Set Up , Tricked

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Blow Job

After me & my twin Sister’s 18th birthday I went to my parents’ house during the summer of graduation we were all off preparing for college. My girlfriend Olivia came over to hang out with me & my sister Nikki. It was a hot summer day so Olivia asked if she can wear Nikki’s shorts. My parents we out of town on vacation so we had the house to ourselves.

I was laying in bed watching TikToks when Olivia came in & laid next to me. We watched a clip where they pranked a girl by telling her to put her arms in the shirt then pulling the girl’s shorts down. Olivia looked at me & said, “Wouldn’t it be hot if I did that to your sister babe? My pussy is wet thinking about it.” As she puts her hands down my boxers & starts jerking me she starts talking dirty because she knows it is one of my favorite things.

I grabbed her wrists to stop her, “Babe the door is wide open. She can walk in at any second & catch us.” She stopped, looked gaziantep escort at me as if she was telling me to unhand her & started jerking me faster. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as she continued to talk dirty. I was getting loud so she stopped & put the pillow over my face to muffle the moans.

As she was stroking she stopped, giggled, & continued. I tried to move the pillow to see what happened but she said, “If you move again I will stop.” So I laid there as she jerked me off. “Moan her name daddy. Moan it for me big brother.” I stayed quiet because she might have been setting me up to out my fetish but she jerked me off with more technique to coax me into it. “Please big brother. It always makes you cum so fast & so much.”

I knew what she was going to do. She loved to edge me & as soon as I say I am going to cum she completely releases me & denies me my orgasm as she watches me squirm eskort gaziantep & beg her. She gets off on incest & edging. I gave in & moaned my own sister’s name. “Nikki… Fuck Nikki. Don’t stop please. I’m about to cum. Don’t stop little sister. Please I’m begging you.” As she heard that she released my cock & pulled the pillow off of my face. My body was going through the most violent convulsions. I looked at Olivia but saw Nikki at the foot of the bed standing there watching as my eyes were going to look at Olivia.

I had to do a double take. I was getting a hand job from my girlfriend that set me up to get caught. Olivia laughed as my 8 inch cock twitched as I stared at Nikki watching Olivia squeeze my balls giggle. Nikki was so focused watching my cock pulsate as my body shook as the orgasm sensation passed. I laid there breathing hard trying to figure out what happened.

I gaziantep esmer escort watched Nikki walked out & Olivia followed her as I laid there thinking about what the fuck just happened. I got up & locked the door to try to make myself cum because what just happened was the hottest thing ever. But Olivia walked back in with Nikki & told me to lay back down. I tried to talk back but she slapped me like a bitch & told me she wasn’t going to repeat herself.

Nikki laughed at me & said, “That’s right bitch. Listen to mommy big brother.” As Olivia walked up to me as I laid in bed. She crawled onto the bed & pulled my shorts off. I learned from my lesson that Olivia loves to be in charge & let her do anything she wanted to me like her own personal little bitch. I was so scared, embarrassed, & turned on as Nikki watched Olivia undress me in front of her.

After about a minute Nikki finally put her arms in the shirt as Olivia pulled her booty shorts down right in front of me, revealing her pretty lace thong. Olivia looked at me & looked back at Nikki & pulled her panties down too as she laughed loudly as she embarrassed both siblings. Olivia knew I wouldn’t move or intervene as she molested Nikki a couple feet away from my naked body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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