Sister My Sister Ch. 04

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Sister My Sister Chapter 4

For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities – are at least 18 years of age!

Rescuing Mom

We ate breakfast the following day, sitting under the awning, still chatting about our lives, so Mom was caught up.

“I would like to head home for a week or so. Do you want to come and meet Mom?” I asked, looking at Meg.

“I can’t. The owner of the Bar has me locked down because I owe him for my apartment.” Meg said, looking down at her coffee.

“How does that work?” Mel said, looking worried.

“I have worked in Bar’s for a few years, and I haven’t seen that before.” Lizzy said, as she looked alarmed too

“I couldn’t get a place to rent because of a bad rental record from my ex-husband. The biker Bar has rooms that they let out to the barmaids, who take off their tops. It’s room and board, and you get to keep the tips.” Meg said, as I looked on, not believing what I was hearing.

“So what are you supposed to owe? They got your work, so you should be able to walk away, Right?” I asked, confused by the arrangement.

“It’s a month-to-month deal, and I have to stay for another two weeks then get out of the apartment after that.” Meg said, sounding like she thought it was normal or something.

“Fuck that, that’s extortion. How much stuff do you have in the apartment?” I asked, working on the problem.

“I only have my clothes and a few trinkets, I sold most of my stuff for booze the last time I fell off the wagon. She said, pulling a AA token out of her pocket that said five years on it and threw it in the garbage a few yards away.

“Are all the other girls from the U.S?” I asked, as I was still trying to work out the biker’s angle.

“There are a few girls from south of the border, this was all the work they can get, and they have to share a room as well.” She said, and I was disgusted this was still happening in the US.

“When we get to your apartment, I want you three to throw Meg’s stuff in garbage bags and get it in the truck as quickly as you can. Leave the keys in the door, and we are off.” I said, still thinking about what to do if we are confronted.

Sure, enough it didn’t go to plan. While the girls were inside, a guy came out of the Bar and banged on my window.

“What are you doing?” He said, as the girls came out of the door holding bags of stuff.

“Jake, I am going. You can keep your tips from my last few shifts.” Meg said, as Jake stepped up to her.

“Fuck that, you owe me rent for two weeks.” Jake said, his face red and barking into her face.

“Step away from the girls, or I am calling the police.” I said, even though he was a lot bigger than me.

“Then you will be the one who owes me the money. We will find you wherever you go. We clubs all over the country.” Jake said, almost knocking me over with his foul breath and causing me to wince.

“I have over a million viewers on my youtube channel. I will do a great news piece about the illegal girls being taken advantage of at this Bar, and the Bikers running it. Even the local police won’t be able to look the other way after that.” I said, watching the doubt creeping into his face.

“Fuck you, and fuck her too. She is too fucking old to get any tips anyway.” Jake said, backing down without much of a fight.

We took the opportunity to get into the truck and make our escape. Driving away as fast as my truck would take us.

“He is right. I am too old and ugly for work like that anyway.” Meg said, her tears dripping onto the bags she was holding.

“He is just a fuckwit with a little cock, you are beautiful with tits both Lizzy and I are jealous of. I think Justin likes your body just fine.” Mel said, slipping her hand between Meg’s legs.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” Meg said, wiping away her tears and smiling.

“No, I have a hardon from looking between your legs in the mirror.” I said, and Meg giggled and opened her legs more, bringing a moan from me.

Just to be sure Jake and his bunch didn’t change their minds, we packed up the trailer, and after Mel and I did one last walk around, we left for the open road.

“God, I feel so free, on the road with our home on our back.” Meg said, and we all smiled as it was a shared feeling we all had, as we took off together.

Lizzy took the first shift in the shotgun seat, reading me another dirty story. Meg sat in the middle of the back seat, accidentally forgetting to close her legs and somehow misplacing her panties as well. Mel shifted into that position after the next fuel stop, also forgetting her panties. It must be a hereditary thing.

We stopped for the night near Lexington, in an old RV park well off the highway. I figured it would be hard to find if they were still looking for us. I did my Stream, and then Lizzy did hers, and Mel watched over the chat while Meg cooked dinner. By the time Lizzy had finished up, we were all distracted by the lovely smell Küçükçekmece Escort of spaghetti bolognese.

“Eat up, my lovelies. I owe you so much more than this for my rescue.” Meg said, sitting down with us as we ate with gusto.

“This is plenty of payment. God, it’s good.” I said, with sauce all over my lips.

