Teach Me to Love, Big Sister Ch. 09

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Chapter 9 – Secret Blowjob Fun!

When Lilah pressed the remote for the garage door (after trying what felt like fifty times; the thing was so unreliable), she drove inside and was relieved to see that the second car was gone. Thank God, Mom and Dad weren’t home.

She dropped her topless sister off inside the garage and kissed her goodbye. “Where are you going?” Elsie asked.

“I have an idea on how to get the car clean. But I’ll need Tash’s help, which means you can’t be with me. She knows you’re my sister.”

“Oh, I hope she can help,” she said, and then wished Lilah good luck before kissing her goodbye.

Lilah drove like a madwoman to her friend’s studio apartment. She called Tash on the way and said, “Your need to let me into the garage. Bring down soap and a bucket of hot water. Oh, and a spare set of clothes. Seriously, Tash, if you help me with this, I’ll owe you big time.”

“Alright, but only ’cause I love you, Lilah,” Tash had said on the phone. Lilah could hear the eagerness in her friend’s voice; Tash knew there would be a crazy story behind this.

When Lilah opened the car door and the ebony futa saw her friend was naked except for her panties, her jaw dropped. “Alright girl, something wild happened to you and I want every dirty detail.”

“Once you help me get my mom’s car clean, I’ll tell you everything. Promise.”

Tash agreed, so together they washed the back seats of her parents’ SUV until there was no trace of cum or pussy juice left. The whole time they were there, Tash wouldn’t shut up about the mess. “Oh my God, Lilah! Just what have you been doing? Are you secretly a horse or something? I’ve never seen so much cum!”

“Like I said, I need you to keep this to yourself. I’ll explain everything once we’re done.”

“Uh-uh, honey. Sorry, but if I’m going to help clean up your cummy mess, I need details. Now.”

Lilah relented, too exhausted to argue. She relayed the entire story to her friend, how she had taken her ‘partner’ to the lake, how she’d received an amazing tit-fuck on the way, how they had fucked in the back seat. She stayed true to her word, telling her every dirty detail… except that it had been with her own sister.

“Girl, you are so bad!” Tash said laughing. Lilah was infinitely grateful that her friend was so kind and understanding. And she had to be honest, the fact that Tash enjoyed her story so much made the young futa smile and feel naughtier for having done it all.

Elsie and I are pretty naughty, she thought. It was starting to feel like there was almost nothing they wouldn’t do together.

When the car was clean, the back seat upholstery was dark with soapy water, but it was better than what it had been soaked with before. She hugged her friend tightly, thanking the heavens above that she had someone as cool and supportive as Tash. She didn’t know how she was going to make it up to her.

Lilah drove back with all the windows down, hoping the airflow would dry the seats. She took the longest route possible, even stopping at a gas station along the way. Tash was a little taller and bigger than Lilah, so her clothes hung loose on her, but she didn’t care. It beat driving around near-naked with all the car windows down.

The sun was setting as she pulled into the garage at home at last. Of course, her parents had been furious when she returned. Well, Mom had been furious; Dad had only asked if she’d filled the gas tank on the way back.

“Yes, Dad,” she’d replied, and he’d given her a thumbs up from the living room couch.

“That’s my girl,” he’d said.

“You can’t just take the SUV like that, Lilah!” Mom scolded her, shaking her head which made her dyed-red bob bounce. “I don’t care if you need to take your guitars to the shop, you’ve got to ask first, young lady. Your father and I use that car for work.”

She hated it when her parents referred to her twenty-one-year-old ass as ‘young lady’, but she would take her knocks and be grateful. As long as she gave them no reason to suspect anything taboo was afoot, she was cool with whatever Mom said.

At eleven o’clock that night, Lilah put one of her old guitars away after a lazy evening of practicing songs and stripped out of her clothes. The nights were starting to warm up and she preferred to sleep naked.

But not five minutes after turning out the lights, she heard a gentle patter of footsteps outside before her door gently eased open. Someone approached the other side of her bed and asked, “Are you awake?”

“Yeah. You okay, Elsie?”

“I am now that you’re home. Was everything okay with the car?”

“I think so. Tash and I got it as clean as we could.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” Elsie said. “You’re the best.”

She smiled to herself in the dark. “I try.”

When Elsie didn’t leave, Lilah turned around in the bed. The night was too dark to see her sister; she could barely make out her shape in her room. “Everything okay?”

“I can’t Ataköy Escort sleep. Also… I want to say thank you. For taking me out to the lake this afternoon. It was nice. Like, really, really nice. I… I love what we did together.”

