Stress Management

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Her husband had died in a plane crash on his way back home from a diplomatic shuttle a year earlier. Since that incident, Latoya Agnes Johnson mourned only briefly, and then she threw herself so completely into her job as the CEO of a leading Services company in her city.

To most people who knew the couple, she appeared to be an extremely brave woman with a firm grip on her emotions. To them she mourned her loss and quickly moved on. A classic case of “life is for the living”.

However, to a few very close friends of the couple, it was all a front. Considering how so deeply in love they were for all of their twelve years together, her loss and her pain could be likened to a very bad ‘third degree burn’. It was much deeper than the eye could ever hope to see. Nevertheless, they all respected her feelings and allowed her to deal with the loss her own way, only making sure she understood they would be there for her if she needed them.


Latoya had been feeling slow all morning, but she dismissed the feeling, putting it down to the fact that she had been working late into the night for the past couple of weeks. Four cups of coffee later she felt a little relief, and went right on with her busy schedule.

At midday, her Personal Assistant, LingLing came into her office. She stopped dead in her tracks and starred at her boss with a worried look on her face. Latoya looked up from her paperwork, wondering, ‘why the hell is she starring at me?’

“Hey Ling, what’s with the face?” LingLing took a deep breath, as she thought out her response, “You look like hell Latoya, your face is flushed and you’re sweating. You look sick”.

“Oh come on Ling, I’m the CEO of a successful business, you don’t think I’d know if I was sick?” she asked with laughter in her voice. Try as she did the worried look on Lingling’s face did not go away. As she drew closer, she noticed that Latoya was unconsciously stretching and re-adjusting her bra straps. As she tried to sign off on some papers for Ling, her hands were trembling.

“That’s it I’m calling your doctor” she said looking into Latoya’s eyes. Both women held each other’s gaze for a while, eventually, without a single word being uttered, Lingling removed her hand from the telephone she had started to dial.

‘Thank you’ Latoya’s eyes say to Ling, as she promptly rolled her shoulders again in a vain attempt to ease some pain of the wide bra straps that were cutting into her tender skin. Hard as she tried, the stiffness in her shoulder, and the pain of the straps persisted, and it was only midday.

Ling seemed to have read her mind, she dropped the folder she still had in her hand and moved to take position behind Latoya’s chair. She confidently took charge; it became instantly clear to ‘Toya that they were now past the secretary/boss mode. She swiveled the chair sideways and took Toya’s hand, leading her up and across the room to the couch. She took off the jacket of her skirt suit, and then turned her around to unbutton her silk blouse. After relieving her of the blouse, she stepped away and locked the door.

When she returned she reached right behind Latoya and unclasped her, as she did so, her own 34C tits bumped and rubbed up against Toya’s huge ones, causing her nipples to harden instantly. She fumbled for a moment, with the clasps then as she pulled the bra free of Toya’s shoulders, her voluptuous 42dds tumbled free. Ling’s breath caught in her throat as she beheld their luscious juiciness. She instinctively licked her lips; it was all she could do to stop herself from pouncing on them, and licking some fire into them.

She had Toya lie down on her stomach and gently but firmly massaged her hurting shoulders. Tonya was enjoying the massage so she proceeded lower to the small of her back. Being half-black- half Chinese, Lingling had learned the art of massage early in life from her mother, a professional masseuse.

She deftly unbuttoned Toya’s skirt, and then worked the zipper open, and then she worked her way back to the shoulders, and back down to her waistline. She slid both hands under Toya’s panties, cupping her voluptuous ass, and then she slid both skirt and panties down to her ankles and took them off. She continued to work magic with her fingers and barely fifteen minutes into the massage Toya feel into deep sleep….

There was a feeling of disappointment in Ling’s heart, but then, this was not about sex. It was about being there for a friend who had always treated her with generosity and respect.

She went across to Toya’s desk and retrieved the wide silk scarf with which she covered her exposed ass and legs. Then she left the office locking the door from outside with her own key.


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Latoya was hospitalized göztepe escort for a week after she collapsed during the board meeting of her favourite charity. Her illness was not that serious but it was a known fact that the only way to get her to rest properly was to keep her in the hospital for a week. Both her doctor and her personal assistant Lingling were unanimous that was what she needed.

