The Cinema – A Dream Remembered

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I realize that I am watching a movie, one that I have seen before, but it is a distant memory. I am sat alone, at the back left hand corner of the cinema. This strikes me as strange, I don’t sit here, why am I here alone. The memories start to take form, like the mist slowly clearing from a mirror, thoughts start to focus, images triggering… triggering what? Emotions?… why I am here alone, it is just a movie, which emotions, why now… excitement, nervousness, happiness… why am I feeling these things?

I am confused, I sit, puzzled, the scene flashes, distorts for a second. The feeling of falling asleep then jolting awake, not knowing how long you were away. Those feelings, the emotions, stronger now, I can almost… feel… YOU!

You are beside me, my Carmen, my love, my hearts desire… how are you there, you aren’t here, you cant be…

I look to my left, but I was sat there, how did I move? I am confused, almost panicked, what if I am wrong?… I see you and my heart leaps in my chest. You are smiling, looking at the screen, your face briefly illuminated, eyes sparkling in the dark. I dare to reach out… to touch you. My hand slowly slides across my leg, the arm rest is pushed up and I can suddenly feel you, your warmth. You are leaning against me, you are already holding my hand… you squeeze it gently… my heart pounds harder, blood pulsing in my ears.

I look at the screen and I don’t see anything. My eyes are unfocused, my mind racing, heart beating faster… I feel your lips on my cheek, the gentlest kiss, my eyes close, not daring to move, frightened the spell will break. “Andrew”… at the sound of your voice, the world stops… the screen, the other people, the cinema, all fades to black. “I’m here… with you”… your hand squeezes harder, your left hand joins your right… stroking my hand, my wrist my arm. You grasp harder “I’m here!”

The second kiss is on my lips, almost hovering above. I lean forward, desperately wanting more. Your finger presses onto my lips, stopping me… “Shhhhh… not yet!”

You kiss my cheek again and lean back in your seat. I dare to look at you… to feast my eyes on you. You are smiling, turning to gaze deeply into my eyes. Your white blouse is open slightly, I catch a glimpse of your bra, black and lacy. Your skirt is dark, I can see it has a split up the slide, you cross your legs, I see your naked thigh… exactly as you wanted me to.

Your eyes narrow, they flash up and down me, you see my shirt top buttons undone, my jeans… you know the effect your presence has on me… Your finger once more rest on my lips… but this time, my lips part, I gently bite your finger tip, then slowly suck it, lick it as you pull it away. You run your finger down my chest. The tightness, the bulge in my jeans, my thigh… across to yours… your finger traces up the inside of your thigh, your skirt pushed to one side… your eyes flash down, they ask me to follow… your hand is sliding higher, revealing… showing me your nakedness.

Your eyes narrow again as you pull your skirt back, covering yourself. Again your eyes invite me to look down… this time I see your fingers slowly circling the tight fabric of your blouse, your hard nipples pushing, straining against the fabric… teased by your touch.

All I can hear is my heart, my breathing. All I can feel is my desire building, rising within me, screaming to be let out…

You know this, you have always known this, you know the power you have over me.

Your hand flattens against mine, your index finger tracing circles around my palm, then slowly back and forth… a sensual rhythm. I turn to watch you, I see your thighs rubbing slowly against one another, when you see me, you stop. Your fingernail stabs into my palm, I flinch, startled by the sudden pain, where pleasure was a second before. You lean over, breath hot on my face, your lips brush against my ear as you whisper “you can move when I say so… not before!”, I am instantly aroused by your forcefulness, the hint of danger in your voice, your fingernail runs down the inside of my arm leaving a deep scratch “now you know who is in charge right now, you will do as you are told!” I nod, my head barely moving.

