Sweet Confessions

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Big Tits

Does everyone have a secret fantasy?

I am just an ordinary housewife married to a great husband with three wonderful children. We have a nice house and all our needs are met. It is not in my nature to do crazy things, that is, until today.

Today started out like any other day. My husband got up and went to work and our children all went to school. My best friend Denise came over after her family had gone on their way as well. We take turns going to each other’s house once a week, have a cup of tea or coffee and visit. We then spend the rest of the day helping the other one clean and do big jobs around our houses. We have so much fun and get much more done than we could by cleaning alone.

After we had our tea we kicked off our shoes and started cleaning. After cleaning the office, I wanted to do the master bedroom because I had stripped the sheets off of the bed and needed help to replace them. I had never had Denise help me in my bedroom before. The king size sleigh bed was even hard for one adult to make up. We made our way up to the master bedroom after we finished the office and started making the bed. We had been laughing and playing around, like throwing pillows at one another or pushing playfully. Denise came to my side of the bed; I expected she was going to help me draw the sheets tight so that I could get them over the final corner of the mattress. She came close to me and looked into my eyes. “Aren’t you going to pull?” I asked playfully. She searched my eyes in a way that was very different than ever before. My grip on the sheets loosened as we silently looked into each others’ eyes. I let the sheets go and stood up to face her. I searched her face for an answer to the butterflies I now had in my stomach. The anticipation turned mere seconds into minutes. Denise and I silently faced each other. I wanted her to say it.

Some time ago she had shared with me a fantasy that she would like to see what it would be like to be with another woman, just once. You know, if this beautiful woman appeared out of nowhere had sex with you and then disappeared never to reappear or tell anyone. No one gets hurt and life goes on as usual. I admitted to her that I had from time to time thought about the same thing. At the time, we laughed and did not really take each other seriously because, hey, what is the likelihood of a beautiful woman popping out of nowhere for the sole purpose of having a same sex encounter only to disappear into oblivion? I could tell by the look in her eyes that this was exactly what she was thinking and I wanted her to say it. The suspense of silence was killing me. The lighthearted mood changed and I returned her deep gaze.

Contrary to our original same sex requirements, this is not something I would have ever considered if this person were not my very close best friend. We have been through so much together and we trust each other completely. There isn’t anything that we can’t share with one another and know completely that no one else will ever hear about it.

I returned her searching gaze and I could tell that she knew I knew what was on her mind. She reached up and stroked my cheek and moved my long hair away from my face. My eyes closed. I felt her lips brush mine and I returned her kiss. At first just little kisses but then our lips parted and our tongues gently touched.

Like I said before, I am not one to do something crazy and neither is my friend Denise. Responsible married women with families don’t normally step outside of the ‘routine’. This was why my head really began to spin. I was seriously abandoning the routine at this very moment and was excited at the prospect of it. At first all kinds of thoughts were running through my mind. Neither one of us had ever been with anyone other than our husbands, much less with another woman. I was admitting to myself how attractive I thought Denise was and how I had occasionally thought of this very thing happening with her. I opened my eyes and looked into hers. Her sweet look reassured me of her deep care for me. I smiled. I knew that this is what I wanted to do and she did too. We had loved each other as friends for so long. Today we would express it in our own private way.

We softly embraced and enjoyed the warmth of each other’s mouths and tongues. Passionately, but gently, we kissed, long searching kisses that made my heart pound and the butterflies in my stomach swirl even more so. Any inhibition we had about what we were doing melted away into oblivion. As we pressed our bodies closer we lost track of all reality and moved toward our fantasies. Our minds and hearts and bodies were starting to move as one and focus on the pleasure of experiencing something new, a special love for a dear friend, something we had never dreamed could or would happen. Something that previously had only existed in the back of our antalya escort minds as a very distant, “what if” thought.

