The Barn Loft

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All characters are over 18 yrs. old.


Mike Owens had finished cleaning up the loft in the small barn in his backyard. It looked pretty good he thought. He had a few chairs and several blankets and pillows to make laying around comfortable. There was a window that he could open to allow air in. It also had a few lights so he could hang out at night too. His parents didn’t use the barn for animals any longer, just storage. Mike wanted a private hang out area and this proved to be perfect.

As a high school senior, Mike was looking forward to hanging out with his friends and maybe even getting a girlfriend. As luck would have it, his two neighbors on either side happened to be two of the prettiest girls at school. They were all friends and grew up together but they kind of moved in different circles once they got to high school. Mike wasn’t a popular athlete although he did run track. He was lean and in great shape. He was more intellectual than the jocks.

On one side of his house, was Sara Adams. She was a blonde hair, blue eyed cute girl who was a cheerleader at school. She was very agile and in great shape. Her cute boobs sat well on her tiny frame. Her best feature was her tight butt which she displayed in tight jeans daily. Her parents had a pool in their backyard and the neighbor kids shared it.

On the other side of the Owen’s house, was the Burn’s house. Their daughter, Allison, was a good friend with Sara and she was on the cheerleading team with her. She had long brown hair, slightly larger boobs than Sara and her butt was just as cute.

They were all seniors now and had grown up together. However, as they got into school activities, they went separate ways and did not hang out as much. Mike was hoping that the loft would give them a private place to relax and hang out. Mike messaged them to let them know that they could come over and check out the loft.

Sara and Allison came over at the same time and met Mike at the stairs going up. He let the girls go up first, not being able to look away from their cute butts. Both girls found it very comfortable and cleaner than they thought it would be. They flopped down in some chairs and they all talked for quite a while. They talked easily and rekindled some of the closeness they once shared. They agreed to meet there more often.

It was the next weekend when all three were swimming at Sara’s house. It was hot out and they were all thankful that Sara had a pool. The girls enjoyed laying out and tanning and Mike loved cooling off in the water. Checking out the girls was a big bonus for him and his penis began to stir. Mike didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment and he was always horny. Finally, it got too hot for the girls and they suggested cooling off in the loft. They grabbed their towels and headed off to the barn.

The girls started talking about kissing as both had just gotten new boyfriends. Sara was seeing Andy who played basketball and Allison had just started seeing George, a wrestler. They talked as if Mike wasn’t there, which didn’t bother Mike, he wanted to see what they had to say.

“I don’t know what it is about they way George kisses”, Allison said. “It’s like he doesn’t use his tongue.”

“Well, Andy is almost too slobbery”, Sara said. “He gets my chin all wet.”

Allison said, “What is it with guys? Kissing should be natural.”

Sara looked over at Mike, who was looking at his phone, although listening. Then she looked at Allison.

“Mike, do you know how to kiss?” Sara asked. Allison looked at Mike. Mike looked up and saw two incredibly hot cheerleaders, sitting in their bikinis, looking at him. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Actually, I’ve been told that I am a very good kisser,” Mike replied. “It’s been a little while since I’ve kissed a girl though.”

“Who told you that you were a good kisser?” Allison asked.

“Kylee Jones. Remember, I dated her about two years ago. We did a lot of kissing and I got pretty good,” Mike said. “But, her parents are real religious and they made us break up. She moved to another school last year.”

“That’s right, I forgot that you dated her for a while,” Sara said. “You two kissed a lot?”

“Every chance we could,” Mike said. “She was afraid her parents would catch us though.”

Allison was thinking pretty hard. “How good are you?” she asked.

“It’s kind of hard to describe. I could probably show you,” Mike said, laughing.

Before she could say anything, Sara blurted out, “Ok!”.

Mike and Allison looked at her. “Are you sure?” Allison said. “What about Andy?”

“Well I’m not really cheating, I just want to experiment,” Sara replied. Sara had Mike lay down on the blankets and she laid down next to him. Allison sat real close, ready to watch. Mike was a little shocked as Sara leaned toward him. He felt her boobs push against his arm. His arm went around her back as she scooted tight against him.

As her face came toward him, he reminded himself to focus and give her pendik escort the best kiss he had. He closed his eyes and felt her lips meet his. She put her hands on his chest as she leaned her head into his. He opened his lips some and gently edged his tongue into her hot mouth. Her kiss was very soft and he felt natural kissing her. Her tongue met his and they teasingly played with the tips of their tongues. Over and over they licked at each other. After a few minutes they came up for air.

