The Awakening of Polly Pinnick Pt. 02

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In the end I did two rather bad things following sleeping with Nick’s brother Ryan. The first was I didn’t say a word to my boyfriend, keeping it to myself in the hope I could salvage the relationship while dealing with my guilt. The second was based partly around the first, and that was that I accepted the offer from the other university in the city we would be moving to, rather than go to the same halls as my boyfriend. He was disappointed but understood, and at least we wouldn’t be so far apart. Not really.

There was a third thing too, which was sleeping with Ryan again.

I’d not meant to, not really. Yes, I knew that Nick was out and his parents were at work. And I also knew that Ryan would probably be at home when I went round to pick up some clothes I’d left there – totally accidentally of course.

We briefly talked about nothing in particular, just general chit-chat, but it didn’t take long until I was in his arms and we were kissing. We didn’t even make it to his room this time – instead we practically tore each other’s clothes off before stumbling back onto his sofa.

There was no foreplay – the moment my legs were parted he was in me again. Unlike the first time, where we had been forced to be quiet, our second liaison was loud as I got lost in Ryan’s skill once more.

I didn’t realise how noisy I could be before that time with Ryan – it was like I was a different lover altogether. Or maybe my partner was just better. Again the sex was incredible, and I came twice as Ryan fucked me with my feet on his shoulders before he pumped me full of his cum with scant regard for the fact I was his brother’s girlfriend..

It was for the best I was leaving home because I wasn’t sure what would have happened if I’d stayed.

Because of how late I’d accepted the offer, I ended up getting slim pickings for halls of residence. Most of the areas left weren’t safe for anyone, never mind a young naive girl. In the end I found a house with three girls in their final year. They were a little reluctant to take on a fresher, but when I explained I had a boyfriend and I could stay round his if I felt like a night out might get messy, they seemed happy enough for me to take the final room.

As promised, I did spend time with Nick in his halls, and with that came more sex that left me feeling hollow. The guilt I carried told me that it was because of what happened with Ryan, but rationally I also knew that what I shared with Ryan was so much more intense that there was, unfortunately, no comparison with his brother.

Even now I feel awful saying it – but it was just bad.

It was around a month into my time at university, working late one night on some lecture notes, when I first felt the pang of homesickness. I’d called my mother just before midnight and kept her on the phone until just before 1am, well past her bedtime. I’d hoped it would make me feel better, but instead when I finally put the phone down I felt even more alone and wondering whether this had all been a terrible mistake.

My mother must have spoken to my father about it, because the next morning I woke up and had a text message from an unknown number. It took me a moment but I quickly recognised the sender, and reading the jolly cadence of the words in his voice made me smile.

The message was from David, a man my dad used to work and hangout with when he was younger. He lived on the outskirts of the same city I lived in now and, when I was younger, we would head up some weekends to spend time with him in his big house.

David was wealthy, but kind with it and I had always enjoyed visiting him. Getting to play games in his huge games room, playing in his heated pool (and being banned from his hot tub because I was ‘too young’) – I cherished every weekend we’d go up to see him, and I would always feel a little disappointed when we had to return to our relatively normal lives and a house that felt very modest in comparison.

He was also one of the first men I’d noticed as I grew into a young woman, and one that I’d thought about more than once when alone in my bed with just my fingers for company.

I quickly typed out a reply to his offer of going to his for dinner on the Friday night and felt better immediately about my situation. My mum cared so much that she had asked a family friend to reach out to me, to show me that I wasn’t so alone in my new surroundings. It meant an awful lot. For the rest of the week I looked forward to my visit, changing plans with some friends so they knew I wouldn’t be around, and letting Nick know that I would see him on the Sunday.

Before I set off on that Friday I received another message from David asking if I had any issue with some friends coming around and joining us. I responded with a breezy “The more the merrier”, and David replied pleasantly and with a suggestion to bring some swimwear, a difficult task considering I’d brought nothing with me to university. When I told him it might be a little atakent escort too cold in autumn for a dip, he reminded me that he had an outdoor jacuzzi and it brought a smile to my face, remembering that now I was an adult I would finally be allowed in there.

