Stir Crazy Ch. 02

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Note from the author: this is the second installment of the tale of Jake and Juliet, two neighbors navigating the pandemic in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. To get the full thrust of the story (heh heh) start with Chapter 01. As always, I appreciate ratings and comments! Cheers, Petitmort


Juliet woke up with a start. Did what she think happened really happen? Or was it one of those amazing dreams you have and wish were true.

She had her first date with Jake, the très beau artist who lived on the floor above her. They had the most amazing conversation, talking about everything under the sun, totally losing track of time. They told stories, they laughed, they flirted. He asked her to bed and she said yes. He made her cum — the most intense, beautiful orgasm she’d had in a long time. And then he came too. And it all happened without either of them leaving their respective apartments.

Juliet sat up. Her headache told her it wasn’t a dream. She remembered she had been drinking a lot.

Her laptop was open next to her on the bed. She remembered his face there, watching her. He was laying in bed too. He had arranged it all so beautifully.

She was still naked. She must have fallen asleep and slept through the night. She checked her phone. Eight thirty. No messages from Jake. She got up and slipped on a short, satiny robe.

She looked out the windows of her apartment and took in the morning light. West End was deserted. As usual. Ever since the lockdown, cars and pedestrians were few and far between. The buzz of New York City was a thing of the past.

She went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. What in the world got into me last night? I can’t believe we did that! She gathered the fragments of her memory as she brushed her teeth.

She rinsed her mouth and used her fingers to reassemble her black hair into shape. Good enough.

She grabbed her phone and checked it again. Why hasn’t he texted me? Maybe he’s sorry it happened. Maybe he’s embarrassed. Or maybe he’s still asleep.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. It was a text from Jake.

“Check your front door,” was all it said.

She went to the front door and opened it. On the floor was a paper coffee cup and a note card. She brought both back inside.

“Just a little something to help you start your day. And to say thanks for last night.”

He had signed it with the letter “J” followed by a drawing of two flowers.

She removed the lid revealing a café latte topped with frothy steamed milk and what looked like chocolate shavings. She took an oversized coffee cup from her cabinet and poured the coffee into it. Then she threw out the empty cup and lid and washed her hands.

She sat at her kitchen table and brought the cup to her lips. The flavors of an expertly-made café mocha filled her senses.

She sighed.

She reached for her phone and called him.

“Hi,” he answered, simply.

“Hi,” she said softly. “It’s delicious.”

“I wasn’t sure if you’d like mocha or not,” he said. “I took a leap of faith.”

“I love mocha,” she smiled.

“I wanted to get you something sweet,” he said. “Because last night was so sweet.”

A sharp intake of breath showed her agreement.

“Oui,” she said. “C’est vrai.”

“Plus, I figured you’d like a little coffee after all that drinking.”

“Margaritas. Merde,” she muttered. “They seemed like a good idea at the time. I hope I didn’t do anything too embarrassing.”

Jake’s voice was sincere.

“You were utterly charming,” he said. “In every way.”

“I doubt that,” she answered. “But you are a gentleman to say so.”

There was a pause. What do you say to someone you hardly know but with whom you shared the most intimate moments possible?

“I want to be with you,” he said simply.

“Moi aussi. Me too. But we cannot.”

“I’ve been thinking about that,” he answered. “What if we, you know, just took a walk together? We could stay six feet apart? They say that’s fine.”

“I’d want to hold you close to me,” she confided. “I’m not sure I could keep away.”

“Come on,” he said. “It’ll be good to get outside. I have a place I want to show you.”

She glanced out of her kitchen window. The sky through the Linden trees outside her window was a deep blue.

“Sure. Why not?” she said.

“Meet me out front at nine?”

“D’accord,” she said. “See you at nine.”

She instantly felt a charge of anticipation. She couldn’t bare spending the day isolated in her apartment. Not after last night.

She replayed the night in her mind’s eye as she turned on the shower. It was so special. He was intelligent, charming, thoughtful. Strong yet sensitive. Creative. How he arranged everything with their laptops. It felt so … real. She felt a tingling sensation between her legs as she stepped into the shower.

Feeling the warm water caressing her skin, she thought of him touching her. That’s what she wanted more than anything. To feel his hands on her naked body. To feel his skin küçükçekmece escort touching hers. To feel him inside her.