“Wow, that looked hot,” Allison exclaimed.

“Oh, hell yes, it was,” Sara said, breathing heavily, her nipples sticking out against her bikini top. . Mike agreed, numbly shaking his head.

“I want to try it too,” Allison said, laying on the other side of Mike. Her excitement was evident as Mike saw her nipples, hard and poking out too.

Sara sat with her face real close as Mike began kissing Allison. Her kiss was just as soft and thrilling as was Sara’s. Allison rubbed her hands all over Mike’s chest as they swapped tongues. Mike was super heated as he kissed the girls. His cock was extremely hard in his swim trunks.

“That was so damn good, better than George for sure,” Allison said, panting.

“Me again,” Sara said, gasping. Mike turned his head and began kissing Sara. Every few minutes, Mike turned his head and was kissing the girls. Back and forth they kissed.

It was while Sara was kissing Mike that Allison looked down and saw the huge hard on Mike had in his pants. As if in a trance, she laid her hand on his bulge. She had never seen her boyfriend’s cock in the light, only feeling it through his pants. He certainly looked bigger than George.

Mike moaned into Sara’s hot little mouth as Allison squeezed his cock. Sara lifted her head and looked to see what Mike was moaning about.

“Allison, what the hell?” Sara exclaimed.

“Look at this Sara,” Allison cried. “Have you ever seen one this damn big.” She was holding his bulge up, showing Sara. Sara reached down and held his cock too. She squeezed and rubbed it too. Both girls were holding Mike’s cock and he was beginning to lose it.

“You want to see?” Allison asked.

“Hey, what about me?” Do I get voice here?” Mike said, nervously.

“Come on, we’ve never seen one in the daylight before,” Sara said, pleading.

“Yeah, we’ll take our tops off to make it even,” Allison chimed in. Both girls were excited from the kissing and holding his cock. Sara looked at Allison and nodded her agreement.

Allison untied her top and eased it off her shoulders. Sara followed as well and Mike was staring at two hot sets of beautiful boobs.

“Damn, ok, you guys will have to pull my pants down. My hands are trapped behind you two,” Mike said. Both girls grabbed the sides of his pants and yanked them down his legs. His cock flopped down and slapped his stomach. He was looking at their boobs as they both put their hands on his bare cock.

“Be careful cause I’m close to cumming,” Mike said as he tried to hold back as long as he could.

“How damn big do you think this is?” Sara asked Allison, almost whispering. She held his cock up, trying to measure it.

“Probably about nine inches,” Allison guessed. Both girls rubbed his cock and felt his balls too. Their nipples were mashed up against his chest as they focused on his cock. He could feel their hard nipples pressed on his skin. The girls could sense that he was about to blow as his hips were rocking his cock through their hands.

This was all new territory for Mike. Two hot girls rubbing his cock. It felt so good, he knew he was going to cum quickly. He tipped his head back and closed his eyes. One of the girls was stroking his cock while the other gently held his balls. With a loud moan, he arched his back and let loose a huge stream of cum. Streaks of cum shot all over his stomach and chest. Both girls were astonished as Mike shot his cum. Sara stroked him until he stopped cumming and then kept massaging his cock.

“Far out, that was so cool,” Allison squealed. She rubbed her fingers through his cum, feeling it. Sara watched as she licked her finger. Allison lifted her finger to Sara who hesitantly licked it, tasting his cum.

Mike was catching his breath but then he pulled Allison up to him so he could kiss her boobs. Allison squealed as Mike kissed and licked her nipples, pulling on them with his lips. Meanwhile, Sara continued to stroke his cock and he began to get hard again.

Mike tongued Allison’s nipples and sucked on her boobs, going back and forth. Sara called switch and Allison pulled her nipple from Mike’s wet mouth. Sara fed Mike her boobs as Allison gently grabbed his cock and rubbed it. Mike’s hands ran down their backsides and he found their tight hard buns. He rubbed them and squeezed them.

Mike was getting hot again as he kissed and sucked on Sara’s nipples. With Allison rubbing his cock, he felt his cum rising again. He dug his fingers into the crack of their asses and licked Sara’s maltepe escort nipples over and over. It was all too soon when he moaned and began to shoot his cum again, although not as much this time. Allison stroked him until he had no more cum.

