Snow Emergency

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“Oh fuck me!” I said as I slapped my forehead. “Did you read this?”

I pointed at my laptop. About 20 minutes ago, we had received a company wide email titled “SNOW EMERGENCY.” All business was cancelled for the day.

“What? No!” Heather said. “I can’t believe it!”

It was certainly odd. I figured there was absolutely nothing that would ever shut the whole company down. But outside, there were already about 6 inches of snow with a forecast of up to 12 more before turning to freezing rain.

“Damn it! If we had only gotten this message before we left,” I said with a groan.

It would have been nice. We could have stayed in bed, slept late, then fucked all afternoon. Heather and I were coworkers and we had started sleeping together about two weeks before. No one knew (yet). I was the project manager and technically her boss, though I had very little real power. We had decided not to mention our relationship to anyone just in case people took some issue with it.

As I would find out later, pretty much everyone could tell. There was the fact that we’d often show up at the same time, take lunches together. We had our fair share of makeout sessions in the copy and break room. We would often sext each other during the day and I’d often be hiding a secret boner under the conference table.

Being that we had only been together for a short time, we were still in the fuck-every-night stage of the relationship. Everything was still super fresh and new, and so fucking exciting. From our first day working together, she had turned me on. Her look, her intelligence, her sense of humor, her hard-working nature, it all got to me. And it only got worse the more we worked together. We had great chemistry too, something about us just naturally clicked. Needless to say, I was jerking off on an everyday basis thinking about her.

Unfortunately, due to my role, I didn’t think we’d ever have a chance to hook up. But that all changed about a month ago when an unexpected opportunity popped up. The symphony was going to have one of those “music of” nights where they play music of some piece of pop-culture. It was around the holidays and they had chosen The Nightmare Before Christmas. I knew she was a Tim Burton superfan and would definitely be interested. It was also convenient, because I could ask if she wanted to go without having to explicitly label it as a “date.” After all, we were just friends doing something that we were both interested in. But if it DID go well, I could ask her out for real this time. Thankfully, that was exactly what happened. We took in the performance, then decided to get a drink afterwards. We ended up talking for hours and it was amazing. When I asked to see her again, it was an eager yes.

Now, as a non-sexy aside, I realize the “not date-date” is a wimpy way to go about things. Any other time, I would have just been direct. Typically anything even remotely smelling like a “nice guy” approach is bound to fail. Ugh, but with coworkers it’s more touchy. You can’t just walk away and you don’t want to foul up a working relationship. Plus, when you’re at work, there are certain boundaries and a formality of relationship. I’ve definitely been in situations when I’ve hung out with someone outside work that I thought was cool, only to find they’re a complete douchebag. I felt as if a cautious route was better, and since the opportunity was so prime and fleeting, I had to do something. If I didn’t try to make some sort of move now, then it was probably going to have to be never.

Things went smoothly from there, and after a few fantastic dates, we took the big plunge and became lovers. My god, the sex was amazing! Our chemistry was off the charts. I’ve learned over the years that you can never be sure how things will translate in the bedroom, no matter how well you think things are going otherwise. We had to take a short break for Christmas, but other than that, we had been a sweaty, tangled mess for the last few weeks.

“Ugh, we could have stayed in bed,” Heather said. “Made breakfast…” Her eyes caught mine. “Slept in…” She moved a little closer. “…and… you know.”

Haha, I sure did. I grabbed her and kissed her.

“I wonder if anyone else is going to come in,” I pondered.

It looked like it was going to be a lost day from a work perspective. The big boss şerifali escort had already messaged the team to enjoy the unexpected snow day. Walking down the hall to toast a few bagels, we quickly discovered the whole place was deserted. We literally were the only people there.

Due to the nature of the project, our team was using one of the large conference rooms to work. Most of the people there were on temporary contracts, so instead of assigning space, they gave us the room for the duration. Heather and I were a few of the full company employees and while I had my own office, it was more of a closet, and I really hadn’t been using it for months.

For the moment we were just hanging out, reading the news, having some coffee and breakfast. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of reason to rush back out into the shitstorm outside. We were here after all and there still was a chance others might come in. After a half hour or so, it was becoming clear that it was just us, and there still didn’t seem to be anyone around the rest of the building.

I was still trawling the internet when I had one of those Spider-sense kind of moments. I looked up and Heather was staring right at me. I glanced back down for a second, but it was obvious she wasn’t paying any attention to anything else.

I gave her a coy smile. “What?” I asked, and stared back at her.

“I can’t fucking take this. Get on the floor, now.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, but whatever it was, it was sure to be awesome, so on to the floor I went. She climbed on top of me and began kissing me intensely. My cock was now fully awake and was straining against my pants. Heather began to grind and slide her hips on me. She went at me with all I can say was a hunger.

