Summertime Tales

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Since I’d moved into my new house, I’d made reasonably good friends with the neighbours. Beth would often let me go over and use the pool whenever I wanted, because nobody used it anymore, that is, her kids had all grown up and left home. So I would often walk over to their yard and go for a dip, especially when no one was home. They didn’t mind at all. On one occasion, Beth’s sister-in law Sandy, from Ireland, came to stay for 3 months for the summer.

Beth told me that Sandy was gonna stay over and insisted I should still use the pool whenever I wanted. I was a bit hesitant at first, since I didn’t want to intrude. But I felt that since Beth and husband John worked the day, I would be doing them a favor by giving some company to Sandy. I noticed Sandy used the pool quite frequently in these hot summer days, I could hear the constant clang of the gate that fenced the pool. Every clang I heard, I knew someone was using it. Before going for a swim, I was always cautious about the fact that someone else may be using the pool. Since my bedroom had faced the side of the house, I would often peep through top of my blinds and over the fence to see if anyone was in there. If the coast was clear, I would usually go for a swim.

One hot day, I had the day off work, and I was dying to go for a swim. I decided to peep out my window to see if Sandy was in the pool. I got a complete shock at what I saw. I saw an amazing voluptuous blonde haired women massaging these enormous breasts with sun cream. She must have been in her early 40’s. It was the first time I’d seen Sandy. She spread the sun protection on her soft milky tits like butter to bread. The bra of her green two piece swimsuit had fallen on her lap. The sun seemed to gloss up her breasts. She had such smooth white skin. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She soon finished this and lay down on her chest to expose her back to sun where she read a book. I was getting hot in more ways then one, and decided to go for my swim.

I stripped down and wrapped a towel around me and headed over. I made a few noises as I entered the backyard so I wouldn’t frighten her. I reached the gate, and said “Hello there, it’s only me from next door”

“Ohh hello, you must be Bobby” Sandy said as she raised her head from the fold up chair where she lay her breasts.

“Yes, and you’re Sandy right. Nice to meet you, I’ve just come over for a swim.” I replied.

“Great, I could use the company” she said, as she gave her hand to shake, while her left arm covered her breasts. “Sorry about…”

“Perfectly fine, stay there, don’t let me get in the way” I replied. I stood over her so to shadow her since the sun was belting in her eye. “How’s your stay here been?”

“It’s been wonderful. To come out here and relax and catch up with the family.” She replied while still holding her breasts.

“Listen, if you don’t mind, I might just go for a quick dip, and well talk some more” I said, as I started to stretching my arms and legs in front of here.

“Great, it’s good to see you doing warms ups before a swim.”

“Yeah I know, it loosens me up.” I replied kaynarca escort as I took the towel away from my waist and let it fall to the ground. My cock flung out and hung down pointing to the ground. I was almost semi-erect. I bounced by her as she starred in amazement.

I swam the pool and often got up to take a view of her back side. She had a green g-string bottom on, that allowed her plump cheeks to be exposed. Her legs were at 45 degrees and she would dangle her worn out thongs on the end of her feet. Her feet were sexy as well. As I swam more, Sandy had been quick to turn over and lay on her back. This time pulling the green swimsuit over her breasts. I’d missed the opportunity of seeing her tits. She may well have been shy. I was getting horny, and decided to come out of the water, and dry up. I purposely stood over her again as I dried my body, making sure my cock would dangle. She had her sunglasses on, so she looked at me in disguise. Meanwhile I noticed her cleavage, as her green bra held them back from being exposed.

I lay next to her on the other fold out seat fully naked to soak up some sun as we talked some more. “If you don’t mind me asking Bobby. Do you always swim naked?” she asked in here Irish accent.

“Yeah, I usually do. I mean, it’s so much more free and enjoyable. Ever since I was young, I have always swam naked. I never understood the need for a costume.” I replied

“Ohh really. That’s interesting. I read somewhere the strain of a mans swimsuit is not good for his testicles. I suppose when you are young like you are, you should be proud of your body. If you don’t mind me saying, you have a wonderful body. You’re girlfriend must be a happy young lady.”

“Thank you” I said. “But I haven’t had a girlfriend for a while, I’ve been very busy lately.”

“Oh that’s too bad, let’s just say, a guy like you isn’t exactly short of anything” she replied.

“I tell you what Sandy, why don’t you come over to my house for dinner. It’s getting late, and I’ve got some prawns and seafood left over.” I asked as I hoped up and grabbed my towel to wrap around me. “Sure, I’d love that.” She said as she lifted her back and slid her legs off the seat to place her feet against the ground. Meanwhile, her green swim bra had fallen to her lap and her tits were let loose. She attempted to cover them as she slide her arms inside the straps and pulled them over her shoulder. They held her breasts nice and tightly. I watched in amazement, and Sandy noticed.

I sat her down in the kitchen where she waited for a meal. She would often fold her arms and rest them on the table as she lean forward to give a great view of her cleavage. Although she was a plump by some standards, she was amazingly beautiful. Her legs were curvy and her skin was soft and tender. I raced around the kitchen as we talked. I still had the towel wrapped around me, trying desperately to not let it fall and reveal my new exposure. That is, I was hard. It was fairly obvious, the towel allowed for a great tent. So we sat and ate, and talked and laughed.