I desperately want to look at you, see what you are doing. I can sense your body moving, slight movements, barely perceptible. You slide you hand up my inner arm, the slow circles you are tracing, making my skin so sensitive. Your touch is so slight, so delicate taksim escort I barely notice that you are gently guiding my arm towards you… when my hand touches your leg, you stop moving, I instinctively turn my hand over to squeeze and caress your thigh. Pain shoots through my arm… your nails are embedded deep in my skin, almost drawing blood, I gasp, trying to pull my arm away, your other hand is there almost before I can move. More nails digging deeper into my skin. Your voice is like velvet next to my ear “you can move when I SAY SO” with each word your nails dig even deeper… the pain is transforming, the sensations changing, the intensity is arousing, erotic… you bite my ear “you like that… don’t you?” the nails dig deeper, pleasure heightening.

I stare at you, almost in disbelief, your eyes wide, shining in the dark, almost wild, gazing at me so intensely. You slowly lick your lips, then gently bite the side of your bottom lip, running your tongue along your teeth your eyes narrow…

Your hand pulls mine between your parted thighs, I instantly feel your arousal, your wetness, my cock strains painfully against the fabric of my jeans. How I want you, I can hardly stand it. You push my hand away, your nails returning, but this time into my thigh, I can’t help it, a moan escapes my lips. Your teeth sinking into my neck brings me back to my senses, your tongue flicking along to my throat. Kissing me, biting, tongue caressing, teasing, tasting me… I tilt me head, your kisses become harder, more forceful, your tongue pushing into my neck, you feel the goosebumps on my arm and I can sense you smiling. My body is responding exactly as you planned, your teasing, your dominance, driving me wild.

At that moment, my senses heightened, I realise I can hear you… as you kiss my neck, your hand, your fingers are playing with your pussy. You are so incredibly wet, I can hear your fingers sliding, rubbing your aching clit, slipping inside you. Your kissing, less teasing now, more passionate, yearning… your desire is starting to take over, controlling you.


You pull away… angry at yourself for losing your control, for letting pleasure take over.


Your breathing is ragged, heart racing, your anger fading, dominance returning. “Your turn”… your voice is deep, demanding.

“What?” my reply angers you.

“DO AS I TELL YOU!”… quieter but with much greater force. I move my hand to touch you, my turn to touch you…

You pick up my hand and place it on the front of my jeans, pressing against my aching cock. “Your turn!” your voice is a whisper. My mind is racing, how can I possible do this, I look sideways to see your eyes staring intently at me, your hands partially hidden by your skirt, thighs pressing against them, their slow sensual rhythm almost imperceptible. I can’t do this, how can I?

“If you don’t do as you are told, everything stops” a small smile crosses your lips… you relish the control, the power you have. Knowing I would do anything for you. I look around, almost panicking, as my hands reach for my zip, your leg slides over mine, you shift in your chair. Sitting sideways, both your legs are across my knees… your skirt covers me. You smile again, eyes flashing, biting your bottom lip once more. You are watching me intently, the rhythm of your hands does not stop for a second.

It seems like the sound of my zip is amplified a thousand fold, every single tooth unlocking betrays what I am doing. I look around, you grab my wrist, those nails again… deeper than ever. “Don’t look at anything but me, keep looking at me”, our eyes lock, and as this happens, the world fades and disappears. I feel something incredible, almost hypnotized, losing myself in your bottomless brown eyes. I cannot look away, even if I wanted to, your eyes look deeper inside me, reaching in, filling me with passion, desire, with your love… such love I have never felt before.

My heart is pounding as I unbuckle my belt, open the front of my jeans, and pull down the font of my pants. My cock is hard, aching, desperate to feel your touch. My hand closes and gently starts to stroke, up and down, you watch how I squeeze myself, the speed I touch myself, how I pause, letting the sensations build, faster for a second, then agonizingly slow the next. Your hands are matching my rhythm, your pussy squeezing, deliciously wet, your clit responding to every touch, topkapı escort waves of pleasure running up your spine, down your legs, swirling around your hips.

