Summer Sex with Two Hot MILFs

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Summer Sex with Two Hot MILFs: College boy discovers the joys of horny older women

by Ralle

(All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story are over 18 years old. Any similarities between this story and real people are purely coincidental)

Ryan woke up to an amazing sight out of his bedroom window — his next door neighbor Mrs. Wilson on all fours in her garden pulling up weeds. Her tight ass was barely contained in her shorts, her pert breasts nearly visible through her light cotton t-shirt. It was hot out already. He could see sweat beads on her shoulders and legs, long thin legs connected to that sweet ass. He watched as she rolled over and sat for a moment, her legs spread apart.

He had jerked off thinking about Mrs. Wilson for several years now. Now, as he was about to hang out for the summer after his junior year at college, he would continue the practice. He began to stroke his cock as he peered out the window at her sitting in the garden. He imagined lying between her creamy thighs, eating her cunt while she rubbed her tits. He’d sweep his tongue down to her asshole and then up through her wet lips to her clit, nuzzling it while he slid a finger in and out of her tight cunt. His cock swelled in his hand as he thought about sliding it into her pussy, pounding her cunt until he pulled out and shot a big load of cum on her tits before she took his still spurting cock into her mouth to finish him. He got up and went to the bathroom, stroking his meat several more times before depositing a big load of cum in the sink.

Jesus, he wanted her so badly. Now that she was divorced, Ryan decided to dedicate his summer to getting her in bed. He had noticed her checking him out last night after his nightly run, staring at his hard chest, soaked with sweat. So he thought he had a good chance, especially now that his parents had left on their two-week vacation, leaving him, and her alone, in their houses. His house was at the end of a cul-de-sac, their big pool and yard fenced and private. Perhaps an evening swim soon, he thought, still stroking his cock.

Wendy Wilson sat on her butt, resting a moment in the heat, giving her knees a break. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that the curtain to a bedroom had been pulled aside. She assumed it was Ryan’s room since his parents left for Europe the day before.

As she sat there, she imagined him watching her on her hands and knees, her ass pointing in his direction, while he stroked his cock, jerking off to the thought of pushing his hard penis inside her cunt from behind, his thighs slapping against her ass as he fucked her before pulling out and covering her cheeks with his cum while she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Her pussy began to tingle and then throb at the exciting thought of being fucked. She had masturbated last night after encountering Ryan at the end of his run, sweat glistening on his hard shirtless body. They had exchanged pleasantries, him commenting on the fact that his parents were out of town for two weeks. He had looked her up and down, hungrily she thought, wondering how often he had jerked off thinking about her fit, lithe body.

Last night she had taken out her big toy cock, impaling herself on it, imagining it was Ryan’s cock sliding in and out of her slippery cunt. She rubbed her tits and her clit while the dildo filled her pussy, cumming in just a few minutes. She hadn’t had sex for several months, since she kicked her husband out for cheating on her. And seeing Ryan had turned her on. Ryan had invited her to swim at their pool whenever she wanted. She began thinking of a way to get herself over there, to find a way to get his meat into her mouth and cunt, and maybe her ass. She wanted to spend the summer sucking and fucking a big hard cock.


Ryan finished his nightly run, stopping in front of Mrs. Wilson’s house. He climbed the stairs and then rang the bell. Mrs. Wilson opened the door, and gave Ryan a smile.”Hey, what’s up,” she said, eyeing his body, glistening with sweat.

“Hi Mrs. Wilson. Sorry about my sweaty appearance, just back from a run. It’s hot out tonight. I thought maybe you’d like to take a swim, cool down at the pool,” Ryan said.

“I think I would, “Mrs. Wilson said, with another smile. “I’d love to take a swim. Thank you for inviting me.”

“Happy to have you join me. I’m going to take a quick shower and then have a cold beer. I’ll put one out by the pool for you. The gate code is 6969, in case I’m not done with my shower.”

Mrs. Wilson suddenly imagined Ryan in the shower, naked, rubbing soap all over his body, stroking his cock, getting it ready for her mouth and her cunt. She snapped out of it and finally said, “great, I’ll meet you there.”

Ryan headed to the shower, thinking about how hot Mrs. Wilson looked in her sundress, hugged tight against her hips and her breasts, her nipples straining through the thin cotton. He thought he saw the outline of her panties under the dress, another layer away from her Gaziosmanpaşa Escort cunt. He could have ripped off her panties on the porch and buried his tongue in it. That would have to wait, he thought, stripping off his sweaty clothes and getting into the shower. He soaped up, stroking his cock to get it extra clean. He had a feeling his meat would be inside Mrs. Wilson’s mouth, and maybe her cunt.

