Strawberries, Marianne Solves It

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This is the freestanding part five in a six part series.

Resume: John, a smallish but very well endowed virgin young man, has a temporary job at a farm picking strawberries. He stays in an old barrack with five women. The sleeping cubicles are small and without doors. The girls tease him by wearing skimpy clothing or none at all when passing his door way. Marianne, an experienced woman of 28, is the informal leader. She is tall but with a nice female body, big breasted, full round ass, wide hips and a dark bush. She seduces John and then teaches him thoroughly. During the stay they fuck almost every day, outside or in the barn. All the women get involved during the last night party. In the third part John is seduced by two women. First by Beth, a fellow picker, for a one time fling. Then by Barbro, farmer´s wife. They have a longer relationship encouraged by her husband.

In part four the story changed track and focus from John to Marianne: One night after a good fuck Marianne tells John about her family and how they entertained themselves during a dull summer at their remote farm. Marianne shows off her charms to reward her brothers for good behavior. But they increase their demands step by step and her posing gets more and more intimate. First she strips, getting in the nude and then gradually spreads her thighs to show her femininity until she has opened up completely. She then teaches them about the female body using her own for demonstration purposes and hands on caressing practice. It ends up in a jacking off session where she helps all three brothers to come all over her body.

– – – – – – – –

The following evening I again lay on top of Marianne after a very pleasant session in her pussy. I think she was very pleased and content too. Her body glowed and she was joyful.

“John,” she said a little hesitantly. “I wasn´t totally honest last night when I said that I hadn´t fucked my brothers to find out about their cocks. Want to hear what happened later on?”

“Oh yes, please tell me,” I said. The previous evening Marianne had told me how it had happened that she was so well acquainted with the size of her brother´s cocks. Of course I wanted to hear the rest. Her voice told that there was another good story on its way.

She squirmed around a little to get me in a more comfortable position on top of her.

“All right. Remember that I didn´t fuck my brothers that summer I told you about last night. I jacked them off but that´s not to fuck. So I didn´t lie about that. But the following summer something happened with one of them.”

I was busy making a living in Stockholm and came back home only for very short visits on the holidays. But the following summer I was back for a longer stay.

My parents were for the first time going away on vacation, a charter trip to the Gran Canaria Island. It had been carefully planned for nearly a year. A lot of things had to be taken into account when setting the date. The farm work was to be handled by my youngest brother Eric who had declared that he wanted to take over when the time came and already worked full time. But even if they had chosen a time when farm work was limited our dad thought that extra help was needed. So he asked our cousin Thomas, the son of uncle Hans. I had promised to cook and look after them and that must be put into the planning too. But eventually all arrangements was in place.

I arrived in the morning by train and was met by my dad. He and mom were busy until lunch to show us everything. Dad told Eric and Thomas what he wanted done on the farm and mother showed me the rich supplies of food for the meals she had planned. They were very nervous and mother repacked her suitcase several times. But after lunch they had to leave.

Mother looked me in the eye when she said goodbye.

“Take care,” she said. “You will be alone with two strong young men, no boys anymore. So be very careful, you know what I mean. Unless of course, you are prepared to handle the consequences.” She hugged me and they were gone.

At first her words sounded like the ordinary advice from a mother who always worried. But later on I got uncertain what she really had meant with ´Prepared to handle the consequences´.

I cooked dinner and had it ready on time.

The boys were hungry and praised my cooking. When I cleared the table the two of them put their heads together talking and laughing while looking at me.

“What´s up boys,” I said. “Tell me what´s so funny.” At first they didn´t want to but I kept coaxing them and finally Eric couldn´t hold back any longer.

“Thomas says that he likes your boobs,” he blurted out.

“Well, that was nice of him, wasn´t it? But was that all he said?” I asked innocently. “No need to keep a compliment a secret, is it? And what about you? Don´t you like my boobs?”

“Yes of course I do,” he said, more calm now when I hadn´t got angry. “They have become bigger, haven´t they. And . . . well . . . Thomas said that he would like to fondle illegal bahis them.”