I stepped back and looked at her. I have always thought she was very pretty, but now I found myself enchanted with her beauty. I touched her silky flowing hair. My fingers lightly caressed the smooth tan skin of her face, her forehead, her eyelids, her lips, her cheeks. Cupping her face in my hands I kissed her. As my kisses left her lips and moved to her face and down her neck, Denise tilted her head back and allowed a shaky deep breath to escape her throat. My tongue traced a warm path from the hollow of her neck back up to her chin.

What remaining inhibitions I had were gone. I was comfortable and eager to experience this fantasy with my dear friend. I would never have guessed that I would have the yearning or desire that I did at this very moment to see her naked body. I wanted to explore her body with my eyes and hands in a way I would have never thought possible.

I kissed her neck and unbuttoned the first button of her top. Denise placed her hands on my waist in a way that reassured me. As if to say that she understood my need because she shared it with me. I methodically unbuttoned every button on her shirt in anticipation and then pulled it open. I bent down and kissed her chest between her supple breasts. I gently slid her shirt off of her shoulders to better expose her breasts heaving from her low-cut bra. She reached up and undid the front closure of her bra and her breasts pushed forward and were now free, her bra fell to the floor I stared at her ample firm beautifully formed breasts and reached out to touch them. I wanted so badly to touch them. Her silky skin was warm and soft. I cupped her breasts in my hands and then bent down and kissed her nipples. Denise drew herself closer to me as I circled each nipple with my tongue and sucked them into my mouth.

I wanted to see her completely naked, totally uninhibited. I placed my hands on her thin waist and slid my fingers into the band of her shorts. Denise put her hands on my shoulders like a dance partner. I began to push the shorts from her hips and she gently gyrated to help them off. My fingers slid into the band of her panties on the way down so that they were removed also. I guided them to the floor and she stepped out of them. We now stood facing each other again but she was now totally naked. I had seen her in a bikini many times before so I knew she had a good body, but this, what I saw now, was so much more than a good body. I saw her with new eyes. I saw her in a way that I had never seen her before.

I took in everything. Her pretty slight feet with perfectly painted toenails, her thin ankles and shapely toned legs, her neatly trimmed pubic area, perfectly shaped thighs, tiny waist, large, but not too large perky breasts, perfectly proportioned neck, and thin but not gaunt face. I saw not an ounce of fat, pudge or bulge on her. Her hair fell like cascades down past her shoulders covering one of her breasts. My fingers lightly brushed her skin as I moved her hair back so that I could look at her without even so much as her hair covering her beautiful body.

Denise closed the space between us. Softly looking into my eyes she took my hand and raised it to her bare breast. I lovingly caressed it with my fingers. I placed my hands on her bare waist and she started removing my clothes. I wanted her to do as she pleased; I closed my eyes to savor the feeling of what she was doing to me. I wanted to enjoy every moment. Denise kissed and licked my face and lips. I returned her sweet kisses with passion. My head and heart were floating with her every touch, kiss, and caress.

As she kissed my face she moved around to my ear and started to kiss and lick it. Her breath was hot and sent shivers all through me. I shuddered as her warm, wet tongue moved around my ear and then slowly entered it. Denise’s tongue penetrating my ear sent sensual shivers throughout my body. I loved her penetrating me and wanted more.

Denise began licking down my neck from my ear. She moved down to my shoulder and into the curve of my neck and throat. She grasped the bottom of my shirt and fluidly pulled my shirt up over my head and off and then let it drop to the floor. She guided me down onto the bed; her hands cradled my head and gently lowered it. I moved to undo my bra, but she stopped me. She touched my breasts through my bra and then pulled my bra down to expose my modest but shapely breasts. She fondled me, using her finger tips to slowly trace around my hard nipples. She leaned down and started kissing my taught nipple while caressing my other breast. Her tongue circled it and then she began to suck and lightly nibble and pull at it. My body began reacting to her attention almost immediately. Her wet eager mouth antalyadaspor.com and her warm breath felt so good on my skin that I did not want her to stop. I reached up and stroked her hair and enjoyed the pleasure her soft mouth was giving me. Soon she stopped and pulled back. I arched my back so that she could reach behind me and unfasten my lacy bra. She did so and pulled it away from my body and discarded it on the floor. Denise fondled both of my breasts, massaging them in a slow and deliberate manner. Focusing her attention on one, she lowered her head and began to lick and suck my nipple. My fingers entangled in her soft hair as I pulled her head closer and her eager mouth tenderly sucked my breast in with more intensity. I pressed myself toward her as she tugged and pulled at my nipple with her mouth.