When I arrived just before dinner, David greeted me with a huge bear hug, easily lifting me off of my feet. He had always been a big man – around six foot four – and quite broad-shouldered with it. He’d played rugby with my dad in his youth and he’d retained that body still – stocky rather than fat. Grey lined the temples of his dark hair, but otherwise he looked good for someone his age, with the same kind smile I’d known and been fond of when I was a kid. And those blue eyes…

Those blue eyes had trapped many women. He’d never settled down, much to the chagrin of my parents. My mother had said he was too flirty and that he liked different partners, easily getting bored. Considering his lifestyle, his home and what not, I could see the appeal.

“Polly!” he’d beamed, holding me at arms length, those blue eyes looking me up and down appraisingly. “You should have visited much sooner – certainly after what your dad has said. And with you so close too! Come, let’s get you inside and introduce you to our guests.”

I smiled warmly at him, feeling a fondness and contentment flood me. It had been the first time since leaving home that I felt like I belonged, and as I stepped into his large home I remembered all those memories from my time here before and the happiness they gave me. It was like draping a warm, familiar blanket over me.

David introduced me to his friends – Sally and Rob, two colleagues from where he worked, and James whom he still played rugby with. Each of them were much older than me but all were friendly as we ate dinner together, asking questions about my studies and what life as a student was like now compared to when they studied. I didn’t get much chance to speak with David alone, but I did find his eyes lingering on me every now and then as my eyes went to him.

We opened a bottle of wine with dinner which quickly turned into two. Still relatively new to the game of drinking to excess, it was enough to make me feel a little buzzed. So when David suggested we all jump in his hot tub, despite how shy I could be about my body, I happily obliged.

Despite being a poor student, I’d spent maybe a little too much on the bikini to wear in the hot tub. But even with my lack of confidence in my body at the time, I could appreciate that I looked good. The matching black set contrasted well with my pale, freckled skin, and the top did wonders for my chest.

When I pottered outside and along the patio towards the hottub, the rest of the party were already there and conversing animatedly. My eyes met David’s and I found his gaze wander across my young body, something I’m sure I should have found repulsive – he was my dad’s friend, much older than me, and he’d known me since I was little. Yet I smiled and found his attention very welcome.

Dipping into the hot tub, David immediately opened a third bottle of wine and I quickly caught up with the conversation, speaking of the times my family would come to visit in my youth and how much fun we’d have. It’s an odd juxtaposition between the innocent conversation and how I catch David glancing repeatedly at my chest. And with the alcohol in my system, and with how it was making me feel, I found myself making sure that my breasts were out of the water and in view more often than not.

With the hour getting late, and with two small children that would be up early in the morning, Sally and Rob said their goodbyes and left in a taxi with James. I said goodbye at the door with David, with whom I’d agreed to stay the night and take one of his spare rooms to sleep in.

And then we closed the front door and locked ourselves out from the world. At that moment I knew that with the alcohol consumed and the lingering looks between us that it wasn’t wise to stay up. But when he suggested going back to the tub, it was hard to say no. Actually it was impossible to.

I lead the way back and got into the same seat I had before, the one opposite David. He’d taken a detour on the way, and I found him approaching the tub with another bottle of wine in his hand. “More drink?” he asked in a low rumble as he got into the tub, and with a nod I offered my glass for him to fill, despite knowing I’d had enough.

“You know you don’t need to stay over there?” he suggested, eyes coyly looking away.

I felt something lurch in my stomach, not really unpleasant, as if I knew deep down that he wasn’t just asking me to sit closer to him. It would be giving him, and me, the option to touch. Something we couldn’t do earlier with people around.

I nodded silently and shifted to the seat next to his. Our glasses clinked softly together in a silent toast and akbatı escort I looked across to see his smile warm and cosy like it had always been. We each took a sip of the wine before I put mine down on the side of the hottub.

“So… struggling a little with being away from home for the first time?” David asked me, and I gave him a small nod.

