Secret Wetting

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Big Tits

Recently I’ve been adapting to my little exhibitionist side, like purposely getting desperate in public and hiding it. I try to avoid public bathrooms which increases the difficulty of being unnoticed. So for the past few months, I’ve been doing this little “game” of unnoticed desperation, I also wore a extra pairs of pants sometimes or one in my purse for unexpected problems.

There was one cloudy, windy and cold day that I remember as I purposely wore more layers than usual. I was going to plan to wear multiple nylon stocking or tights as it was cold. But I changed my mind for something more dramatic and over the top. I can’t remember the reason but it was probably I didn’t want to be mainstream with other people. What I wore were my undergarments, dark blue one piece, waist high shorts, short jeans coveralls, black long sleeve button up top, long skinny jeans and finally my denim overall in respective order. I couldn’t do the button and zipper up for the skinny jeans, so I also wore a leather belt to help me do it up. When I buttoned it up, it was somewhat tight around my stomach where the belt and other layers were. The overall was to hide the obvious layers of clothes I was wearing underneath, I also wore a hoodie to make sure no one notice the coverall.

So I began to check the clothing out by looking at my bedroom mirror, seeing if it’s obvious or not. I fixed a few small spots that might give it away, other than that I didn’t notice much difference to the norm. Since the order of the clothing is designed to cover the ones prior and especially the overall makes it harder to notice. The minor problem in that is it a little stiff and harder to work normally. This doesn’t affect me as I’ve done it many times. I finally finished preparing my clothes so I went to eat breakfast, just some hot muffins, fruits and soy milk. Next I packed my notebook and wore leather boots, which went under the overalls but over the skinny jeans.

After finishing all my preparations I left the house and walked towards the bus stop. I found that compared to the normal two layers is much easier than four layers to move in, but it had a nice devious and tight feeling. I arrived at the bus stop without any problems, meanwhile I to think if I wet myself what will happen. Would it simply leak through suadiye escort all my layers, becoming visible or underneath hiding the evidence? This intrigued me to do it, but I used my self-control to stop it as it was the beginning of the journey. I caught the bus and went to my university, it doesn’t go directly so I had to walk 15 minutes. Which I used to train myself that it isn’t embarrassing, I was still a little shocked as I thought “wow, I’m really doing it.”

I made it to my friends who were already on the campus. I didn’t join in talking much as I was more shy by wearing the layers. But as time went on, my shyness disappeared as no one suspected me. One of my friends started one of our conversations with “wow you’re wearing an overall,” which I contributed a lot in return. It was almost a usual day as time passed without anyone noticing, except for me. Even though no one knew, I was scared if someone asked the question what’s underneath or what are you wearing. As time went on, I came to the conclusion that there’s less chance of people asking me so it boosted my self esteem.

I also started drinking more and more as I felt safer to do, I timed it so I should feel desperate after I finish for the day. I only had a little more than hour left when I finished the bottle of water, so I decided to buy a large milk tea. After finishing it 25 minutes into the lecture, I definitely felt bloated in the stomach and also a little desperate as my bladder was pressed down by my belt. However, it was nothing to worry about as I wasn’t dying to go or anything. After finishing the lecture, my bloated feeling in my stomach wad gone, but it travelled to my bladder. I felt like it was an 7 out of 10 filled. I was a little more unconscious of my actions like clamping legs together or cross them due to the desperation. I tried to hide my growing need to pee as I walked to the bus stop to head back. My bladder was still filling up, from the water I drank before the lecture. I braced for the large ice tea as I knew it was going to be a challenge to hold, definitely on a bumpy half filled bus. It was difficult enough holding by myself, but now with people so close they might realize.

During the bus ride I became more and more fidgety and crossing my legs tighter and more yakacık escort often. I tried to avoid it and also grabbing as I thought it attracts attention. Near the end of my bus trip my bladder was crying out in pain, it wad so full it was pressing so hard onto my belt. I really wanted to undo that belt but it meant to take off my overall. As the bus came to my stop, I carefully stood up with my legs tightly squeezed together, I tried to walk as normal as I can in my current state. I got off the bus safely and began to walk slowly but fast enough to be realized. By the time the bus was out of site, I slowed my movement down even more, as I felt like a 8.5 or 9 out of 10 on the desperation scale. It normally takes around 15 minutes from home to bus stop in walking pace, but I was probably twice as slow as that as I took small steps and stopping once in a while. I tried to walk as fast as possible so I wouldn’t wet myself, but as I increase my pace I squirted into my underwear. This totally scared me that I’ll wet myself, so I unconsciously slowed down.

I checked the time and as I predicted I was halfway in 15 minutes. By now, I was really about to wet myself which I wasn’t keen of doing it outside my street and in my layers. I’ll lose heaps of clothes as they’ll be in the wash and with that I may be identified and shamed. I walked past the park which was 5 minutes away, they had a unisex toilet build in. I decided that it was too hard to make it Home, and go in this bathroom. This was a big mistake as I wasted my time, the toilet was disgusting and unable to use in my standards.

After leaving the park I already squirted three times in total. I can even feel the wetness in my underwear, luckily I didn’t totally lose control. I kept walking up the street to my house, even though I was about to burst. I could feel it within each step I took, the leather belt restricted and amplified the pressure. I was really close to my house, only a minute or two away. However, as soon as I saw my house and the relief of home hijacked my brain, I felt my bladder contract and squirt a large amount into my underwear. I froze as I regained control over my body and began to walk again.

I slowly walked up the drive way and towards the door, I was fumbling with my keys so hard. Luckily, şerifali escort I managed to find the right key and fit it in, despite my shaking hands. It took me a while to get the key into the door as I was unable to keep my hand steady. I finally open the door, I quickly close it without locking and ran towards the toilet. My eyes met my mum’s eyes as I ran through the house towards the bathroom. She acknowledged my desperation just from my expression as I sprinted.

I forcefully opened the toilet door and locked it. As I saw the toilet, my muscles started to relax, leaking into my damp crotch. I squeezed my thighs together and slowly stopped the damage. However, my jeans have taken the toll and the first few layers soaked. While clamping my legs tightly I slowly took of my boots and undid the overalls, as I lift one leg, I began leak once again. I chose to quickly get out of my clothes while still leaking, as I thought it was inevitable. Even though I thought that, I managed to stop the flow by crossing my legs. I carefully undid the belt and slowly slid the long jeans off, they were a little wet around the back but not that much damage. As I started to undo the overall, I started wetting again, however this time my crossing was futile as it busted out into my layers. Defeat filled my mind so I just jumped into the bathtub and relaxed. The warm pee filled my short jeans and flowed down my legs, and into the drain.

It was the most relaxing feeling one can dream of in this situation. After standing there for a few minutes, I hurriedly washed away the pee in the tub. I took all my clothes off except my underwear and swimsuit, and wiped the excess urine off of me. I thought of wearing on the overall and hide the rest, but I wasn’t confident in hiding the evidence. So I just wore it all again in the sane order of shorts, coverall, long jeans then overall. It was cold but it felt nice, and it’ll feel better once it warms up from my body heat. I exited the bathroom happily as I didn’t have the worst outcome of wetting through all the layers. I stayed in the clothes for a few hours until I took a shower. No one said anything about my clothes, so I think they didn’t suspect anything unusual. I just wore my overall after the shower, I quickly took the wet clothes and hung them in the closet. They weren’t smelly as the amount of water diluted the smell.

A few days later, I washed the long jeans and coverall, and after another two days, I washed the rest safely. No one found out my secret, it was really enjoyable and I might try it again.

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