Surprise Encounter with Ryan

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I walked into the house Friday after work like I always do and shed my jacket and tie and headed to my wet bar. I poured me a glass of bourbon and headed to the living room to turn on some music. My fiancé would be out of town for the weekend visiting friends so my weekend was full of opportunities. There were a few things I needed to get done on Saturday around the house but nothing too serious that wouldn’t keep me from a much needed round of golf and a few cocktails with friends. After about an hour I was feeling relaxed thanks to a very good single barrel bourbon that was gift from a friend for my impending wedding. I had really hit the jackpot with my girlfriend. She was about five foot 100 lbs. with a gorgeous ass and massive tits. She was a college cheerleader and the years since then had been good to her. Needless to say I was a lucky man.

About the time I was freshening up my drink my doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I was curious who it could be. I opened the door to find my neighbor Ryan standing there in a casual but sexy skirt and tank top combo and a bottle of wine.

We had recently bought a house in an old part of town and had quickly hit it off with a few of the younger neighbors. One of which was a younger guy who worked in the banking industry and his girlfriend Ryan who was definitely easy to look at. They were a few years out of college and she had the body to prove it. She was about 5’7 120 lbs with strawberry blonde hair and this milky skin that draws you in. She would frequently leave the house in yoga pants and tight shirts that informed me that under those clothes was a perfectly toned body that was built for fucking. I always made a point to be friendly bc that’s just the type of guy I am and a lingering conversation allowed me to admire her body.

“Hey Nick!” She said in her chipper sorority girl tone. “Is Jill here?”

“She isn’t” I answered sounding more like a question. “What can I help you with” as I invited her in.

“Aw, Sean is out of town for the weekend and I was hoping for a drinking buddy tonight.”

“Well I just poured a drink if you’d like to join me.” I said in a manner that wouldn’t alarm her to the fact that I would love to have a drink with this gorgeous girl.

“Game on!” She squealed as she strut past me and headed to the living room. I told her to make herself comfortable as I grabbed her bottle of wine and headed to the kitchen. After uncorking the wine I poured a liberal glass for her and headed back where I found her propped up on the couch scrolling through my music playlist. I grabbed a seat next to her and we broke into conversation as we relaxed and drank. One glass turned to two and then three and we were deep into all sorts of topics at this point. As the buzzes kicked in our conversation definitely aired on the flirty side but I made sure to keep it casual but I could definitely tell she was feeling comfortable and loose with occasional brushes on my arm or leg when I’d say something funny or charming. I noticed our drinks were running low and wasn’t sure if she was close to calling it a night or wanted to keep the party going. Another drink? I asked. Absolutely she said. I have no plans tonight giving me a subtle look letting me know that this could be a long night. I played bartender and when I came back she switched up the playlist with more of a college nightclub feel. As I set her drink down she moved closer and said she had a secret.

What’s that I asked with a smirk.

I knew Renee wouldn’t be here tonight she said.


Well I talked to her earlier and she told me she was leaving this weekend so I thought it would be fun for you and I to hang. I hope you’re not mad.

Mad? Not at all. Confused a bit why you didn’t just tell me that you wanted to drink with me.

I know. That was silly but the truth is I find you attractive and I wasn’t sure coming over here was a great idea.

How do you mean? I pressed.

Well at this point I’m feeling pretty buzzed so I’ll just tell you that I was concerned that if I got over here and got a little tipsy I would make a move on you. As she said this her hand landed softly on my thigh giving it a little scratch with her nails to let me know she was there and subtly bit her lower lip.

Holy shit Ryan! Don’t get me wrong. I think you’re incredibly sexy and to be honest have fantasized a few times about you but we’re both in serious relationships.

You think I’m sexy? She expertly asked diverting the situation away from the fact that we both in committed relationships and back to what her true plans were.

Yes I do I responded confidently but…

Before I could finish she interrupted

What exactly do you find sexy about me?

As she inched closer. The bulge in my pants was becoming noticeable at this point so it would been hard to convince her that I wasn’t amused.

She pryed again but as she did she gently moved her hand up my thigh running her fingers over the massive içerenköy escort bulge growing in my pants.

