Somali Female Sexuality

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Fatima Ahmed is a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned and curvy young Somali Muslim woman living in the City of Gatineau, Quebec. A long time ago, Fatima Ahmed discovered that she likes girls, and she explored her sexuality while attending Algonquin College, hooking up with multiple women on campus. Lesbians always love the college scene because there’s plenty of pussy to be had. For Fatima Ahmed, her college days were quite simply the best of her life. Following the end of school, life has grown dreary for the young Somali Muslim woman. After graduating from Algonquin College and getting a job with the Public Service Union of Canada, Fatima Ahmed threw herself into her work. All work and no play makes Fatima Ahmed a dull gal. What’s a horny and bored Somali Muslim lesbian to do?

A lot of the young women whom Fatima Ahmed used to sleep with while attending Algonquin College now have boyfriends and husbands. Some of these women have gone totally straight, forsaking the woman to woman fun they used to enjoy with gals like Fatima Ahmed. Of course, sometimes, some straight women who used to fuck other women while in college still sleep with women while their unsuspecting husbands and boyfriends ignore what’s going on right under their noses. Quite often, the women whom supposedly heterosexual married women have sex with are known to their husbands and families. It’s not just men who can be on the down low. Heterosexual married women who have sex with other women are a quiet but ever-present phenomenon.

Life is not easy for a closeted Somali Muslim lesbian, that’s for damned sure. What can be done about this sad state of the affairs? Fatima Ahmed has begun to feel deep despair about her izmit escort situation. In Somali culture, women are expected to marry the opposite sex and start families. Fatima tried to like the fellas but she can’t do it. The young Somali Muslim woman is one hundred percent lesbian. She is allergic to penises. Fatima Ahmed has to play it straight, though. When hanging out with her family members, Fatima would show them pictures of herself with male colleagues from work, and comment on how cute such and such looked. As a Somali Muslim lesbian, Fatima Ahmed had to walk a tightrope…

The Somali people are predominantly Muslim, and while they are not as strict as the Arabs and others, they’re not particularly tolerant towards gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Fatima Ahmed doesn’t even want to think about what her family members would do to her if they found out that she likes women. In the past, Somali lesbians and Somali gays have been killed by their families when their secret lives were exposed. Fatima Ahmed knows that she has to watch her back. For this and many other reasons, Fatima Ahmed only deals with other women who look straight, and discrete, like herself. No tomboys or butch women for Fatima Ahmed. If someone spots a Hijab-wearing and very feminine gal like Fatima Ahmed with one of those masculine bitches, they’d put two and two together real fast…

While visiting her sick aunt Fariza at the Civic Hospital, Fatima Ahmed met Nurse Jasmine Guillot, a tall, curvy and sexy, mature black woman of Haitian descent. Sparks flew between Fatima Ahmed and Nurse Jasmine Guillot, and that’s how it all began. Fatima Ahmed lucked out when she met Jasmine Guillot, because the tall Haitian izmit anal yapan escort gal was very beautiful and very feminine. Not one of those obvious bitches whose dyke card could be seen from outer space. The two horny black women flirted for a bit and grabbed lunch together, and this was followed by some steamy lesbian sex at Jasmine’s place in the City of Gatineau, Quebec.

“You taste wonderful,” Fatima said to Jasmine, as she buried her face between the sexy Haitian MILF’s thighs. The two of them lay in bed together, enjoying an afternoon of sensual delight. Jasmine grinned and caressed the back of Fatima’s head as the Hijab-wearing young Somali Muslim woman ate her pussy. After having her way with a tall, handsome young Haitian man named Jacques Guerrier, Jasmine wants to explore the other side, and Fatima is just what she needs. Planting her face firmly against Jasmine’s crotch, Fatima lapped at her pussy, sucking greedily on her clit. If Jasmine knew that Somali ladies were this good at eating pussy, she would have tried one a long time ago…

“First time tasting Haitian pussy?” Jasmine asked in a teasing tone of voice, and Fatima grinned and thrust two fingers into her cunt. Fatima ate Jasmine’s pussy hungrily, savoring the way the other woman tasted. Jasmine shuddered violently as Fatima coaxed a wicked orgasm out of her. Hot damn, Somali Muslim lesbians definitely know their way around a vagina. Afterwards, Fatima gathered Jasmine in her arms and kissed her passionately. Jasmine doesn’t consider herself a lesbian or even bisexual. The Haitian MILF is simply exploring her options following her divorce, and there’s absolutely izmit yabancı escort nothing wrong with that.

“That was fantastic,” Fatima said to Jasmine, and they kissed once more and continued exploring one another. Jasmine had Fatima lie flat on the bed, and the young Somali Muslim woman grinned as the curvy, bodacious Haitian MILF sat on her face. Grabbing Jasmine’s thick Haitian booty, Fatima began eating her pussy in this position. A lot of black women who consider themselves straight but curious like to have their pussies eaten by an experienced black lesbian and there is nothing wrong with that. Fatima simply loves pussy and the horny Somali lesbian will take it any way she can get it…

“Eat my ass,” Jasmine told Fatima, after riding the young Somali Muslim woman’s face for a while. Grinning, Fatima put Jasmine on all fours and spread her thick ass cheeks wide open. Jasmine moaned softly as Fatima fingered her tight butt hole and then began licking her ass. Fatima was delighted to lather Jasmine’s butt hole with her tongue. The curvy Haitian mama’s butt hole tasted even hotter than her pussy, and that’s not the kind of statement that any lesbian makes lightly. The two horny black women put aside the barriers of religion, nationality and culture and explored one another thoroughly that afternoon. Jasmine Guillot had a great time with Fatima Ahmed, that’s for damned sure.

“If you ever want an encore, call me,” Fatima Ahmed said to Jasmine Guillot as she headed out. Jasmine grinned and admired the tall, curvy Somali Muslim woman as she exited her house. The horny Haitian mama isn’t about to give up sex with men but she definitely had fun with Fatima Ahmed. The freaky Somali Muslim gal is full of surprises. Perhaps Jasmine will invite Fatima over for some more woman to woman fun one of these days. No shame in Jasmine’s game. The tall, curvaceous Haitian MILF is loving life after her divorce, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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