Stormy Weather

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It was literally a dark and stormy night.

It was getting late and most of the folks from the office had finished their drinks and gone home. Janet Kearney and Lisa from Mergers were the final holdouts of the celebration of landing the Kanwal account.

Janet had been drinking vodka tonics and she was feeling a bit over-served. Lisa’s attention was on the two college students at the next table and she kept trying to include Janet in the conversation. The two women went to the ladies’ room to freshen up and Lisa looked at Janet in the mirror.

“The guys have invited us to go back to their place. Which one do you want?”

“Oh, I couldn’t. If anything, I should be getting home.”

“Are you sure? They look pretty good.” Lisa moved closer. “And if they don’t measure up, I’ll make sure you have a good time. We can let them watch.”

Janet blushed.” Oh, ah, um, Thanks? But that’s not me.”

“Honey, you’re who you choose to be. Listen to me, you’re single, hot and all grown up. Don’t listen to what people say, you can do what you want with whoever you want.” Lisa leaned in and gave Janet a soft kiss. “Whoever you want.”

Janet’s blush deepened “I’ll definitely think about that”

“You should. Well, I should get back before the boys lose interest.”

“Which one are you choosing?”

“Both of them, of course. See you at work.”

After Lisa left, Janet stared at herself in the mirror. Twenty years ago, she would have gone for it. She’d been a bit wild at university, and her younger self would have embraced the idea of a foursome or a little girl-girl action. Michael had teased her that he had decided to marry her when she went down on him two hours into their first date. But Chrissie came along, then Stewart and they all settled into their comfortable suburban lives. Those were good years and she felt blessed with everything she’d ever wanted, until Michael got sick and within six months it all changed.

Michael had become an insurance broker and had done well, so between their savings and his life insurance policy they were financially secure, that didn’t fill the hole he left.

Outwardly, Chrissie took it the hardest. She began acting out, hanging with a bad crowd and skipping classes until Janet withdrew her half way through the seventh grade and home-schooled her for the rest of the year. Stewart was different, he turned inward, escaping into his room with his books and headphones. Eventually the kids adjusted, Stewart took up running and working out in the gym in the rec room, while Chrissie developed into a talented artist,

Chrissie took after her mother, “All tits and ass and legs and hair” was how Michael had phrased it, while Stewart had his father’s height, dark hair and eyes. Chrissie was the more social of the two, she had grown from the self-destructive reaction to Michael’s passing, but Janet could see some of the wildness of her own youth reflected in her daughter. She wasn’t going overboard, but she still liked going to parties and she didn’t really hide the fact that she was sexually active with her boyfriends.

The house was quieter since Chrissie had gone off to university, and Janet was concerned about what it would be like when Stewart joined her in the fall.

The house was still when Janet returned home and at first Janet had thought that her son had gone to bed until she saw the glow from a lighter out on the back porch. Ordinarily she would have rushed out and busted him, the official line in the household was that Janet disapproved of the kids smoking pot, but tonight she was unsettled from her conversation with Lisa and, she’d admit, more than a little tipsy. She hadn’t gotten high since university, but as she went to her bedroom to change, it sounded good right now.

She had a quick shower, put on a tank top and a pair of loose flannel shorts and went down to join her son on the porch.


The night was hot and humid, and Stewart Kearney figured he still had time before his mom returned. He opened another beer, he’d settled in on the old couch on the porch to watch the rain and unwind.

It had been a busy summer since graduation, working to make spending money for the university he’d be starting in the fall, but he had the whole weekend, two glorious days with nothing planned. Stewart drank his beer, and took a couple of pulls from the bong, closing his eyes and leaned his head back on the couch. Life was good.

“Are you smoking pot, young man? Since when do you do drugs in the house?”

Stewart jerked upright. “Jeez Mom, you scared the shit out of me!”

She laughed as she dropped down beside him, “Serves you right!”

“And you’re drinking, too! Boy, I leave you alone for a few hours and everything goes to hell.”

Stewart hadn’t seen her this relaxed in a long time and he decided to go with it. “I was just going to get another, want one?”

“Actually, I want another vodka tonic. Could you make me one?”

