Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 13

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Dropped From the Team – Athenian Women – Zara – Joan

The following morning I went to swimming practice with nothing unusual occurring. My times were definitely on the upswing according to the assistant coach Kevin Mathis, who had seemed to have changed his mind about me and my swimming capabilities.

“Good practice, Mr. Donald Stevenson Clark. Keep it up and you’ll begin to see some records drop for you.”

Coach Mathis always used my full name when speaking to me, and perhaps that’s why I thought he didn’t like me when I first joined the team.

I showered and dressed and had a cup of coffee and a bagel with Dolph before my first class.

Dolph told me that they (meaning some of the coaches) had checked attendance at our dorm last night, and wanted to know where I was.

“What did you tell them?” I asked, feeling queasiness in my stomach. They had checked before, but I had been in the room one time and Dolph had alerted me a second time and I had shown up minutes before the coaches came to our door.

“I was going to say that you weren’t back yet, but they looked serious enough to have hung around waiting, so I said I thought you’d hooked up with some girl and might be spending the night with her.”

I thought about how receptive Coach Mathis had been at practice. He seemed fine with me. And if he was fine with me than the head coach was fine with me. So who had been doing the checking up?

I put the question to Dolph, who said: “You know, that’s the funny thing, only one of them was one of our guys. Coach Bernard, and he’s hardly ever around … he’s more into recruiting than anything, you know?”

I nodded, it was true. Bernard was almost always on the road.

“So who else was there?”

“The assistant girls coach, Gasser?” He made it a question more than a statement.

“The skinny, titless coach?” I said to help me determine just who it was we were talking about.

“Yeah, that’s the one!’ Dolph said with some emphasis. “I wonder what she was doing checking on the guys, I mean, shouldn’t she be checking on the girls?”

For lack of a cohesive comment I offered a weak, “Getting her rocks off I guess.” I said, but the queasiness grew stronger and I took an Alka-Seltzer tablet to help control it.

In the back of my mind I was wondering why Coach Mathis or the Head Coach hadn’t mentioned it to me at practice.

Still I didn’t think it all that serious and went about my daily routine, going to class, taking copious notes, having a nutritious lunch and finishing the day with two afternoon classes.

After a quick trip home, I showered and grabbed my swimming gear and made my way to the Natatorium.

On arriving I was met by Assistant Coach Mathis, who gave me a funny look and told me to report directly to Head Coach Flippen.

I went directly to his office and stood waiting while he finished a phone call.

“Sit down Clark, I’ll be right with you,” he said tersely after ending the phone conversation.

I sat and waited while Coach Flippen went through a small stack of folders, found one that I assumed to be mine, opened it and read for a minute or so.

Finally he put the folder down and looked at me. “We’ve been over this before, Clark.”

Whoa … this was serious, but what had I done? Missed a bed check … or was there more to it?

I decided there was more to it and waited for the ax to fall.


“I told you shortly after you got here not to fuck around with the girls swim team, or the girl divers. Remember?”

I nodded and followed with and I have, Coach. I mean I might talk to them while at practice, but other than that I’ve left them alone. What am I supposed to have done?”

“First you missed bed check last night.”

“Yes Sir, I heard about it this morning.”

“So you admit being out past curfew?”

“No sir. The fact is … and I realize you may not like this but I own a home here in Athens and occasionally I spend the night there instead of at the Dorm.”

Coach Flippen’s eyes widened at this news.

“Freshmen are supposed to live in the assigned dorm room, Clark.”

“Yes sir, but I own a house in town and I think its allowed for students to live at home while attending class.”

“Not while you’re a member of my swimming team, Clark!”

“Well if that’s what’s troubling you Coach, I’ll rectify matters by using the dormitory as my sleeping quarters from now on.”

“Don’t get wise-assed on me, Clark. You know damned well you’ve broken those rules.”

“I’ll take your word on it Coach. As I said, I’ll stay in the dormitory from now on.”

“There’s another matter, Clark, and it’s more serious than where you spend your nights.”

“Yes, Sir. What would that be?”

“Are you fucking with me, Clark?”

“No Sir!”

“It sounds like you are.”

“No sir. I was brought up to be polite and I’m doing my best to be just that. What I don’t understand is why I’m here, but I guess you’re about to tell me.”

“The girls, Clark. You don’t seem to be able to leave them alone.”

