Summer Rain

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We left the car by the side of the country road and headed off towards the forest by the familiar path beaten into the earth. Tall summer grass paraded beside us as we neared the edge of the woods. Wrens, finches, robins and red-wing black birds played all around us while crickets sawed their legs together. The pillowy clouds were a little grey, and light rain was forecasted, but it was too perfect a day to let go to waste because of a forecast.

I carried the blanket under one arm and the wicker basket in the other hand which held in folded linen a bottle of white wine and two tall glasses. My dress is casual; kahki pants with leather belt, green tee, socks and tennis shoes, and long hair pulled back in a pony tail.

You are ahead of me in your flower print summer dress, your round pregnant belly stretching the fabric so sweetly. Your short cropped hair like cornsilk. The slender fingers of one hand playing along the tops of the grass, while the other hand holds a small empty woven basket. Your full chest pushing out above your beautiful belly. Your small ass hugged tight by your panties, and shaking with every step.

We talk of trivial things as the shaded trees engulf us, and the path wanders ever deeper into the wood. We dodge over grown shrubs and fallen branches, the dead sticks and needles from pine trees cracking beneath our footsteps. A sharp branch scrapes your naked calf and you cry out. I come and kneel before you, taking your leg in my hands and inspecting the scrape. It isn’t much and I tell you so, but kiss it to make it better anyway looking up into your beautiful green eyes peering over your round tummy. I take your hand and we continue on.

We reach the patch of raspberries and you dive in with your hands, putting twice as many in your mouth as in your basket. I make up for it by doing the opposite. You show me a big, fat, juicy red one and ask me what it reminds me of, and I tell you, and you laugh and say that I’m naughty. I retort that you asked. You push the berry between my lips, mushing the fruit all over and in my mouth, and you laugh, and I laugh with you. I wipe the juice from my lips with my tongue and smile at you. Your basket comfortably filled we continue on to the secluded spot.

We follow an undistinguishable path. The pine trees we pass are old and wicked, no needles on thier lower branches, they crunch beneath our feet. They are old and rotted and several lay fallen from strong winds. These creepy towers block out the sunlight and we are in shadow, walking like the fabled Hansel and Gretel. We manuever around several fallen pines and see the light breaking through the shadow and head towards it. Shortly we are on the edge between dark and light and step through like children.

Bushes line this patch of sunlight. A strip of sand like a scar is carved down the middle, which makes sense because we are only a quarter mile away from the beach and the cool waters of the lake. Blankets of soft green grass border the scar of sand and reach to the ring of bushes and the wicked trees beyond.

We skirt the sand to avoid getting any in our shoes and walk to about the middle of the strip of grass on the left. I unfold the blanket and spread it out, covering several dandelions. I place my basket with the wine and glasses at one corner and you place yours with the fresh picked berries next to it. We both sit down on the blanket, your dress rides up your thighs to your round pregnant tummy and I can just see your flowered panties peeking from underneath.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been here, huh?” I ask, taking out the wine and glasses.

“Yeah,” You pause, taking a deep sigh, “And it’s still just as beautiful.” You stretch out your legs and balance yourself on your arms behind you, your dress is still high on your thighs, and I feel a familiar twitch in my loins.

I pour your glass and hand it to you. Then pour my own. We drink, eat berries, and enjoy the ambiance; the cool breeze, the song of birds and crickets, the rustle of squirrles and chipmunks. We barely notice the light, grey clouds coming over the tree tops.

You lay back and slightly spread your legs, feeling the breeze blow across them. I lie next to you, feeding you berries and sipping my second glass of wine. I mush a berry betwen ankara escort your lips returning the favor you did before. We laugh. I lay a hand on your exposed thigh and slide it up to the bottom of your dress. You sigh and part your legs. I reach my hand between your legs and caress your white cotton panties with the back of my fingers, rubbing your delicious pussy. You smile and moan approvingly. I slip a finger beneath the fabric and slide it up and down your wettening slit, you raise your knees slightly opening your legs further. I push my middle finger slowly but surely inside of you and you catch your breath. Pushing my finger in and out of you I snake my other hand between your legs pulling your panties to the side, exposing it to my eyes and the breeze. I find your clit with my index finger and begin rubbing it slowly but surely, all the while still pushing my finger in and out of you.

Before you climax I pull my fingers away and reach beneath you to remove those pesky panties. You pull your dress over your head and let it fall to the ground nearby. You smile sweetly when our eyes meet. I glide my hands up your legs and manuever them beneath you, squeezing your small butt and opening you to me. I then glide my hands up the back of your thighs behind your knees and raise them, pushing them towards your pregnant belly opening all of you to my eyes.

I feel something on my head and turn my gaze towards the sky only to be greeted with another drop of rain on my face. It cools and soothes and I smile.

“It’s starting to rain,” I tell you.