Lilah’s smile widened. “Me too,” she said, and reached out to squeeze her sister’s hand.

“Can I… can I lay down with you for a while?” Elsie asked hesitantly. Lilah was exhausted, but she tugged her sister’s hand in response, encouraging her to come under her sheets.

Elsie did, and when their hips touched Lilah could tell her little sister was naked, too.

She knew she shouldn’t do it; it was too risky given that Mom and Dad were home. But neither girl could stop themselves. Lilah pulled her little sister in for a warm, naked embrace, her breasts and stomach touching Elsie’s and her soft, sleepy cock pressing against her thigh.

Their lips met in the dark. Lilah drank her little sister in and pulled her body in closer. She ran her fingers through Elsie’s thick, red hair and smelled its wonderful sweetness. She caressed her naked back with her long, guitar-picking fingernails and felt Elsie shiver against her at the touch. Elsie kissed Lilah’s neck, her shoulder, her chest, and then her mouth again.

“I love you, big sister,” Elsie said.

“I love you too, little sister,” Lilah replied.

She knew it was dangerous, but she had to have her sister again. She encouraged Elsie to lay on her back and then climbed atop her. They kissed more as Lilah gently rubbed her crotch against Elsie’s, quickly feeling her wetness there. Elsie surprised her then by taking Lilah’s large breast in her hand and bringing it to her mouth. The big sister sighed as she felt her little sister’s lips take her nipple in. Elsie suckled her tit so lovingly that it made Lilah shiver all over. She caressed Elsie’s hair more, and then reached down to guide her cock into Elsie’s pussy.

When she penetrated her, Elsie’s cry was muffled by Lilah’s breast in her mouth.

Lilah was gentle that night. She had to be; she couldn’t risk making any noise with her parents downstairs. Her thrusts were slow, but deep. When Elsie released Lilah’s nipple, Lilah replaced it with her own mouth. They kissed, and Lilah tasted Elsie’s moans with every thrust.

Their love was so sensual and so good. Elsie gripped Lilah’s round ass and dug her fingers in as she thrust. Lilah wrapped her arms around Elsie to hold their bodies together tightly.

Because it was so slow, their love lasted long. When Lilah finally came, the pleasure had been building so gradually that it burst from her in such a uniquely powerful way. She had to bury her face in the pillow to muffle her cry. Like every other time they had done anything sexual, she could feel just how much cum erupted from her. It was unbelievable, but despite it being the third time that day her sister had made her cum, she still had plenty more sperm to give.

Elsie squeezed Lilah tight and shivered with her own quiet orgasm. And then, all they could do was lie there in Lilah’s bed, holding each other as they bathed in their mutual post-coital glow.

Eventually, Lilah whispered in Elsie’s ear: “You’d better go. Mom can’t find you in here if she goes to your room to wake you up in the morning.”

Elsie whined a little in disappointment. Lilah gently moved off her, her now soft cock sliding out of her sister’s creamy pussy, and then rubbed her cheek adoringly. They kissed again before Elsie finally slipped out of her bed, grabbing a discarded tee from the floor to hold against her dripping pussy as she walked away.

Lilah fell asleep quickly and dreamt of a world where she and her sister lived together alone, expressing their love openly and wildly every day.


The following afternoon, Elsie and Lilah could not stop making eyes at each other. Elsie would have wanted nothing more than a harder, noisier repeat of last night’s secret lovemaking, but she knew there could be none of that. Mom and Dad were home, and they were bustling around preparing the house for their dinner guests.

“Come on,” Mom urged Elsie as she vacuumed the carpet. “They’ll be here in half an hour. We can’t have this place looking like a family of pigs live here.”

“Mom, the house is fine!” Elsie insisted while she emptied the dust canister from the vacuum into the trash. “Seriously, you guys are OCD with keeping this place tidy.”

“Don’t drag me into your mother’s psychoses,” Dad said while he set the table.

Mom ignored him. “Where is your sister? She needs to be on door duty. She knows the Levinsons always arrive early.”

Elsie smiled, dumped the vacuum’s dust canister on the kitchen floor. “I’ll get her!” she announced and raced upstairs.

Mom shook her head as she left. “Those girls will look for any excuse to avoid housework.”

When Elsie reached Lilah’s room, she put her ear Ataşehir Escort to the door and heard faint movement. She knocked on it gently. “Lilah?” she said but heard no response. She turned the knob and eased the door open, peeking inside.