Mrs. Wilson went to her bedroom to search for her bikini, which she hadn’t worn for several years. She found it in a lower drawer, wrapped around a small, thin anal dildo. Hmmm, I was wondering where you’ve been, she thought, thinking about the last time she had slid the dildo into her ass. She had had an incredible orgasm, her asshole stuffed with a cock while she rubbed her cunt to orgasm.

She quickly changed into the suit, brushed her teeth, and headed to Ryan’s pool. 6969, she thought. That is a horny code. She wanted cock tonight; she would just have to think about where she wanted Ryan’s first big load to land — on her face, on her tits, or in her cunt. Whether to fuck him or just blow him. She didn’t know where the evening was going to go, but she was excited about it.

Ryan came out to the pool wearing red trunks, carrying a joint. Mrs. Wilson was lying on a chaise lounge, sipping the beer he had put out for her. She was wearing a beige bikini, her full breasts spilling out of the top, the bottoms covering just her crotch, visible between her spread legs.

“Thank you for the beer, Ryan, and for having me over,” Mrs. Wilson said, feeling good after having a full glass of wine in her kitchen before going to the pool. She eyed Ryan in his shorts, his upper body tight and muscular. He must work out, she thought, in addition to running every night. She’d see him pass by her house most nights, thinking about him getting into the shower, soaping his hot body, thinking about how good it would feel to suck his cock in the shower.

“You’re welcome anytime, Mrs. Wilson. You know the code now. I know, it’s a weird code, but that’s my parents for you.””Please call me Wendy,” Mrs. Wendy Wilson said.

“Sure, will do, Wendy,” Ryan smiled, sipping his own beer. “I hope this doesn’t bother you, but I brought out a joint, in case you like to get high.””Hmm, well, it’s been awhile, but I like to get high once in awhile. Sure,” Wendy said. “Why not?”

Ryan lit the joint and passed it to Mrs. Wilson. Hot ladies first, he thought, eyeing her tits.

Mrs. Wilson took a long drag and passed it to Ryan, who took a long drag before putting it in an ashtray for later.

They both relaxed for awhile, talking, resting on the chaise lounges, enjoying the pot and the beer. Mrs. Wilson then suddenly got up and dove into the pool. She emerged after a moment, laughing. “I just had to dive in, the water looked so good. Come on in, Ryan,” she said, smiling, motioning him with her hand.

Without a thought Ryan dove in and then swam over to Mrs. Wilson, who was leaning against the pool wall.

“I should tell you something, Ryan,” Mrs. Wilson said.

Ryan was a foot away from her. She was so beautiful. Short hair that rested on her shoulders, full lips. He felt his cock harden in the water and moved back a few inches so he wouldn’t accidentally poke her with his erection. That might blow things, if it happened too quickly. He wasn’t sure what her intentions were. She had just gotten divorced after all.

“Sure, what’s up,” Ryan said casually, wondering if it was serious.

“Well, I think you know that I was recently divorced. I decided today that after the summer I’m going to start dating again. I’m going to take the summer off. I also decided today, when I woke up this morning, lying in bed, that I should have a torrid love affair before I begin dating again, just a physical relationship with no strings attached. Kind of get my yahoos out before I get serious again. Friends with benefits I think younger people call it. Does that make sense, Ryan?”

Ryan hesitated for a moment, thinking about what to say.

“I do, actually. I broke up with my longtime girlfriend a few months ago, after my junior year ended, and I decided not to worry about it. That when I go back to school I’ll be open to a new relationship. But I like your idea of having a love affair. That sounds like a good plan, Mrs. Wilson, I mean Wendy.”

“I’m glad you think so. Because I wanted you to be my first audition to play the part of my hot lover. Do you like to eat pussy, Ryan?” Mrs. Wilson said, reaching out to stroke his cock through his swim trunks.

Ryan gulped, and said, “I would eat your pussy all night, Wendy,” thinking back to the morning when he had jerked off watching her in the garden.

“Good answer,” she said with a laugh.

“And do you like having your cock licked, sucked, stroked, blown, and fucked?”

“All of those things,” Ryan said, his cock now fully erect.

Mrs. Wilson tugged Gölbaşı Escort his trucks down, freeing his penis. She stroked his cock underwater and asked him:”Do you like sliding your cock into a tight, wet cunt?” Mrs. Wilson said, increasing her stroking.

“I love sliding into a tight cunt. I’ll put my cock wherever you want me to, Wendy.”

“Would you put it in my ass and fuck my tight asshole?”