My eyes are still locked on yours, transfixed. As I watch, your eyelids drop slightly, your hips rise, your pussy aching to be filled. You stop yourself, regain your senses, back in control again, watching me intently. As I watch, you bring your fingers up to your lips, you lick them, suck them… you moan, hips moving again. Your fingers move to my lips “taste me”, I do as you command, your fingers part my lips, pressing against my tongue. I can taste you, your pussy. I tighten my grip, stroking faster, my eyes closing. Your fingers are gone, your hand now on my neck “Don’t stop watching me” your voice is mesmerizing, my eyes open again, focus returning.

“Now stop!” I can’t believe you want me to stop… my eyes widen, asking why without uttering a word. “Don’t move, and don’t say anything”, You stand up, pushing past me, your breasts brush against my face, I feel your nipples, pushing hard against your bra and blouse. I quickly move to cover myself as you walk past me and sit a few seats away. You are looking around the cinema, it is almost empty, no-one near us. I let my head drop back, I cant quite believe what I am doing, what you have made me do… but more than anything, how turned on I am. I realise you are standing again, moving back towards me, as you push past me again, you suddenly straddle me, your hand reaches down grabbing my cock. You lower yourself until I can feel the tip of my cock on the entrance to your incredible wet pussy. As my hands move to your hips you whisper “I told you… don’t move!” you start to lower yourself, your heat, your tightness enveloping me. My cock twitching with desire, with excitement as you slide effortlessly but agonisingly slowly down until you are sat on my legs, your pussy tight around me, you kiss me once and squeeze me pulling me deeper still.

You sit motionless, hands resting on your thighs. You fix me with your eyes, you smile. Then I start to feel you, rocking your hips slowly forward, so slowly back, the tiniest amount, it drives me insane, I so desperately need to thrust into you, to totally lose control, to show you what you have done to me. But I dare not move. “Now you have been a good boy, you get a reward”, with those words you press against my chest, breasts so firm, nipples aching more now, lips seeking mine, our mouths embrace, your tongue parts my lips, tasting me, flicking against my tongue. Eyes finally closed, you start to let your desire control your actions, you grab my hands and move them to your ass… as I squeeze, a moan escapes, our kisses becoming deeper, harder. You stop, you are breathing heavily, hovering above my lips “Now… I’m going to fuck you”… I almost stammer ‘Here?… Now?… but what about… “, you stop my words by biting my bottom lip, the tiniest drop of blood hits your tongue. You pull away then lean close to my ear… “I do not care about anyone or anything else… I want you, and I WILL HAVE YOU!”

Panicked, I look quickly around, no-one is close, I convince myself that we can’t be seen. I move my hips to meet yours. Instantly you stop “What do you think you are doing?” you almost growl the words. “I… I was… ” you cut me off in mid sentance “I told you I was going to fuck you… this is my time… not yours… yours comes later, I have a very special surprise for you, but this is for me… DON’T MOVE!” I sit in stunned silence, your forcefulness, your burning desire, your promises of what is to come. I become aware of your pussy tightening around me, your fingers wrapped around my cock, guiding my deeper inside you. You bring your fingers up to my mouth, I lick them, suck them, all the time you are watching me, almost analysing my reactions, learning my responses.

Your fingers seek out your swollen clit, rubbing tiny circles around it, pressing hard every few seconds, the extra feeling making you wetter than you could ever imagine. I watch you, eyes fixed on yours, the intensity of your gaze holds me, transfixed.

Your hips begin rocking backwards and forwards, the smallest movements, barely perceptible. You know the effect this is having on me, you can feel my cock deep inside you, throbbing, aching… a smile crosses your lips, you are savoring the control you have over me. Taking whatever you want from me, using me tüyap escort to pleasure yourself, dominating me, controlling me… completely.

