Seducing the President’s Son Ch. 05

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I sat at the table, my stomach growling at the fine display of food that Dominus had laid out in front of us. But as much as I wanted to grab a big scoop of mashed potatoes and dig in, I’d be damned if I was going to let that son of a bitch get to me with something as easy as a warm meal.

“Is there something wrong with dinner?” asked Dominus. He was sitting at the front of the table, a glass of wine in his hand. Colin sat in front of me, his plate similarly empty.

“Aside from the fact that you haven’t given us any silverware?” I said.

Dominus shrugged. “I know that eating with your hands isn’t exactly good table manners, but do you blame me? Thanks to you I have to have men standing watch in front of every door out of this place. It’s not like I can trust you with a fork.”

I rolled my eyes. How could anybody in Ecclesium put up with this guy? I’d only known him for a few days and I already felt like clawing my own eyes out.

“I’m not going to eat anything until you tell me why you’ve brought us up here.”

“All right, fine. I invited you both to join me for dinner to celebrate.”

Why did I get the feeling that this was nothing to celebrate?

“Your video satisfied our buyer. He’s on his way and should be here by Thursday morning.”

My heart dropped. It was Monday evening, which meant that Thursday was only two and a half days away. That gave us an incredibly short window of time to figure out a way out of here before some man took me halfway across the world to do God knows what with.

“Is it too much to ask who you’re selling me to?” I asked. “You can at least do me the decency of knowing who my next kidnapper is going to be.”

Dominus drained his wine glass. He set it down on the table, rubbing his finger around the rim and staring at me with a small smile on his face.

“I guess it doesn’t matter either way,” said Dominus. “There’s not much you can do about it either way. Plus you’ll know soon enough, won’t you?”

He picked up a wine bottle from the table and refilled his glass, then leaned in, a gleam in his eye. “You’re going to Russia! The KGB is VERY interested in getting their hands on such a great asset. They’ve got all sorts of plans for you, I’m sure. Not that I asked, I’m more interested in the financial side of things. But you are going to net me a pretty substantial sum, which should be more than enough to make up for the sponsors we lost because of Colin’s fuck-up.”

He turned to Colin and tilted his glass towards him. “See Colin? I knew there was a way you could make this up to me.”

“Fuck you,” said Colin. He stood up, curling his hand into a fist as he took a step towards Dominus. One of the guards standing nearby lifted his gun, pointing it directly at Colin.

Dominus laughed. “What are you gonna do? Beat me to death like you did poor Carl?”

Colin’s eyes widened. “He’s not… I didn’t-“

“No, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. You damn near put him in a coma. Luckily my friends are here to help you keep your rage in check.”

The man with the gun stared at Colin, his index finger resting on the trigger.

“What are you gonna do to him?” I asked Dominus. They both turned to look at me. “What’s going to happen to Colin once I… once I’m gone?”

Dominus looked over at Colin and raised an eyebrow. “That’s up to Colin, really. There’s always a path back to forgiveness for those who truly want it. If anybody’s capable of earning their seat back at the table, it’s you, Colin. What do you say?”

Colin was still standing a few feet away from Dominus, glaring at him. He spat in Dominus’ face.

The man with the gun walked forward and turned his gun around, hitting Colin in the face with the butt of his rifle. Colin dropped to his knees.

Dominus wiped the spit off of his face with a dinner napkin. “Again? What is up with you people and spitting? Seriously, is this some sort of gay sex fetish or something?”

Colin got slowly to his feet, glaring at Dominus. “Fuck you,” he growled. “If you think I’m going to let you sell my boyfriend and then become your little devoted cult follower again, you really are fucking crazy.”

Dominus sighed, then turned to me. “You know, I’m starting to think you’re a bad influence on him. Really. First you make him gay, then you make him buy into all this cult nonsense.”

He leaned back in his chair and picked up his glass of wine, swirling it around before taking a sip. “This wasn’t always the plan, you know. To sell you. We really were just trying to get you to join us. We had a whole plan to install someone at every level of government. But then you turned out to be so goddamn difficult. If you had just cooperated, we wouldn’t have had to find another way for you to be useful.”

“Wow, can’t believe we’re victim-blaming me for getting kidnapped,” I said. “I’m sorry I didn’t fit into your perfect little agenda.”

“I am too. Because now I have to kill Colin because of you. Seriously, dude. It’s pretty fucked Maltepe Escort up.”