The girls were amazed at seeing Mike cum. They had to go but not before they all swore that whatever happens in the barn, stays in the barn. They all agreed and promised to meet more often.

It was about a week later that Mike was in the barn and the girls came up to see him. Both girls gave him a long wet kiss when they saw him. Mike had been hard all week just thinking about the last time they were together. They sat down and starting talking. The girls were talking about their boyfriends.

“George just mashes his lips against mine. He doesn’t put his tongue in my mouth,” Allison said. “Plus, he’s real quick, like he’s afraid to kiss me.”

“Well Andy uses his tongue but he licks my lips. I get all wet,” Sara said, laughing.

“Mike, maybe you should give kissing lessons to these guys,” Allison said, jokingly.

“Yeah, that would be weird,” Mike replied.

“Allison, could you believe what Jenni was saying in the locker room today?” Sara asked. Jenni was the head cheerleader and the girls tolerated her but had a hard time believing everything she said.

“Oh yeah, when she said her boyfriend licked her pussy all the time,” Allison said, laughing.

Mike’s ears perked up when he heard that. “Wait, what was that?” he asked.

Sara laughed. “I figured that would get your attention. Yeah, she was telling some of us about how her boyfriend licks her pussy and she cums on his tongue all the time.”

“Sara, have you ever had your pussy licked,” Allison inquired.

“No. Have you?” Sara asked.

“No but I must admit, it sounds exciting to me,” Allison said. Both girls looked at Mike with excitement on their faces. Both were thinking the same thing.

Sara spoke up first. “Mike, would you actually lick a pussy if you could?”

Mike was worked up listening to the girls talk. “I’ve read alot about that and I definitely want to try,” he said.

“Would you lick our pussies, Mike?” Allison asked, getting real excited. Sara was thinking the same thing too.

“Well, since everything we do here, stays here, I would love to try,” Mike said, his cock straining his pants.

Both girls stood up and began to undress. Mike watched as the girls took their clothes off. His cock ached as he saw their bare boobs and then their underwear.

“Mike, get naked!” Allison said, as she saw him sitting there. Mike got up and quickly removed his clothes. Both girls gasped as they saw his big bare cock again. The girls came to him and kissed him long and hard. Mike then had them lay down next to each other.

He looked at both girls and ran his hands all over their boobs. He saw both pussies were bare of any hair. It made them look younger which made his cock lurch. Both girl had their eyes closed, anticipating what was coming.

Mike knelt between Sara’s legs and loved her smell. He stuck his tongue out and lightly licked her slit.

“Oh shit,” Sara whispered as Mike began licking her pussy lips. Allison leaned up to see what Mike was doing. She saw him licking her lips and then sticking his tongue into her pussy. She put her hand on her pussy and started rubbing herself as she watched.

Mike found her clit and sucked it between his lips. Sara moaned, telling him he was doing it right. Sara began to pant real hard and almost screamed when Mike lifted his head from between her legs.

Mike laughed, “I’ll take turns and I’ll be back,” he said. Then he started licking Allison, making her moan too. He quickly found her clit and sucked on it hard. He used his tongue to lap her clit, making her very wet. He alternated between her clit and licking all over her pussy.

Mike went back to Sara and she quickly got worked up. Mike was sucking her clit and rubbing his tongue all over it. She moaned real loud as her orgasm washed over her. Mike held on to her butt as she shook as she came. Mike kept sucking her clit until she pushed his head back. Mike smiled, knowing he made her cum hard.

He did the same thing to Allison and his sucking on her clit got to her too. He loved holding their cute butts as he sucked on them. It was so obvious when they came that he had no doubt that they loved it. Allison was panting real hard as she came on his tongue. Both girls took several minutes to get their breath back. They laid next to each other as they calmed down.

Mike laid down between them, feeling good that he could make the girls cum like that. His cock laid on his belly as he was rock hard. Sara leaned up and took his cock in her hands. She stuck her tongue out and licked his cock, making Mike moan.

“Allison, help me,” Sara said. Allison got up and leaned into his cock too. Both girls had their tongues on his cock, licking it up and down, over and over. Mike was thrilled kartal escort in getting his first blow job from two sexy friends. He watched as their tongues went up and down his cock. He loved seeing their tongues touch each other. The girls were a little startled when their tongues first touched but both quickly got used to it. They even kind of liked it.