Meg sat next to Mel and cuddled into her side as she started a second serving, both sets of beautiful legs facing Lizzy and me. We watched as their legs parted to expose the pussies in between. I slid my hand between Lizzy’s legs and found her already wet, and she moaned when I stroked her clit.

“They are beautiful, aren’t they.” Lizzy said, as she stroked my cock.

“They are.” I said, as I spread her pussy lips apart for the audience across from us.

Mel walked Meg back to the bed and pushed her top from her shoulders. She ran her nails over her breast and across her nipples, causing them to harden to her touch. Lizzy and I followed like moths to the flame, and I pulled Lizzy’s tee off, and she unbuckled my pants as we hurriedly tried to catch up.

Mel had Meg naked first, and Meg lay on her side and, lifting one leg, kissed her way up the inside of her thigh. I moved between Mel’s legs and licked her outer lips, and she opened her legs to allow me access. Lizzy took my cock onto her mouth and spread her legs for her Mother, completing the circle, as we all let out a moan together.

I was in heaved between Mel’s thighs, nibbling her clit and lapping at her leaking pussy as Lizzy took my cockhead in her mouth then trailed her tongue down my shaft and across my balls. I heard Meg moan as Mel worked on her pussy, and I nibbled on Mel’s clit.

“Last one to orgasm gets to take Justin in their ass.” Mel said, and started lapping at Meg’s pussy and driving her fingers into Meg’s ass.

“No Fair, no using fingers on my ass.” Meg said, but I heard a groan from Lizzy.

So, I thought it only fair to put two wet fingers in Mel’s pussy, wetting them, and slowly slip them into her ass. I could feel Mel’s ass starting to grip my fingers as her orgasm approached, and I licked faster on her clit. She finally let out a groan and spasmed on my face. Meg was next as Lizzy fingered and licked her to orgasm quickly then sat and smiled at us with her juice-covered face.

Lizzy let my prick drop out of her mouth and rolled to her front as I spat on my fingers, running them around her ass. Then Mel spat on my cockhead and bent it down into Lizzy’s crack. I pushed forward, my cockhead was forced into her puckered opening, and I watched it disappear into her beautiful bottom. I glided in and out of her while Mel and Meg sucked on her nipples.

“Come in me, Brother, and make me yours.” Lizzy said, but she had my heart long ago, probably in our Mom’s womb.

My legs started to shake, and as my balls contracted up into my body, I let out a loud groan and shot my sperm into her body. She wrapped her legs around my hips, trapping me inside as my cock stopped spasming and slowly wilted, to finally be spat from her body.

“How does he do that? Make love to you like you are the only person in the world.” Mel said, sounding a little jealous.

“But he does the same thing for you.” Lizzy said, reaching out and dragging Mel in for a long kiss.

“I know. He just has a way of kissing you then looking into your soul.” Meg said, kissing Mel then Lizzy.

We awoke the following day, the four of us in our bed, a mess of arms and legs. As I tried to extract myself from between Meg and Mel, I managed to wake everyone. Lizzy had her hand on my morning wood, and Mel had her fingers in Meg’s pussy. I stood at the end of the bed after I finished peeing and watched as the girls all stretched and yawned.

“We have some miles to burn, time to get going.” I said as I headed out to start the grill and cook breakfast.

The girls stumbled out the door bringing the toast and plates. When we finished with breakfast, I hooked up the trailer, and we headed for home. I was driving with Meg in the shotgun seat this time as Lizzy sat in the middle of the back seat, also misplacing her panties. Wow, our family is forgetful.

We drove all day other than bathroom breaks and to eat. I was only still going because we were so close to the farm. I pulled along the side of the barn, and Mom came rushing out to meet us, even though it was well after dusk. I stepped out of the truck and right into Mom’s arms as Meg climbed out of the passenger side.

“Mom, this is Meg, my birth Mother.” I said, and Mom opened her arms to her, and they hugged for a long time.

“Welcome to our home. I can’t say how good it is to see you and that Justin had a chance to be in your life. Mom said, as she hugged Mel and Lizzy.

“Hi, Mom.” they said, and Meg had a strange look.

Mom kissed Meg on the cheek and walked her back to the house arm in arm. Now they have two Moms, one kool one, and me.” Mom said to Meg just out of earshot of the girls. Mom Maltepe Escort started to prepare food, and all four ladies gathered around the kitchen island. I was sent to the garage to pick out some wine from the bar fridge.

“Not for me, I am back on the wagon, maybe another five years.” Meg said, and Mel waved be away as well.