There she saw her big sister, naked and masturbating on the bed. Her eyes were closed and in her ears were a pair of headphones. One of her hands pumped her cock in a fast rhythm while the other rubbed her tits. Though mostly obscured by Lilah’s big futa balls, Elsie did catch something colored a bright, happy purple. Though she couldn’t tell from where she stood, this thing was vibrating inside her sister’s pussy.

Biting her lip, Elsie snuck into Lilah’s room and eased the door shut. She tip-toed to the side of the bed, never once taking her eyes off the amazingly sexy sight of her big sister pleasuring herself. She loved the smile on Lilah’s face; the way her eyelids would sometimes flutter open and she would see nothing but the whites.

She knew it was risky, but she really wanted to do this. As gently as she could, Elsie eased herself onto Lilah’s bed, making sure not to put her weight on it too quickly lest she give herself away. The bedsprings squeaked a little as she did this, but thanks to the music in Lilah’s ears she didn’t notice.

Smiling, Elsie reclined on her side and enjoyed the show. Her sister’s cock was such a deep shade of pink, and it looked so monstrously thick and yummy. Veins down the underside stood out thick under her tight grip. The head glistened with viscous precum. Elsie marveled at her sister’s fast-paced rhythm; at the way her big balls bounced happily with every stroke, at how her hips bucked like she was fucking someone imaginary.

Like she’s imagining fucking me! Elsie thought.

The bright pink nipples on Lilah’s big, D-cup tits stood out, and Elsie pictured herself latching onto one with her mouth. She wished she could, but that would spoil this secret moment.

Her rhythm grew faster and harder. Lilah’s smile widened and her breath quickened. “Oh, yes!” she whispered. “Oh, fuck yes!” Her mouth then fell into an O and she threw her head back, letting out a tight, restrained cry as cum spurted from her cock. It jetted out in long, white ropes, splashing against her naked body until her hands, her tits and her stomach were coated. Some even reached her face, and Lilah flinched when this happened and she smiled, allowing the cum to dribble into her own mouth.

Her rigid body relaxed, and with a delightful sigh she fell in a slump on the bed. Giggling, and without opening her eyes, she took off her headphones.

“Well, that was fun,” Elsie said.

Lilah yelped and jumped. She stared at her sister with wide, shocked eyes. “Oh my God, Elsie! What are you doing here? You scared the shit out of me!”

Elsie giggled and rubbed her sister’s warm thigh. “I just wanted to watch you. You’re not mad, are you?”

Lilah put a hand to her chest and tried to slow her breathing. “No. I’m not mad. I’m just trying not to have a heart attack right now.” She reached down and fiddled with the vibrator in her pussy, turning it off and then slowly pulling it out of herself. It was big; bigger even than her own cock, and it left a mess of wetness on her Union Jack quilt cover. She smiled and let out a long sigh. “God, I needed that!” And then she reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a packet of baby wipes.

“Wait, before you do that…” Elsie said, a wicked idea suddenly forming in her mind. She crawled onto Lilah and, smiling with her tongue out, began to lick her cock clean. She relished the wonderful sweaty and salty taste as she swallowed her sister’s freshly spilled cream. “I’m your little cum cat!” she announced. “Meow, meow!” She worked her tongue around Lilah’s body, licking and sucking every drop of cum she could see. When she made eye contact with Lilah, her big sister stared at her with a happy, bewildered expression.

“You really are… um, creative, Elsie.”

She giggled. “You bring it out in me! Meow, meow!” She batted her sister playfully on the boobs with her ‘paws’, watching them bounce.

By the time she was done, it was almost seven o’clock. “Shit!” Lilah said when she saw her phone. “Elsie, I’ve got to get down. I’m meant to be waiting by the door!”

Elsie tried not to look too disappointed. “Okay,” she said and watched her sister wipe herself down with baby wipes before throwing her clothes on. “It was fun,” Elsie said when her sister was done. “Is it weird that I liked watching you masturbate?”

Lilah beamed at her. “Not weird at all. Maybe it’s something we can do again.”

Elsie nodded. “Yeah! Maybe I can masturbate in front of you next time?”

“Definitely.” Lilah then leaned in to give her sister a kiss. “Mm,” she said after tasting herself on Elsie’s lips. “Creamy.”


“Lilah, where have you been? Get your butt Avcılar Escort to the door!” Mom snapped at Lilah after she came down, finally dressed and ready for dinner.