In the kitchen, he pulled out a couple more beers and made güvenilir bahis her a large drink, heavy on the booze. Stewart didn’t know what was up with his Mom, but he wasn’t going to object, it was good to see her in a happy mood. She worked too hard and he knew she missed Chrissie.

When he returned to the patio, Janet had dozed off and Stewart took the opportunity to take a good look at her. Long brown curly hair, hourglass figure with long legs, maybe a little top-heavy, her nipples long and thick, like raspberries, poking against the cloth. She’d obviously had a shower because she was wearing her sleep clothes. His Mom would usually put on a sweatshirt when she came downstairs in the morning, so seeing the top molded to her breasts was a rare treat and those shorts were his favorite piece of clothing in the entire universe, because every once in a while, she’d sit on one of the kitchen stools just right and you could see up the leg to her trimmed brown haired pussy with her bright pink lips. Those were moments Stewart lived for.

“Mom? You awake?”

Karen jerked up. “Yes, I’m awake. Just resting my eyes.” He handed her the drink and sat down as she took a long swallow. It was strong, she thought. Well, he was more of a beer guy, he probably wasn’t sure of the right proportions. It went down good, though. The bong was still on the table in front of the love seat and Janet had enough booze in her system to make getting high an excellent proposition. It could be a bonding moment with her son.

“So, do you have any more of that stuff? Stewart?”

She looked over to him and realized he was looking at her tits.

“Stewart? Stop staring and answer my question.”

“Yes. No! Sorry, What?”

“They’re just boobs, baby, 36DD’s.” He was trying so desperately to keep his eyes above her neckline that she giggled and shimmied her shoulders and he lost the battle, his eyes shooting down to watch the bouncing flesh.

“I said, do you have any more marijuana? Could we smoke some?”

Now at this point, he was kind of stoned himself, so between his Mother shaking her breasts at him and reversing her entire position on recreational drug use, it took him a few moments to respond.

“Yes. Yes, I have some more. Hang on.” He pulled the baggie out of his pocket, refilled the bowl and after a quick toke to get it going, handed it to her. “Now at first you should maybe take a small…”

Janet rolled her eyes at her son and expertly took a massive hit off the bong.

“Holy shit, Mom, since when do you smoke dope?”

“I went to university, honey, and I roomed with your Aunt Sarah.”

“You and Aunt Sarah smoked pot together? Aunt Sarah smokes pot?” Stewart’s Aunt Sarah was his late father’s sister. Janet had first met him when Sarah brought her home over spring break her sophomore year. Sarah Kearney was a tax attorney and Stewart could not remember ever seeing her without her being impeccably dressed and perfectly coiffed.

He was completely floored. “I had no idea.”

“You know nothing, Jon Snow. Now fire that thing up, I want more.”

They ended up finishing the first bowl and another after that. It may be that for Janet thought getting high was like riding a bicycle, but she hadn’t indulged since she got pregnant with Stewart’s sister and since then pot was much stronger. She was expecting a ten-speed but found herself on a motorcycle. Janet was far more stoned that she’d ever been, and that was on top of all the alcohol.

There was a flash of lightning and a few seconds later, the roll of thunder. She snuggled into her son’s side, pulling his arms around herself and resting her head on his shoulder.

“This is nice” she murmured.

‘Nice’ didn’t come close for Stewart. He could smell her perfume, feel her warmth against him and clearly see her deep cleavage and the outline of her stiff nipples poking through her tank top. He felt himself thicken inside the cut-off sweatpants he was wearing, so he missed the first part of what his mother was saying.

“…how good it is to have a man hold me in his arms. I have my chances, I could’ve gotten laid tonight if I wanted, but I came home, like I always do.”

Janet had reached a point where she had no filters, the words were escaping as soon as they entered her head.

“I can feel the breeze on my pussy. I always can in these shorts, that’s why I like them, they let my little kitty breathe.” She shifted to look at him. “That’s why you like them too, isn’t it? I see you looking. You’re bad, you know, you’re not supposed to look at your mother that way.”

Stewart’s hand had been rubbing her skin where there was a gap between her tank top and her shorts. As he spoke, he slid his hand under her top and stared tracing lazy circles on her belly.

“If you know I can see you, why do you keep wearing them?”

“Maybe I’m bad too.”

