Step-Sister Amber

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My first story here on so any feedback after reading my story will be good!

Hi! My name is Alex and I am sitting here in deep thought’s how my life ended up the way it did, it does contain a amount of incest so if it not your cake stop reading here.

I grew up in a big city in a big home with a loving family, I got good grades and did always handle school work great. But since my life took a turn at the age of fourteen and if it hadn’t taken this turn god only knows how I would be doing today.

My mother came from a very wealthy family and my father a very poor one, they found each other in an Ivy league college. I myself went to that same college and so did my wife. My father worked with computers making minimum wager. My mother on the other hand just never worked, she where to fine for work as she self said it. She got a lot of money from my grandparents as they owned a oil company, couple of professional sports teams and many smaller businesses. My mother told my father to stop work and enjoy the life with her, but he was no mooch as he self said and worked like any other man in the world would. I guess my mother didn’t like his attitude and went out and found herself a boytoy.

When he then found out that my mother cheated on him he immediately demanded a divorce. He had signed a prenup and only walked out of the house with a car and me, he immediately took a job in Boston as his college roommate owned a big computer company there. So I and my father moved 800 miles east.

My father had worked on a computer program for over 10 years that his old roommate helped him distribute and he revolutionized the entire world in 1 year. We had gone from living in a 2 room apartment to something close to the size of a castle, in less then a year.

I know my father worked hard for and man did he deserve it. He did later meet a woman named Jennifer. He met her when he worked at his old roommate’s company, and they had really hit it off. She had no idea that he was the one who came up with the program that revolutionized the world and she didn’t know until 1 year after they had met. As he said it

“I do not want to end up with a gold digger only after money”.

So I was 14 years old I left my twin-sister Amanda and my big brother Steve with my mother which I initially hated because she did something I’d never expect and thought I’d never forgive.

My father was always there for us when we needed. He loved and treasured all of us. Although I left I always knew my brother and sister only stayed there cause they went to school there, but they still did never visit our father and I saw them again when I had turned 19.

At this age I was a really bright young boy, I aced every exam I took. Although I where a smart boy I had a lot of issues. I was obese, no scratch that. I was really fat, I weighed a little over 300 pounds and stood on a 5.6 height. My height made me look a lot more fatter then I felt, but I have to admit i looked like a cow going in to a slaughterhouse. I also wore a big pair of glasses and had a lot of zits in my face. This only made me look a lot worse and it didn’t really help me with the harassment at school.

I went to the same class as my sister but didn’t have any friends at all there, the only one I talked to during classes where my sister Amanda, who looked nothing like me. Amanda were really pretty, her body started to develop really early and got a lot of attention from the guys at school. She where always one of the popular kids in every school she went to and really liked being the girl every boy in the school fantasized about.

The only attention I got from my class was when they bullied me. I spent the days in the library or the bathroom really sad and where often thinking of suicide. Amanda really helped me through this though, always helped and showed me love. She once caught me writing my suicide letter and stayed with me the entire weekend making sure i wasn’t going to kill myself. She did spend a lot of more time with me after and made me feel loved.

My brother did so as well, he had always been a jock and the cool guy at school. Star Quarterback of the high school and college team’s he played in. My brother actually made it to the NFL as a draft pick and won 3 super bowls. My brother often said if I ever needed anything I’d come to him, he often came down to the school when my sister said I had a bad time and stood by me so that no one would call me bad words. Barry, Barry the bastard I called him. Barry was 2 classes above me and loved calling me names and throw me punches. The only time I ever had the courage to defend myself he really kicked my ass and I got 5 stitches in my forehead. This made my brother furious and he drove right home to Barry and needless to say Barry left me alone. I loved Steve for what he kept doing for me.

The only friends I had in school where in the grade above me. They where the school’s “Nerds”. We spent the days in the library or outside reading and talking an awful lot about fantasy.

Moving Yukarıdudullu Escort to another city far away really was something I really needed, my father instantly put me on a diet and spent money for a personal trainer. That trainer really changed my life, I went from 300 pounds fat to 180 pounds well toned muscular body in 3 years.