I think you have an amazing body I responded.

And? As she started gently moving her hand back and forth making me squirm a bit.

Your skin looks so soft and smooth.

Mm mm she purred. It really is. I take a lot of pride in keeping my body in shape and pampered. What else?

At this point I was to a point where I didn’t give a shit. I’m not going to lie Ryan, your body looks like it was made for fucking. I surprised myself with the candid response. From your long smooth legs to what seems to be very perky tits. I would take my time on a body like that. Tasting every inch before I felt every inch. I could tell this struck a nerve with her bc she grabbed a hold of my dick through my pants and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“I would really enjoy that” I am so wet right now and would really like to be a little naughty.

But Sean and Jill? I stammered losing my confidence.

I know baby she whispered. I love my boyfriend very much as I’m sure you do too so I’m not looking for anything other than a release. The way I see it we have two options. 1 we stop now and I go home and nobody will ever know that I was here or that we had this conversation. As she’s saying this she is continuing to make sure my dick stays hard by softly and firmly massaging it through my pants.

What’s 2? I asked.

2 is we don’t stop. Same outcome, no one knows I’m here and no one ever finds out what happened. But instead of me going home, I stay. And I spend the rest of the night bringing your fantasy to life. No strings attached. I just really want to be naughty.

At this point my head is spinning. Between her whispers in my ear and massaging my dick she’s begun to plant soft kisses on my neck.

I want you to taste me baby. Until I’m to the point where I’m begging you to fuck me. I want to wrap my soft lips around that enormous dick and slowly suck on you until you’re about to explode and begging for me to ride you with my tight… wet…warm… smooth pussy.

Fuck it I grunted as I grab her around the waist and pull her on top of me to where she is straddling me. I can feel the heat coming from her as she grinds her pussy

into my crotch. She leans back slightly as she grabs the bottom of her tank top and pulls up over her head. Suddenly I get the best glimpse of this vixen that I’ve admired from afar. I’m in awe of the perfect site in front of me. Two perfectly sized tits wrapped in the sexiest light pink bra I’ve ever seen. It was part one of what I was hoping a two part set to a fuck me set. As I reached out to massage these perfect mounds I said please tell me you’re wearing the panties to match.

Of course I am she purred. But if you think the wrapping is nice, wait till you see the gift underneath. As we kiss I expertly reach behind her and unsnap her bra and slide it off. As sexy as she looked in it I couldn’t wait to see her topless and was I rewarded. As a sat there staring at these perfectly round perky natural tits I was speechless. She confidently looked at me and asked impressed baby? I nodded dumbfounded and she took that a cue that I needed a little direction at the moment. She slid her hand on my head and pulled me close to them. Lick them baby. I get sooo turned on when my nipples are licked. I took my time licking and sucking on the most perfect soft milky tits I ever had in front of me. She was quickly becoming putty in my hands as I slid my hands up her smooth legs up her skirt and onto to her ass which was covered by what felt like a very expensive pair of panties that thinly and snugly wrapped around her perfect ass. I moved her hips against my crotch as I continued to work on her luscious tits with my tongue.

I could tell that underneath those delicate panties was pussy getting wetter by the second and her heavy breaths told me that her engine was just getting going. I moved my hand down behind her and under her ass as I slipped a couple of fingers inside her panties at the sensitive part inside her thigh where it meets her pussy. As I brushed my fingers close to her pussy lips shed moaned in my ear. Now anyone that’s been with a woman knows the difference between wet and WET and this girl was primed. She scooted up a bit to give me better access and I took advantage by slipping just the tips of my fingers into her. I focused on her clit as I continued to admire her perfects tits with my tongue and within a few minutes I could tell by her movements and breath that she was about to cum. Suddenly she paused breathing and leaned in close and I could tell she orgasmed right there. After a brief pause as I let her come down from her high she leaned back and smiled. She slowly crawled off my lap and smoothly said let me repay the favor. As she did she went to work undoing my belt and zipper and slowly pulled my throbbing cock out from my boxers.

