Step-Stories: Happy Birthday Ch. 01

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Once again, she found herself nestled up to him on the couch, watching YouTube videos on his phone.

“Check out how this guy takes the turn! Cool, huh?”

“Mm-hmm,” was her only response, briefly closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. His smell was intoxicating: detergent, winterfresh gum, and teenage body spray. She suppressed a shudder and tried to pay attention to the small screen in front of her.

He noticed the slight movement of his stepmother’s breast against his upper arm and glanced at her. She was all legs with a trim waist and, though he was in town to celebrate her birthday with the family, didn’t look anything like her thirty-two years. He had trouble keeping his eyes away from her chest; her v-neck pajama top had dipped dangerously low and he didn’t want to alert her to the exposure, covering her amazing tits.

The clip ended and he quickly queued up a new video. As he adjusted the screen, she pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around her legs to stretch her shoulders. He leaned back into the couch cushions and she allowed her knees to gently fall across his left thigh. She innocently rested her hands on her lap and shifted her upper body, situating herself so that her right breast rubbed his muscular flesh again.

He felt her hard nipple rake across his skin and had to consciously stop himself from taking her right then. Did she mean to do that? He had to believe that she knew how sexy she was but did she know that he noticed? And that he wanted her?

At the same time, she wondered if her eighteen year old stepson had sensed her arousal. If he was allowing their current closeness out of patient respect for his father’s wife or if he relished each touch as she did. After a moment, she let her right hand slip from her lap and rest on his upper thigh.

He stayed silent, trying to play it cool. His heart pounded in his chest and he heard a rush pass through his head. He tried to inconspicuously spread his legs and slouched against the couch, hoping to encourage her further.

The corner of her mouth twitched with a smile at his posture and she quickly cleared her expression. She güvenilir bahis flicked her eyes at him briefly and noticed his cheeks were flushed. Taking that as a sign he was enjoying her attention, her hand began to roam. Using just the tips of her fingers, she began a gentle rubbing motion, barely allowing herself to caress his leg through his mesh gym shorts.

The video ended and he blindly clicked on the first suggested link. He didn’t want anything to interrupt the movement of her hand or its slow migration across his lap. His chest began to rise and fall more rapidly, causing his breath to escape in an almost silent moan.

“Is this okay?” she whispered, her lips almost touching his earlobe.

“Yeah,” was his succinct reply. He wanted to tell her how good it felt, how hot she was, how turned on she got him, but he was afraid any admission would cause her to freak out and run back to her room.

Having gone this far, though, there was no way she was going to give up now. She continued to examine his profile, the gallop of his pulse visible along his jaw. Her lips parted and she allowed her breath to warm his neck. She saw his eyes close and his head tilt back to rest on the cushions: it was now or never.

Her hand travelled a final inch and she was rewarded with her first touch of his large cock. Running her fingers over the length of his member, she estimated he was a good two inches longer than his father and a bit thicker. Reaching the base, she gripped him through his shorts and squeezed.

His mouth had fallen open when her long fingers first touched his cock and, at her grip, he turned to her as if in a trance. The phone slipped from his grasp as he licked his lips and leaned toward her.

As his young, handsome face drew closer, she slowly began to stroke him through the thin garment and breathed, “Is this okay?”

His response came as one of the most expertly administered kisses she had ever received. His lips were smooth and gentle, opening slightly after the initial contact for his thick tongue to barely dip into her mouth. The fuzz of his teenage mustache tickled her as he turned his head türkçe bahis to open her to him. She knew that, from this moment on, the taste of winterfresh gum would make her instantly wet.

The kiss deepened and she felt his strong, warm hands begin to explore her body. He caressed her folded legs, still resting on his thigh, his right hand curving to grasp her round ass as the left slipped between her knees. He began to manipulate her through her tight yoga pants, pressing firmly against her opening before stroking upward to a circular rub at the top of her slit.

She arched against him as he shifted his weight, pushing her back against the couch and causing her feet to drop to the floor. Continuing the kiss, he ran his fingers under the waistband of her pajamas. Her hips rose at his touch and her tongue dove deeply into his mouth, her left hand reaching up to grip his neck to pull him closer.

At last, his hand sipped into her panties and he brushed her silky, wet cunt for the first time. She felt him grow harder and reached into his shorts. He was smooth and hot in her hand and she felt the sticky wetness of precum on his large, swollen head. As she rubbed her thumb over his dripping crown, he pressed through her slick folds and into her core.

She gasped as he instinctively curled his fingers to firmly stroke her g-spot. Raising her hips toward him, she humped against his hand as her own pulled wildly at his cock. He wrapped his free arm behind her, tightening his grip on her soft waist. Her breathing became erratic and he sealed his mouth to hers to stifle her mews of pleasure.

With a cry, the walls of her pussy began contracting on his thick fingers, coating his palm with sweet cream. He continued to rub her and she was surprised to feel herself squirt into his cupped hand. He moaned into her mouth at the sudden wetness and rubbed the heel of his soaked palm against her clit.

She felt him twitch and stopped stroking him, simply gripping the base of his cock firmly. She wasn’t about to let his hot load go to waste. She pressed her ass back into the couch, causing his fingers to slip out of her.

Slowly, güvenilir bahis siteleri he withdrew his hand from her panties, being sure to rub her clit again on the way up, and tentatively looked at her. With a smile, she reached for his wrist and brought his hand to her mouth. Flicking out her tongue, she lapped at his wet palm and drew up his long fingers, finally bringing the calloused tips to her parted lips. With a swirl of her tongue, she took them into her mouth and treated his blunt digits to a preview of the attention she hoped to soon be giving his teenage rod.

She sucked and licked as she rhythmically squeezed his cock, feeling him begin to thrust against her hand. She looked up at him and allowed his fingers to fall away, using one hand to bring his lips to hers and the other to tug gently at his waistband. She pulled him into a deep kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth so he could taste the remnants of her orgasm, and felt his hand join hers to pull down his shorts.

Breaking their kiss, he rose onto the couch and straddled her, his feet planted firmly on the cushions and his knees pinning her arms to her sides. One hand gripped the base of his staff, aiming it at her beautiful face, as the other gently stroked her hair. Twining his fingers in her brunette locks, he leaned toward her and brushed his head against her swollen lips.

She willingly parted for him, swirling her tongue around his helmet and then taking his eight inches in a single stroke. As she felt him touch the back of her mouth, she opened for him and her pride swelled as she felt him turn down her throat. His fingers contracted in her hair, holding her firmly as he began to slowly fuck her face. She sensuously ran her tongue along the ridge of his member and worked her arms free to squeeze and stroke his tight ass. In no time, she felt him tense and begin to pulse. Pulling his hips tightly to her, she milked his cock and swallowed each burst of his young, salty seed.

At last, his shudders stopped and he became still against her face. She ran her tongue along him once more as he released his grip on her hair and sank to his knees on top of her. She pulled him into another kiss and ran her hands over his well-muscled back.

“Happy birthday to me,” she said and licked her lips.

“Happy birthday,” he replied with a quiet laugh.

To be continued…

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