Stupid Game

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“Let’s make it interesting.” My husband’s friend Kevin said.

“How, I don’t like playing for much money.” Replied my husband, Bob.

Their two wives, me and Linda were joking in the background, not taking the game seriously. The men had played the day before and we had cut-up all day. It was fun, but the guys did like to play well and we were distracting.

We were at a mountain resort in West Virginia, in the middle of the week. It was a beautiful golf course, but today we were the only ones playing.

Kevin said, “Let’s make the women pay the bet.”

We heard and I said “There’s nothing worth playing for in this stupid game.”

“How about your clothes?” Kevin retorted.

“Okay, why not?” Linda unexpectedly answered. I looked at her like she was crazy. We were both wearing sleeveless tops and short skirts. Our legs were on display for the pleasure of the guys.

The talking kept up and we were mouthing off about it being a stupid idea when Kevin said, “Loser of each hole, his wife gives the winner an item of clothing. Each wife is allowed to have six items.” Bob didn’t object, thinking it was all a joke. Linda and I were giggling and ignored it all, but we didn’t bother to object either.

We teed off. The guys would play while Linda and I drank mojitos and looked at the scenery and the occasional deer. On the first hole, we realized that the guys were serious. Kevin won the hole and asked for something from me. I ignored him, but Linda, who thought Kevin was the much better golfer said “c’mon Annie. A bet’s a bet.” That pissed me off. Linda could be annoying. I said “Okay, but I’m only going to go so far”. I took off my shoes and gave them to Kevin. The Linda and I were still joking and laughing.

Now, I didn’t know much about golf but I had seen it on TV and the winner usually won by one or two strokes in a round. Taking off one or two items of clothes, at worst, wouldn’t be a big deal. But I didn’t understand that it was match play, where there could be a winner on every hole and there were eighteen holes.

My husband screwed up the next hole and lost badly. I looked at him, “Honey is this the best you can do? Are you trying to lose?” I handed over my socks and was barefoot. Bob was pissed at losing and at my remark.

On the third hole, they tied and Bob finally won the fourth hole. To be provocative, Linda took off her blouse and handed it to Bob. She had raised the stakes. Linda had on a sheer bra and her areolas and nipples could clearly be seen. Bob was enjoying the view as we moved to the next hole.

After another tie on the fifth, Bob won the sixth hole. Kevin was better than Bob, particularly under pressure but he missed an easy putt which kept the game interesting. Linda was playing along and gave up her shoes.

The seventh hole was won by Kevin. I had to give up something significant, since I’d lost my shoes and socks. I think I surprised everyone by reaching under my blouse and removing my bra. Kevin hung it over one of his golf clubs. I was down to three items, my blouse, skirt and panties and there were eleven holes remaining. I was ready to quit because another loss would force me to expose more than I dared. As it was, my blouse did little to hide my modesty. Ankara escort Like Linda, my titties were very visible and I could see Kevin looking at them. My breasts bounced around and my nipples poked through the thin material. It was embarrassing, but at the same time it is ‘titillating’ to have men look at your tits.

Quitting wasn’t an immediate issue because Bob won the eighth and ninth holes. Linda surprisingly first removed her panties. She kept her skirt tight so nothing was exposed. Then she removed her bra and was topless. She had on just her skirt and her socks but she just threw the socks into the cart. Her cute titties jiggled in the sunlight. She had nice tits, and my husband couldn’t keep his eyes off of them, but my tits are bigger and nicer. Linda’s legs were tanned and her skirt was very short. When there was a gust of wind, we caught a glimpse of her bare ass. The stakes had become really high now and suddenly, I couldn’t back out if Bob lost again.

Ten and eleven were tied. On the twelfth hole, they both had long putts, so Kevin said the girls should get more involved and read the putts. Linda started to tease when she sat down on her haunches to look at the putt. Bob could see right up her skirt and saw her hairy pussy. Bob missed his putt after that distraction, but Kevin missed too.

Then Kevin suggested, “Since the ladies are contributing the stakes of the match, let’s have them make these putts.” Without discussion, Linda stepped over her putt and it spun around the cup, but the ball went in. I didn’t play or much care for golf. I tried, but badly missed, costing us the hole. I had a big decision to make. What should I take off next? I decided to remove my panties. Linda had done it already. If I didn’t bend over, I wouldn’t be showing much since I still had my blouse and skirt on. I slid my panties down my legs and handed them to Kevin. He hung my panties over one of his clubs, like a head cover. I gave Bob a worried look and whispered for him to call it off, but he was determined to continue.

They played the next hole. Bob said no more putting for me. However, I tried to help when I matched Linda by squatting down to align the putt with Bob, giving a glimpse of my pussy to Kevin and Linda. Bob lost again. Shit! I wanted to quit, but Linda said no way after Linda had gotten topless. I pulled my blouse over my head and stood in the middle of the green with my fabulous breasts exposed to the sun. Linda’s nice but not as large breasts were hanging down as she reached to get the ball from the hole. We both had just our skirts left, with five holes to go. Bob was looking at both sets of tits and his tongue was hanging out. I had to teel him to concentrate. I’m sure Kevin had the same problem. He was watching me rather than where Bob’s shot went. I thought about what it would be like to have him feel me up in front of my husband.

The fourteenth hole went to Bob. He made a long putt to the surprise of Kevin and Linda, who had intended to strip me and end the match. Instead, Linda dropped her skirt and stood nude on the green in the middle of the golf course. She had a nice, trimmed pubic patch and her ass was pretty firm. Her legs were pretty and smooth from her feet to her hips. ankara rus escort Bob ogled her until I jabbed him in the ribs.

“We won!” I said with relief.