“You mean the beşiktaş escort girls on the swimming and diving teams?”

“I do mean those girls! You were seen going into one of their homes …”

“Excuse me Coach, aren’t the girls also required to live in the dorm?”

“Oh …” Coach Flippen reread his notes and nodded in agreement. “Apparently the girl was entering your home away from home, Clark.”

“When was that Coach?”

“The night before last.”

Someone had spotted Kimmie making her sperm call … shit!

“I can explain exactly what happened and why, but you’ll probably get even madder at me and her as well. I won’t implicate the girl or is she already implicated?”

“She isn’t. You are.”

“Then I have nothing to add. Someone evidently has it in for me and has been watching my house waiting for something like this to happen. What’s my punishment, Coach?”

“I’m sorry, Clark, but you’re off the team. Any scholarship or partial scholarship is voided as of the end of this semester.”

“And this is permanent?”

“Yes it is.”

“Well, okay Coach,” I said, but I was unable to formulate any other comment.

“I’m sorry it worked out this way, Clark. You had potential as a swimmer.”

I decided against saying anything further and stood up, nodded my head in his direction and left the premises.


After my dismissal from the swimming team, I hit the local bars more frequently than ever. A natural consequence of this was that I met more of the Athenian female population. It seemed that there was beauty everywhere I looked. Feminine beauty, that is.

Nikita laughed when I mentioned it to her. “Yes, we do seem to be everywhere. But it is a small town after all; and filled with college girls, teaching assistants and many others who in one way or another hold jobs here in Athens that basically cater to that population.

“Besides, we Georgia girls seem to have a common denominator in that we’re all good looking and hot to trot.”

And then, after stripping me of what little clothing I had on, she did likewise; and after handing me a vodka tonic, talked me into sharing the stories of the woman I’d met so recently.

“Hmmm, let’s take them in order, shall we?”

“That’s fine with me, Donald.”

Teasingly I asked Nikita how I would know if the stories were entertaining her.

“Oh … I’ll let you know, darling. I can’t believe that party you went too … what was it called?”

“I don’t know that it had a proper name.”

“Oh, that’s right–-The Squirters Club! How ingenious!”

“So let’s put dear Christine at the top of your list, shall we?”

“Do I detect a small amount of jealousy, Nikita?”

She looked directly at me and said: “I guess I am a tad jealous at that. Well, carry on with your sordid tale, Donald.” She gave my dick a flippant swat and settled back, taking a long sip of her drink.


After my dismissal from the swimming team I met Zara, an English Lit major at Savannah State, who was toying with transferring here for a better valued degree. We met while she was bouncing from one off campus bar after another. I had coaxed her out of one particular joint and we were making out under a huge oak in one of Athens nicer parks.

Her hands slid under my t-shirt and lightly scratched the nipples on my chest. I slid my tongue deeper into mouth. She dueled with it briefly then pulled away and giggled.

“You’ve got an … a … you know?” She rasped huskily in a lust ridden voice. She was pointing pointed to the tent in my shorts. I blinked and tried to clear my beer and sex befuddled brain, but all my thoughts were preempted by the need radiating from my cock.

I tried to remember if she was a slut or just a horny, but innocent co-ed. It seemed that she had mentioned being away from home for the first time and never having gone all the way earlier in the evening.

“So you’re a virgin on the verge, is that it, Zara?”

Zara giggled again, and said, “Girls get them too.”

“Do you mean urges?”

“Yeah … what you said.”

Once again when I attempted to understand her, the alcohol I’d consumed defeated me.

Recalling a piece of advice handed to me by Denise, I replied, “I’m trying to understand, but I don’t. What is it that girls get too?”

“Boners, silly!” She pulled a stray strand of hair from her neck and sighed. “But ours are smaller.”

I had already bedded a fair number of females; none of them had made reference to their clits as ‘boners.’ I was tempted to tell Zara this, but remembered that I should let my partner think she was my first as long as possible.

“Really?” I said, trying to sound innocent and naïve.

She studied me for a moment, nodded to herself as if she’d proven a point, and then straddled me pressing the fork of her legs against my erection. I swore aloud as she looked into my eyes and rubbed herself against me.

Tentatively beşyol escort I moved my hand to her ass and squeezed, but got no visible reaction as she seemed fully concentrated on her task.

I tried to start unbuttoning her shorts, but stopped when she said, “Did you feel it?”