The kadıköy escort combination of the release from my pants and her hand wrapped firmly around my dick was amazing. She had me in her complete control as she worked her hand up and down my shaft. You are much bigger than Sean she said as her head inched closer where I could feel her breath over my cock. Are you ready for this baby she asked knowing the answer. She sweetly licked the tip of my dick which had Precum leaking from it at this point. Mmmmm she said as she sized me up like she about to get her prize. What followed was the most amazing feeling I’ve felt in a long time. She lowered her parted mouth around my shaft but managed to not touch it until she was 3/4 of the way down my shaft and then she closed her lips around me with her tongue against the back part of my shaft. Holy Shit!!

As she slowly worked that gorgeous mouth up and down my shaft all I could was lay my head back against the couch and enjoy the ride. This chick was in complete control. Her tempo was absolutely perfect mixing both sucking and long licks up my shaft. This was no where near the blowjobs I was used to from Jill. They were good but usually brief with the only purpose being getting me hard enough so we could have sex. Ryan was on a mission and the mission was to give me something I would never forget. She was not in a rush. She was taking her time making sure that my dick was the center of attention. All of a sudden I was hit with the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm and I managed to gasp out that I was close to cumming. She immediately pulled her mouth off me and gave my pulsing manhood a firm squeeze which halted what was sure to be an amazing orgasm.

What the hell? I asked confused.

She looked at me in this playful yet apologetic way and said aww I’m sorry baby. I’m not trying to be mean. It’s just that the orgasm I have in store for you will be much better.

No doubt she knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted to be in control and was letting me know that she’s calling the shots.

Unsure if her explanation was enough to convince me it could be any better than what I was just receiving but she hadn’t given me a reason to doubt her this far so I thought I would see where this would take us.

I pounced her tossing her back against the couch so that she was laying down with me kneeling between her legs. I wanted to taste her and she knew it.

You want to lick me baby? She cooed

I nodded.

She propped up on her elbows with her tits looking so perfect and looked at me deeply.

“Take me upstairs” she said smoothly.

I swiftly picked her up off the couch which caused her to squeal. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and started to nibble on my ear and whispered you won’t regret this. Once inside the bedroom I tossed her on the bed and slid her skirt off revealing the second part of her fuck me set. I stood next to the bed and began to take off my shirt and pants. As I did she got herself comfortable and made the comment about which side of the bed Jill sleeps on and giggled. This chick is ruthless I thought. But the sight of her perfect body laying there with those sexy panties on would allow her to get away with murder. Once I was down to my boxer I crawled on the bed and in between her legs. I started at her knees and worked my way up her thighs with sensual kisses. I could tell she was digging it with her squirms and subtle moans. As I neared the top of her inside thigh and the crevice of her panties I was hit with an intoxicating smell. This girl took care of herself and she knew it. I glanced up at her and the look on her face told me that I was about to enjoy this as much as she was.

“Do you want to taste me baby?”

I nodded and gently slid her panties to the side revealing an absolutely perfect pussy. This thing was waxed clean with just the slightest blonde landing strip. Her lips glistened from her wetness. This was absolutely grade A pussy and I was to claim my prize. My first lick was a long deliberate stroke from the sensitive skin right above her asshole up through her lips to her clit. She let out the most satisfying moan and playfully asked

“Do I taste good baby?”

I moaned in agreement. She knew the answer.

“Mmmmm, well it’s all your tonight. Get as much as you want.”

I dove in. I started on her clit with flicks of my tongue and paid attention to probing her delicious pussy to make sure I was hitting all the spots. Her panties were starting to get in the way of me fully savoring this delicious woman. I reached up a her sides and grabbed ahold to pull them off. She arched her butt slightly to let me know that I had the right idea. We were in sync. I grabbed a pillow and slid it under her ass and dove back down. She grabbed my head with both hands and started massaging me into her pussy as she moved into me. Her legs were over my shoulders and pulling kartal escort me into her. She was moaning so I knew my tongue was hitting all the right spots. Again I could tell by her breathing that she was about to cum. I slipped a finger into her and started to work it while my mouth was focusing on her clit. She squealed out holy shit and what followed made me feel like a fucking champ. This beautiful naked 10 started orgasming for the second time by me and all I could do was watch. She was shaking and moaning and when she came down she looked at me as to say thank you.