“It feels nice, nice and warm,” you smile back to me with closed eyes.

I lean between your legs and begin licking around your shaved pussy. A drop of rain lands on your mound and I lick it up. Another lands on your thigh and I lick it up as well. Soon the rain is falling to fast for my tongue and I begin licking up and down your slit. I let go of your legs and you hold them up for me. I pull your labia apart and gaze at your pink opening and the swollen clitoris, a few drops of rain land on the exposed pink and I lick it off. I suck on your labia pulling with my lips. I flick my tongue at your opening then slide it up to your clit for a few more flicks before repeating the process over and over again. I know you want me to concentrate on your clit, to make you cum, but I tease you instead, sucking and nibbling on your clit before fucking you with my tongue and sucking again on your labia.

The rain is light and sparse, so we’re not getting drenched, but comfortably wet. The clouds are grey, but not dark enough to completely block out the sun, so it is still relatively bright.

As I eat you, you begin squeezing your breasts and pulling and tugging on your nipples wetting your dress with your lactation. Your breathing is heavy as I continue to tease and not let you cum. You pull the straps of your dress down and bring one of your ample breasts to your mouth and you begin to suckle yourself, still squeezing, pulling and tugging the other breast. The sensitive sensations you hope will make you cum, as your orgasm builds from my oral sex.

I lick down the skin between your pussy and ass and wet the taboo area with my tongue. I can feel you rocking your hips to my face. I suck on my index finger, coating it thick with saliva, and push it into your ass. You tense at the invader then relax from the pleasure of the penetration so long denied this afternoon. I work my finger in and out of your ass slowly, watching the skin pull on my manicured digit. The pungent stench from your bowels fills my nostrils and I yearn to penetrate you.

Rain runs down your spread pussy, tiny rivulets of water stream down the open pink of your labia. It pools in your opening and I suck it out of you, drinking it. The rain runs down to your ass wetting my finger even more as I push it in and out of you. I look up to see you pulling your nipples to the grey sky and I know that you are so close to orgasm. I pull my finger from your ass slowly, the pink insides of your ass pulling on the receding appendage.

You moan at the emptiness, but then peer down at me sucking on my middle finger, and you know that your pussy is going to get fingered next. I slide the digit smoothly into your wet ankara escort bayan pussy, and you moan with satisfaction. My finger curves inside you and finds the sensitive g-spot and rubs it. The soft cool rain dances off your writhing body as I finger you to orgasm, your pussy squeezing my finger as your muscles contract.

I lean forward and kiss your pregnant belly and the tiny life growing inside the womb. I run my fingertips over your pussy, the wetness from the rain making it slippery. I kiss your belly again. I look up to see you pulling on your breasts and the milk running over your fingers. I get up and take off my shirt, shoes, pants, and socks. You sit up and pull my briefs down releasing my straining cock.

The rain is still falling lightly and a few drops land on my cock and you lean forward and take the rigid member in your mouth, licking the rain off and coating me in saliva. I groan with satisfaction. You lick the sensitive place underneath the glans, then you flick the tip and I can feel your tongue pushing slightly into my urethra, and the odd sensation that comes with it. You bring your mouth down to my rain specked – and hairless – scrotum, and suck my testes into your warm mouth, bathing them in spit, and sucking the rain off of them. You return to my red-flushed, and throbbing cock, sucking me, pulling me, tugging me, drinking me. A hand strays to my saliva coated scrotum and you fondle the bald, fleshy skin, occaisionally running a well manicured fingernail across my perineum. You pause to wet a finger and insert it into my anus, massaging the inner walls of my taboo area. Now I am being sucked and penetrated, and your other hand has strayed and is fondling my scrotum and rolling the testes between your fingers. With this sort of attention I don’t last long and my orgasm pulses through me and I fill your mouth, throat, and stomach with hot sperm. I shudder with sensitivity as my cock is released from your wonderful mouth.

“My turn now,” you say, and lay back, parting those creamy thighs, and the deliciously wet pussy held between them, rain falling beautifully over your elegant body.

“You think so, huh,” I tease. You nod and hum an agreement. And as if to accentuate the situation you reach down with both hands and spread your delicious pink insides to me. Your vagina is open and I can see rain pooling inside. I would like to tease you some more, but even this temptation I cannot resist.

I lean down between your inviting thighs and rub my glans all over your pussy, from your clit to your opening, across the skin and over your asshole. Your hips undulate as I repeat this tease several more times. I slip inside your pussy, and instantly you vaginal muscles begin hugging me, milking me, as I push, and push, and push, deep, ever so deep, inside you. I balance precariously on your pregnant tummy. You have pulled your legs back, holding them by your knees, allowing me to piston in and out of you unabated while I balance my weight on my arms and hands that are fisted at your sides.

“Touch yourself,” I say. You smile up at me and let go of your legs and bring one hand down to you clit rubbing it in circles, the other hand returns to your breast and the nipple where you procede to milk yourself, your lactation running down your skin wetted with rain.