Colin’s face turned white. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

“Now, are you guys going to eat, or are we just going to let everything get cold?”


After the guards locked us back in our cell for the night, Colin pulled me into his arms and held me tight.

“I’m not gonna let him do this to you,” he said. “We’re going to find a way out of here.”

“How?” I asked. “We already tried stealing the guard’s keys and escaping. There’s no way we’re gonna be able to pull that off again.”

“We need to find another way out of here,” said Colin. “There has to be some blind spot in this place, some way that we can sneak out without them seeing us.”

“It’s not exactly as if we can just walk around the place and look, now can we? The only place in the house that I’ve even seen is the basement, the living room, and the bathroom. And I guess now the dining room, not that there’s a way out of there.”

Colin furrowed his brow. “If we could just make our way to the garage we could steal one of the cars and just drive out of here.”

“That’s a lot easier said than done. I don’t even know what section of the house the garage is located in.”

“It’s on the left side,” said Colin. “I saw it when they brought me in. Dominus has a few cars in there, along with Jeff’s car.”

“Yeah, well, he’s not gonna be any help, now is he?” I asked. I sat down on the cot and put my head in my hands. Colin sat down beside me and put his hand on my back.

“We’ll think of something. We’ve got until Thursday to find a way out of here. We can do it, I promise you.”

I looked up at him and sadly. “And what if we don’t?”


“Colin, if we don’t make it out of here, and I get sent off to fucking Moscow or wherever, he’s gonna kill you.”

Colin shrugged. “If we don’t succeed, I’m not gonna want to live anyway. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for what I’ve done.”

“Don’t say that. You shouldn’t have to pay for what you did with your life.”

Colin stood up, staring at me angrily. “What would you have me do? Just go back to him, tell him that I’m back on board, that I’m a believer again?”

I gave him a half smile. “You wouldn’t have to mean it.”

Colin shook his head. “No. I won’t do it.”

“But Colin, if you don’t-“

“What guarantee do I have that he’s not gonna kill me anyway?”

“You don’t know that. But you have to at least try!”

Colin stared at me, shaking his head slowly. “I can’t believe that you’re giving up on us. What happened to the man that told me to go fuck myself, that HE was going to be the one to get us out of here?”

“I’m just being realistic. Just in case.”

Colin grabbed my arms, pulling me close to him. “Fuck that. I don’t accept that. You are the bravest, smartest, most resilient motherfucker I’ve ever met. You’ve been through so much. SO much. I know that you’re going to find a way out.”

I leaned my head against Colin’s chest, closing my eyes as he ran his hands across my back. I really did want to be brave, but the truth was I had never felt brave a day in my life. Everything I had done, from doing interviews on national television to asking Colin on our first date, I had done with my heart in my fucking throat.

I was tired of pretending to be brave.

“Okay,” I said after a moment. “I’ll do it. I’ll find us a way out of here. But you have to do something for me.”

He looked down at me, staring into my eyes. “Anything.”

“Will you hold me? Just hold me tonight. I just need… I need to feel safe.”

“Of course,” he said. He leaned down and kissed me on the top of my head.

We got underneath the covers, pulling them over us as he laid behind me on the cot. I took his arm and held it against my chest, feeling his warm body behind me. I ran my fingers across the hair of his arm, feeling the coarseness of it on my fingertips. I could feel his face behind my neck, breathing me in softly.

As I closed my eyes, I remembered a game I used to play with myself whenever I would go to bed. I used to close my eyes and try to imagine that I was in a different bedroom throughout my life. Sometimes it would be my childhood bedroom back in Rhode Island, then my room at the beach house in Chesapeake or my apartment in college. I would picture everything in the room from my nightstand to where the closet was and try and imagine that I was actually there.

I laid on the cot, holding onto Colin’s arm and trying as hard as I could to stifle the tears that I felt brimming underneath the surface. I took deep breaths one after the other, my mind trying to picture the first night that Colin and I slept together at my apartment back in DC. It was just us in my bedroom, my body nestled into Colin’s as we drifted off to dreamland together.

As I felt myself falling deeper into sleep, just for a moment, the fantasy felt like the real thing. For a moment, I Tuzla Escort was able to escape.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of the door being unlocked. I sat up slowly, rubbing my eyes as Jeff opened the door and walked in.