After we had full bellies, we told the story of Meg’s rescue, and she told her part of how Mom ended up with me. The girls left out the part where Meg’s pussy was on display and any other juicy bits. But the rest of the story was told to full effect, enough to get Mom ringing the local Sheriff who had been a good friend of Dad’s.

“OK, I want you all inside the house tonight, and I won’t hear another word about it. I will let you work out where you sleep, but I think it’s safer inside the house than in the trailer.” Mom said, and no one argued this time.

“But Mom.” I started, but she just used that ‘look’ again and waved me off.

“I don’t care how you guys sleep, but I want you safe inside.” She said, looking over to Meg, I guess wondering how much she knew.

After the all-day drive, we were all bushed, so I headed to my room after kissing Mom goodnight. Mom had set up my king bed, and we all were soon asleep, another pile of arms and legs. This time Meg had a hold of my cock with Lizzy with her mouth on Meg’s breast.

When we awoke the following day, Mom was at the door to the room, peeking in as we all tried to cover up. I think the surprise was that Meg was in the middle between Mel and Me. Mom spluttered for a second, then retreated, leaving the tray of coffee.

Meg jumped up and took off after her, leaving the rest of us to wonder if her naked form was what would save the day. I quickly dressed and headed through the house, and as I got to Mom’s bedroom door, I could hear some talking.

“It was just such a shock to see you all in his bed. I thought I was prepared for him and his sisters to be in there, but when I saw him spooned behind you, I was just so jealous.” Mom said, as I stopped and listened just outside the door.

“He loves you so much. He drove all day yesterday so he could be here with you. I won’t deny him anything he wants. but that doesn’t mean he won’t have room in his heart for you too.” Meg said, as I could see her and Mom laying face to face on Mom’s bed, and Meg had her naked body pressed to Mom’s.

“But you are all so beautiful, I can’t compete with that.” Mom said, as I caught Meg’s eye in the mirror, and she waved me away from behind her back.

I turned to find Mel and Lizzy coming down the hall and waved them back the other way. We went to the kitchen and ate the breakfast Mom had made. It was a long time when Mom and Meg came out to join us with Meg wearing one of Mom’s robes.

They didn’t talk to us about what was said, but Mom played it as if nothing was happening. I knew her well enough to know it wasn’t over with, but for now, she was satisfied with what she and Meg had discussed. The next few days were fine, with Mom and Meg getting closer and closer. It was like they were sisters chatting and walking around the farm arm in arm after a week.

“I want it to be you to take my ass the first time Justin.” Meg said, as we walked around the barn as we checked on the horses.

“Are you sure, Meg? I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to? You have not given it to someone by now for a reason?” I replied, stopping her and turning to face her.

“No. I didn’t do it with Alfie because he was told it was a sin, but I wanted to.” Meg said, holding her hips to mine and looking me in the eye.

“I would love to put my thing in that beautiful ass. When do you want to do it.” I said, my cock pressing into her mound.

“I would love to do it tonight, but I need to prepare a little. Take your sisters shopping in town for a bit, and I will be ready for you when you come home.” Meg said, and kissing me long and hard, her nipples pressing into my chest.

I took Lizzy and Mel into town to go shopping and bought another two gold necklaces in rose gold this time. I thought Mom and Meg might like them, and the girls thought it was the perfect gift. I also watched them picking out more panties and bras. Still, I couldn’t see why, as they kept forgetting to put them on anyway, but I liked it when they asked my opinion and opened the change room door for me to peek.

When we got back to the farm, I went inside to find Mom in the kitchen blushing and waved me down the hall. I pushed open my parent’s bedroom door to find Meg in the middle of the bed, surrounded by candles and wearing a very sexy nighty. She looked nervous but held out her hand to join her.

“You look beautiful Meg.” I said, my mind couldn’t work out anything else to say.

“I want you to lick me first, so I am nice and horny for your cock.” Meg said, drawing me in for a kiss.

I pulled the nighty open, took her nipple in my mouth, kissing and licking it, and then the other. I traced Mecidiyeköy Escort a line of kisses down her belly to her pussy mound to find it fully shaven, and I kissed and licked it too. I pushed her legs up and licked along her pussy, nibbling on her inner lips, and they parted as my tongue went between her folds,

I slipped my finger into my mouth, wetting it, and brought it to her tight opening. I pushed gently and licked on her clit as it sank into the first knuckle. Meg rocked her hips, but her ass gripped my finger tightly, and I was worried my cock might not fit. She slowly relaxed, and I was able to pump more of my finger into her and licked on her pussy at the same time.