I looked down at my boobs and realized that I probably hadn´t followed mom´s advice of being cautious. I had changed into shorts and an old T-shirt which was left at home when I moved. And I had put on a few pounds many of which had settled on my boobs and ass all to the better. The boobs definitively were bigger than when I last had that shirt. It was now at least one size too small. And I wore no bra since I very seldom had done that when living at home. It felt so nice to go braless.

All-in-all I understood that the boys found my boobs arousing. The shirt was of stretch material and clung to the boobs but didn´t prevent them from swaying.

“Oh, did he? Well I am not surprised. You boys always think about boobs, don´t you?” That was the best I could come up with.

I went on clearing the table and do the dishes. Eric was lingering around and even volunteered to dry the plates. A clear sign that he wanted something. When we were finished he had picked up enough courage.

“Sis, can we have the same deal as last summer?” he blurted out.

“What deal?” I asked to get some time. I knew exactly what he was referring to.

“Well, you know. That if we behave and don´t sneak you will reward us.”

“Oh, that deal. Oh no, it was there and then and family only. You are older now and should be able to behave without special rewards. Besides, it wouldn´t be proper to involve Thomas in such a thing, not proper at all.”

He looked very disappointed and troubled and kept lingering around in the kitchen. A thought struck me.

“You have told Thomas about that deal? Maybe even promised him that it would stand?”

His guilty look told it all.

“Now that was naughty of you. I thought that we agreed to keep what happened between the four of us. I have to think about that. In the mean time you have to behave.”

He looked relived when he hurried away. I wondered if he had taken my words as a promise.

I had nothing to complain about in their behavior. That I met Thomas outside the bathroom after having showered didn´t count. I had a towel handy to cover myself. He couldn´t know when I would step out and meet me. Or could he?

The next morning I woke them up as I know I had to do. I also knew that they would be very sleepy so I didn´t bother to put anything on above my oversized shirt that was all I slept in. But at breakfast I had put my old gown on. I had them fed and outside just before seven o´clock.

It was a warm day so I dressed lightly. I found a pair of loose fitting shorts and a cut off shirt. It was big and didn´t cling to my body at all. Although it was rather short I thought it to be all right. The boys didn´t seem to find it worth commenting when they came in for lunch.

That was until I had to reach up for a bowl on an upper shelf. I heard sharp intakes of breath and realized that the short shirt had ridden up high. The lower part of my boobs was out in the open including the nipples. I tried to keep calm pretending that I didn´t notice. I think I kept my pose a little longer than necessary just to ensure that.

The boys left after lunch to mend the fences at a remote field. I had the garden for myself and stretched out in the sun. After a while it got hot and I stripped enjoying the sun in the nude. I fell asleep having some to catch up. The next thing I knew was hushed voices. I looked up and saw Eric and Thomas standing only a few feet away. I reached out for my minimal clothes but it took a little while until I could throw them over my pussy and boobs.

“Don´t bother, sis,” Eric said. “We have been here for quite some time. You look lovely we both think. The deal is on then?”

I looked at their eager red faces and gave in. I started to laugh and the boys soon joined in.

“Very well then. No harm done of course. Have you seen what you wanted? Did I meet your expectations?” I said trying to sound casual when my laugh had died away and I had sat up. I let my clothes slip to the ground. It felt good to be in the nude in front of the boys I had to admit. Well, I knew that of course. But I also thought about mother´s words. This was very far from being careful.

I sat for a while but then thought that I had to go inside and dress more properly. But I wondered how I should do that in a both decent and casual way. The boys watched me intently all the time. But in the end I decided that there only was the natural way. So I rose, picked up my things and strode against the house. On the porch I turned around to wave at the boys and found that they had followed me only a few steps behind. I turned quickly and hurried to my room.

The evening went well with amiable chat sitting on the porch which we always did on nice summer evenings. I was fully dressed not wanting to arouse the boys.

In the morning I woke them up in my big shirt. But I got surprised when I found that Thomas already was awake and watched illegal bahis siteleri me closely. On an impulse I decided to stay dressed like that during breakfast. The shirt covered my body in full but was of course short, ending just below my ass cheeks.