“Do you love it when I fuck your pussy?” I ask, the dirty talk heightening my sexual experience.

“Yes,” You reply through bated breath.

“Tell me.”

“I love it when you fuck my pussy.” The sound of your voice rings in my ears.

I see your legs tense with the impending orgasm.

“Are you gonna cum?” I ask you as you still rub your engorged clit.

“Yes,” you moan.

“Cum all over my cock,” I beg you.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!,” you cry out, reaching up and gripping my shoulders as I continue to swing my hips, pushing my cock fast and deep inside of you. We ride out that orgasm to its blissful conclusion, and I pull out my cock coated with our love.

The rain falls and cools our heated bodies. Needing more than just these few orgasms you roll onto your hands and knees, your breasts like pendulums swaying beneath you as you reposition yourself infront of me. The rain dances off your back and escort ankara rivulets run down the crack of your ass. I lean down and run my tongue from the top of your ass crack, down over your anus, down over your perineum, and into your freshly fucked pussy, the labia swollen and open.

I picture you biting your lower lip as I give you another tongue-bath. Your hands balling the blanket into your fists. Your pregnant belly round and firm beneath you, I snake a hand between your legs and caress it, running the pads of my fingers all over the stretched flesh. I lean back and replace my mouth with two fingers that slip deep inside you effortlessly. I draw the hand touching your belly back and find your clit and massage it in quick circles while pumping my two digits in and out of your precious pussy.

You begin to rock your hips in rhythm with my fingers. I lean forward and plant kisses on your taut backside throwing the occasional lick in as well. I work my mouth across one cheek towards your anus and begin bathing it in spit. The rain feels so good trying to cool our passion. The triad of stimulation brings you over the edge and your waves of orgasm crash you upon its shores.

I am so hard it hurts. I strare down at the pink taboo of your anus, it is already wet from rain. I grip my cock and brush it over your asshole, you push back against me. I push slowly, ever so slowly so as not to hurt you, inside of you. I gently rock back and forth, pushing gently, slowly inside. You snake a hand beneath you and begin rubbing your clit and swollen labia, you cum shortly in no time. I am balls-deep in your ass and it feels so wonderful. I begin the tedious task of pushing slowly in and out of your ass, your muscles squeeze and hug me in exquisite agony, the pleasure is sweet and lovly. I push in and out, controlling my breathing so as it takes me longer to cum. You cum yet again.

I run my wet hands over your wet, slippery back, and scratch you ever so gently. I run my wet hands beneath you and over your round, wet, pregnant tummy, then up to your swollen, dripping breasts squeezing and pinching the nipples until you cum yet again. Your hand is still rhythmically rubbing your clit and labia. I push in and out of your tight, wet anus. I release your tits and bring my hands to caress the rain over your ass running my hands in circles as I push so sweetly and lovingly in and out of your ass.

“Do you love it?” I ask in between panting breaths.

“I love it!” You cry out. “Fuck me! Oh God! Fuck me!”

Instantly I increase my pace and the violence of my thrusting, not caring to be gentle as you are already used to the penetration. You scream at me to fuck you, to fuck your ass, to fuck your tight asshole, to cum inside your tight asshole, you want to feel my hot cum inside your asshole, fuck me, fuck me, over and over. I fuck you with wild abandon, my breathing rapid and my impending orgasm imminent.

“I love you, please cum inside me!” you scream as you cum for a final time.

And I do. The muscles in my body tensing then relaxing as I ejaculate deep in your bowels. I partially collapse on top of you, but you pull forward and I slip out of you with a sensitive gasp and surprise from my lips. I lay back and brace myself on my elbows. You turn around still on your hands and knees, and come over to my lap and my still throbbing cock. You grip it gently in your long fingers and guide it to your mouth, licking it, sucking the swollen strawberry-like head into your mouth and the semen still on it. I gasp again at the sensitivity and I see you grin like a cheshire cat. I smile back.

After a quick cleansing of my now shrinking cock you lay back and draw your legs up to your breasts, knowingly I crawl forward on my hands and knees and lower my head to clean you as well. Dragging my tongue down over your sensitive clit from which you gasp, over your swollen pussy lips and the juices from our initial fucking, then lower to the cum still leaking out of your ass. You moan and lower your legs, keeping your thighs deliciously parted to either side of my head as I lick and tongue your asshole eating my own cum out of the orifice. After a few minutes of this tongue-bath I get out reluctantly from between your legs and your delicious and private places.

I lie down next to you. The rain has stopped, and the wet from our bodies begins to dry, raising gosse-bumps all over our skin. I run a hand over your belly and you cover it with yours.

“I love you,” you say.

“I love you,” I echo.

Then we kiss, and taste each other on our tongues and lips, and smell each other on our breath.

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