“OK, Baby, before I come and lose my nerve, put it in me.” Meg said, rolling over onto her hands and knees.

I lubed up my rock-hard cock and used my finger to lube her ass. I pushed my cockhead to her puckered hole, and for a time, it looked like I was never going in. I pressed a little harder, and with a loud grunt, my cock head went in.

“Stop for a second baby, I have to stop.” Meg said, as I slipped in another inch.

“Meg, we can try another time.” I said, and was about to pull out.

“No, I can do this.” Meg said, real loud, but the crack in her voice worried me.

“No one is enjoying this if I am hurting you.” I said, gripping her hips pushing a fraction more.

“Di, Di, I can’t do this by myself. Oh, Don’t move, Justin.” Meg said, as she looked to the door.

Mom came rushing into the room and quickly to Meg’s side. She placed her hand under Meg and looked me in the eyes.

“Just stay still and let Meg do the moving, Baby.” Mom said, and dove headfirst under Meg.

I looked down at Meg’s ass and could see Mom under her looking up at me. I saw her move her mouth up and lick Megs clit, her hands reaching around Meg’s ass and holding her ass cheeks open for me. Meg’s hips rocked to increase her contact on Mom’s lips and drove a little more of my cock into her with a sigh, and over the next few minutes, I slowly sank into her ass.

I looked down to see Meg pulling Mom’s dress up her legs, exposing her pussy to my gaze. My cock gave a lurch when Meg bent down to take a lick along Mom’s pussy. Mom’s legs rose and parted, showing me more of her pussy lips, as I grunted and thrust into Meg’s ass. Meg pulled Mom’s legs under her arms, so she was bent in half at the hips, her ass and pussy on full display.

I felt Meg start to contract around my shaft as her orgasm began to pulse through her body, bringing a low groan from her lips. I gripped her hips and thrust deeply into her, then slammed in and came in her spasming ass. As my cock spewed its contents into Meg, Mom let go of Meg’s ass and gently played with my balls as Meg continued to lap at her pussy.

I felt Mom run her hands up the inside of my legs and over my ass as I held myself inside of Meg, her ass still occasionally contracting on my shaft. Mom ran her fingers along my ass crack and played with my ass. I pulled back, and my cock fell out of Meg right above Mom’s face, but she only took hold of my come-covered prick and stroked it gently.

“Oh, thank you Di, I couldn’t have done it without your help.” Meg said, turning her body to embrace Mom, smothering Mom with her naked body while they kissed deeply.

“I loved it. My beautiful Son’s cock sliding into your body, the view from below was incredible.” Mom said, panting as Meg ground her thigh between Mom’s legs.

“It felt wonderful after you started licking me. You have to try it.” Meg said, sliding her hand up her shirt.

“Justin wouldn’t want this old bird. I have ten years on you.” Mom said, as my cock began to refill in Mom’s hand as she spoke.

“It looks like his cock has other ideas.” Meg said, as she started to giggle and pull at Mom’s top.

Just then, Lizzy and Mel came into the room giggling, both naked and bounced onto the bed. They helped to undress Mom, pinching and playing with her nipples as they came into view. Mom had bigger breasts with large erect nipples that begged to be played with.

“Kiss him, Mom, that’s the real test.” Lizzy said, as she pushed me down to my Mothers face.

I moved close to Mom and grazed her lips with mine, I felt Mom’s lips nibble on my lower lip, so I closed my eyes and sank my mouth onto hers, my tongue trying to find hers. I heard Mom moan into my mouth as she kissed me back harder, and I pressed my body to hers, my cock pressed into her crotch as she wrapped her arms around me.

“What is it with this brother of mine, any family member he kisses gets lost in his arms.” Mel said, and had tears in her eyes when we pulled back from the kiss.

“OK, I get it now. He’s a great kisser. I don’t think I can do without one of those now I have had it.” Mom said, as she held her arms out for Mel.

“Wait until you have that big cock in your ass, Mom.” Mel said, as she pulled back with her hand on Mom’s pussy and her fingers inside her warm hole.

“Justin’s dad loved my ass, but his cock wasn’t this big.” Mom said, as she pumped on my hard cock.

Mel pulled Mom’s left leg up and out to the side as Lizzy did the same. Meg came around and took my cock from Mom and gave it a good licking to lube it up with her spit. Mom put three fingers into her mouth and collected her saliva, and spread it around her ass as Meg pushed my hips forward and lined up my cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32