Denise moved steadily down my body placing tender hot kisses along the middle of my stomach down to the top of my jean shorts. In timid anticipation I unbuttoned them. Denise took my hands and moved them away. She wanted to do this herself. Denise unzipped my shorts and she slipped them off my body along with my panties. My body was now nude for her to see and enjoy as she wished. Denise began where she had stopped, she continued to kiss all the way down to my pubic area. She lightly touched me between my legs. I let out a slight gasp as I felt myself start to throb and grow very hot in that area. The anticipation of her continued touch sent sparks throughout my body.

Instinctively I parted my legs slightly with pleasure. My desire was for Denise to explore my body if she wanted to. Denise continued to lightly touch me as with a feather, back and forth around my outer lips as if she were teasing me. As she did this I wanted her to do more. I wanted to feel her fingers inside me. I parted my legs a little farther and she began to touch the pink tissue that was protruding slightly out of the middle of my outer lips. I watched the intent longing expressions of her beautiful face as she focused on my wet body. She was enjoying me. Denise pushed my smooth tan legs apart and urged my knees up and back causing the lips of my vagina to part. Her eyes glanced at me in a loving, trusting way that made me feel so secure, so loved. Denise took the warming jelly from my night table and applied it to me, a moan escaped my throat. She began to rub it back and forth with her loving gentle fingers. The warmth became hot and my body started to move with her rhythm. I tilted my hips back to accommodate her touch. Again she teased me slightly by moving her finger close to my entrance but never inserting it. I kept moving my body up. I wanted Denise to slide her fingers into my body. Finally, she slowly and gently slid one lengthy elegant finger into me and started moving it back and forth. Then she added another and reached deep inside me. I felt her move my inner body as she did. Pushing against it and moving slowly around inside of me. As she did this she moved her body until she was above me. With her fingers still deep inside of me Denise lowered her face to mine and we kissed passionately. My senses were swimming, I felt like I would explode. I reached up and pulled her body down so that her breasts and mine were pressed together. I was acutely aware of her nipples on mine. We continued to kiss and began to press our hips against one another. We rhythmically moved them together as her fingers intently moved deeply into and out of me.

I reached down between her legs to touch her. Denise’s soft wet body intensified every feeling and emotion I was experiencing. I rubbed her gently and moved inside her as well. She parted her legs and pushed her butt up into the air as I pushed my fingers into and out of her body. She moaned as I had and continued to move her fingers with more and more intensity inside me. As she moved over me I took her breast into my mouth and kissed and sucked her nipple. Her skin was smooth and sweet on my tongue. Her body was warm and wet on my fingers. My own wet body stretched around the fingers she was probing me with and I wanted her more than ever.

Things progressed much faster than either of us wanted. We both wanted to enjoy each other for as long as we could before it was over so we pulled back from each other, although we ached for more. I asked Denise if I could massage her body. She quietly and sensually said ‘yes’.

I told Denise to turn over on her stomach. I took the scented oil from my nightstand and began wit her feet.. She was a little ticklish so I moved up to her legs. I applied the oil all over her legs, up over her tight butt, and to her back rubbing it in back and forth over her body in rhythmic circles. With the back of her body now covered with oil, I concentrated on each part of her legs. I started with her calves, went to the back of her knees, and then her thighs. Then I put the oil on her butt and started rubbing there and up onto her back. Rubbing her butt was so sexy, touching her there and feeling her toned muscles was very scintillating. Then I rubbed her back. As I rubbed her back I went over to each of her sides sliding across her breasts as I did. Then I went from the top of her back down over her butt all the way down to her feet and then back up, every time sliding my fingers over the smooth wet spot between her legs. Each time she would move her legs apart a little further to allow me to touch more. I badly wanted to but resisted.