I adjusted myself and felt a quarter-sized spot of moisture on the cloth separating her crotch from my curious finger.

Without thinking, I moved my fingers to my nose and smelled her. Underneath the smell of baby-powder scented lotion I smelled her. I had to fight the urge to put my fingers in my mouth.

“No, of course not–-girls don’t get boners,” I told her.

Zara wiggled her finger at me. “And I thought you were experienced,” and I swear I heard a hint of mockery. I looked at her more closely. Her nipples had stiffened and were now poking against the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

Zara now sat on her haunches with her knees far apart. The seam of her shorts had ridden deep into the seam between her legs, and she moved her hips back and forth. It was almost imperceptible, but lust still hit me like a punch to the stomach.

This girl was no virgin.

She licked at the healing sunburn above her upper lip and gave me a grin. “D’you wanna bet?” Her hips moved and the cleft between her legs got deeper. My mouth watered.

“Uh, what would the bet consist of?” I asked, feeling really horny.”

She unbuttoned her shorts and lowered her zipper. Regardless of all the sounds around us, I l heard every metallic click as she slowly unzipped. When Zara pulled the shorts past her hips, I saw only naked flesh–-she wasn’t wearing panties. The wispy blond triangle of hair between her legs almost twinkled in the dusky light of the setting sun.

Zara straddled me again and grabbed my wrist. Right before I could touch her, she pressed my hand to her chest. “Okay, here’s how it will be, if I win, you suck me off. If you win, I have to suck you off … fair enough?”

I laughed at the way her innocent looking lips spouted such filth. But I also wanted to know exactly what those lips would feel like wrapped around my prick.

“It’s a bet, I said, already breathing hard and wondering if any other women I’d want in life would be this easy. But of course they wouldn’t; but it would take me a while to realize it.

Zara nodded solemnly and guided my hand between her legs again. This time, I felt the intense heat and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up …but then she moved it to her thigh, pressing it hard to keep it in place. Then she kissed me.

Her tongue surged into my mouth and swirled sinuously while she brought her breasts to bear against my chest.

Reaching under my t-shirt, Zara found my nipple, and caressed it before moving to the other one. No other girl had ever done that to me, and I groaned into her mouth.

When she pulled back, her pale blue eyes had darkened to night-sky blue.

“Now I’m ready.”

My knuckle brushed against the wet silky pubic hair between her legs and I shuddered. She moved my fingers to the decidedly hard little nub of her clit, then guided until I pinched it.

She sighed. “Do you feel that? I’m almost hard.” She moved my hand away. “I get even harder when I’m being sucked.”

This time I giggled, and I winced at sounding girlish.

She wiggled out of her shorts then lay back down, legs spread wide. I spread her plump pussy lips apart. She was glossy and pink as the inside of a conch shell. Her clit poked straight at me. It was unlike any I’d seen previously in that it jutted out like a little cock. Yes, exactly like a miniature penis.

Her belly fluttered with impatience. “You can touch it, you know. I want you to.”

She guided my head between her legs. I smelled her before I tasted her, and to this day can summon her odor and compare it with whoever I’m about to go down on.

But I’m getting off track … Zara thrust her hips so far forward that my nose bumped up against her mound. I licked her hungrily, darting my tongue between the secretive folds, searching for the warmth of her cunt. My belly tightened and my cock throbbed as I slid my tongue inside her, so anxious was I to taste her.

“Wait … just wait a second!” she moaned.

I looked up, and her face looked like a full moon perched over her fuzzy mound. I licked her wetness from my lips and swallowed hard.

“When … when I said I want you to suck me off, I really meant, I wanted you to suck my clit.” She parted her cunt lips and tweaked her generous pink bud with her middle finger. “This, right here! Suck it.”

I gave it a tentative lick, and then pressed the tip of my tongue on it. I felt her heartbeat through my tongue! And when her thigh muscle twitched, and she groaned. I felt a power I’d never felt before when her clit began to grow as I sucked it!

I had to see it with my own eyes and stopped sucking to look.

“What are you doing?!” Zara’s face had become blotchy with arousal. The skin of her belly was slick beykent escort with sweat.

“I just want to see it.”

“Oh, I thought …” She pulled my hair playfully. “Keep going, you’re amazing at it.”

Well in fact, I had seen quite a few before Zara’s, but hers was somewhat different in that she was, or had grown larger than any of the others. Her clit was now at least an inch and a half in length. Most other women I’d know were–-and I mean their clits—pea-sized.