On the last day of her stay at the hospital, an old friend, Jessica came to visit. Jessica had Toya had been friends since their college days, they had even been lovers for a while, but that was a long time ago. Even though they remained best of friends, both women had since moved on.

During her 20-minute visit, Jessica had shared her stress management secret with her friend. “It’s high brow, very professional, very discrete indeed. In time the contacts you make there could be invaluable, trust me”, she said in conclusion.

Toya listened attentively, knowing that what her friend was suggesting made sense, although she was also filled with apprehension. If it all backfired, the scandal could be damaging. ‘Calm down dammit! You know Jess did not become a Millionaire by taking reckless chances, if she uses it then it must be safe to do so’, she rationalized in her mind.

Reading the doubts in her eyes, Jessica smiled reassuringly, “Ok, tell you what, I’ll be there with you, you need a sponsor to get in on it anyways. Both women laughed heartily, just then there was a knock on the door, and the nurse entered.

“Time for your medication Mrs. Johnson” the nurse, announced. Looking at her wristwatch, Jessica said, “Oh, I best be going then. Get well quick girlfriend, and I will see you soon”. Both women hugged and Toya thanked her again for the flowers as she departed.


Her membership of the club had come through a month before. Jessica had lived up to her promise and sponsored her membership. She had to post a bank guarantee for $100, 00 on her behalf as sponsor, which she gladly did. In the one month since she joined, she had already made very useful business contacts in the all-female business club.

Jessica also gave her a grand tour of the clubhouse, which housed an excellent spa with a difference. However, due to their very busy schedules, Jess did not get round to showing Toya the decadent enjoyment to be had at the spa yet.

Toya was working on a particularly difficult problem when her phone rang. It was Jessica calling to confirm that they could do the spa later in the evening. They chatted for a while and she hinted Toya on what to expect and gave some other useful tips too.

When the call ended Toya’s spirits were high, she had been tensed up lately. The episode with Ling last month did not help matters either. Although Ling never seemed to make any demands, or expect anything back, her adoration, and unconditional love for Toya makes her feel guilty that they cannot be together in that way.

Ling is a very resourceful personal assistant, very good at her job, and it would be a disaster to lose her. That fact alone further convinced Toya that they could not fuck each other and work together. Eventually, one role would inevitably get in the way of the other. It was the reason they stopped anything coming of their brief affair 2 years earlier. That and the fact that Toya was afraid that their close proximity increased the risk of her husband (Bless his soul) finding out. Funny enough, as it turned out, he had known all along that they were having an affair.

“Damn!” She cursed; her head was throbbing again. She dropped her pen and massaged her temples, and then she looked at the clock, 4 p.m. ‘Time to go get ready for that club’ she thinks, ‘Gotta go shopping for some sexy frilly gurl stuff’ she chuckles to herself.

She hailed Ling on the intercom and announced, “Ling, I’m off to the club. My women’s meeting is tonight.


Later that evening as she approached the large mansion that housed the club in the western suburb of the city, Toya sighted Jessica turning over her car to the delicious vixens that were the valets. On sighting Toya’s car, Jess waited while she alighted and then together they went into the building.

“My, my, gurl you’re looking good, although I suspect you came here directly from a meeting”, Toya, said, and Jess, rolled her eyes and replied, “Mmm, you’re looking so delicious yourself, as for your suspicion, I’m guilty as charged”, they both laughed and then handed their coats and purses to a hat check girl.

In the changing room they were greeted by Loretta, the dressing room supervisor, “Good evening, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Johnson. Would you ladies care to have some assistance with your clothing?” “Yes, please, istanbul escort that would be great”, Jess replied with a sigh, her new pair of pumps were obviously a step from completely comfortable. “I’m so tired I don’t think I can take another step”.

“Would Annette meet your approval Mrs. Jordan?” Loretta asked, “Excellent” Jess responded. I’m glad you approve, Loretta said, turning to Toya she said, “For you Mrs. Johnson, may I suggest Thalia, unless you have another choice in mind of course”. Toya looked nervously over at Jess, and when she smiled back at her, she replied, “Oh no, Thalia would do just fine, thank you.” Jess nodded her head slightly at Toya, saying with her eyes only, ‘wise choice’.