The girls took turns holding his balls and rubbing his shaft as they licked his cock. Mike could not hold back any longer. He told the girls that he was going to cum. They stroked his cock as he shot cum all over. Sara had some fun as she aimed his cock at Allison’s boobs, coating them. Allison fought back and aimed him at Sara for the last few shots. Both girls were laughing hard as Mike finished cumming.

Sara reached over and rubbed his cum all over Allison’s boobs, pinching her nipples. Allison did the same to Sara, rubbing her nipples as she spread his cum on her too. Both girls were laughing so hard as they briefly rubbed each others nipples. Soon, they had to leave and they cleaned up and went home.

After a night out with his friends, Mike got home and had a message from

Sara asking to meet him at the barn, if he could. He told her he would be there and she soon arrived shortly thereafter. Mike thought she seemed upset about something.

Sara started telling Mike that she was upset with how her and Andy weren’t getting along very well.

“Is it the kissing and stuff?” Mike asked.

“Yes, mostly. He seems more interested in getting off than in doing anything for me too,” Sara said. She was calm although Mike thought she may have been crying earlier. “I mean, after what we all did here in the last few weeks, I have been wanting more,” she explained.

“Andy is fine with me jerking or sucking him off but he hardly touches me at all,” she went on. Mike could not understand that as she was one of the prettiest girls in school and any guy would love to touch her intimately.

“What happened tonight?” Mike asked.

“Well, to make a long story short, we were at the movies and we were kissing. Even though he’s not the best, I was getting horny. I rubbed his cock and then he pulled it out of his pants. I leaned down and kissed his cock and rubbed it and then he came all over the seats,” Sara explained.

“Mike, I swear I only jerked him a few times and he was cumming,” Sara exclaimed. “Anyway, I got mad and we broke it off.”

“How did he take it?” Mike asked.

“I don’t think he cared too much, he just left,” Sara said. She came over sand sat on Mike’s lap and began kissing him.

“Is this what you want or are you just mad at Andy?” Mike said, stopping her for the moment.

“No, I don’t care about Andy and yes, I do want this as long as you want it too,” Sara said.

“Oh yes, I want this so bad,” Mike said laughing. He began kissing her and swapping tongues with her. He pulled her clothes off her, kissing the skin he bared. He was determined to give her the best experience he could. Sara worked at getting him naked too. Once they were both naked, Mike laid on top of her kissing her. He worked his way down to her boobs, kissing and sucking her boobs and nipples.

Sara ran her hands around his back and head as he sucked on her. His tongue was licking everywhere he could. His fingers dug into her butt as he licked his way down her stomach. He was gentle but his kissing was insistent. He licked her bare pussy and she was moaning. He ran his tongue all over her pussy and then surprised her when he lifted her leg and licked her butthole. She squealed as he tongued her butt. Soon, he focused on her clit and sucked it hard. Sara came hard and let out a short scream as her orgasm hit her.

Mike crawled up on top of Sara and kissed her. His wet, hard cock rubbed against her wet pussy.

“Mike, I want you to fuck me,” Sara panted.

“What did I just hear?” Both kids jump as the voice behind them scared them. Allison climbed into the loft.

“Shit, you scared me,” Sara exclaimed. Mike rolled off Sara and laid on his back, his hard cock sticking out. Allison came over and sat next to them.

“What’s going on here?” Allison asked. She eyed Mike’s hard cock waving in front of him.

“Andy and I broke up. He just focused on himself too much and didn’t care about what I needed,” Sara said. “I wanted to have fun with Mike because he makes me feel so damn good.” Mike beamed with pride.

She continued, “I just came hard and I really want Mike to fuck me.”

“Mike, do you want to fuck me,” Sara asked, innocently.

“I most certainly do,” Mike replied.

“Well his cock is really hard,” Allison said, as she reached over and stroked his cock. “Do it Mike, fuck Sara.”

Allison leaned over and licked his cock and sucked it briefly to get it wet. Mike got on top of Sara and Allison guided his cock towards Sara’s wet pussy. She rubbed his cock up and down her slit as Mike pushed into her. Mike gently eased his cock into her tight pussy and Sara got worked up quickly.

Allison quickly took her clothes off as she was transfixed on the kids fucking in front of her. Sara was panting and Mike was trying hard to not lose his load. It did not help as he looked over at Allison, naked.

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