The Deal Ch. 03

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Charlie stood up, his fingers wet with her juice, her musky smell making him dizzy with anticipation. His hands ran up her legs and butt, lightly over her body, her back and then reached for her heavy breasts. He felt her tight nipples with satisfaction and squeezed them hard, smiling gently as she gasped. She was so responsive – he loved the way she had cum within minutes, her entire body shuddering with passion. He also enjoyed the way her pussy pulsated as she came, almost squirting juice. This was one fine woman…

“Jess,” he whispered, and turned her toward him, kissing her neck and face. He pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply, and his hands traveled to her butt and squeezed them hard. Her kisses were urgent, her tongue darting between his lips and she pulled his shirt out of his pants and he felt her scratching his back lightly fumbling under the cloth. He kissed back with raw passion, the heaviness of her breasts against his chest adding to his sensory pleasure. He smelt her perfume, her body and her hair, as his tongues touched soft lips and then touched hers with anticipation. They stood there for countless moments it seemed, as they clung to each other with desperate pleasure, and their hands explored.

Suddenly, she pulled away, and looked at him with a slight smile. Then, just as suddenly, she reached for his shirt and ripped it open, the buttons popping as she did so.

He gasped at the violence, and then grinned,” All you had to do was ask,”

“More fun this way, baby” she giggled, pulling off the shirt and tossing it to the ground. He looked at her in the dim light, and enjoyed her breasts as they bounced slightly. She was still in her heels, and her legs looked exotic in them. He moved to pull her closer, but she pushed him away.

“No way, kiddo,” she said sternly, still smiling,” Not until you take off your pants.” She stood with her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart showing her pussy off well,” I illegal bahis need to see some skin, buddy.”

He grinned, kicking off his shoes and socks and pulling off his pants, he said,” Good enough?” He still had a pair of soft, gray cotton boxers on, his cock making a tent of it. It felt good to be out of his clothes, and he felt the cool breeze in his boxers. His testicles were loose and hanging free, almost swinging.

“Good enough, I’ll take over now,” she said, as she reached for him. They kissed, their bare bodies touching for the first time, raising goosebumps in shock. He felt her nipples against his chest and he moaned, his own nipples hardening in response. She grasped his butt cheeks through the boxers, and squeezed them hard, and then scratched his back gently. He pulled her closer and they started to grind against each other’s groin, still kissing as they moaned with pleasure. He felt his cock explode in hardness, yearning to be squeezed, touched, stroked. She seemed to sense it, and reached between their bodies, into the boxers. She grasped the base of his cock hard and moved up his shaft, still squeezing hard. They kept kissing deeply, and he was now in a frenzy, scratching her back lightly. Her hand moved up his cock and got to his head, and she was gentler now, touching him softly.

“You are uncut …” she said suddenly, surprised.

“Yes, does that bother you?” he whispered, concerned, his cock losing it hardness ever so slightly.

She giggled,” No .. no way,” she said, starting to kiss him,” I love that. I just didn’t expect it.”

She started to kiss his chest and then moved down his stomach, getting on her knees. He realized what she was going and moved his legs apart as she pulled his boxers down. He was delighted to hear her moan as she saw his cock spring free of the boxers, then settle to point straight at her face. His balls were swinging, cock, hard and erect.

She looked at it, a familiar thrill running illegal bahis siteleri through her body and touching her pussy. She loved it! It was perfectly formed, the head covered by the foreskin, but the slit showing, the tiny lips glistening. His scrotum was hanging loose, his balls huge and looking inviting. She obliged and cupped them in her hand, and they hung heavy in her hand, threatening to spill over. With her other hand, she grasped his cock and pulled back his foreskin, all the was back, and his cock head sprung up, red and moist.

A little clear liquid oozed out between the small lips. Pre-cum! She licked it off – mmm, salty – with the tip of tongue. She heard him moan as she did so, and she smiled. She fingered herself as she took his head and sucked on it.

“Shiiit,” Charlie gasped, his legs tensing. He looked down at her, her butt and back so beautiful. He held her head gently and allowed his fingers to play with her hair, as he felt his cock in her mouth. He closed his eyes, enjoying the pleasure.

She smelt his strong, male musk, and breathed it in deeply. She loved the way his cock head filled he mouth just right, and ran her tongue over the tight skin. She traced the cock slit with her tongue and gently pried them open. Enjoying the way Charlie tensed his muscles, she traced his strong thigh with one hand, and then settled on his butt. She was still gently fingering herself, pressing her nipples against his legs, and she felt her juices run into her fingers. She moaned, the stirrings of an orgasm forming deep inside. She squeezed his butt with her hand and then moved her hand between the butt cheeks slowly. She heard Charlie groan, guttural, almost animal-like, and knew he was close, and reluctantly let go off his cock. She got up, kissing his body, enjoying his body all the way up.

“Huh..” Charlie opened his eyes, gasping with pleasure,” What ..”

“Baby, in me,” she said, her voice heavy with lust,” canlı bahis siteleri Come into me. I want you in me the first time…”

He looked at her in amazement, and his chest tightened with pleasure as he realized she wanted him badly.

She turned back, placing her hands back against the window sill, and drew her legs apart, steadying herself. She then moved one hand down her body and started fingering herself quickly,” Come, hon,” she said, her words tripping over each other,” Put that baby in me.”

He entered her, gasping with pleasure at the warm wetness, his cock head flaring up inside her as he thrust slowly. With one hand on the sill, he steadied himself, and the other took hold of her breast roughly and played with her nipple. He flet her convulse under him, and she moaned.

“Push deeper,” she said, “Baby …”

He started to thrust harder and pushed deeper with each thrust, slamming hard into her butt as he did so. For a few moments, the room was filled with the gentle but urgent rhythm of flesh against flesh.

She moaned as she felt him fill her, her fingers on her clit, she could feel his cock slamming inside her. Pleasure started to overcome her, and she braced herself as her pussy started to throb again. With a soft cry, she allowed herself to let go and she felt herself tremble as she came with a rush, sensations overwhelming her. For a few beautiful moments, she was caught up in ecstasy, whimpering, the brunt of buffeting pleasure.

“Ah …” Charlie almost yelled, as he felt her beautiful body shake in waves beneath him. He willed himself to prolong the pleasure, as he continue slam into her, and then he too let go, as he heard Jess pant,” Come, Charlie …”

With a hard heave, his cock pulsated on last time, and he came deep inside her, the pleasure almost blinding him. He came in hard spurts, several of them, hot cum filling her, and she felt herself orgasm once more.

As they remained panting, his cock still in her, and a steady drip of juice and cum hitting the floor, she felt a warm sensation overcome her, and a last shudder of pleasure ran through her. A satisfying end to several weeks of negotiating, she thought, with a smile.

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