Steam Room Encounter

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There’s only one steam room at my small hometown gym, so both men and women have to share, though I often have it to myself or maybe a couple of other people at the most. Every day after I work out, I go in, sit for a bit, and stretch. If I’m by myself I’ll sit on a towel with no covering, but if I’m sharing, I’ll cover up.

Today was no different. I finished my workout, undressed in the locker room, and headed to the steam room. The gym was pretty dead that morning, so I looked forward to having the full range of motion stretching nude provided. As I walked over, I took a moment to admire myself in the mirror. It may have been a tad egotistical, but I had worked long and hard to carve the muscles out of the flab that had covered them for the majority of my 21 years.

I entered the steamer, laid a towel on the bench and began my routine. I had worked my legs that morning, so I knew I had to stretch them out quickly before they got too tight. I started with the classic legs together toe touch. I slowly bent down reaching lower and lower. The warmth of the steam room allowed me to go deeper than when cold, so I took full advantage. I went as deep as I could and then pushed just a bit more. The tightness in my hamstring hurt so good I couldn’t stop. I held that position for nearly thirty seconds until my hamstring seized in a cramp.

I collapsed to the floor, “FUCKING SHIT GODDAMIT OW!” I yelped.

I lay on the floor, forehead on the ground ass in the air, with my knees on the ground and massaged my hamstring. It was a ridiculous position to be in, but the foremost thought on my mind was relief for my leg, not my own decency.

As I lay there, massaging my leg I heard the heavy wooden door creak open. I looked through the gap between my dick and legs and saw two feet at the entrance of the steam room. I did my best to get up quickly to cover myself, but given the limited usefulness of my leg, whoever was coming in was going to get a full show.

I sat on the bench, covered myself with my towel, and tried my best to pretend I hadn’t just been caught in such a compromising position. I kept my gaze fikirtepe escort fixed on the floor, too embarrassed to make eye contact with whoever just walked in. Out of the top of my gaze I could see the feet I had seen in the doorway sit across from me.

“I thought I heard someone yelling in hear,” the voice belonging to the feet said.

I slowly began to look up and saw who the feet belonged to. She was a redhead in her mid 50’s. She had thick thighs, and I could tell by the way she sat an equally thick ass. She wore a small towel tightly wrapped around her and low on her chest giving me a great view of her big soft tits on top.

“Ha-ha, I’m fine,” I said rather unconvincingly.

“You sure?” she said. “You looked like you were in a lot of pain when I walked in.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just caught a cramp and was trying to work it out.”

“Well, you certainly have an interesting way of doing it,” she said with a small chuckle.

“I was stretching and fell over. It was an unfortunate series of events.”

I averted my gaze and shifted so I could start massaging my hamstring again. Every second I looked at her cleavage spilling out over the top of her towel I could feel my cock getting harder and I didn’t want to embarrass myself any further.

“I could massage it a bit for you,” she said. “I’ve been a massage therapist for longer than I care to admit, so I’m sure I could work it out for you in no time.

I looked back at, my tongue tied for a moment. I could only imagine what her hands on my thighs would do for my already rising cock.

“I–I wouldn’t want to ruin your steam,” I said.

“Nonsense,” she said, getting up and crossing the room towards me. “It’ll only take a moment.”

Unsure of what else to do I accepted.

“Now, it’s your right hamstring, right?”

I nodded

“Lay down on your stomach and I’ll work it out for you.”

I shifted awkwardly from my seat and laid down, doing my best to cover my now rock-hard erection, but with only a towel there was only so much I could do. I glanced up at her face, and her eyes gebze escort were laser focused on my crotch. I knew she had seen, and if I wasn’t already red from the workout and the steam room, my face would’ve turned from milk to wine.

When I was in position she set to work. I could immediately tell she was a professional. Her hands skillfully worked at my hamstring, finding the tight spots and applying just the right amount of pressure to relieve the stress. She worked her way up my legs gently nudging my towel as she went.

“In order to prevent cramps from happening, its best to get all the related muscle groups loose. Do you mind?” she asked as her hand slipped under my towel and dangerously close to my ass

“No not at all.” I said. At this point, it was a miracle I didn’t lift myself off the bench with my cock, given how hard it was.

She began to massage my ass. There was less professionalism in her grip now. She was doing less massaging and more groping, but it still felt great to have her hands on my slippery, warm body.

“Do you want to take the towel off? I’d have better access.”

Without a word I did as she suggested

She continued to rub my ass and thighs.

“I could get your quads too,” she said softly. Her voice had changed. Before it had been almost innocent, like she had just wanted to help me work out a cramp, but now we both knew where this encounter was headed, and her tone reflected that.

I obediently rolled over and looked up at her. She still wore her towel, but now it was loose from all the movement, just barely hanging on to her curvy form. As I lay there, dick exposed to the world, she dropped it and I got a full view of her. She looked great with it on but even better with it off. Her tits hung down onto the top of her round belly and were topped with huge pink nipples. Her thick thighs perfectly framed her shaved pussy which was already slick with sweat and her own emissions.

She reached for my cock and began stroking as she bent over. I sat up to meet her and we shared a lustful kiss. Quickly my cock was covered in a mix of içerenköy escort precum and sweat. Eventually we broke off the kiss and she sensually licked the precum off her fingers.

When she was done tasting, she got down on her knees and began to suck my cock. She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock as she bobbed up and down. She clearly had years of experience and put it all to good use. After a moment I could feel a familiar sensation building up in my balls. I stopped her before I ended this encounter prematurely.

“Lay down,” I told her, as she had told me to earlier.

She complied with a wicked smile and I went to work. I started at her breasts. I slowly circled her left nipple with my tongue and played with her right with my hand. She began to moan as her nipples hardened, and they got fully erect in my mouth and hand as I sucked and twisted. I began to work my way down her body. I slowly kissed her belly and onto her thigh, working my way back up to her pussy. By now she was absolutely soaked, and I lapped up every last drop. As I pleasured her slit with my tongue her moaning became louder and she began to squirm. I wrapped my legs around her thighs and pressed my face to her pussy even harder. Her orgasm built released. She let out a shrill and continuous moan and I continued to eat her out. Soon another orgasm built and released with the same moan.

As her legs trembled, she demanded “Fuck me, NOW!”

I quickly obliged. I plunged my cock into her waiting hole and began fucking her. I started slow and rhythmically. As I went in and out, I began kissing her again. Somehow even more passionately than before. Our tongues intertwined as we greedily tasted ourselves and each other. I began to build up the pace I was pumping my cock into her warm pussy. I could feel the orgasm building in my balls and her moans and twitches told me she was feeling the same. With one final pump I exploded deep into her pussy as she reached climax too. I lay there for a moment, my dick still inside her, throbbing.

After I while we both got up, wrapped ourselves in our towels, and she got up to leave.

“Wait”, I said. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Marie,” she said, looking back at me through the door. “I’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the future.” And with that she left. I sat there for a moment imaging all the possibilities for the future.

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