Loretta called Annette and Thalia from the attendants’ waiting room and instructed, “Annette please take care of Mrs. Jordan, and do a good job, she’s had quite a long day.” “Certainly, ma’am”. “If you’ll follow me ma’am, I have a private room all set up for you.

“Thalia, you take good care of Mrs. Johnson, it’s her first visit here.” “Consider it done ma’am”, “this way please, Mrs. Johnson”, she guided Toya to her private room.

Once inside the lavishly appointed massage cum bathroom, Thalia quickly went to work removing Toya’s clothes, pausing only briefly when she was down to her bra and panties. “You have a very beautiful figure and lovely curves too ma’am, may I?” she commented while seeking her consent to remove the underwear.


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Toya looked into the younger woman’s soft sexy eyes and instantly saw the sincerity in them. She smiled coyly and nodded her consent, “Why thank you Thalia”, she added. Thalia smiled back and at that moment the hint of tension that existed between them disappeared, and is replaced by a new kind of understanding.

Thalia gently and smoothly ran her hands up and down the older woman’s body, when she came up to Toya’s big tits her hands froze for an instant, then she quickly recovered and looked up into Toya’s eyes. Without blinking, she asked in a low husky voice, “Are you ready to proceed?” A shiver ran through Toya, and she nodded, thinking ‘I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a whole month, here goes’, then she realized she’d been holding her breath. She willed herself to breath again, and closed her eyes.

“Relax, everything is gonna be fine”, she whispered as she began to unclasp Toya’s industrial strength bra. When she was done, Toya stood naked and Thalia whispered into her ear in a very lusty voice, “Why don’t we step into the Jacuzzi and then I can suckle on your big fat nipples, and caress your luscious tits. Trust me it’s a great way to relax”. With a barely audible moan gurgling up from her throat, Toya gasped, “Oh, Yess, please let’s do it…”

Once in the soothing hot bubbling, and churning whirlpool, Thalia took a wash cloth and slowly bathed Toya lush full body all over, favoring the mature woman’s breasts and pussy “I love big fat breasts, and Oh my, yours are simply huge”, she said while cupping it and softly twisting Toya’s hard nipples.

As if she wasn’t getting enough, she sucked in her breath and bit her lip, then took a nipple into her mouth. “Mmmm!” Toya lets out a deep moan, and grabbed Thalia’s hair and pulled her to her chest. Her hand found Toya’s swollen sex. The dexterity of her touch and her confidence turned Toya on so much, her hot mound became soaking wet.

Toya’s soft moans became louder as Thalia nibbled at her breasts, and when she slipped two fingers into her wet cunt, she cried aloud. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes dark with her lust as she squirmed and humped Thalia’s fingers gobbling them up with her fat pussy lips. Thalia finger-fucked her furiously and she responded with a grinding of her hips. ‘Dayum! I’m loving every moment of this’ the freak in her thinks.

The feel of the fat nipples in her mouth, the huge roundness of Toya’s tits and the exciting sensation of the labia clenching and milking her fingers are all pushing Thalia’s arousal to a breaking point. She desperately fingered her own cunt, her hand strokes in tune with her digital ministrations to Toya.

The atmosphere in the room was charged with palpable sexual energy. The moans, the groans, a symphony of lust gone wild. Then suddenly Toya let out a deep moan from the depth of her soul, her hips started to buck wildly, her snatch crashing into Thalia’s hand as a powerful orgasm tore through her body.

As Toya’s body was being rocked by the force of her release, she pushed her melons harder into Thalia’s face, and her mouth was filled with both nipple and areola. As she sucked hard on the nipple, her body responded to the activity around her in kind, and she bit down hard on Toya’s fat nipple, and instantly kadıköy escort went rigid as her pussy walls constricted around her fingers holding them captive until the whirlwind of her orgasm had blown past.