When I was 15 about to turn into 16 I moved in with my father, Jennifer and her daughter Amber.

Amber had just turned 18 and was a complete bombshell, absolutely gorgeous and wow, she was in my mind all day. She stood on a 6 feet with long auburn hair and a perfect body, her cup size where amazingly natural 75D. Her amazingly long slim legs and that perfectly shaped pear ass was so gorgeous, everything about her just screamed perfect. Her face was the most prettiest face I have ever seen and doubt there are any girls that can show the love that her big bluegreen eyes can.

Amber was the girl that made me like my body again, when I met her I still where a little fat but she didn’t seem to mind and loved me like a sibling should. She took a lot of pictures during my weight loss and helped my accept my body when I was fat. She made me work at it harder as she brought guys over looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I asked her if girls like “average” looking bodies or really muscular. She looked really happy that I asked and said she did not mind anyway they looked, just if they have a open heart and a nice smile she would fall for anyone. She added but of course a nice muscular fight club body almost no girls would say no to. This pushed me and I spent the age 16-18 really toning my muscles.

I and Amber where really close, we spent a lot of time talking and watching movies. We took long walks and worked out with each other almost every day she was home from school. When she was in school I spent my days reading or sitting in front of the computer. I spent really a lot of time in front of the computer. In fact at the age of 17 I even hacked myself into an website that would pay anyone who did 50000$.

Amber often had friends over and they all where really nice to me, they often sent me texts or called if Amber said I was feeling down and didn’t want to talk to anyone. Besides Amber they where my only friends I talked to outside in the “real” world. I spent a lot of time with her friends, they all where all absolute bomb shells. I imagined all of them being total bitches in their high schools but god was I wrong, all of these girls where bookworms and still looked so gorgeous. I really thought that this was heaven when I heard almost all of them had spent their entire time in the high school library to study. Why couldn’t I had gone with them I thought to myself every time I thought of my old school. I had no idea that women could look so good as they did and not be complete asses like back at my old school.

I was really a shy person after my terrible childhood, but not in my own home. I almost always slept naked and when I needed the bathroom I often walked naked, several times I walked into Amber who did nothing but laugh and smiled. This happened the other way around too when she walked around naked. This really gave me an image I used when I masturbated many times. Amber had a couple of boys over when I was between the age of 16-18 but she didn’t really find anyone of them as she said “Keeper material.”

I hadn’t had any sexual experiences at all at the age of 18, the only sexual that had happened was a doctor giving my balls an exam and seeing Amber walk around naked, after I had seen her naked the first time she was always naked in my mind. I spent countless hours in the bed masturbating thinking of her pretty face and perfect body.

When I was 18 and just about to turn 19, she had a bunch of friends over. My father and Jennifer spent 2 weeks on Hawaii and she brought them over to drink a few beers and have fun. I had the night occupied with the computer and talking with friends from my old home.

I never lost touch with anyone that I called my friend, my sister and brother talked to me almost every day and I got daily phone calls from my mom, although I talked happily with her I still felt bad for what she had done.

This night like most nights when she had friends over Amber knocked at my door and asked why I didn’t come down. “You know all of them, you do not have to be shy” she said as she came up closer and starting to hug me. She rested her head on my shoulder and gave me a sad puppy eye look as I turned over too look at her face. I giggled a little and said I’d come down when I was finished, she smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek and then walked off and closed the door.

About thirty minutes later I walked down and said hello to everyone, there where six other girls there, Emma, Jenny, Elise, Maria, Megan and my personal favorite Lucy. Lucy where just that kind of girl you’d imagine yourself marry someday. She was just so cute and sexy at the same time. She Yukarıdudullu Escort Bayan didn’t measure up to Amber but I had been having a crush on her ever since I first saw her.