I grabbed her hips as she bucked. I slipped my hands under her shirt and started to touch her torso and back, but I held back from her tits for now. It was a full fledged dry hump at this point. It seems a bit odd to say, as I feel dry humping is seen as a juvenile thing, but I had never really done this with anyone. In the past, I would have just used this as a little foreplay before moving on to juicier things. But my goodness, she was going absolutely wild. Up until now, we had been keeping relatively quiet. But now she was grunting and thrusting, pushing me down with all her body weight.

“Oh god,” she got out. “I could cum.”

I was stunned, but if she’s there, she’s there. I grabbed her bra and tore her tits out.

“Cum for me,” I instructed as I pinched down on her nipples.

Her whole body was starting to quake. She was grunting, chirping, gnashing her teeth. She was getting louder and louder. It was now less grinding and was more or less one long continuous tremor.

“Cum for me!” I said, “Cum now.”

“UGGHHHAAAAAA!!” she screamed out as she went over the edge. And when I say scream, it was a full on scream.

She bit down, thrashed her head. Then, “UGH! UGH! AHHHHHHHH!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” She wasn’t holding back at all.

My hands were still locked onto her tits. “Cumming! Ugghhaaaaa!! I’m cumming!” I could feel the muscles of her stomach contracting and releasing.

“NNnngggg… NNnngggg… Ugh… Ugh… Ugh… NNnnggg…” There really isn’t any way to spell out the sounds she was making.

Then she just released. Panting and gasping, she sunk into me. I was absolutely stunned. A, as I said, this was a totally new experience for me. But B, here we were, at work, and she’s cumming her brains out. My mind was absolutely blown, even though I hadn’t cum yet myself.

I let her go and let her come back to life. Slowly her breath calmed down, her body became still. I love taking this part of a woman’s pleasure in. It’s so deeply satisfying knowing that you’ve done this to her. The feeling of accomplishment is almost too hard to describe. She finally rolled off and collapsed next to me. I let her take her time.

After what felt like an eternity, she raised her head off my chest. “Holy shit. I can’t believe that happened. You don’t think anyone heard that do you?”

I chuckled out loud. “Well, if there’s anyone here, they definitely did.”

“Fuck,” she said and rested her face back down.

She seemed spent, and I didn’t see any need to rush silivri escort it. Perking my ears up a bit, I tried to listen. I didn’t hear any sound. I wondered if anyone had actually heard us. Either way it was too late, hopefully they had enjoyed their show.

I couldn’t lay there forever though. The floor isn’t overly comfortable after all.

“Babe. You’ve got to let me up,” I said. She protested a little and kept me down for a little while longer. “Babe, come on. Let me up.”

I got up and straightened up my clothes. “I’ve got to go to the bathroom. I”ll be right back.” She nodded, still having her eyes closed, rolled in a ball at this point.

I stumbled into the hallway. Still no one. I hadn’t actually needed to use the bathroom, I just needed an excuse to look around. I poked my head into different areas, anywhere people might have been working. There wasn’t a soul here. That was good, because I could already start to feel my cock swelling again. This wasn’t going to be the end, just the beginning.

When I got back in, Heather was sitting, staring out the window at the blizzard. She turned to me and asked, “So was there anyone around?”

“Nope, it looks like it’s just us.”

“Thank god,” she said with a deep exhale, then smiled dreamily.

I chuckled. “Thank god indeed, it sounded like you were on a rollercoaster!”

She laughed and roller her eyes with a slightly embarrassed pleasure. She was still a little distracted, and I took the moment to start unbuckling my belt.

“Well, if you thought that was bad, wait until I fuck you right here on this table.”

Her eyes perked up and her mouth opened. I reached down and pulled out my rock hard cock. Her eyes went to mine in a final ‘holy-fuck’ moment. She reached out, took the base of my cock with her hand, and slipped me into her mouth.

I let out a groan. “Fuck yeah.”

I reached around and grasped the back of her head. She bobbed up and down. I savored the moment for just a little bit, but I had been serious, I was going to fuck her brains out right here and now.

“Get up,” I said. “Now.”

She got up from her chair. I swung her around and rubbed my mouth against the back of her neck.

“Take off those fucking pants,” I growled into her ear.

She did as was told, and slipped them down to the floor. I smiled to myself. She had kept her panties on. Oh, no no…

I stepped out of my own pants and grabbed the waistband of her panties. I grunted and pulled them down aggressively to the floor. She let out a long moan, and I guided her front down to the table. Mmm… I took in the sight of her bare ass, then spread her legs to expose her pussy. She moaned out loud again and spread her arms on the table.

I took the head of my cock and rubbed it up and down against her pussy. God damn, she was wet. I wasn’t fucking around. I pressed against her one last time and slid, with one long push, all the way inside her.

We were both shrieking and twisting with pleasure. I had dreamed about fucking her here, and it was all finally real. I grabbed her hips as I continued to press hard against her. Her hands gripped at the table, but slid helplessly against the smooth wood. I stayed still, I wanted to savor this feeling forever.