I knew enough to go slowly and carefully, for the clit is extremely tender and shouldn’t be roughed up–-unless the woman demands it from you.

So I closed my eyes and sucked Zara into my mouth again. She was firm and hot against the tip of my tongue. I imagined that a cock, whatever its size would be quite similar, at least until it ejaculated.

I renewed my cunnilingual efforts, pressing my face into her mound. The lips of her pussy slid against my cheeks and her flaxen pubic hair tickled my cheeks. Her wetness began to drip down my chin and make my neck wet.

“No—No–-Suck me!” Zara groaned.

And I obliged her, sucking her clit, which continued growing in size, although at a much slower rate. Ultimately, it reached approximately two and a half inches.

“Go on, sweetie…yeah, just like that!” she said in a throaty whisper while holding my head steady with both hands.

Her clit seemed to be throbbing against my tongue and to my surprise I loved the sensation.

“Slide a finger in my pussy. I want to feel you there … you know how to pleas a woman that way, sugar?”

“I think so,” I replied. “Mmmm, how’s this?” I said and sent two fingers into the slickness that comprised her vagina. I made the standard come hither gesture with them and quickly found her g-spot and rubbed it until she reacted.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! You—you–-you do know!” she gasped in surprise.

“Most guys try … Ughhhh … try to bullshit their way … ughhhh … but–-but not you!”

“There was a very kind lady who taught me, you should thank her,” I said as I continued teasing the spot.

“Gonna cum, sugar! Gonna cum!”

Glancing up, I saw a face that appeared to be in great pain, at the same time her cunt tightened around my finger and I knew there was a correlation between the two actions.

Suddenly she groaned, “Oh … Oh …”

I took her clitoris back into my mouth and suck as hard as possible. Her pussy erupted and covered my hand, and arm to the elbow with juicy wetness.

I stopped fingering her, but kept sucking on her clit.

“OHHHH, NOOOO! OHHHH, NOOOO! She wailed happily as she came again.

I slipped a finger into her asshole and she came again.


“Want me to stop? I asked, momentarily halting my clit sucking.


I sucked her to two more orgasms, keeping my finger in her ass the entire time.

Eventually she asked me to stop. Her clit was almost sucked raw.

I hadn’t bitten it, but my teeth had rubbed against it on occasion and … well I know what teeth feel like on my dick and didn’t like that, so I could imagine how Zara felt and I apologized.

“Oh, no! Don’t apologize! I loved it! You–-you were wonderful!

She got on her knees, “I want to do that again. And again. And again… but I better not. I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk, you know?”

“I’ll be delighted to help you get to wherever it is you have to get too,” I said with a smile on my cum drenched lips.

She took my cock in hand, kissed it twice and looking me in the eye said, “Why don’t we make this a win-win situation?” and gave me a four-star blowjob.


The very next afternoon I ran into a girl named Joan who seemed oblivious to me, which as you know, is a tactic some women use to either fend off unwanted suitors, or to make themselves appear even more desirable, yet unattainable to a guy they do like, but feel a need to impress.

“Now it wasn’t the first time we’d actually met. But this time it was in a café where she was sitting with several other acquaintances of mine. I joined them, but concentrated on Joan … well because she was damned good looking. She retained her aloofness toward me and I decided to test a recently formulated theory–-oh yes, Nikita, I do spend time thinking about how to meet and conquer the female species.”

Nikita laughed and slapped my dick which sprang back up, delighting her even more. Taking it hand, she looked up at me and said, I’ll suck you, but you keep telling me about your theory, hmmmm?”

“You bet! Let’s see, I was telling you about … Joan, yes, Joan.

As I sat down with them I decided on the appropriate strategy to use. I remained quiet, which was uncharacteristic of me. Not that I’m usually the life of the party, but I generally have opinions on anything and everything that comes up in conversations.

It wasn’t long before Jeff, with whom I shared an economics class, noted my quiet state and asked me if something was wrong. I couldn’t have asked for a better lead in to my plan.

“I’m sorry; I’m just not myself today.”

Naturally they wanted to know what was troubling me. One girl, Janine, obviously hoped I was having love troubles, and was visibly disappointed when I told the group that my father had died. He was in fact, deceased, but that had happened several years earlier. But I left that part out.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32