She ran her soapy hands over her arms and torso, remembering his deep voice whispering in her ear. Seducing her. Describing in perfect words what he would do if he were in her bed.

She closed her eyes and slid her fingers across her breasts. Her nipples were erect, excited. She started to play with them, imagining it was him fondling her.

She arched her back and let the warm water wash over her sensitive breasts. Her hand moved to her pussy. It was warm and wet.

With one hand fingering her pussy and the other tweaking her nipples, she let her mind go. She imagined Jake slipping into her apartment and joining her in her bed. She imagined it was his fingers rubbing her clit.

As her fantasy unfolded, she felt her orgasm approaching. She started to make groaning sounds. He was in the apartment right above her. Perhaps he was showering too. What if he was jacking himself off right now, thinking of her? The thought just made her hotter and she came loudly, her groans becoming high pitched shrieks, echoing in the tiled shower.

She came to in time to quickly dry herself and dress. She wore her running shorts, loose nylon fabric but quite short, and a form-fitting t-shirt. She applied some eye makeup and a subtle lip gloss. She had the natural beauty to go without any makeup but felt more confident with a little on.

He was waiting for her on the street. He was wearing running shorts and running shoes, and a t-shirt with a Cal Bears logo. He smiled when it saw her and she returned it warmly.

“Well, hello there,” he said.

“Nice to see you,” she answered. “And in person too.”

“Not disappointed, I hope,” he said with a sly grin.

“Pas du tout,” she replied. “Not in the least. And you?”

“You look amazing,” he said. “As always.”

They headed down West End Avenue, spaced an appropriate six feet apart, wearing masks. There were a few more people in the street now, also wearing masks. She found herself stealing glances at Jake — his muscled legs, his slim waist, his wide shoulders. Under the straps of his mask was a mane of dark, curly hair. When he looked over to catch her gaze, she was reminded how sexy his eyes were — dark brown, bedroom eyes that flashed with intelligence and humor.

He, on the other hand, was making a concerted effort not to stare at her. Juliet was exactly the kind of woman he found irresistible. Petite, graceful, almost balletic. Long, slender legs with the most beautiful skin. In those shorts she was wearing he could see right up to the bottom of her perfect derriere. The way she walked, with the long purposeful strides befitting a Parisian boulevard, bespoke her sophistication and elegance. He was beyond enchanted.

“Where are you taking me,” she asked with a smile.

“I thought I’d show you one of my favorite spots in New York,” he answered with a twinkle. “It’s not far.”

They were heading East on W. 81st. There were more people on the streets now as they crossed Broadway and Columbus. They kept a discreet distance and continued on towards Central Park West. They walked past the Museum of Natural History which was closed for the lockdown.

“Is it the Natural History museum?” she asked.

“No, but that’s another one of my favorites,” he said.

“Moi aussi, c’est formidable,” she answered. She liked that they appreciated the same sorts of things.

As they crossed into Central Park, she was struck once again by the beauty of that place. Verdant trees with splashes of red maple against a backdrop of vintage buildings and skyscrapers. The scent of wildflowers filled her senses. Jake pulled his mask down so it rested like a scarf around his neck.

“Now we’re away from people, we don’t need these,” he explained. “If we run into people, we can put them back on.”

She followed suit and the fresh air felt wonderful in her nostrils. He watched her take a deep breath, her eyes closed. God, she’s beautiful, he thought.

They walked on the winding paths which snaked along the park near Central Park West. They were heading South now.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked with a laugh. “Are you sure you’re not just abducting me? Taking me to a remote place to make passionate love to me?”

Jake look at her and smiled.

“Well, as much as I’d like to,” he said, “I’m staying respectful of social distancing.”

She made a pouty face.

“C’est dommage!” she said. “Well, a woman can always dream.”

They approached a clearing past an expanse of green lawn bordered by large boulders with splashes of fresh lavender and honeysuckle. A tiled circular mosaic in the ground, with an intricate design, was framed by green benches and flowers. As they approached, a single word was spelled out in dark grey tile:


She gasped. She walked around the mosaic, almost reverently.

“It’s so şişli escort beautiful!” she exclaimed.

He smiled, watching her take it all in.

“Oh Jake,” she said, turning to him. “I love it! What is this place?”

Instead of answering, he sang softly.