“Yeah… a little. I’ve tried not to be, and I’ve got Nick up here but… it’s a big change.”

“At least you have Nick though.”

I paused and then looked away from him. Despite what I’d done previously with Ryan, I didn’t like to speak badly of my boyfriend. But my silence is as damning as anything I could put into words, and David immediately picked up on it.

“That not going great either? No wonder you’re not happy up here.”

I started a little as his hand suddenly pressed against my upper leg and I immediately looked to him, feeling a flush to my cheeks which wasn’t the alcohol’s doing. “It’s not bad,” I said thickly, not saying anything about the bold placement of his hand. Perhaps because there was something very hot about where it was.

“I understand,” he said softly. “These young loves can feel like that sometimes. You shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t make you happy Polly. You’re a beautiful young woman, and university is a terrible time to be stuck with someone who doesn’t make you happy.”

That made me blush, and when I smiled he smiled too. His hand was smoothing gently along my leg, the two of us both clearly feeling more confident with these touches. It was a good feeling, one that quickened the pulse and sent an ache between my legs because it was a confident touch that came from years of experience – David knew what he wanted, and wasn’t afraid of making that clear.

And it was something that made me confident too. There was a silent offer from David that even in the naivety of youth I understood. I knew what he wanted as much as I knew what I wanted. So with my eyes still locked with his I parted my legs a little further. My hand then found his resting on my thigh, and slowly I guided him between my legs.

He didn’t recoil, like I worried he might. Instead I saw a flash of lust in his eyes and heard a growl of desire come from deep in his chest. His hand cupped my covered pussy and I felt fingers gently probe against the fabric, drawing a shuddering gasp from my lips as I pressed myself closer to him. With our eyes firmly locked together, and emboldened by a combination of alcohol and desire, I reached under the water to reciprocate and found his shorts tented with his manhood pressing hard against the fabric.

Here was a man who I had crushed on hard throughout my teens obviously aroused by me, touching me while I touched him. And all of this happening in a place I’d been forbidden from in my youth, making me feel even more like a woman grown.

His mouth dipped to my neck and I tilted my head upwards to give him easier access to my neck and shoulder while I traced his thick length through his shorts and heard the slight grunt of satisfaction under my chin from my touch. My hips shifted slightly, responding to his fingers as he pulled the bottoms aside and traced a rough finger against my lips, drawing a shudder from my body at the intimacy.

I didn’t need any teasing- the combination of alcohol, his looks and his attention had made me ready the moment I dipped into the jacuzzi. So when our lips finally met it was with a fierce passion that could only come from longing, David’s hands in my damp red hair as his tongue pushed into my mouth. We were locked like that for a while, our hands busy under the water, before he moved to pin me against the side of the tub.

A noise like no other before escaped my mouth as his eager hands moved down my body, David experiencing my subtle curves and then yanking the straps of my top down my arms to free my pert breasts. I made a high-pitched wheeze when he groped them, his thumbs drawing across hard pink nipples, fire now raging between my legs in need of him. “You have great tits,” he murmured, and I made a noise like something between a laugh and a moan.

I couldn’t quite believe David had said such a thing, but I was incredibly pleased he had. I couldn’t believe he was touching me like this at all.

His hands left my body suddenly and I felt the press of his body shift. I didn’t need to ask him what he was doing – deep down I knew. And it’s what I wanted too, despite knowing it meant I would be cheating once more. Glancing down into the water confirmed my suspicions – a flesh-coloured rod illuminated by the light in the jacuzzi showed me how badly he wanted me, and that drove the guilt I felt away to be dealt with another time.

Silently he returned, pulling my bikini bottoms aside while simultaneously pressing the bulbous head of his cock against my pussy. I half expected him to ask me if I was sure, to see whether aksaray escort this was what I wanted. But there was no hesitation from David, and no rejection from me. There was only a steady force until I was filled up with his cock.

The cock of one of my parents best friends.