Your fingers moving faster now, you are torn between wanting this to last, taking your time, driving me insane with desire and longing for you… and letting go completely, giving in to your desire and bringing yourself to climax as quickly as you can… your body starts to drive your actions, starts to control you.

My hands are motionless, tightly holding your ass, able to feel the slightest movement you make. You lean forward eyes filled with desire, almost glowing with lust and passion… “Do you like filling me with your hard cock?” I have learned my lesson… I do not move a muscle, my eyes reply. “That’s good”, your pussy squeezes me “That’s very good”, you rock your hips forward, caressing yourself even faster now… your mouth is next to my ear, you whisper “Fill me Andrew… fill all of me”, as you start to kiss my neck, biting hard, you begin to guide my hand to your clit, we touch together. Your kissing becomes more urgent, all you want is pleasure, anything and everything that can heighten your sensations, you start to moan as you kiss me, as you move my hand again “Andrew… fill me, I want to feel you… everywhere”.

Our hands leave your swollen clit, sliding swiftly across your thigh, as this happens you kiss me again, hard, your tongue thrusting between my lips. Your hands moves over your ass with mine beneath, you pause for a second as you lean forward on me, tightening your pussy, maximising your pleasure. The slow rhythm of your hips changes, shaking slightly as you bring my hand, my fingers to where you desire them to be. Your breathing is faster now, your breasts heaving. I pull away from your kiss to look at you “Is this what you want?” I gasp, barely able to even whisper. With those words my finger touches you, how impossibly tight you feel. “Yes” the word comes as a sigh, “touch me there… I want to feel it, I want you inside me.”

I touch you again pressing gently, you pull away, you start to wonder, is this too much? can I really do this… here now? As these thoughts race through your mind you hands return to your pussy, wetter that you have ever been, and as you touch your throbbing, aching clit once more, your hips instinctively move back… just an inch.

With that movement my finger slides into you. I kiss you deeply, tongue searching. The sensation of being touched, being filled everywhere tips you over the edge, every muscle in your body tightens, your legs shake uncontrollable, pussy spasming, gripping my cock as the most intense, mind blowing orgasm rips, explodes through you. You kiss me deeply, stifling your moans, arms wrapped around me, nails digging deeply, tearing at my skin. I remain motionless, feeling every wave of pleasure, of ecstasy crash over you, move through you. Your eyes are tightly shut, your pussy grinding down on me, every sensation magnified a thousand fold… and it doesn’t stop… as I touch you, your climax builds again, you cannot escape now, my arm wraps around your waist as I thrust my cock deeper into you… I’m in control now… I control your pleasure.

I thrust deeper again into your still spasming pussy, my fingers now filling you, sliding in then out, faster as your climax peaks… my cock deep ingide you, fingers pumping still faster in your tight ass, your eyes roll and your head is thrown back… I start to slow as I feel your body stop shaking, your climax easing… I slow and gradually stop. Your heart is racing, blood pumping, I can hear, I can feel your heartbeat. Our bodies are joined, moving as one. As your head rests on my shoulder is say the most important words there are, I whisper to you “I Love You Carmen”

You try to stand, gasping, you barely manage to speak “enough… enough!” you are panting, almost sobbing, legs barely able to support you. You collapse back into your seat, hands resting on your pussy again, caressing yourself, easing your body back, yourself back from the place you go to, the place where there are no thoughts, no time, just feelings, pleasure, ecstacy, bliss…

With one swift movement, you wrap your arms around me, burying your head into my chest, a tear rolls down your cheek… I wrap my arms around you, my chin resing on your head. You can hear my heartbeat, slow, steady, strong. A single thought running around your head, how is it possible for anything to feel this good?

I squeeze you gently, you look up at me, tears clouding your eyes “I Love You Andrew… I Love You so much.” With these words, the emotions overwhelm you, it becomes impossible to hold them back any longer… you begin to cry, tears rolling down your cheeks, your tears of pure, unrestrained happiness soaking into my shirt…

To be continued…

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