“Let me take you down

Cause I’m going to

Strawberry Fields

Nothing is real

And nothing to get hung about

Strawberry Fields forever”

She looked at him quizzically.

“The Beatles?” she asked.

He nodded.

“John Lennon. It’s his memorial. He and Yoko lived very close to here. She still does I think.”

She looked back at the mosaic, wistfully.

“Of course,” she said. “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

“Exactly,” he said softly. “And the world will be as one.”

She bit her lower lip softly, thinking about the world in its present circumstances.

“I thought it would a good time to revisit this place,” Jake said.

She looked at him, her eyes misty.

“Thank you for sharing it with me, Jake.”

As they walked quietly through the park, Juliet wanted so much to take his arm. To press her body against his. To feel his warmth. But she kept her physical distance. She did what we were supposed to do. Still, she longed to be intimate with him.

“You know,” she started, “there’s another reason why this was the perfect place to go today.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?” Jake answered.

“That message — Imagine. That’s exactly what we did last night. We used our imagination. To bridge the gap between us. To come together.”

“Literally,” Jake said.

“When you were describing your perfect night with a woman, I was experiencing it in my mind. And in my body. I felt it, Jake. Through the words you said.”

Jake stopped and looked at her, piercingly.

“That wasn’t just my perfect night with a woman,” he said. “That was my perfect night with you.”

Juliet sighed.

“Oh, Jake,” she said. “You mean that?”

“Yes, I mean that,” he said. “I was imagining you. Doing all those things. Feeling all those things.”

“Me too,” she whispered. “I was thinking of you.”

She was breathing heavily. It took every ounce of will power to keep from rushing into his arms.

“I want to do it again,” she moaned. “Today. Tonight. Right away.”

“I want that so bad,” he said. “I’m getting hard right now thinking about it.”

“And I’m getting wet, Jake. I’m so wet right now thinking of you.”

They were walking now, at a faster clip, propelled by the pheromones pulsing through their bodies.

“I told you my fantasy,” Jake said. “But what’s yours? Tell me.”

“Oh, Jake, I fantasized about you this morning. In the shower.”

“You did?” he asked. “What was the fantasy?”

“I fantasized you sneaked into my apartment while I was sleeping. Like a cat burglar. I’m sleeping naked in my bed like I always do. You get undressed and creep into my bed, slipping between the sheets. I have no idea you’re there. I’m in a deep sleep, dreaming of you. A sexy dream. We’re on a secluded beach and you’re making love to me at the water’s edge. You see, I get very wet when I have sexy dreams. And I moan out loud too. So I’m told. And sometimes, a lot of times, I cum. I actually cum while I’m dreaming.”

Jake watched and listened. His cock was big and hard now, pressing against his shorts.

“And I’m dreaming you’re making love to me on the beach. A beautiful, tropical beach. We’re both naked, all alone, and you’re kissing me. On my neck, my breasts. I am so hot, both in my dream and in my bed. You watch me, writhing with pleasure in my bed. I moan out loud, ‘suck me, Jake, suck my nipples’ and you do it. In real time. You start sucking my nipples and that makes me so hot, so wet.”

Jake’s hard-on was rock hard now, his breath ragged.

“‘Come inside me’, I moan, and you do as I say. Both in the dream and in my bed. You press your cock against my wet, hot pussy and you push yourself inside me. All the way. I gasp as you fill me with your cock. And when I wake up, I start to cum immediately. Feeling you pumping me, again and again, stroking me, deeper and deeper. I keep cumming and cumming. On the beach. In my bed. Everywhere.”

Jake was transfixed. Hanging on every word.

“How are we doing it?” he asked. “Give me a picture.”

She looked at him with lust in her eyes.

“You’re fucking me from behind, Jake! The way you like it most! And you’re going so deep. So wonderfully deep. And then you cum too. You fill me with your cum. We come together.”

There was a pause and the only sound was their heavy breathing.

Jake’s voice broke the silence. He was singing in a soft voice:

“Come together, right now, over me.”

Juliet let out a hearty laugh as the two lovers made their way home along the winding trails of Central Park.


Jake and Juliet made a pact to rendezvous later that night. Juliet had some work to do and then would meet him şirinevler escort in bed. It was warm in Manhattan so she would be naked. They would each take their laptop to bed and set it beside them. Jake would “sneak into her room” at ten by entering the Zoom call. If she was asleep, and dreaming, he would lay next to her and listen to the sounds of her growing more and more aroused. Then, they would see what happened.

