Summer Suck

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Before I even start to get into the story I’d like to say that this is for real. This mother-son incest actually happened over this past summer. She was 39 and I 18. Its taken me close to a year to get to writing this, but here goes:

I’ll describe my mother and I first. My mom is about 5’4” with long brown hair (dyed red though), brown eyes, about 120lbs, and all the right curves. She has big full breasts and a nice round ass. Trust me, I’ve oggled her plenty. I’m 6’5”, 220lbs, and muscular due to a couple years of weightlifting. I’m not gonna lie and say I’m some Greek god with chiseled features and a 10in penis. I average between 7-8 inches. The length depends on how intense the erection, like just jerk-off erection or holy shit I’m excited erection. I’m sure you’re fed up of hearing about me now so I’ll cut to the chase.

Like any adolescent male I had been lusting after my mother for some time. I would frequently fantasize about her and masturbate to that and I had even gone searching through dad’s porn and her toys and tasted her dildos. (And I kept praying that I’d get pussy juice and not an ass dildo or anything. They never had any real taste though. Anywho…) My dad had a picture of his cock but there was nothing of my mother until one day.

She had been taken before and after pictures because she was trimming down her figure (now looks fucking fantastic by the way) so it occurred to me to search her digital camera. Success! Full frontals. My moms bare breasts in all their glory and a nice shaved, pink pussy. Her breasts looked even bigger without a bra and her areolae were huge. Very suck-able. I jerked off to those but couldn’t take it, I had to get more. So one night after having beat my member senseless I got up the courage to confront her. I stopped her bahis firmaları in the hall and asked if she’d come to my room to talk. I tried to tell her that I had found the pictures and wanted to have sex with her but it was late and she was tired. She played it off like I had accidentally found the pictures and I was experiencing that natural “mother lusting”. She said she was flattered and then went back to bed! Swing and a miss.

I had to have her though. So I devised a plan based off of some incest stories I had read and set my trap. It was a weekend and every family member, except her, was away. I wanted to expose my cock to her to see her reaction, what she would do, if she would lust for it. I slept in the nude with my door open so that in the morning when she walked by she’d see me. I woke up about an hour before her and just lie there rubbing my cock making a semi-erection (hey I wanted to impress) and then she came up the stairs.

She went to the bathroom as usual and then walked right by my door! She didn’t even turn to look. She walked by it again without seeing and then came back. She went to grab the laundry from the hamper outside my door and finally she saw me. I kept my eyes “closed” to where I could see her but I appeared asleep. She just stood there staring, in shock I guess, watching her son’s cock rest on his belly. After a moment she snapped out of her gaze and shut the door. Dam’n!

But all was not lost. I had succeeded in laying that seed of curiosity in her. She had seen her son naked and that image was in her mind. Later that day I was watching TV when she came and sat on the couch across from me. She made idle talk but I could tell something was on her mind, there was something else she wanted to say, I could tell from the way she was looking at me. kaçak iddaa Then she said it, she admitted that she had seen me lying there naked. There was no question or conversation direction she just stated that she had seen me naked. But when she said that a devious look flashed across her face. I knew that she was thinking about it.

From there the conversation turned to sex talk. Not the birds and the bees kind but the Oh Shit this is Hot kind. She asked me if I’d been with a woman, she talked about her sex life and how dad wasn’t keeping up with her there, she even mentioned how she gave him a blowjob but he wouldn’t fuck her. (I about busted a nut when she talked about giving my dad head!) I asked what she thought of my cock, told her how big it gets, etc etc. The typical male dribble about his own penis. She got fidgety and rested her hand over her crotch. Then she got up and walked downstairs to her bedroom.

I was horny though and ready for her. I had gotten the nympho in her to come out for a little while and I wanted to play! I whipped out my cock and got it hard as a rock and walked down the stairs. Standing outside her room I beat off for a while working up some courage and pre-cum. Then I stepped into her room where she was lying, seemingly asleep, in the dark. I flicked on the light and said her name. When she stirred I thrust my cock outward and told her that I couldn’t contain it any more.

She stared at it a hungrily but you could tell she was fighting the urge. The nympho then swayed the internal power struggle. She crawled across her bed on all fours and grabbed my cock. “I see that.” She said in response to my claim of the inability to contain. “You already have some pre-cum on your cock.” I then muttered something about tasting it but was to caught up in the kaçak bahis fact that my mom’s hand was wrapped around my cock, squeezing it, and she was staring at it, face to face, so to speak. She said again how she was good at blowjobs and I told her to show me. She hesitated for a minute but then said “Alright, one goodnight kiss.” Her eyes still glued to my cock she kissed the head, and then licked a little, and then slid her mouth around my cock head and a little down the shaft. I about exploded in ecstasy as I felt her hot, wet mouth envelope my cock and her tongue lapping away inside. She moved her head back and forth, up and down my shaft, sucking and slurping. Then she tried to deep throat my cock, I think anyway because she suddenly pushed further and got about 3/4 down but then came back and went back to sucking. This went on for a couple of minutes before she pulled my cock out of her mouth. She then kissed it once more and while continuing to stroke it she told me to go to bed, I needed to cum so I just let it go right there. I shot my cum on her hand, arm, bed, and I think a little on her leg. “See your done anyway.”

I wanted to keep going but I was in shock because my mom had just sucked my cock. I had turned fantasy into reality. Without enough thinking going on upstairs I just tucked my cock away and went off to bed. Within five minutes I was hard again, lying in bed stroking.

I tried again a couple of times that weekend but never got anything more than that blowjob. I got another handjob and a pussy flash but she didn’t want to “ruin our relationship”. I’m never the best at thinking when all the blood is rushing to my cock so I didn’t really have a response. Obviously I say we should enjoy each other. We are two adults who want each other. We’re just helping each other out with our sexual needs. And my feelings toward her haven’t changed since that weekend. She’s still my mother and I love her and feel I can always go to her but I will always lust for her as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32