I whispered close to her ear. ‘Roll onto your back.’ When she did I just stared at her again for a moment before I started applying the massage oil. Her long thin outstretched body, supple breasts and tender neck and shoulders. I began with her feet again and applied the oil all over her legs. Uninhibited, I moved her legs apart a bit so I could see between them. Denise moved her legs further apart so that her body separated and I could see all of her. I finally broke my gaze and began rubbing her legs and thighs. As I did, I got close to her warm spot while rubbing her inner thighs. She moved toward me slightly as I did this. I rubbed between her legs without penetrating her and then went up to her flat stomach. I applied the oil to her stomach and her breasts and rubbed back and forth and around them in a circular motion. I massaged her shoulders and kissed her face and lips as I did.

Then she did the same to me. It felt so good, so relaxing and so incredibly sensual. I wanted to take her in my arms and hold her, press my body against hers, explore her body wit my hands, inside and out. Then when she finished covering me in oil she had me stand up. She turned some slow soft music on and we began to slow dance. Kissing passionately, we pressed our bodies close, rubbing our breasts together massaging the oil into them. Embracing each other we rubbed each other’s back as our bodies moved together and slid fluidly together to the slow intimate beat. Denise slid her body down mine. Her hands down the back of my body, across my butt and legs and her breasts pressed against the front of my body, down my abdomen and across my pubic area. She slowly began to slide back up pressing against my body. Before she did, she looked up at me and stuck out her tongue. She licked me from my wet soft spot all the way up between my breasts to my neck until she was standing completely and then kissed me deeply. I liked it so I did the same to her. She tasted good! I instantly wanted more. I wanted to try it again. So I went down on my knees, held her butt with my hands and pulled her close. She spread her legs and I licked the wet soft part between them. I licked and licked and my tongue went back and forth around her pink lips. She reached down and parted them for me so that I could stick my tongue inside of her. I started to flick my tongue in and out and suck her lips. She moaned. I knew she liked it as did I. She pulled me up and went down on her knees. I separated my legs. She started to lick my lips. The feeling of her tongue so soft and so warm aroused me completely, I felt something inside me release. I moaned and she licked and teased my lips. I moved my fingers down to part my lips as she sucked on them. Denise flicked her tongue inside my body and probed deeply. I wanted her to consume me and be satisfied.

We both were very turned on now and wanted to climax. We moved back to the bed and lay down next to each other. At first we could not decide how we could work it so both of us could climax at the same time. She took the warming jelly and put some on me and I put some on her. We faced each other, slightly apart, with one leg propped up and started fingering each other. Then with our free hand we started rubbing our own hot spot. Faster and faster we both slid our fingers in and out of each other simultaneously. The vision of her beautiful wet body reacting to my fingers, seeing myself enter her in such a personal way made me grow hotter still. As we rubbed our clits, our bodies shuddered with ecstasy. Warm liquid oozed out of our bodies onto each other’s fingers. We continued to finger each other getting slower and slower until we both stopped and lowered our bodies together to the bed. We lay quietly next to each other for several minutes reflecting on the whole encounter.

We had lovingly and sensually lost track of time. We quickly straightened up the bedroom and finished making the bed. Today would be a short cleaning day. We decided to go swimming instead since we were covered with oil, rather than continue our cleaning. We put our suits on, ran down to the pool, and jumped in. We splashed around for a while and then got onto the rafts to sun. From behind my sun glasses I gazed at Denise stretched out in her bikini and I wanted to touch her again, but I knew that the fantasy was now a special memory though and no longer relegated to the back of my mind. That is where it would remain. My loving friend.

The End.

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