“Come with me,” he said.

“Where are you taking me this time?” I asked.

“I thought you might want to take a shower,” said Jeff. “Unless you wanna sit in your own filth. I’m fine either way.”

I turned back to look at Colin, who was still sound asleep. He was splayed out on the bed, the blanket just covering up his lower half. “Let him rest a little while longer,” I thought.

“Don’t expect this to make up for the whole ‘selling me to the KGB’ thing,” I said as I got up and followed Jeff upstairs.

He led me up to the bathroom on the second floor, the one that Colin and I had showered in the day before.

I turned to look back at him in the doorway. “You know, I’m still a human being,” I said. “And so is Colin. He doesn’t deserve to die.”

Jeff stared at me for a moment. “No, he doesn’t,” he said. “Here’s hoping he’ll come to his senses.” He grabbed the door to close it. “You have 10 minutes.”

As he locked the door behind me, I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I took a step back, waiting for the water to heat up.

I could feel the glare of the sunrise hitting me in the eyes once again, just like it had when I was with Colin. I lifted my hands to block it out, then paused. I lowered my hand, walking over to the window in the corner where the sun was coming out of.

It was a tiny window, no bigger than about 4 square feet. Could I fit through it? Did it even open?

It was too high up for me to reach. I looked around the bathroom, trying to find something I could climb onto. I grabbed the little wastepaper basket in the corner and turned it upside down, climbing on it to look out the window.

I could see a flat portion of the roof outside underneath the window. We appeared to be facing the back of the house, but I couldn’t tell much from where my vantage point. I looked around the window frame, trying to see if there was a latch or something that would help me open it.

No dice. The window was caulked into place, clearly not meant to be removed.

I stepped off of the wastepaper basket, letting out a grunt of frustration. I looked around the room, trying to think of something, anything that I could use to help me escape. The only things in this bathroom were toiletries: a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, a bar of soap.

I picked up the toothpaste, running my finger along the sharp back edge of the tube. I got back on top of the wastepaper basket and dug the edge of the toothpaste tube into the caulk. I scraped away some of the caulk, watching as it chafed away and fell down onto the floor. I continued chipping away at it for the next few minutes, scraping all around the edges to try and dislodge the window pane.

I jumped when I heard a banging at the door.

“Time’s up!”

I got down off the wastepaper basket, flipping it and shoving it back in the corner. I quickly jumped in the shower long enough to get myself wet before turning it off and drying myself.

As Jeff led me back downstairs, I could feel a sense of giddiness fill my heart. I could get that window open, I was sure of it. And then we were one step closer to getting out of here.

Jeff opened the door to the basement and beckoned me inside.

“Tell Colin to get up if he wants a shower,” he said.

I walked over to Colin and shook him gently on the shoulder.

“Colin,” I said softly. “Time to get up and take a shower.”

He sat up slowly, yawning and stretching.

“Colin, listen to me,” I whispered. “I’ve found us a way out. Take the tube of toothpaste in the bathroom and use it to chip away the caulk around the window.”

“What are you-“

“Do you understand?” I said quickly.

He nodded. He pulled the covers off and got to his feet, then looked over to where Jeff was standing outside the open door.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” he said, walking over to Jeff with a look of murder in his eyes.

Jeff pulled a gun out of the back of his pants and held it to his side.

“Don’t try anything, man,” said Jeff. “Do you wanna shower or not?”

Colin looked back at me. I nodded. I looked after him as he left, my heart pounding in my chest.

By the time he came back around 15 minutes later, I was fiddling nervously with my hands. I got to my feet immediately, walking over to him as Jeff shut the door behind him.

“So? Did you get it open?”

“Not yet, but it’s close,” he said. “Do you really think we’ll be able to fit through there? It’s really tiny.”

“We have to try,” I said. “It’s literally our only option at this point. I think tomorrow morning we should be able to get it open. Then once we’re on the roof we can make our way to the garage.”

“What are we gonna do until then?”

I smiled coyly. “I can think of a few things we Anadolu Yakası Escort can do to pass the time.”

Colin rolled his eyes. “I meant to prepare for our escape.”

“There’s nothing we can do while we’re stuck in this room. Now all I want is to take my mind off of all this shit for five minutes and fuck my boyfriend. Is that too much to ask?”