In fact, Juliet went to bed as planned but she was so turned on by their conversation earlier that she couldn’t sleep. Instead, images of her fantasy on the beach, and of Jake sneaking into her bed while she slept, invaded her consciousness. She couldn’t sleep if her life depended on it.

She imagined his athletic body laying next to her. His cock would be big and hard, aching to be inside her. She had seen how hard he’d gotten in the park. His running shorts showed everything and he was rock hard. It took every ounce of self-control not to take it into her mouth right then and there.

As she lay in bed, she was as antsy as she’d ever been. Her fingers kept finding a way to her pussy. She couldn’t help herself. She was wet beyond words.

By the time ten came, she was like a live wire.

At ten, she heard that familiar chime when her computer came to life. She hadn’t planned to do it, but she immediately closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Through her eyelashes she could make out Jake’s face watching her. He was laying in his bed. He appeared to be naked — she could only see his head and shoulders, and they were bare.

She started mumbling, as if talking in her sleep. She was moving her body as if in the middle a dream. She let out little moans, as if her body was on fire.

Rocking her head back and forth, she pushed the sheet off her body, as if the heat was stifling. Her nipples on her breast were standing up. She arched to give him a good view.

Juliet had been so hot waiting for this moment that her pussy was dripping already. And her nipples, they way they always do when she got really excited, were sticking out and oh, so sensitive.

She let the fingers on both hands brush against her nipples, causing her body to tremble.

“Play with my nipples,” she moaned, as if in her sleep.

She turned her body towards the camera as if to invite Jake to touch them.

“Tweak them,” she mumbled. “That makes me hot.”

She pinched each nipple between her thumb and index finger. It sent a shiver through her body and she felt like she might cum.

“Suck them, Jake” she moaned. “Suck my nipples.”

She was facing the camera now, squirming. She was pinching her nipples and moaning.

On the other end of the video call, Jake couldn’t believe what he was watching. He felt he had a secret window into Juliet’s unconscious. It was such a turn on he was stroking his cock hypnotically.

“I’m so wet,” she mumbled. “I’m so wet for you right now.”

She put her hand between her legs and let her finger traverse her swollen lips. She ended her journey by sinking her digit deep inside her pussy. When she took it out, it was drenched.

She brought her finger to her mouth and absentmindedly tasted her own juices.

She heard Jake moan with pleasure on the other end. Peeking at the monitor, she could see him jacking himself faster now, his mouth hanging open.

Juliet rolled onto her stomach, away from the laptop, giving him a view from her head to her knees. There was no sheet in sight, just her naked, awesome body, flush with desire. She pulled a pillow down and under her crotch, causing her ass to raise high in the air. Her face was turned toward the camera.

“My pussy is on fire!” she growled. “I’m so fucking ready for you!”

Jake moaned, loudly this time, and assumed the same position — laying on his stomach with his pillow under his crotch. Looking at her, he felt his was nuzzled right up against that gorgeous ass of hers. He pushed the laptop away to show her his whole body.

“You know what I want? I want you to shove that big dick in me. I’m so ready to cum. Stick it in me and make me cum!”

Jake lifted himself up as if to position the head of his cock against her burning hot pussy lips.

“Oui. Comme-ça. Donne-moi. Donne-moi tous!”

Jake reared back and thrust his hips deep into the downy pillow. She cried out. Again, he thrust his pelvis again, and again she cried out. Over and over, he pounded his cock into the soft pillow, and each time she cried out in ecstasy, all the time fingering her clit until her orgasm overwhelmed her like a tsunami.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” she finally groaned. “Je viens! Je viens!”

She was arching her back to take him deep. Vibrating her clit with her fingers.

Jake thrusted his hard cock deep inside her one last time and held it there. He exploded with ropes of milky cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” he cried as his orgasm sent electric shocks through his entire body.

He kept stroking her and listening to her moans of pleasure. It was like music to his ears.

Finally, after their heavy breathing died down and they had come back to earth, she pulled laptop to her to show a close up of her face. He did the same.

She looked at him through half-closed eye lids.

“C’était mon cadeau à toi,” she cooed. “Parce que tu aime faire l’amour en levrette.”

He raised his eyebrows and shook his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32