Taking My Sister Part I

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I know I should be studying, but all I can think about is the way my sister’s nipples look when it’s cold and she’s not wearing a bra. I can’t stop thinking about how perfect and hard and wonderful they look, especially when she’s reaching up and her tits push together and I can see exactly how they’d look with my cock between them.

Let’s start over. I’m 18 years old and my sister is 21. I’ve wanted to fuck her since I was 13, when I accidentally walked in on her fingering herself. I remember everything about that moment: she was naked on her bed with her eyes closed, in shorts and a tight little shirt with her fingers deep inside her pussy. She yelled and I left quickly, but I never forgot about the way she was lying in bed with her legs open and her cunt filled.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister. We’re the best of friends. I figure that’s why she wears such provocative clothes around me; she trusts me. I’m her little brother, I’m not one of those perverts who think about her hot, tight pussy wrapped around their cocks every time she walks out on the street in a short skirt. Oh, if only she knew, I am so much worse than those guys. They’re only going to think about it for a while; I’m going to do it.

Let me tell you what my sister looks like. She’s short, but curvy and full. Her tits are gorgeous – we’re talking 36DDs, with big prominent nipples, and her ass is made for fucking. She wears her hair down to her shoulders and it’s black, and she used to wear glasses but she got these contacts which if you ask me are fucking useless because jesus would I would love to cum on her face while she’s got her glasses on.
I suppose you think Çankaya Escort it’s dirty and wrong of me to think like this about my sister. It probably is, but I don’t really care anymore. There was a time when I would feel ashamed every time I felt my cock harden when I saw her half-dressed, when I would feel guilty for rubbing one out and thinking of twisting those hard little nipples till she moaned and screamed, but I think I’m over it.

I’ve been planning this for a while, you know. My parents are out of town at a wedding this week. My sister has plans to go watch a movie tomorrow, but she’s free tonight and I’ll be letting her friends know she can’t make it by texting them from her phone. Sara – that’s my sister – isn’t going to be missing anything much.
My sister comes out of her room around 4 PM, in tiny shorts and a tank top which barely contains her breasts. She looks dazed from sleep, and asks, “did mom and dad leave?”

“Yeah, around an hour ago. Why, what’s up?”

“Nothing, I was just asking. Can you get me a cup of coffee please?”

There it is, you see – my sister always asks me to make her a cup of coffee. This one will be special – I know a guy who knows a guy who gave me something which will make my sister a lot more open to this idea. We’ll find out.

“Sure, I was already making myself some. I’ll bring it up to your room.”

“No, no, I’ll come to the lounge. I want to watch tv.”

I shrug and she follows me downstairs. I’m excited and nervous and happy and terrified, but I know one thing: my wait is almost over. I make the coffee, add what I need to Cebeci Escort and mix a little more sugar to cover the taste.

My sister doesn’t notice. I sit next to her and she drinks her coffee, and we watch Grey’s Anatomy re-runs for fifteen minutes before she says she isn’t feeling too good. She rests her head in my lap, just inches from my rapidly hardening dick. I’m already thinking of her big lips around the base of my cock, and how it feels inside her mouth.

After another ten minutes, she passes out. I’m pretty sure she’s asleep, and I don’t really care either way. She’ll wake up soon enough. I can’t wait anymore though, so I pull down her tank top and look at her beautiful big tits. Her nipples are hard and cold as ice, and I rub the left one with my fingers. It grows bigger under my touch, and I hold it between my thumb and forefinger. I love her, but I want to do this: I pinch her nipple hard and she moans a little, so I twist it and she shifts in her sleep. I slap her left tit and watch fascinated as it marks her skin red.

I take all her clothes off. I can’t wait any longer and I really want to touch my naked sister while she’s passed out. I rip her shorts and her tank top, and she barely moves; I open the sofa bed and spread her across it with her legs wide and her pussy wide open.

She’s shaved and her lips are big and full, and the inside of her cunt is pink and soft. I’m amused to see she’s wet, and it’s dripping down to her tight little asshole. Her clit is swollen and I can’t resist touching it – I take some of her cum and rub her pussy and she shifts a little more. She’ll Çukurambar Escort probably wake up soon, and I’m pretty sure she’ll want this. If she doesn’t…

In the meantime, I want to control her body while she can’t. I slide two fingers in her pussy and lick her clit, biting it and watching her squirm unconsciously. I want to hurt this bitch, to make her scream and cum on my cock while I choke her and she feels my 9 inch thick cock deep in her pussy.

I’m not ashamed of wanting my sister, and I’m not ashamed as I lick her delicious cunt and finger her hard and deep. I give her pussy one long taste and then I turn her over, opening her asshole and forcing my finger inside it. I can’t wait to fuck this hole; it’s tight and I have a feeling she hasn’t let anyone fuck her there. I slap her ass with my free hand, and she begins to wake up; I can hear her moaning, so I rest my whole body on top of her. I put my hand across her mouth, and that’s when I know she’s awake; a fucking slut she may be, but she’s not dumb. She knows when to shut up and listen.

“Are you going to scream? Squeeze your asshole around my finger thrice if you mean no.”

I can see her humiliation in her eyes and I feel satisfied, and it gets better when I feel her butthole tighten around my fingers three times. I let my hand move down to her tit and pinch her nipple again. She gasps and closes her eyes, but doesn’t react otherwise.

“I’m going to take you, sister. I’m going to fuck you every way I can, and you’re going to beg me even when your asshole is so sore you can’t walk. You’re going to beg for my cum inside your pussy, and you’re going to lick my asshole clean. This is going to be fun.”

I watch my sister and I know she’s terrified and it makes me look forward to this even more. I can’t help noticing, when I feel her pussy again, that she’s wetter than she was before I slapped her back to life. What a fucking whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32