After they had both regained their composure, they looked at each other and just before Thalia shy averted her eyes, Toy’s said ‘Thanks’. Thalia stood up and getting into her professional mode again, she said, “Ma’am I believe it’s now time for your pampering”, then she helped Toya out of the Jacuzzi and onto massage table at the other end of the room.

Normally we would start with the shaving of your vagina, it feels so much sexier, but I see you are already clean-shaven. Just the thought of having another woman shave her pussy sent a shiver of desire and anticipation through her body. Toya wished she had not shaved; ‘Not to worry, there’ll be other times.

Noting her disappointment, Thalia added, “By the way, you have a very lovely vagina, shaving it really does bring out all her best, I love her fat lips too”.

“Why thank you darling, do you really think so? I have always shaved it; my late husband always liked it shaved. Thalia patted her mound playfully, “Of course I do. Now let’s get to your massage, this oil would soften your skin and help you relax”. Toya laid on her tummy and closed her eyes, once again surrendering her needy body to the expert hands of the younger woman, and luxuriated in the sensations she was feeling all over her body.

Thalia’s soft hands gently kneaded the warm oil all over her now tingling body and when she got to her crotch, which was aching once more, Toya moaned softly, “Mmm! Yes! I never realized how sweet and relaxing erotic massage can get. Dayum! I’m on fire! My pussy is oh so wet already”

“Well of course you are, ma’am, that’s only normal, and I’m here to take care of all that”, Thalia said softly as her fingers lazily traced along the length of Toya’s slit.

“Mmm! Your clit is huge too, and I love the way it’s poking its suckable head out of your fat labia”. When Thalia gently touched Toya’s erect clit, she almost jumped off the table shouting, “Sweet jeeezuz aghhhh!”

Thalia stepped away from the table briefly and when she returned, she had a pouch in her hands. She unzipped it and brought out a battery-powered vibrator, about 6 by 3 inches in the shape of a penis.

She licked and sucked it while Toya watched and got even hornier, and then she lubricated it and said, “Now ma’am it’s time to put out that fire in your loins. Turn over please”. She began by sucking on her huge tits, and then she brought the tip of the buzzing plastic cock to her hardened nipples. Toya’s body responded instantly with goose bumps all over as she shivered with excitement.

She gradually and tantalizingly worked her way down to Toya’s tortured mound. Toya in anticipation of an early release (for good behavior) had opened her legs wide, but rather than poke her cunt with the vibro, Thalia teased her inner thighs with it, and just as her frustrations began to show on her face, Thalia lowered her mouth to Toya’s mound and claimed her clit. She licked it slowly, and then with growing hunger. She sucked it into her mouth and tongued it with broad wet strokes until Toya was desperately humping her whole face in her bid to get even more.

They established a rhythm, and each enjoyed the play for what seemed an eternity. Then without any warning, Thalia reached for the vibro and turned it on plunging it into Toya gaping hole. She kept right on sucking on her clit and fucking her pussy with a hard buzzing cock.

The freak in Toya was unleashed, and she started to moan and curse loudly, “oh fuck yeah!!!” Yes baby, do me real goooooooooood!!”

The faster Thalia fucked her, the more her cunt creamed, and soon Thalia started getting high on her cunt juice. She upped the ante and increased the speed of the vibro to high, plunging it deeper into the fat juicy cunt. That drove Toya within inches of loosing her mind, as she promptly began to speak in strange tongues.

Her back arched and her head was thrown so far back, an extra inch and it would have snapped off her neck. Her hips were thrusting wildly, and then all of a sudden, she went rigid, and then came the convulsions. She involuntarily clamped her thick thighs so firmly about Thalia’s head she was now vibrating to the tune to Toya’s body spasms.

Thalia felt warmth all over her face and neck. As the spasms subsided, she disengaged her face from Toya crotch. Her face was drenched in Toya copious squirt, which ran down to her neck and all over the table.

Toya laid there like a lifeless body, her heaving chest the only indication she was still alive. She remained in deep sleep for half an hour, by which time Thalia had cleaned her up with warm damp towel, and done her pedicure and manicure too.

When she awoke, Thalia helped her dress up. As house rule forbade any monetary exchange between members and staff, she thanked her and left making a mental note to buy her a present at Christmas.

The End….. (At least for now)

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