If there was anything strange about that in either of our minds then it was clearly buried deep in our subconsciousness. My legs wrapped around his waist as he plunged into me, and by the third stroke I was crying out loudly, any doubts about this dissipating as easily as they had with Nick’s brother.

David was hardly a gentle lover, but he wasn’t rough either. Each drive into my sex was firm and powerful, his cock pulling back until only the head remained inside of me. It caused my body to jolt each time he was thrust in and buried himself deep, drawing a loud cry from me when he finished his motion. If he cared about the noise he didn’t say anything, and I only grew louder when his mouth moved from my neck to waiting lips, where the faint touch of the water could be tasted as we kissed.

My hands explored his chest when he pulled away slightly, running through rough, short chest hair and enjoying the strength and power there as he grabbed my hips and pulled me into his increasingly faster and powerful strokes.

I lost myself then. Gripping to the edges of the tub is all I could manage as he took me and I felt the elusive penetrative climax I’d not sampled since my second time with Ryan approach. Was it really the man? Or was it the circumstances?

At that time I didn’t give a shit. And honestly – I probably still don’t.

The orgasm crashed slowly and then seemed to grow in intensity, shuddering up my body from my clenching pussy to the very tips of my fingers, which were digging into the shoulder blades of my lover as he pressed close to me. As I whimpered and gasped against his chest, my arms and legs tightening around him, and enjoyed the fleeting feeling as it slowly subsided.

His strokes had slowed down, and his kisses were a little less fierce. Slowly my grip loosened and I moved my mouth to his to offer silent thanks for what he’d done and where I could feel the smile on his lips.

“Get on top Polly.”

It wasn’t a demand. More a quiet suggestion I couldn’t say no to. Pushing him away and then moving to straddle him as he took his seat once more, we shared a smile with one another, not saying another word, and kissed delicately as I positioned myself ready for him.

The onus was on me then, and I was the the one in control – something I’d not experienced before. Not properly. Ryan hadn’t let me take any control – he’d all but used my body. Nick… well, he had let me go on top but between his lack of skill and my lack of confidence, it hadn’t been fulfilling for either of us.

This, I felt, would be different.

Pulling my bottoms aside once more, David guided his still hard manhood back into my sensitive pussy and I groaned, satisfied at being joined with him once more.

I slid myself down until he filled me utterly and then I slowly started to roll my pelvis while he removed my bikini top. My movements were initially awkward until David put his hands on my hips to help guide me into a rhythm. There was no chastisement, just gentle and silent instruction.

David knew what he was doing. His grip pulled me onto his cock, filling me even deeper than I thought possible, and his fingers splayed across my asscheeks possessively. I was soon well into it, especially when his mouth kissed my neck before dipping to my breasts. I watched as my dad’s friend sucked on my nipples hungrily in detached amazement before I wrapped my pale arms around his head to keep him close.

I’d never known such reverence from a lover. With Nick it was rushed and unsatisfying, and while Ryan was skilled it was also quite emotionless – which wasn’t necessarily bad, but it did make me feel cold after both times with him. With David I felt wanted and desired for what I was and still am – a woman with needs and desires that needed to be fulfilled. I jolted my hips back in my lust, my clit brushing against his body, and I heard a grunt push from deep in his chest before his hands started to explore my slick body.

It was like a switch had been flicked. The intensity immediately escalated, and my subtle movements from before were gone and instead I was almost savagely riding him as I chased another climax. I bounced on his lap, breasts bouncing in the water which was now splashing out of the tub. If David cared he didn’t show it – he was too busy groaning my name and caressing my figure to care about anything.

Beautifully, we came together. He didn’t warn me before doing so, and instead I felt the throb of his cock inside of me before he pulsed his seed into my cunt. It released my own climax, and again I clung to him as we came undone as one, his strong arms pulling me close to him as I mewled his name into his ear.

For a time it’s just the bubbles of the tub and our panting breaths that I could hear. Some rational part of me is aware that my dad’s friend has just filled my pussy, but it’s a quiet voice easily dismissed when everything feels so warm and close.

“You’re going to catch your death,” David eventually said. “Lets get you inside eh?”

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