I had automatically taken up mother´s habit not to sit down at breakfast. Although she was a modern woman she had always stuck to that old tradition. She waited the table and had her meal afterwards. Well, she didn´t eat much at breakfast anyway, just coffee and maybe a small sandwich. I had the same habit not being hungry for breakfast.

It all went well. The boys seemed to like my naked thighs and swinging boobs. I guess I got a bit careless when I without thinking bended over to rummage through a bottom drawer. Again I heard the sharp intakes of breaths and understood what I showed them. I kept my pose to be casual about it until I found what I was looking for. I rose and went to the sink before I discreetly looked at the boys. They looked away blushing of excitement.

When I made up the beds I found that the boys really had been aroused the day before. There were so much come on the sheets that I found it necessary to wash them. I didn´t like the extra work though and thought about how to avoid it in the future.

After dinner when we sat on the porch I confronted the boys with my findings. They looked ashamed.

“But sis, what did you expect after showing off so nicely yesterday,” Eric tried to excuse them.

“Oh, so now it´s my fault? Is that what you mean? I must say. Really. A decent thing you should have done yesterday had been to call out when you came home so early. That had given me time to get decent,” I said trying to sound angry. Eric looked at bit guilty.

“Well, I suggest that tonight you jack off in the open. Bring your magazines or whatever you need. I will of course not sneak on you but let you be alone. I don´t want to wash the sheets every day,” I said sternly. “It might even be good for the flowers to get fresh seed as fertilizer. Make sure to spread your come well around” I added mockingly.

The boys obviously didn´t like my idea. But I coaxed them now and then during the evening.

“Well boys, bedtime I guess. Get your magazines and get on with it. I will go to bed,” I said and rose.

“But sis,” Eric started to plead. “One can´t just jack off like that. One has to be in the mood.”

“Well, I thought that´s why you have those magazines. To get you in the mood. I certainly don´t want to wash the sheets again tomorrow. So get on with it,” I said and turned to go into the house.

“Sis, wait a second. I have an idea,” Eric blurted out. I turned back again and looked at him inquiringly. “Well, . . . I thought, well, . . . maybe you can help us. To get in the mood I mean. If you show us your boobs again for instance.”

I looked at two pleading faces and suppressed a big laugh that bubbled inside me. It was fun, real fun to tease the boys. And I sure was prepared to handle the consequences.

“Well boys, do you really think that showing my boobs will do the trick? That my boobs will make you come,” I asked mockingly.

“Perhaps not, but they will certainly get us in the mood,” Thomas blurted out. It was the first time he had taken part in any of the negotiations.

“And what have you planned to do after that,” I asked sternly. “Maybe you will ask for more? Ask me to get in the nude for you. You naughty boys.” I looked sternly at them, at least I tried. I had big trouble not to burst out laughing.

“Well, would you?” Thomas asked suddenly having taken over the negotiation. “I mean, we have already seen you in the nude. You looked great I must say, real great.”

Those words went directly to my heart or maybe my pussy. I had known for some time that I would get naked and give the boys the show they needed to get their rocks off. I only needed a good excuse. I suddenly found one.

“All right boys. We can´t stand here all night. You must get some sleep. There is plenty to do tomorrow. I will begin with showing my boobs and then we will see if that´s enough.” I looked smilingly at the boys who looked flabbergasted. I realized that they hadn´t expected me to give in so easily. But I didn´t mind. I was going to get a wish of mine fulfilled. I wanted to see these boys in the nude and with fully erect cocks.

“Well then boys. Let´s get started. Take your clothes off and I will strip for you.”

They didn´t obey at once. Instead they looked uncertain at each other not having thought through the consequences of their request. I didn´t know if they had jacked off together. I didn´t know if boys did that. But now they had to.

I stood motionless waiting for them to undress. Slowly Thomas tock his shirt off and then waited until Eric did the same. Then went the shorts and underwear one at a time. I tried to look calm but I got impressed of what I saw. Eric was much taller than his father and brothers, well above six feet. Thomas canlı bahis siteleri slightly shorter. Both had the well trained bodies of young men used to working hard outdoors with flat tummies and swelling muscles. The cocks were still not erect but had swelled promisingly.

