Spin Cycle

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I had just moved into a new apartment in the city. I knew no one. I wasn’t sure if I really liked the city yet. I grew up in a very small town, and was used to that way of life. But after I graduated, the only way I could get a job or go to school was to move to the city. So here I am.

The apartment I moved into had about 30 places in it. I wasn’t sure if I would meet anyone. You know what they say about city living. No one knows your neighbor!

My Mom and Dad had helped me move my furniture in and this was my first night in my own home. I had laundry to do, and I was told Tuesday nights was the time I was able to use the laundry facilities.

I piled my clothes in the basket, grabbed my soap and bounce, and headed to the laundry room. I filled the washer with a load and sat down with a book while I waited.

As the load finished, a man walked in. I looked up and said hello in my friendly country girl way which I was raised. He spoke quietly but was polite. I learned his time for the laundry was the same time as mine.

He was taller than me. But most guys are as I am only 5 foot 4 1/2 inches. His hair was balding, but I wouldn’t say he was a lot older than I was. He needed shaved, as his face showed the 2 day stubble quite well. His body was not fat, but wasn’t skinny either. He was do able!!

Not that I was interested in a fuck buddy right now. But a girl has needs the same as a guy has. Girls just don’t generally admit to it.

The spin cycle ended. As we made general conversation I took my clothes out of the machine and added them to the dryer.

As I had at least 40 minutes for them to dry, we sat and talked. He was just down the hall from me. Room 111 and I was in room 105. His name was Dale. He was single. Always lived in the city, at this apartment for 3 years now. Knew computers well. Which I thought was a bonus as I knew how to turn my on and that was about it.

The time blew by quickly. My clothes were finished. I gathered them up and said good bye. Returning to my apartment. Wow, my apartment. That was so cool.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV, folding laundry, when the door bell went. I got up to see who it was. It was Dale. His büyükçekmece escort one hand behind his back. He was smiling, and said I think you forgot something. Pulling his hand from behind his back, he placed my bra in my hand. Almost blushing, I said thank you. He had to get going, but just wanted to drop it off, as someone else would have stolen it if he hadn’t returned it to me.


The days went by quickly. My new apartment. A new job, part time; as I was also starting college. Fresh out of high school. A whole new world to me. All alone. New place. Many adventures to come.

I continued to meet Dale in the laundry room on our days designated for each of us to do our laundry. Many conversations went by.

One particularly interesting conversation led into more than I had anticipated. The night was hotter than most. Although the air conditioner was working, it just wasn’t enough. I got up from the chair to put another load of laundry in. As I had my back to Dale, he came up behind me. His body pressed up against mine. He led my hands further on top of the washer. With one leg he spread my legs. I never have been frisked by a police officer, but if this was the experience leading up to it, I was all for it.

Lowering his head to my neck, I could feel his hot breath from his nose. His soft cool lips lightly nipping at my skin. Sucking softly.

As the machine was still spinning, Dale lips proceeded to make a trail up to my ear. I hate my ears being probed with anything, instantly I turned my head and met his lips with mine.

Parting my lips slightly, he slid his warm moist tongue into my mouth gently. The use of one’s tongue inside me always sends me into a state of; well let’s just say its something that previous lovers have called a tamism. I go into this almost lifeless state, although it is usually when I hit orgasm when a man performs oral sex on me, it has been known to happen during the use of a tongue inside my mouth also. While in this state HE could do “almost” anything to me and I would go along with it.

With his tongue dancing in my mouth, my pussy is inviting him down fatih escort there. To taste the candy it produces. To get him there, it uses its scent. Like in the cartoons how the smell of certain foods wisps a person to “fly” in mid air and follow the scent til it hits its destination.

And like that person, Dale followed my scent. Lifting my skirt over my ass. Finding I was wearing a black thong. His hands start rubbing my cheeks, as he goes on his knees. With one finger he moves the thong to the side and starts licking my ass.

I want to turn around and let him dive into my pussy. To be eaten like I have desired so many days. When one doesn’t have a man in her life, the use of masturbation just doesn’t justify what a man can truly do to her.

As I stand there, with Dale’s tongue between my cheeks, probing my ass, his fingers move along and find my hole. The moisture lubricating it preparing it for the next phase.

I try to twist around. Dale keeps me in the stance I am in. Like I am cuffed in place. He will allow me to turn when he feels I am ready.

Two fingers start pleasuring me. Standing there spreading my legs apart more. Eager to get at least one more finger in. Hoping he could read my mind.

And that is what happened. One more finger added. His hand pumping his fingers into me. Harder, and harder, just like I like it. All this time his tongue licking, probing, my ass.

I hit peak after peak of orgasms, as Dale continued. Never stopping. Like shock waves hitting me. One after the other. Barely catching my breath.

Dale stopped. My hands moving forward on the washer more. Breathing hard. Hoping to get some air. As I caught my breath, he made his way to the door and locked it.

Returning, he took my hand and led me to the center of the room. While I was catching my breath, he had laid a blanket down.

We kiss. His hand on the back on my head, pulling me into him. His other hand on my ass. That hand also pulling me into him. I feel the hard cock press against me. I couldn’t stand here and just kiss him when there was a piece of meat just waiting for me.

Sliding down out of his esenyurt escort arms, I rest on my knees. My hands frantically undoing his jeans. Releasing his hard on for me to finally see. A smile comes over my face. Not wasting a minute, I take hold of it with my hand.

His hand comes behind my head, pushing me closer to his cock. Opening my mouth, letting it enter. Shaking my head slightly to release his hand. I hate being shoved down onto a penis. But it remains there. Not being forced into it by any means. Just there to make sure I don’t leave I guess.

Licking the tip. Circling it. My hand grasping his two balls and holding the bottom of his manhood in place so I can get my mouth completely around it.

I feel the presence of his hand as I am pushed against his meat. Letting it slide into my mouth, my saliva lubricating it. My tongue forming around the one side. His hand grabbing my hair. Forcing the bobbing movement to begin.

If I didn’t like sucking cock so much, I would take offence to being shoved down on it. But in a way, his dominance with his hand, made me horny as hell. As my pussy started its rise, first getting a tingling feeling. Proceeding into the next step. And eventually getting my panties wet. Yet again.

I haven’t had sex in so long. My body was definitely getting a workout today.

I could taste pre cum. If I wanted to be fucked properly, I would have to leave his cock for the bidding of my pussy.

Quickly, I lay back on the blanket. Legs spread. Dale moved fast. His body wouldn’t keep the cum in much longer. Guiding his cock into my very damp hole. A hole only dildos have entered for some time.

His hips moving fast. Grabbing my knees for support. Although, my eyes close and open a lot during orgasms, I could feel his eyes on me.

With only being in a very short time, he launched his cum inside me. Spasmatically, his body gave me what I desired for some time.

Letting go of my knees and spreading them, his body fell gently on mine. A huge assed grin came over his face.

We didn’t have time to say a word, a banging came at the door. Frantically, we grabbed our clothes and got them on. The blanket, he shoved into his clothes basket.

Walking to the door, Dale unlocked it. An old lady stood there with her clothes. Giving us a “What the hell are you doing with the door locked” look. Whether she figured it out or not, who knows.

Dale and I continued to meet in the laundry room on Tuesdays. Sometimes there was another spin cycle, and sometimes, all we did was talk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32