the breakfast table, but he caught himself with his hands and got balanced. “Ok, that’s it.”

He turned his back to her and stiffened his body. Still feeling his cock pushing against his shorts and it wasn’t helping any that it was rubbing against the edge of the table each time she hit him with her bare butt. With one powerful bounce, Tim hit his sister’s bare behind with his just as she straightened up and was about to deliver another hit. She was pushed a few feet away as she stumbled and she looked back at him and stuck her tongue out at him, letting her nightshirt fall back down over her butt.

“Meanie! Can’t even play with your little sister.”

“Oh yeah, because most sisters play with their brothers while exposing their butts! Then hitting them with it challenging them to a bounce-off contest.” He tried to compose himself and get his dick down, but no use, it was stiff and the strain against his shorts was keeping it hard.

“You never know. Might be some sisters that do that!” She laughed, then went back to her dishes and continued to dry them.

“Yeah, I guess.” He quickly went from the table to the island in the middle of the kitchen to clean the countertop on that.

Tim kept cleaning the tabletops and counters as Lisa finished up the dishes and put the leftovers up. Tim found his hard on went down since talking wasn’t really happening and all he was thinking about was cleaning the surfaces. He took longer than it should ever take to clean just counters. When they finished they went into the living room and fell back into the sofa and turned the television on.

“I hope your new discovery of a butt wasn’t too shocking for you to handle.” Lisa broke the silence from the few minutes that went by as they both watched TV.

“Yes. Because canlı bahis siteleri until this morning I have never known such a thing existed.” He went on with the joke. It is one thing peeking on her, it is another having such openness in it all.

“Aww,” she put her hand up to her chest as if she felt flattered and complimented, “I was your first of seeing this ‘butt?'”

With that, Lisa hopped on the couch, kept her lower legs crossed, then pulled her nightshirt up yet again and exposed her soft butt to her brother again. He looked over and quickly looked back at the TV. He had no idea what to do! He knew she was just kidding and he didn’t want to maybe freak her out and she sees him staring at her butt then gets freaked out and everything between them is either silent or permanently awkward.

“Good God! What is it with you showing your butt off today?” He asked her, mentally picturing himself in the setting in the TV show they are watching.

“You started it!” She said, moving her butt closer and closer to his face. “Since this is your first ever seen butt, and you obviously do not have one or else it wouldn’t be your firsthand experience of seeing one. Kiss it and welcome it into your life!” She laughed, and he felt her butt inches away from his face. He scooted down the couch only to have her scoot down as well. She had her nightshirt hiked up and all the excess rolled in her hand, tightly wrapped around her hips as she was, for the second time this morning, exposing her bare behind to him herself.

“What?” He had no idea if she was joking or not now. “How did I start it? And jeez, what is with you? You wake up on the frisky side of the bed today? You want to take a cold shower and maybe put more than one piece of clothing on yourself?” He couldn’t believe this, of all the nights he had fantasies of her, here she is showing her bare behind off of him and he is too nervous to act on it or enjoy it.

“No. You’re the one who lifted my nightshirt up in the hallway after mom and dad left. So you started it and you said yourself as well: ‘Until this morning I never known such a thing existed.'”

She pressed her butt against the side of his face and she rubbed it sideways demanding he kisses it for it being the first one he ever came across in his whole life. His cock went hard as hell this time, feeling her soft cheeks rub against his face and the cool flesh sent him over the edge. He tried to protest, but she moved the side of her hip in front of his mouth to muffle his protesting. He felt her soft skin against his lips and his tongue lightly went across her skin.

“Come on, show your thanks, and kiss each side for this being the very first, beautiful, perfect butt you have ever seen in your whole life.” She laughed as she saw him blushing and fidgeting around, not knowing what to do, from her bare butt being on the side of his face following her hip moving in front of his mouth each time he tried to say something.

He jumped up from the couch and she fell back on her butt in the indent of the armchair and the couch cushion. He laughed as she fell back, not expecting him to get up that fast, she stuck her tongue out at him and pushed herself out of the fold.

“I give you the privilege of kissing my sweet behind and you jump up!” She acted insulted. “It isn’t everyday I let someone kiss my ass, let alone, let them see it even.”

“Aww. I’m sorry. Here, bend over on the couch and I’ll kiss it.” He smiled, he was hoping she wouldn’t look at the side of his shorts where his cock was between his legs pushing out being held in place by the bound of his underwear from jutting straight out.

Lisa placed her knees on a seat cushion and reached around, lifting her nightshirt up again and revealing her ass to him, her legs crossed keeping her lower butt cheeks closed. “Go on, then, kiss it! Show it respect of it being first.” She looked back, then forward again.

Tim felt less nervous and took a few seconds to admire her butt since he first saw it this morning. Round, tight and soft looking, he looked at it and his eyes went down her legs. He stepped closer and without warning. . . he slapped her ass and came back and slapped it with the back of his hand getting both sides.

“OW!” She grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands rubbing them and also covering them from more slapping. “I said kiss — not hit!” She yelled out at him.

He was laughing as he watched her rub her bare behind and noticed red marks starting to show from where the middle part of his hand slapped her the hardest. His cock was still hard, and now pulsing from its confines between his underwear and being held in place by it firmly. He let it pulse and encouraged it as he watched her rub her butt.

She turned around and jumped at him, he lost balance and fell on the carpet floor. She was on top of his stomach straddling. She kept bouncing on it, hearing his grunts from her putting all her weight into her bouncing hard on his stomach. He noticed she kept getting closer and closer to his face and felt himself get weak from what she might do and her not wearing underwear and. . . He took hold of her waist and tried to get a grip on her but her bouncing prevented any good firm holds.

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