“All right boys, start jacking. And watch me,” I said and started to wriggle out of my shirt as seductively as I could. When my boobs were out in the open I let them bounce and swing ending up with cupping them and caressing the hardening nipples. The eyes of the boys were glued to them.

“Hey boys, do you like my boobs?” I asked. That they did was obvious and very rewarding for me. The cocks grew and hardened and started to rise. I was impressed of their size and especially Eric´s. It was already bigger than last time I had seen it and not yet fully erect. Thomas was not that big but good enough.

“Oh yes, yes I like them, really,” Thomas excitedly exclaimed.

“They have grown since last year. They are bigger now, aren´t they?” Eric blurted out.

“Yes, they have and so have your cock,” I said giggling without thinking. But then I understood that maybe I shouldn´t have said that. “Eric, you have told Thomas about last summer, haven´t you? . . . Yes, I thought so. But Thomas I will kill you if you tell anyone else and I mean it. That was a secret between me and the boys.”

I tried to give them a good show with my boobs but realized that it wasn´t arousing enough for them. Both were fully erect by now and looked marvelous. I thought that I had two choices. Either I let them touch me and fondle my boobs or I stripped completely. I thought it over and decided that I wasn´t prepared to let them touch me.

“Hey boys, how are you doing, ready to shoot soon? It´s getting late,” I teased them. They looked at me with hungry eyes.

“Your boobs look great Marianne but . . . but . . . well . . .,” Thomas voice trailed off.

“Well, I understand. Just the boobs aren´t enough. You tricked me into start stripping and now you ask for more. Just as I thought. But all right! We have to get our sleep, don´t we?”

I gave them the full show stripping completely and taking poses. I remembered from last summer that Eric really liked asses. I had learnt it from his choice of poses from the girlie magazines which he wanted me to take and also from his great reactions when I showed him my ass. And it worked. The cocks seemed to grow en extra inch and the jacking got frantic. When I understood that Eric was about to come I was down on all fours. He quickly knelt at my side and delivered his load on the small of my back where he remembered that I wanted it to land. I stayed on all fours winking at Thomas. He came close but knelt behind me. I got scared for a moment that he would try to enter me. I was in a very vulnerable position with my knees spread and the open pussy very easy to enter. But I relaxed when he started shooting all over me. His blasts landed from my shoulders all the way down to the crack of my ass. He stayed behind me while his cock lost its 45-degree upward angle. The underside touched my ass and a sudden lust made me raise my ass and slowly move it forward making the cock to slide through the crack of my ass together with a lot of come.

The boys were satisfied and quickly dropped off. I went inside to shower off the hot sticky come that covered my back. Then we all slept fitfully as far as I knew.

The boys were hard to wake up the next morning. It was well past seven before I had got them fed and out of the house which the cattle didn´t like. They told us very loudly.

That afternoon I had some spare time and spent it in the garden letting the sun warm my body. All of it, I was completely in the nude feeling heavenly. When the boys were due back home I waited with anticipation. What would they do?

But there was no need to worry. The boys, at least Eric, had listened to what I had said.

“Hey sis, we are on our way. Are you decent? Can we come into the garden,” he yelled. I heard that they stood behind the barn ready to step forward.

“No, just give me a minute to get inside,” I yelled back. Without haste I rose and strode towards the house still in the nude. I knew the boys saw me. Their stares felt like lots of needles on my naked body when I climbed the steps. It felt real nice.

I decided to serve dinner outside. I went back and forth with the plates and cutlery and called the boys out when I was ready. I stood at the table waiting. They came and sat down being hungry. I found that I had forgotten the herbs and went inside to get it. When I had taken just a few steps I heard the deep intakes of breath I had been expecting. I had put on a rather big apron but forgotten to put anything else on. The apron covered my front in full but left my backside for everyone to see. I knew that the ties hugged my body very nicely and really emphasized my ass. I walked slightly exaggerated making my ass to roll. I knew I had the boys´ full attention.

I tried to behave casual all through dinner making another round inside to get the dessert. I also leaned forward a few times making my boobs push the breast flap down. The raw cotton brushed over my nipples making them hard and very visible.

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