Amber made room for me in the sofa and I sat down beside her, they where chatting about sex, life and playing a game of cards. If you got a black colored card you had to drink the amount the card displayed, if you got a red card you could give the chugs away. But if you got a queen of some sorts all the other had to dare you. I had played this before with amber but only through a bottle or two of beers. They seemed to have played this for some time cause there where several empty wine, beer and cider bottles.

I opened a beer and took a card, it was a ten of spades, I had to take 10 chugs of my beer and so I did, I had never been drunk before so I where really intoxicated by those 10 chugs and I felt a little dizzy already.

As I already started to get a little tipsy and drew my next card. I saw A Queen of Hearts, everyone started to cheer and laugh and I was a little afraid cause these girls had told me a lot of stories of wild things they had done when they where playing around with each other.

It didn’t take them long to figure out something I should do, in fact they only looked at each other and laughed when Elise said “drop your pants Alex!”

I was in shock, the only other people that had seen my penis where either a doctor or my own family. There was quiet for a second and I wasn’t really sure I would do it, and Elise stood up and said

“You have to do this, you agreed to the rules when you started to play!”

I silently asked Amber if I had to do this, she just smiled and said

“You have nothing to be ashamed of and they won’t lay off until you do it”.

The girls had talked a lot of sex the entire time and this would make any virgin go hard. I was a little embarrassed that it would be hard with no one in the room remotely naked, but I stood up and close my eyes and pulled my sweat pants with shivering hands down and a gasp went through the room.

“I told you that you would all just gasp!”.

Amber said with a laugh and scream at the same time.

I looked straight to Amber and she just laughed. I kept looking until she saw I was gazing upon her. She just gave me a sneaky smile and started to laugh again. Then when I thought the show was over I pulled my pants up and sat down, I where really blushing at this point and I started to wonder if I could be this red in the face and still have a hard on.

Jenny was one of the girls who where silent a lot, now she just looked at my face and asked how long it was. There once again was silent and my entire face went even redder. 10 I answered really blushing. TEN!? they screamed in quire.

Are you for real they started to ask and wanted a closer look. No, no, no I said and told them to wait for my next queen, with a really big smile. They looked a little disappointed and came up with a new game. 8 cards one for all of us, 2 where queens and the ones that didn’t get a queen should find a dare for the other 2 to do. When they came up with the rules they all just looked at me cause they knew that I where the only one that might not want to do this.

This made me a little uncomfortable, because I did not want to have them staring upon it or someone even touching it with so much people in the room. And I knew if this kept going this way, that was almost unavoidable. They looked at me for a reply and all I said was alright.

They started talking and started to fix the deck of cards and Amber gave out 8 cards. Luckily I did not get a queen, my dick already about to burst would not have been able to manage anyone touching it at that moment, and god it was going to get worse. Amber and Maria got the cards so we huddled up and Megan came up with the idea. We dared them to make out for one minute, Jenny just said it wasn’t a dare cause they both have had their lesbian episodes with each other. I was stunned, my cock grew almost an extra inch after hearing that.

Maria almost leap’t into the knee of Amber and they both started to make out in the lap of Amber and next to me. I was really close to losing it at that moment and a minute was passed.

A lot of looks came at my groin the entire night after this and my hardened dick stood straight up and a big bulge where showing almost the entire night.

They dealt 8 new cards and I got a queen. And so had Lucy, Lucy had been surprisingly quiet this night since always when I meet her she talks an awful lot. The other girls huddled up and I looked at Lucy with a nervous smile and I saw that looked into my eyes and a naughty smirk. No please don’t I thought as I glanced over to amber which the same smirk as Lucy. The other girls stood up and dared Lucy to lick my balls for thirty seconds.

I instantly looked at Amber who just laughed and then to Lucy who had an evil smile on her face. My heart was about to leap Escort Yukarıdudullu out of my body when I saw her sneak down to the floor and crawled up to me.