The doorbell had already chimed twice. “You know you could just answer it yourself,” Lilah said, and Mom threw a deadly look her way. “I’m just saying!” she said defensively. She knew it was dumb to argue. The whole point was that Mom and Dad wanted their guests to see their ‘beautiful, polite, smart daughters’ as soon as they walked in. Like she and Elsie were a prize to be displayed or something.

The Levinsons stood on the family porch when she opened the door, early as usual. She smiled warmly and welcomed them inside. “Lovely to see you, Lilah dear!” the elderly Mrs. Levinson said while Mr. Levinson handed her his jacket, which reeked of tobacco. The Levinsons were an older couple that also invested in restaurants and were sort of mentors to her Mom and Dad. Lilah thought they were boring as bat shit, but she could pretend otherwise for an evening.

Not long after them, the Dooleys, the Parkers and the Godwin-Smiths arrived, too. The house was soon filled with the inane, overly friendly chit-chat of people that worked in the same industry.

When dinner finally arrived (care of the head chef from one of their newest restaurant acquisitions), everybody sat down just as Lilah’s stomach started to rumble. She was seated at the end of the extendable dining table with Elsie at her left.

The food was delicious, that much could be said. Any night where her parents didn’t try to cook was a good night as far as Lilah and Elsie were concerned.

While Mr. Levinson regaled everyone with talk about “the most exquisite escargot” on his latest trip to France, Elsie bumped Lilah’s elbow.

“Mm?” Lilah said, turning her way while still smiling at the guests.

“My mushrooms aren’t great. How are yours?”

“I like them,” she said. She took a glance at Elsie’s plate. “I can eat them if you don’t want them.”

“No, I want them. I just need more cream.”

Lilah motioned with her head towards the other end of the table. “Ask Mom to pass you the boat,” she whispered, referring to the silver gravy boat full of a cheesy cream sauce.

But Elsie didn’t respond. Lilah noticed from the corner of her eye that Elsie stared at her. “What?” she whispered turning back to her.

Elsie waited for a second and then repeated: “I need more cream.”

“Yeah, I heard you. You can ask Mom to-” And then it hit her. She realized just what Elsie was asking. Lilah’s eyes went wide, and she shook her head quickly. “No. No, way Elsie, not now.”

A sly smile spread across Elsie’s face. She saw her braces glimmer in a way that made her look wicked. Lilah’s heart hammered in her chest. Was her sister crazy? Did she really want to… to do that right now? Here, with all her parents’ friends around?

Elsie flicked her dinner fork off the table. It clattered on the dining room floor. “Oops,” she said, before taking a glance at everyone around the table – none of whom paid any attention to her – and then bobbing out of sight under the table.

Lilah couldn’t believe it. She tried not to look terrified as her little sister moved under the table. She felt Elsie’s hair brush her leg, then her hand gently grasped her ankle. She flinched. No, she thought. God, no! Why now? What are you doing to us?!

Meanwhile, under the long table Elsie held back a giggle as she ran her fingers up and down her sister’s legs. She took Lilah’s knees and tried to pry them apart. Lilah resisted, which only made Elsie smile wider. She leaned forward and licked Lilah’s knee, her calf, and what she could reach of her thigh from under the skirt. It was rare to see her big sister in a skirt; usually she opted for jeans, hippy pants, or short shorts. Having people over was the only time their parents insisted that Lilah dress up.

Up at the table, Lilah hoped her face wasn’t going too red. She chewed a piece of chicken to help keep her expression under control. Just what the hell was Elsie thinking?! How could she think that this, this was okay?

Then again, could she really blame her? Lilah had made her suck her dick in the back garden, after all. She had fucked her in the car by the lake. Was it all that surprising that Elsie was turning into such a thrill-seeking cum slut?

That doesn’t matter! she thought. Mom and Dad are right here! Everyone is here! She can’t be doing this!

And yet, she found herself relenting to Elsie’s encouraging touch. Her knees parted, revealing her black panties, and Elsie gave a silent cheer of victory under the table.

She saw that bulge now. That huge, succulent bulge. My Treasure! she thought.

She caressed that bulge and bit back a giggle as she watched it twitch. She poked it here, there and everywhere, feeling what was cock, what was head, what was balls and what was pussy.

Then she reached forward and delicately clasped the edge of the panty elastic. From the corner of her eyes, Elsie kept a lookout for the guest’s legs, making sure to stay well away from them. When she pulled down, her sister’s cock popped out like a spring, and she watched enraptured as it grew and swelled before her eyes.

Lilah’s horny! she thought. I knew she would like this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32