Colin smirked, then ripped off his shirt. “Is this close to what you had in mind?” he asked, running his hand down his chest.

I bit my lip as he circled his nipple with his thumb. Fuck, he made my mouth water just looking at him. I crossed the space between us and put my hand on his chest, feeling the dense muscle underneath.

“You have no idea how many times I would look at this chest on TV and just think, ‘Fuck, I want to put my mouth on that.'”

Colin stared at me hungrily. “So do it.”

I leaned down, sticking my tongue out and running it across Colin’s nipple. He had a few strands of hair around the outside of his nipple, which I circled slowly with my tongue. I could taste the sweat on his skin—clearly he’d rushed through his shower just like I had. I savored the salty taste as I sucked his nipple into my mouth, nibbling on it as I listened to him moan.

I stuck my thumb in my mouth to wet it, then reached over and started rubbing his other nipple as I went back to licking him. Colin put his hand on the back of my head, pressing me against his chest as he tilted his head back in pleasure. I reached my right hand down and slipped it into the back of his pants, rubbing my finger in between his cheeks.

Colin began to giggle. He put his hands on me and pushed me away.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“What? I was just touching your ass,” I said. “I can’t help it, it’s so… firm.”

I reached over to grab it again when he squirmed away from me.

“That’s not… what we do,” he said quizzically.

“Oh, so you get to fuck me whenever you damn well please, but I don’t even get to stick a finger up there?” I said playfully.

“I don’t… I thought you liked it that way,” he said, confused.

“I do,” I said. “For the most part. But sometimes I like to switch things up.”

He stared at me for a moment. “Are you saying… you wanna fuck me?”

I shrugged. “One day. When we get out of here, maybe. I think I’ve earned it, wouldn’t you say?”

His face turned red. “Are you seriously using the ‘you got me kidnapped card’ on this?”

I gave him a shit-eating grin. “I sure am. I’m cashing it in, baby. Or at least I will. Once we’ve had a chance to warm you up properly, that is.”

He took a deep breath, squinting at me as he mulled it over. “Fine,” he said after a moment. “When we get out of here… I’ll let you fuck me.”

“How generous,” I said, winking. “I mean, Jesus, does a boy have to get kidnapped just so his boyfriend will let him be on top for once?”

“I wouldn’t do it for just anyone, let’s just put it that way,” he said, grinning as he pulled me in for a kiss. He opened my mouth with his tongue, kissing me deeply as he wrapped his arms around me. “I wanna taste you,” he moaned into my mouth.

He reached down and started unbuttoning my pants. I was rock hard as he pulled the zipper down, pulling my pants down to my ankles. He got down on his knees, lifting my legs out of my pants one at a time and then shucking them off to the side. He ran his hands up my thighs, making me shiver as he leaned in and kissed them.

He turned me around and bent me over the cot, opening my smooth hole up to him. I could feel him let out a slow breath as he took it in.

“How do you have such a beautiful hole?” he asked. “Seriously. I’ve never seen anything so fucking hot in my life.” He leaned in and stuck his tongue out, rubbing it up against the entrance to my hole. “Ugh, and you taste so good…”

I laughed. “That’s quite a difference from the first time you ate me out. I seem to remember you were petrified.”

He gave me a light spank on the cheek. “I was an idiot, is what I was. How could I not have known what an amazing hole you have?”

He leaned in and licked it again, making me bite my lip as waves of pleasure rippled throughout my body.

“I love the way you taste,” he said before sticking his tongue inside me. I arched my back, enjoying the sensations coming from inside me.

“I love the way your back arches when I go in deep,” he said. “And I love the way you moan when I go like this.”

He took his chin and rubbed it around the outside of my hole. Having been a few days without shaving, Colin had a layer of scruff that drove me absolutely fucking wild. I let out a loud moan as I pushed my face into the bed, enjoying the scratching sensation on my sensitive hole.

“If I got to eat your hole every day for the rest of my life, I would do it with a smile on my face,” he said.

I sighed, then rolled over onto my back and stared at him.

“That might not be very long,” I said softly. “For either of us.”

“Hey,” he said, laying down behind me and wrapping me in his arms. “We are gonna live long and happy lives. And you’re gonna fuck me, remember?”

I smiled. “It’s the only thing keeping me going.”

He leaned in and kissed me.

“You know what’s keeping me going?” he asked. “What I’m gonna do when we get back to DC.”

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