I finally got up as we finished küçükyalı escort and insisted on some desert. As I reached over to get her plate, she kind of lifted the side of her chair leg and my towel got caught on the bottom of the chair leg as it met the ground. As I stood up, the whole towel fell to the ground and I stood naked there. The whole scene was comical, and I laughed out loud. Sandy grinned, and I gave her a small hug to let her know how much fun I was having with her. My loose cock rubbed against her shoulder, and stiffened. She gave my cock a look and said “If you’re not careful Bobby, you’ll get that thing caught too.” We both laughed.

After the fun, we washed the dishes with the radio on. We started singing along with the radio as we washed. As she scrubbed the dishes I had a perfect view of her cleavage wobbling like jelly. She would often move her ass along with the music and I would just watch the smooth skin of it in amazement. I gave her a hug and we’d laugh all the way through. By the time we finished I suggested: “Hey, why don’t we go to my bedroom and lay there and talk and read, or watch TV.”

“Sure, let me just use the bathroom to freshen up.”

I raced to my bed and grabbed a magazine. I took the towel off me and threw it to the ground. I made my back side face the door as I lay on the bed so when Sandy walked in the room, she would see my back side. As Sandy walked over to the bedroom, she say me laying naked on the bed. She thought to herself how unbelievable Bobby’s body was. He was young and firm. Firm in more ways then one. “Glad to see you’ve made yourself comfortable.” Sandy said.

“Oh come over here” I replied as I threw the magazine aside and patted the free space on the bed. She moved to the other side of the bed to face me. She gazed at my naked body from toe, to my hairy legs and to hard penis. She hadn’t seen me in full erection.

She pressed her hands to the bed, stiffened her arms and leaned forward to push her cleavage out. The bra was going to snap it seemed, due to the pressure of here enormous tits. “This bra is killing me Bobby. Do you mind if I slip it off and join you?”

“Please do Sandy” I insisted.

She got on the bed and kneeled on it. She slowly undid the back of her bra and let the straps fall. Her breasts fell and flooded the bed room. “See Bobby, these straps leave indented marks on my shoulders. Have a feel of them.”

She bent down and I put my arm on her shoulder and massaged it where her straps had indented. “My god Sandy. Look, the marks have extend all the way down” I exaggerated, as I slowly rubbed down her shoulder and to her breasts. They flung loose and her difficult to keep a hold of. I grabbed them firmly and massaged them. Her nipples were a lovely pink and were rather protruding. She lay next to me as she pushed her chest out. Her hands rubbed her hair. I brought my mouth to them and sucked on them. I kissed them all over as my hands massaged. “Gosh that feels good.” She moaned. I put on hand over her backside and began feeling her smooth skin.

I began to kiss her belly sancaktepe escort as I moved further down her body. I lay her in the middle of the bed where I crouched over to pull her green g-string off. I slowly slide it down her curvy legs and watch her pussy appear. She had a nice bit of hair there, but was well trimmed. I threw away the g-string.

Spreading her legs apart I kneeled in front of her pussy where I licked it. I placed both legs over my shoulders so I could get a good feed. There I stuck my tongue in and out and she groaned. I moved back and kneeled in front of her. Looking over her, I took hold of my dick and starting slapping it against her pussy. Just teasing her, getting the right feel to put it in. I finally poked it in. I started pounding softly. I held her legs in the air were I cold suck her feet. I sucked on one foot as I massaged the other one. Her feet had joyous curves and I made sure I had a good lick.

I continued to fuck her as she lay there. I pulled her legs aside and decided to get my face down to her, where I kissed her lips. She wrapped her legs around my ass and I pumped full throttle all the way. Watching her breasts jiggle around, I began sucking on them, trying desperately to get a hold of them in my mouth. She would often hold one breast and steer it to my mouth. Sandy continuously smiled with pleasure, and I began to cum. What a relief I thought. If felt so fulfilling.

I fell to the side of Sandy and rested. “That was wonderful Bobby” she said.

“Sandy, no, you were wonderful. Come here” I said as I put my arm around her and put the other around her waist. She roamed my chest for a while and let her hands rub my dick.

“My gosh, let me give your tool a work out. I want to suck that big cock of yours” she said as she stroked my cock up and down and soon I was stiffening. She kneeled on the bed and bent over to lick it. She started with the lower part. Putting her whole mouth over my cock, she sucked on it. In and out my cock went. She massaged my swollen balls. “Ohh, ohh” she moaned. As she did that, she got one leg over me and sat on my chest and sucked. Her back side was at my face. I began massaging her folded legs. Until I got to her thick back side. I licked it and kissed it all over. It was like two beach balls welded together.

She got off and got into position, doggy style. I got up and approached her rear. She stuck her backside up and rested her head on the pillow. I admired her backside. With one hand and two fingers she held her pussy open for from behind. I took hold of her ass and pushed my cock in her pussy. There I started pumping increasingly harder. She held herself up and I watched as her tits hung like pendulums. I slapped her backside a number of times, and she laughed. Her whole body was like thick cream. I leaned forward and began rubbing her breasts from behind to milk them like a cow.

She got off my ride and turned around and sat in front of me where she spread her legs. I was still kneeling there as she held my thighs. She put her mouth over my cock and sucked it. She could sense I was going to cum and insisted “Cum over my tits honey.” She masturbated me as I came over her tits and face. She pulled my cock with her right hand and her left hand spread my cum all around her tits.

We both fell asleep that night in each others arm. Or should I say, her boobies in my arms.

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