“I would,” Ryan said, feeling like he could come any second.

“And would you shoot your warm, sticky load all over my tits,” Mrs. Wilson said, her cunt now aching at the thought of his cock spurting cum on her tits.

“Yes, I’d cover your beautiful tits with my cum,” Ryan said, his hand now rubbing Mrs. Wilson’s cunt through her bikini bottom, making Mrs. Wilson close her eyes and moan.

“Hmmm, that feels good, Ryan. Let’s go lie on our towels and fuck. I want this big cock in my cunt. I need to be fucked.”

At that, she kissed him hard on the lips, her tongue snaking into his mouth to search for his tongue. They kissed deeply, their hands still rubbing cock and cunt at the same time. She disengaged her tongue from his mouth and led him by the hand out of the pool. They dried off, took a sip of their beer, and then lay down on dry towels on the grass. Ryan stroked her cunt as he kissed her mouth and her breasts. He moved his tongue down her body until it found its way into a small patch of pubic hair, just above her clit. Her breathed on her clit but didn’t touch it, making Mrs. Wilson moan.

While he sank his tongue into her wet slit, sliding between her lips, Mrs. Wilson took his cock into her mouth, first licking his head before sucking on it, then sliding her tongue down his long shaft to his balls. She lapped at his balls, moaning as his tongue fond her hard clit, before returning to his head, licking it then sucking it while stroking his rock hard shaft.

She wanted this big cock in her cunt. She rolled over on top of him, sinking his meat into her juicy hole. She slid all the way down on his pole until every inch was inside her, her cunt stuffed with cock. She ground her clit onto his crotch as she fucked him, easing her cunt up and down on his shaft. Ryan grabbed Mrs. Wilson’s ass, pulling her closer to him, licking her nipples as her breasts swayed in front of him. He gripped her hips and began pounding her cunt, driving every inch of his meat deep inside her tight grasping hole, which squeezed him every time he thrust inside her. Her cunt tightened around his cock as she approached orgasm, her clit now jammed against his crotch, his cock buried deep inside her.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” she said, moaning as her orgasm hit her, her cunt squeezing his meat, still ramming inside her with long hard strokes. Suddenly she felt Ryan’s cock slip out of her cunt and begin spraying cum over her ass, his first big load sliding over her asshole down to her cunt, still spasming from her orgasm. Ryan pumped several more times before sliding his still spurting sock back into her slick hole.

Mrs. Wilson’s ass was covered with his cum, his half hard cock still sliding in an out of her throbbing cunt. She had a second small orgasm as she kept riding him, her clit mashed against him.

They lay there together, not saying anything, just looking up at the stars. After a few minutes, she leaned over, kissed him hard on the lips, and said, “You won the part. You’re my summer lover.”

Ryan kissed her back, and responded. “And what a summer it will be.”


Ryan woke up the next morning to see Mrs. Wilson sucking on the head of his cock while she stroked his thick shaft. She lightly tongued the back of his head before resuming her sucking. Soon he was rock hard.

“Morning, Ryan. I couldn’t resist blowing you after waking up next to your hot body,” Mrs. Wilson said, her mouth half-stuffed with cock.

“I can’t think of a better way to wake up. But now I think I need to fuck that sweet cunt of yours,” he said, not quite wanting her to stop sucking his big cock. “Would you like that, Wendy? Would you like to be fucked right now?”

Mrs. Wilson’s hand had been frigging her cunt, now soaking wet. “Yes, I want that, Ryan. I want to be fucked with this big hard cock.” She released her grip on his meat and then turned around, her ass now facing Ryan. “Pound my cunt from behind,” she moaned, her hand still rubbing her mound.

Ryan placed the head of his fully erect cock at the entrance to her pussy, sliding just the head inside for a moment before pulling out and rubbing her asshole with his head, lubricated with her juices.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Mrs. Wilson cooed, pushing her ass back to meet Ryan’s cock sliding across her asshole.

Ryan then put his head back in her cunt, giving her just another inch or two before sliding all the way inside her slippery hole. He began to fuck her cunt with long slow strokes, Mrs. Wilson meeting him halfway by thrusting Keçiören Escort her ass back to take in more of his thick meat.

“That’s it Ryan, fuck me with that big cock. Fill my cunt with your hard cock.” Mrs. Wilson kept rubbing her clit as Ryan fucked her with full thrusts deep inside her wet gripping cunt.

Ryan’s thighs began to slap against Mrs. Wilson’s ass as he began fucking her harder, gripping her hips while ramming his meat inside her.