I looked down and there was a pool of her cum on the pillow I had propped under her. She giggled and asked if that was Jill’s pillow. It didn’t take her long before she told me to lay back on the bed. I did as she instructed as she went to pull my boxers off. Again she lowered her mouth onto my cock and went to work. This time it was a faster pace and she was dripping spit onto it as she worked it with her hand. She was priming me and once she felt like she had she looked up at me with almost a pouty look. “Please fuck me” she whispered as she slid up my body. Now this was a moment I knew was coming but being there a bit of panic came over me. Kind of the point of no return. Jill and I used condoms because she wasn’t on the pill and getting pregnant three months before the wedding wasn’t exactly in the cards. I assumed this situation was no different with Ryan and Sean.

“Let me grab a condom.”

Maybe I didn’t say it loud enough because she didn’t really respond as she moved up my body and positioned her dripping wet lips over my dick that was laying on my stomach. She started rubbing it back and forth almost like we were dry humping except the only thing between my rock hard cock and her magnificent pussy was the juices leaking from her. It felt incredible.

“Do you want to fuck me baby?” She asked

I nodded.

“Do you want to feel my tight little pussy wrapped around every inch of your dick”

I nodded.

The intensity of the situation was making my head spin. The girl had been edging my orgasm all night and I was I bit nervous that once I was inside this sexpot i wouldn’t be able to last long.

I snapped out of the fogginess to remember the condom again. Maybe that would help me last longer.

“Let me grab a condom.”

Hmmm she said and she continued to slide her pussy up and down my shaft not giving up control.

“You’ve fantasized about fucking me before?”

I nodded

“In those fantasies did you wear a condom?”


“Mmmmm. Condoms are for boyfriends baby. I want you inside me without one. I want you feel me baby. Skin on skin. You are so much bigger than he is and the thought of sliding every inch of my tight.. wet…warm pussy onto your long thick cock is making me even wetter.”


I’m speechless at this point. She knows she has me so she doesn’t get much push back as she grabs my cock and positions it at the entrance of her perfect pussy. I’m leaking precum from all the foreplay and as she’s grabbing my dick she’s rubbing it on her clit and the entrance of her lips. She leans into me and whispers in my ear.

“Just relax baby. You won’t regret this”

As she says this she starts sliding down onto my cock. Inch by inch I’m overwhelmed by the sensation of her warm pussy engulfing my rock hard member. I start to lick on her nipples as she continues to slowly slide down. Then she bottoms out. At this moment I literally balls deep without a condom inside the gorgeous woman. Once there she just holds her position. And then, she squeezed. It felt like a warm velvet vice grip clamping down on my cock and then releases. It startled me. I’m mean I’ve been with women before that can squeeze their kegel muscles. But this was different. This was much stronger. The control she was exhibiting was so intense. I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing different sections of my shaft. Starting at the base of my cock she worked her way up to the tip. She was milking my cock with her pussy and the feeling was mind numbing. She was smiling at me knowing the pleasure I was feeling right now.

“Does it feel better than Jill baby?” Squeeze

I nodded.

“Does it feel better without a condom baby?” Squeeze.

I nodded.

“Do you like the way my tight wet pussy feels wrapped around you?”

I nodded. She squeezed.

“I want you to enjoy this baby.” Squeeze.

“Feel my tight pussy massage your huge dick.” Squeeze.

My eyes started to roll back. I’ve never felt something more intense before.

And then that familiar feeling crept in. Fuck. I was about to cum. Squeeze. We haven’t even starting really fucking yet and I was about to cum. Squeeze.

“Ryan, I’m about cum.”

Squeeze. She looked me dead in the eyes and kissed me. Squeeze.

“Seriously baby. We need to switch it up. I want to enjoy you tonight and I’m about to cum.”


“You don’t think I can get you hard again?” Squeeze as she bit her lower lip.

She moved down even further on me making sure that my entire bare cock was engulfed in her dripping wet unprotected pussy.


“Cum for me baby.”


“Where?” I managed to mumble

“Inside me.”


“Just relax and let it go.”

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