For years now, Stewart had been painfully aware of how attractive his mother and sister were. They were often featured performers in his late-night fantasies, türkçe bahis but he’d never considered that anything would come of it. Somehow that night was different, He had enough liquid and herbal courage to go down this path.

His hand shifted, his fingers brushing the bottom of her breasts. He brought his lips to her ear and whispered “Do you like it when I look at you, Mom? Does it turn you on?” She closed her eyes tight and then nodded her head. He pushed her back until she was sitting upright against the back of the love seat and turned to face her.

“Look at me, Mom. Open your eyes.” She gazed at him, his eyes the exact shade of brown as her own, as he slowly lifted her top, exposing her breasts to the night. He hefted them each in turn, feeling their size and weight. “How about this, Mom? Do you like it when I touch you like this?”

Her eyes were fixed on his. “You shouldn’t, Baby, you’re not supposed to.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, exposing her throat. “You’re bad.”

Stewart kissed her throat and along the side of her neck while exploring her chest with his hands, cupping, squeezing and caressing, being careful to avoid her nipples. Finally, he brought his mouth to hers and kissed her as he began pinching and tugging on her nubs. Janet’s lips parted, and her tongue started teasing her son’s.

Stewart broke the kiss and bent to capture her teat with his lips. As he licked and sucked his Mother’s tits, she grabbed the back of his head with both hands to hold it firmly in place, reveling in the sensation.

Janet was still drunk from earlier and as high as she’d ever been, but she was nevertheless vaguely aware that they shouldn’t be doing this. She was his mother and this man whose hands and lips were making her feel so good was her son. Still, she leaned her head back and let the sensations wash over her, Stuart’s mouth alternating nipples, his fingers squeezing and caressing her flesh. She heard the rain coming down a few feet away, the air warm and moist on her skin. Yes, she was aware that they shouldn’t be doing this, but…

Fuck it.

She slid her hand down his stomach, between his legs and onto the swollen cock lying along his thigh. As she caressed her son, measuring him with her fingers, she could feel his hardening even more, straining against his shorts. ‘That can’t be comfortable’, she thought, and reached into his waistband and grasped him, pulling his cock upright.

Stuart had to release his mother’s nipple from his lips as he threw his head back and groaned with the pleasure of her touch. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her in, kissing her deeply.

The mother and son made out on the old couch, the rain hammering on the roof of the porch. Stewart’s hand drifted lower, stroking her stomach and sliding around to squeeze his Mom’s ass. He took his time, knowing she could come to her senses at any moment, that this opportunity might never come again and savored every square centimeter of her skin. He caressed her thigh and her knees parted, allowing his hand to explore further.

Janet’s hand was still inside her son’s shorts, lightly stroking his hard cock. Over the years, she’d seen him in his boxers enough times to know he was well equipped, but even so she was impressed. Before Michael, she’d handled her share and this one felt as long as any of them and substantially thicker.

There was still a last murmur of the voice in the back of her head, a voice that sounded like her mother saying it was not too late to get up and go inside, to pretend this didn’t happen and to never speak of this again. But now there was also Lisa’s voice saying “Don’t listen to what people say, you can do what you want with whoever you want.”

Lisa won, though she’d probably had something different in mind.

Stewart’s hand had reached the leg opening of his mom’s shorts and his fingertips were trailing along the crease at the top of her thigh, his nails brushing the trimmed hair on her mound. He reached in further, cupping her pussy, her juices soaking his fingers.

Stewart couldn’t believe how hot and wet his Mom’s pussy was. He needed more. He slid down to kneel in front of her and reached for the waistband of her shorts, tugging down as she lifted her hips. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head and then took off the tank top her son had pushed up over her tits. She slouched back against the couch, letting him pull her hips forward to the edge, watching her son spread her legs wide and bury his face between them.

He started with long licks with his tongue wide and flat, then moved to tugging and nibbling her lips until they were dark and swollen. Gradually, he probed deeper until she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in to get him in as far as she could. Janet felt like every nerve in her body was electrified, from her hair to her toes. Stewart felt her hips twitching and when she started making low grunting noises each time she exhaled, he began strumming güvenilir bahis siteleri her clit with his tongue.