“Jesus, I’m going to cum,” Mrs. Wilson suddenly cried, her hand frigging her clit, her ass slamming back to swallow Ryan’s cock.

Ryan kept pounding her cunt while she came until he pulled out and splashed his load of cum onto her asscheeks. Still spurting, he slid back into her cunt, which gripped his meat and milked his final load. His first load of cum slid down between her asshole to coat his cock as it kept ramming inside her cunt.

He collapsed on top of Mrs. Wilson’s cum-covered ass, still slowly grinding his cock into her oozing hole.

“Wow, that’s the way to start the day, Wendy,” he said, resting on her ass while he kissed her neck and face.

“Yes, let’s do that again soon,” she said. Next time, maybe you’ll slide inside my ass instead of teasing me, she thought. I think I want to be fucked in the ass for the first time.


On his nightly run two days later, he stopped at Mrs. Wilson’s house, finding Wendy sitting on the porch with a cute blond friend. Both were wearing thin sundresses, sipping cold drinks and looking buzzed.

“Hi Ryan, this is my friend Marla. She’s in town for the weekend.””Hi Ryan,” Marla said, eyeing his body up and down. “You weren’t kidding,” Ryan heard her whisper to Wendy.”

“Hi Marla, welcome to the ‘hood,” Ryan said, also sizing up Marla’s body. She was slightly taller than Wendy, with full breasts straining against her dress. Really hot, Ryan thought. “Why don’t you two come over for a drink and a swim. It’s so hot out tonight, as you can tell,” he said, looking at the sweat dripping off his body.

“That’s sounds great, Ryan, we’ll be over shortly,” Wendy said, with a big smile.

“Great, I’ll go take a quick shower and meet you down at the pool. I’ll put out a couple of beers for you.”

“Umm, I didn’t bring a suit with me, so I’ll just watch you guys swim,” Marla said.

“Maybe I’ve got an extra,” Wendy said.

“And if not, you can wear one of my t-shirts and your, um, underwear,” Ryan said, not sure if he should say ‘panties.’

“Ok, that sounds like fun,” Marla said, smiling.

Ryan walked to his house, thinking of Marla’s large breasts underneath one of his t-shirts, jiggling in the water, her ass covered by her panties. He put out a few beers and a t-shirt, just in case, and showered, stroking his meat in the shower while he thought about what he wanted to do with these two hot older women.

He heard voices down at the pool and crept into his parents room, which overlooked the pool. He stared down at Wendy and Marla walking over to the lounge chairs, Wendy’s tight ass covered by a thong bathing suit and Marla in her sundress. He saw Marla take off her dress and put on his t-shirt, her tits exposed for just a moment. His cock stiffened at the sight, and the thought of sliding his meat between her breasts while Wendy licked his head or his asshole. He headed down to the pool, first picking up a joint.

Wendy noticed movement in the window above the pool, assuming Ryan was peeping out to watch Marla put on his t-shirt. She imagined him standing at the window, watching them, stroking his cock while he fantasized about having sex with both of them. Not a bad idea, she thought. Marla had told her how “fucking horny” she was after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, who refused to eat her pussy or care about her orgasms. She hadn’t had a “big cock in her cunt or ass” for months. Maybe tonight, Wendy thought, her pussy beginning to ache at the thought of Ryan’s big cock plowing into her from behind as it had two mornings ago. She hadn’t had a “big cock in her cunt” and certainly not in her ass. It sounded like Marla took cock in her ass, though.

Ryan walked out to the sight of Wendy and Marla sipping their beers, Wendy in her skimpy suit and Marla wearing pink panties and his white t-shirt, both looking really sexy. They drank their beers and smoked his joint and talked for awhile. Marla was from Western Mass, where she was a teacher in middle school. She asked to use the bathroom and when she went inside Wendy suggested they jump in the pool together. Ryan and Wendy swam for a moment and then Wendy began kissing Ryan hard on the mouth while rubbing his cock through his suit.

“You know,Marla said she was “fucking horny” tonight when we were sitting on the porch. She hasn’t been fucked in months,” Wendy told Ryan. “What do you think about having a threesome with her?”

“Wow, that’s an interesting thought,” Ryan said, rubbing Wendy’s cunt through her thong panties. “If you’re into it, I’ll try it. I’ve never done that before.””I think it’d be fun. And Marla really needs to be fucked, I think,” Wendy replied, stroking his cock underwater. “When she comes back I’ll ask her to jump in the pool, and then I’ll start blowing you and ask her to help me suck you off. How’s that sound?” Wendy said, moaning as Ryan’s hand massaged her cunt.

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