The Barefoot Maid Ch. 04

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Janice was shaken out of her reflections of the previous night’s events, by the doorbell. She wasn’t in any shape for company. That is, any company apart from her Mistress who was due any minute. Janice was kneeling naked by her front door, wearing her collar, and wrist and ankle cuffs. The leash was attached to her collar and she was holding it in her mouth.

The doorbell rang again, and Janice just got up and automatically answered it. She figured “what the fuck, I’ll give whoever it is a show.” She opened the door, and was face to face with a huge box with two very strong but very feminine looking arms around it holding it up.

“Delivery for Ms. Wilson.” A rather sultry but muffled female voice came from the other side of the box. Janice wondered how this enchanting sounding but ridiculous looking creature managed to ring the doorbell.

“There is no Ms. Wilson here. You have the wrong address. “Janice said.

The box lowered to the floor and Janice looked into the eyes of a drop-dead gorgeous well-built blonde of about 25. Her look of consternation was priceless. She blushed when she saw Janice.

“I- I –It uhhh says 3811 Westside Way. That is this address.” The delivery girl said. She was checking Janice out. She was intrigued that Janice’s pussy was shaved bare. It reminded her of her own little “landing strip.”

Just then Mistress Diane entered the door. Diane was a vision in black leather. She was wearing a floor length leather coat and leather boots that disappeared up in to the coat. The coat was fastened up to the point where it opened to reveal Diane’s cleavage. Janice dropped to her knees and crawled over and kissed her boots as she was required to do. The delivery girl watched in amazement.

“And who have we here? What is your name, sweetheart?”

“Jenny” the delivery girl answered. She was ill at ease. She wasn’t exactly sure what was going on here. It was HOT. But she didn’t know of her role in this scene .It was turning her on.

“What were you delivering?” Dianne asked.

“This package addressed to Ms. Wilson. The address is correct, but the, um, naked lady, said there was no one by that name at sultangazi escort this address.” Jenny said

“That naked lady is my slave. She will do what I tell her. She will do who I tell her. My slave and I were just about to play. Would you like to watch, or perhaps join us, Jenny? Close the door and come in side.”

Jenny hesitated, she was curious as hell about this. She had domination fantasies of her own. She had never thought about other women before. She believed she was straight as six o’clock. but after seeing how hot Janice was and she could only imagine what Mistress Diane looked like under that leather coat. She wanted to find out.

“I am Ms. Wilson. I ordered this. I am so glad it came. Jenny, help me open this crate will you? “Diane said.

Janice watched form her kneeling position, as Mistress Diane and the gorgeous delivery girl opened the package. The two women removed an odd looking device that looked like an inverted saddle. There were two cables coming out of it. One was a hard-wired remote control and the other was an AC plug. There were additional attachments that went on the device that basically looked like dildos. Mistress Diane and Jenny had the device completely set up in about two minutes, and moved it into Janice’s living room right next to the fireplace.

“Mistress, what is that thing?” Janice asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“It is a Sybian. It is the greatest orgasm producing machine ever invented, slave. Crawl over here. NOW.”

Janice crawled over to where Mistress and Jenny were standing. Diane reached down and attached Janice’s right wrist cuff to her right ankle and then did the same on Janice’s left side. She then took some of the lube that came with the Sybian and greased up Janice’s pussy and asshole.

“Climb aboard, slut.” Mistress Diane said.

Janice’s pussy was placed on the huge looking dildo, and the anal attachment was placed in her ass. Mistress Diane grasped the controls. The dildo started vibrating as did the anal plug. Janice had never felt anything that intense before. She knew it would only be a minute or two before she was taksim escort begging her mistress to let her cum.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Janice moaned.

“You like don’t you slut?” Mistress Diane taunted her.

“Yes, Mistress. I LOVE it. OHHHHHHHHHH GOD. PLEASE. Mistress may I cum? “Janice begged.

“No Slut. You may not. First you must suck my dick.” Mistress Diane said, and whipped off her coat to reveal what she was wearing underneath. Mistress Diane had on Leather boots that went up to her thighs. From there she was wearing a leather harness that held the most realistic looking dildo Jenny had ever seen. It matched Diane’s skin tone. If Jenny hadn’t known better, she would have thought Diane was a she-male. Her breasts were held in place by a harness that went around them. She also had a belt around her waist that had whips, floggers, and other assorted toys hanging from it, looking very much like a utility belt.

Jenny felt her clit throb. She was getting turned on. She also knew she should get the hell out of there and get back to work, but she wanted to stay here and see what happened next and possibly join these two in their fun.

Diane moved over to Janice, who deep throated the dildo. She turned to Jenny.

“Jenny, either get naked or get out.” Diane said.

Jenny kicked off her shoes and pulled her socks off, revealing fire engine red toe-nail polish on her manicured toes. She then unbuckled the belt of her uniform pants, on buttoned them and dropped them in a pile upon the floor. She pulled her uniform off over her head. She was standing before the other two in a slut-red lace bra and a matching red thong.

“Turn around, Jenny.” Diane said and took in the sight of the butt-floss of the thong between Jenny’s perfect asscheeks.

“Very nice, but I said get naked. NOW”

Jenny pulled off the bra and shucked down the thong and stood naked as the day she was born in front of Diane and Janice. Diane marveled at the little blonde arrow of hair pointing to Jenny’s otherwise completely shaved pussy.

“Jenny, do you want to play with us?” Diane asked

“Yes.” Jenny answered.

“That’s topkapı escort ‘Yes Mistress'” Diane corrected her

“Yes, Mistress” Jenny said

“Crawl over here.” Diane said

Jenny dropped to all fours and crawled to Mistress Diane. When she reached her Mistress she knelt before her.

“You like my tits, Jenny?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I think you need to worship them with your tongue.”

Jenny rose and began sucking on Diane’s nipples. Jenny always did have fantasies about tits. How did Mistress know, she briefly wondered. Diane was thoroughly enjoying this. She was fucking Janice’s mouth while Jenny was sucking her tits. GOD She LOVED being a Mistress. Janice meanwhile was going batshit. She desperately wanted the orgasm that the sybian was bringing her to.

“Mistress, PLEASE! I’m begging, May I cummmmm?” Janice begged. “This thing is making me cum, and I can’t hold it PLEASE!!!!!!!!”

“Oh, very well, slut. You may…: Diane started, Janice let loose with the loudest screaming toe-curling orgasm the world had ever seen. She came so hard she slumped over on the floor. Diane and Jenny lifted her off the sybian and took her over to the couch, laid her down and covered her up.

“And how about you my scrumptious new little pet? Want to play?” Diane asked

Jenny said “Oh yes Mistress. Please!”

“Would you also like to be my slave?” Diane asked.

“Yes, Mistress.” Jenny answered.

Diane seated herself on a chair in Janice’s living room

“Get on your knees, crawl over here and suck my cock.”

Jenny did as she was told, and deep-throated the strap-on dildo.

“That’s right slut. Lube it up nice. I am going to fuck you with it.’ Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” Diane asked.

“No, Mistress, never.” Jenny responded.

“Oh Good. I do love taking a slut’s virginity.”

Jenny shivered, knowing it would be a long afternoon. She may never make it back to work. She’d probably get fired, but at the moment she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was be the naked slave to this incredible woman.

Jenny swallowed the dildo whole, as she always had been a VERY accomplished cocksucker. She had always loved sucking off the men she dated but now she was very determined to try eating pussy.

When Janice came to, the first thing she saw was Jenny on her knees servicing Mistress Diane. Janice crawled over to join them. It would be a fun afternoon for all.

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