She got close and sat on her knees in front of me. This is not really happening I thought looking into Lucy’s dreamy eyes. My hands where really shaking at this moment and she took hold of my sweatpants and boxers at the same time and pulled them down with my cock jumping out slapping me on my stomach. Every girl in the room got close and started to look. Jenny told me to take my t-shirt off so they could see my abs and I where glad they found my stomach attractive and complied. I heard maria whisper that she haven’t seen a black man with a cock this size. I was blushing before but now my face was really red.

Lucy took hold of the root of my cock and pulled it up against my stomach and started to lick, everyone in the room counted. I started to think of the movie lord of the rings the return of the kings, I where concentrating on the battle in the end the entire time this happened but still I was so close to lose my load when I finally heard THIRTY and after that cheering. The head of my penis where really soaked by precum by now and before Lucy got up she licked the head and all the precum went in her mouth.

I gasped and took a hard grip of my cock trying to slow down the unavoidable. Lucy got up looked proud as she got back to her seat.

My cockhead where leaking cum but I was able to stop it at the last second. Every girl looked a little disappointed at not being able to see me cum, but they sat down and I stood up and pulled my pants back up.

No, I thought to myself I will not have them licking my balls and god knows what else they have planned so I started to walk away when Amber grasped my hand and asked where I where going. I’m sorry where all I could muster at that second. I do not want to cum in front of a room full of women was nothing I would really want to say. Come on, sit down I heard from one of the other girls when I got out of the grip of Amber. Amber stood up walked over to me and asked if I would stay if the other girls promised to not do anything else sexual with me. Okay I said and Amber asked the other girls. There where some sighs, and Maria stood up and said that only if all of us could like the balls first.

I was in complete shock, do they actually want to lick my balls I questioned myself. Amber looked at me and looked for confirmation. Do you really want to I asked with a nervous tone. Of course Maria said looking at all the girls for confirmation. All the girls just smiled and laughed while cheering. Alright I said but you have to stop if I say so, I do not want to cum for the first time with the help of another woman in the presence of 6 others. They agreed and almost lined up to me as I sat down.

Maria was first in line and oh good she licked my balls great, I hadn’t lost my hardon since I had gone down to the girls but now it could cut diamonds. Maria finished and Jenny sat down doing and amazing job, I really thought I had died and gone to heaven, Emma and Elise did a really good job, when Elise where done I was really close to losing it and had to stop what where going on for a minute. I took a steady grip of my cock trying to calm it down thinking of all kind of unsexy things, this though where worthless cause I could not get the sight of girls licking my balls out of my head. It where Megan’s turn and she came up and licked my balls like her life depended on it, it felt so good I almost fell off the sofa. Her 30 seconds where up and I started to pull my pants up when Jenny took hold of my hand and said.

“What about Amber?”.

I was in shock(again), she asked my sister to lick my balls. This was really getting a little out of hand I thought, before I could say anything they convinced Amber by saying we where not really related, there where no problem in doing it. Lucy also added come on I’ve heard you speak of doing it come on do it now!

Amber looked at Lucy with a really angry gaze, she then turned to me and asked if it was okay. I had been thinking of the battle between Mordor and Middle-earth the entire time the other girls gave me the time of my life. Now here stood the girl of my wildest dreams and asking if it was okay if she licked my balls. “If you really want to” where all I could muster and I said it with a really shaky voice. She climbed down from besides me and got down on her knees in front of my cock and she started.

I was in heaven. My sister, the best looking girl I had ever seen was licking my balls. And doing an awesome job at it. The thirty where over but she still kept licking my balls like there where no tomorrow. She where the only girl I looked at and really pleasured the moment.

Jenny almost had to scream the time was up. Amber got up and just smiled and laughed. Oh man where I close to losing it at that point. I had to squeeze the root of my dick to stop any mishaps from happening, then I quickly pulled my pants up and got to the bathroom to clean my dick up. As i looked myself in the mirror I saw myself in hell breaking the law of incest, “OH GOD WHY DID YOU MAKE AMBER SO GOOD LOOKING” I screamed in my head while cleaning my cock. I put my cock between my legs so it didn’t look like I was hard again and I got back out and sat down. The room got all quiet and they all just stared.

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