“Who said it’s over?” said Linda. “There are four holes to go.”

“But you have nothing else to play for.” I said.

“I’ll give your husband a blow job if we lose again.” Linda said, without thinking about it much. Everyone else agreed but I didn’t say anything. Boy I hoped my husband kept playing well.

Once again, Bob surprised and won the fifteenth hole. Linda joined him in the cart, while I rode with Kevin. They stopped in a wooded area between holes and she went down on him, sucking his hard dick for a few minutes until Kevin called a halt at five minutes. It was a turn-on to watch another woman suck my husband’s cock. I’m not sure why, but it was. Kevin and I watched from his cart. Linda was bent over and we could see her cunt peeking out between her legs. Kevin took some liberties and got a few feels of my tits. I should’ve stopped him, but it did feel good. Despite my worries, I was going along with everything.

This was getting serious. Kevin decided to put the pressure on with some smack talk. Bob didn’t think it bothered him, but he lost his ball and lost the sixteenth hole. I took a deep breath and unbuttoned and dropped my skirt. I was now nude in front of all. I didn’t quite believe it had happened but I handed my skirt to Kevin. My husband Bob, was clearly turned on by having his wife walk around nude in front of other people. His cock was pushing to get out of his pants. I noticed that Kevin had a bulge too. He was hoping to get his cock in my mouth. The idea was erotic. I hoped my guy would win, but the thought of him losing had a certain attraction. My eyes would spy on the bulge in Kevin’s pants and I wondered how well he was hung.

We had to decide what to play for after Linda had given Bob a blowjob. Kevin boldly said, “The next prize is the winner fucking the loser’s wife”. I figured that Bob would have to lose both holes to put me in jeopardy of having to fuck Kevin. On the other hand, Bob wasn’t sure I would want him to fuck Linda. I was a bit riled up and a bit naughty when I said to Bob, “I’d like to see you fuck that bitch.” Linda heard it and I think it pissed her off.

The tension between us had increased and we had become very competitive. Our friendship really lessened in importance.

Kevin won the seventeenth when Bob missed a makeable putt with his naked wife, me, looking on. Kevin collected his prize when he had me kneel right there on the green while he stuck his cock in my mouth. I gave a reasonable effort of sucking his cock and after five minutes exactly, Bob called time. His cock was really hard as he watched me suck another man’s cock and walk around the golf course stark naked. I’m sure there were others on the course who could see me too.

The eighteenth was a long par five. Both guys were next to the green in three. A par would probably tie the hole. Bob was rattled and skulled his chip across the green. He recovered well but lay five on the green to Kevin’s four. If Bob made the next putt and Kevin missed, it would be a tie. Otherwise, Bob would ankara türbanlı escort lose and would have to watch the winner fuck his wife. Bob lined his putt up, ignoring the spread legs of Linda a few feet away. He hit a smooth stroke from twenty feet. The ball spun around the lip of the cup and went in. Kevin had to make his putt to win.

Kevin was next from seven feet, by no means a gimmie. But, he coolly dropped it in the center of the hole for a par. He had won the prize. He was going to get to fuck me.

We were friends with Kevin and Linda, but we had not developed into that kind of friends. Bob and I protested, but had no basis other than appealing to Kevin and Linda’s good graces. Linda was the snottiest. I had never seen her that way, but she had gotten pissed at my earlier comment. She said, “A bet is a bet. Prepare to get fucked, Annie. Let me get my camera ready.”

Kevin grabbed me as I was about to get into our cart and he bent me over the seat. I tried to resist, but he held my arms, used his leg to spread mine and pushed his cock toward my crotch. I felt his cock slide into me. My cunt was wet from walking around nude and having blown him in front of Bob. Kevin’s dick did feel good as he pumped me. It seemed to be bigger around that my husband’s, but I was quite turned on by walking around naked in front of the others. I moved my hips to make it feel better. My husband walked over to object when Linda stopped him and said, “It’s too late now, she’s getting fucked so let it be.” Bob objected further and Linda said “If you’re a good boy, maybe you can have me as a trade.” Before Bob could answer, he heard the grunt of Kevin as he emptied his cock into my cunt. He pulled his limp, wet cock out of me and let his cum drip out of me and down my legs. I had come too and was catching my breath. I was bent over, with my pussy and ass exposed, with my husband watching from a few feet away. I know it turned him on to see his wife get fucked and it turned me on to have him watch me take another man’s cock in first my mouth, and then my cunt.

The guys started to return each of our clothes but Kevin was a prick and kept my clothes. He said he’d won them. Bob gave me his shirt, which didn’t cover a lot as we went to our cars. Bob was looking to take Linda up on her possible offer, but Kevin drove by us and Linda said “See you around.” They drove away laughing.

“Assholes”, Bob said. I was angry too. “I don’t ever want to see them again.” While we were angry, Bob had a hard-on from watching his wife and Linda get stripped and seeing me get publicly fucked due to his failure to win the match. I asked him if he had thought about the consequences when he started the match. He admitted that he was turned-on by the thought of me being stripped on the golf course. When it got to betting on the sex, he was torn between wanting to win and the thought of watching me get fucked in public by another guy. We spent the evening and night in bed together, making love to each other.

We still see Linda and Kevin occasionally and Bob has fond memories of seeing her naked, her long tanned legs, trimmed bush and nice white tits. Kevin and Linda seem to have a thing about him having fucked me that gives them an attitude, so we’ve never been that close. I suspect that she has told some of our mutual friends about the match, leaving out the part about her blowing my husband. But, so what.

Whenever we watch golf on TV, Bob and I joke about what the stakes are and remember the match we’d had with Kevin and Linda. Usually, it leads us to the bedroom.

The end!

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