Finally I relaxed. I looked down as I slid my cock out, just keeping my head inside her. What a sight! I threw my head back as I pressed inside her again. It was so amazing. The pressure, the wetness, the heat of her body. Had we been at home, I would have definitely had to have on a condom at this point. But we didn’t have any and I was enjoying actually feeling her for real.

Now I started to lay into her. First it was deep and powerful, gripping her and thrusting my weight against her. But soon, I was pounding her hard, pumping her pussy at a furious pace. My teeth were tight together, but I let out a deep, guttural “Rugh!” with every thrust. She was screaming out as I did. She pounded her fists on the table, scratched it, thrashed as I had my way with her.

My legs were already starting to quake, but I didn’t want it to end like this. I slipped out of her. Her whole body was trembling. “Turn around. Get up on that table.”

She popped her ass up, I slipped off her shirt, and she lay back. şirinevler escort Taking off my own shirt, I took her legs, propped them on my shoulders, and plunged my cock inside her. We were screaming. I didn’t give a fuck where we were. I didn’t give her a break, I pounded into her even harder than before. I was an animal. A frenzied beast. Our skin beat against each other. We were both beyond words. Grunting. Growling. Total instinct.

I thrust on. I don’t know how I didn’t pop right then. But I guess my mind wasn’t totally gone because I knew I wanted to be close to her. I wanted our bodies pressed against each other. I wanted her face to mine.

I pulled out. “Slide back,” I said. It was my final instruction. She inched back and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was red, soaked, her lips parting the tiniest bit. I hopped onto the table. I looked down, found her, then locked my eyes to hers. I will never forget that look. We moaned as I slid inside her. I kept my eyes locked on her until every bit of strength I had was gone. Then I sunk down, pressed my mouth against her ear, and ground my hips into her. She gripped me tight. We were so close it felt like we were one.

My body was quaking again. It was the point of no return. I kept up my pace as best I could, but I was more ragged with every push. I couldn’t get out much sound, but Heather was losing it. Her nails ground into my back. Her legs wrapped tightly around me.

It was here. It felt like every bit of me was about to explode. I shrieked and pulled my hips back. I could have cum inside her, she didn’t try to stop me, but I knew that wasn’t what she would have wanted if she hadn’t tripping on sex chemicals. I barely slipped out at all. Rope after rope burst out. I was convulsing with pleasure. I was in another world. It was an absolute psychedelic experience.

Finally my body just gave out. I collapsed on top of her. I felt like we were melting together. It was so fucking amazing, words don’t do it any justice. At some point I realized that I must be crushing her. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally was able to pull us apart. I looked down at her. Her pussy, her light auburn hair, her belly all were covered with cum. I looked at myself and was no better. I was soaked from the thighs to my belly button. I didn’t care, honestly it only made it better. I crashed into a heap. I lay dead to the world. Hell, the boss could have been standing right there and I wouldn’t have noticed. If Heather had said anything, I didn’t hear it.

She was the first one to get up. “Oh my god, I’m soaked!” she said. “You don’t happen to have some towels or something?”

I looked again. The wetness shined in the light and gave her a sparkling glow.

“Oh god, the table is soaked too!” she said with a laugh. Oh my way it! Cum was pooled all where she had been and I had left a body shaped cumprint where I had been laying.

“Maybe just use my undershirt?” I suggested. “Yikes, we made a real mess!”

“Mmm… we certainly did,” Heather purred.

My legs were still wobbly as I got up. I was still pretty out of it. We rubbed ourselves down and tried to wipe down the table too.

“Oh Jesus, look outside!” she exclaimed. There had to be a good four inches of snow since we had gotten in.

“Fuck me! We better get out of here!” I said. We had bussed in and I sure as shit didn’t want to get snowed in at work.

We hustled to get on the move and in an hour or so, we were back at my place. After showering together, we were both ready to go again, and spent the afternoon as a thrusting, throbbing mess. The snow continued until we had over 20 inches. They actually declared a state of emergency and work was shut down the next couple days.

When we got in Friday, I was surprised to find the big boss sitting at the conference table, tapping away at her laptop. I guess I hadn’t cleaned up completely and there were still some streaky white spots on the table. Oops! When Heather followed in a few minutes later, the boss asked how she had been.

“Oh, just a little sore,” she glanced at me with a hint of a smile. “Too much shoveling I guess.”

She looked at the table and noticed our mark. We both grimised a bit as the boss was working right on top of where we had gone at it. When I had a minute, I got some wet paper towels and finished the clean up, but that spot at the table was always known by us as the “cum spot.”

Unfortunately, that summer Heather left for California for a PdD program. Things ended as well as they could, we knew long distance relationships almost always fail. I still think about our moment snowed in at work whenever a blizzard hits. It always makes me smile.

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