When her son started working her clit, it was like being hit with a lightning bolt. Her pleasure was climbing higher and higher when he entered her with one finger, then two, thrusting quickly. When he sensed her reaching her peak, he sucked her clit hard and she exploded, her body shuddering and her wetness gushing on his face.

Stewart backed off a little and returned to slowly licking the length of his mom’s slit. His previous sexual encounters were limited to hurried unsatisfying bouts in the back of his car, so as far as he was concerned, he was going to make this night last as long as possible. He’d gladly eat his mom’s pussy indefinitely.

His mother had other ideas. She pushed at his shoulders, “Stand up, it’s my turn.” and slid down to her knees in front of him. She brought his shorts down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. His cock was perfect, she thought, long, but not overly so and as thick as any she’d ever seen in person. “Baby, where the hell have you been hiding this?” She looked up at him and grinned, his mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. “Why aren’t there girls lined up at the door? That Anita girl you were going out with must be good at keeping a secret.”

“We only tried a couple of times. Anita said it hurt because she wasn’t big enough. Mostly I licked her and she gave me handjobs.”

“Not even a blowjob?”

“She couldn’t finish, it made her jaw hurt.”

“Well, let’s find out what we can do.”

The head of Stewart’s cock was dark red and shiny with pre-cum, so she gave it a long lick before engulfing it in her mouth and smiled to herself as he groaned and shuddered. Her son stretched open her mouth and Janet sympathized with young Anita, this was a job for an experienced woman, not some schoolgirl.

It had been years since Janet had taken a hard cock in her mouth and the feeling rushed back, the submissiveness of kneeling before a man mixed with the delicious power of giving him such intense pleasure. She took him deep into her mouth and caressed the rest of his shaft, then pulled back until only the head remained. Slowly, deliberately, she worked his cock, occasionally running her tongue along his shaft until it was wet with her saliva.

“Fuck, Mom, that feels amazing!”

Yesterday, if you had asked her how she would feel about her son complimenting her on her cocksucking skills, pride would not been one of the responses. Today, as she knelt before him tasting his need, she felt proud to give him this. She savored his cock, bringing him to the brink and backing off, over and over. Janet knew this would never have happened if she hadn’t been intoxicated, but that bridge had been burned. She wanted her son, wanted to touch him, to taste him, to feel him inside her. She wanted to fuck him.

Stewart felt his excitement building and he groaned, opening his eyes when she backed away, climbing back to the couch, on her knees with her ass in the air. His shaft jumped as he saw the smooth globes of his mother’s butt framing her pussy. She felt the breeze on her wetness, her juices had matted the hair and coated her upper thighs and the crack of her ass. Janet twisted to watch him move behind her, feeling him drag the head of his cock through her folds, holding her hip in place as he moved to her center and pushed.

He wanted very much to slam his cock deep inside her, but he managed to hold on to his frayed self-control, giving her a few centimeters past the head of his cock, then holding up to give her time to adjust. Stewart started pulling out until only the head remained inside her and then pushing back inside a little more on each stroke. Janet felt like she was a teenager again, in the back of Tony Falluchi’s Pontiac, being opened up and stretched out. In time, he filled her up as deep as she’d ever been taken and she was adjusting to the girth, the discomfort fading into delight. Then, impossibly, he kept going deeper. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped as her son entered a part of her that she hadn’t realized existed.

Eventually, his hips rested against her butt and he held himself in place, feeling her hot wet walls squeezing his cock, trying desperately not to come. With both hands on her hips, he controlled her movement and started pumping her with slow, long, deliberate strokes.

“So tight! You feel so good, Mom!”

“You’re so big, baby! Give it to me, fuck me with that hard cock! Harder!”

He was in another world. His attempts to have sex with Anita hadn’t gone well, she was tense and he had been too worried about hurting her to really enjoy it. Now he was deep inside a woman for the first time and his entire existence had been reduced to the sensation of his cock inside her hot wet pussy. Stewart found his rhythm and pounded his mom hard and fast, spurred on by her moans and cries.

He may not have had a lot of experience but as a red-blooded teenage male he had seen enough porn to have gathered some ideas of things to try. Reaching down, he seized a fistful of his mom’s curly hair and gave it a solid pull, arching her back. With his other hand he cupped her breast and started pinching her nipple.

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